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Devil's Pact, Infernal Chronicles Chapter 1: Revenge

Devil's Pact, Infernal Chronicles

by mypenname3000

Copyright 2015

Chapter One: Revenge

Note. Thanks b0b for reading the beta.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013 – Emi Yoshida — Osaka, Japan

My body shook as I walked past the gates of Yamamura High School. Kaori, Yumi and Hana will wait. I had no money. They would hurt me.

I reached for the white blouse of my school uniform and touched my fingers to the red tie that hung from the immaculate top. Why did they bully me? What have I done to them? Other students passed by happily and carefree. None of them had to be afraid of Kaori and her gang.

Just me.

I wanted to stay home sick again, but my mother didn't believe me. “You were sick yesterday. “You have to go to class,” he said. She said looking at me with her hands on her hips and her black hair in a bun. "Now, Emi-chan."

“Yes, Mom,” she said. I sighed, tears almost filling my dark eyes.

I forced myself to go. The bell will ring. Despite the pain, I didn't want to be late. I crossed the yard with slumped shoulders. I brushed a strand of my long black hair out of my eyes and searched for my bullies.

No trace of them.

I entered the school, took off my shoes and put them in the closet where my slippers were waiting for me. Along with a note.

You skipped school. Are you trying to avoid your debt? Kinimoto is unhappy. You owe us another 5,000 yen.


I swallowed. Kinimoto Kaori wanted more money. They have already asked for 10,000 yen. All I could scrape together was 7,000 yen. How can I get another 8,000 yen? Tears welled up in my eyes as I put on the pink slippers and the note crumbled in my hand.

What would happen to me today?

I went to my class 1-C and took a seat at the back. I was shaking in fear as Takahashi-senpai, my homeroom teacher, taught Japanese literature. I slumped my shoulders, trying not to be noticed, my head spinning with fear.

I barely noticed that Chie-senpai came to teach us math. I was dreading lunch break. My body tensed, my skin tightened, my breath caught in my throat as the minutes passed. The rest was history and I barely remembered Uesagi-senpai's lesson.

The bell rang. Dinner.

I stayed in my seat as my classmates dispersed, eager to get to the cafeteria. My own lunch was packed in a bag. But I couldn't eat. My stomach clenched.

"There you are"; - Tanadashi Yumi purred, standing in the doorway of the classroom. “Why are you sitting here alone, Yoshida-san?”

She sounded so innocent.

"Why don't you come eat with us today?" Yumi's sweet voice covered the venom in her words.

"Yes, Senpai," he said. - I whispered to the older girl.

I had no choice. I stood up, grabbed my bag and followed the bully. Her black hair, braided in a pleated braid, cascaded down her back and reached her gray skirt. I wiped my sweaty palms on my matching skirt as we walked to the stairs that led to the roof.

“You found her,” he said. Kishima Hana giggled, a haughty smile on her thick lips. Her narrow face was framed by short black hair, her red tie was loose and her blouse was pulled out of her gray skirt. “Kaori-tan really wants to talk to her.”

She put her arms around my neck and pulled me towards her as if we were lovers. I shuddered, my olive cheeks turning red.

“I hope you have money,” he said. Hana purred. “Otherwise, your apology should be very satisfactory.”

Yumi giggled as she opened the door to the stairs. “Kaori is very difficult to please. But I'm sure her beautiful mouth can do it.

What were they talking about?

Our footsteps echoed as we climbed onto the roof. My shaking got worse. Maybe 7,000 yen suits them?

Kinimoto Kaori waited on the flat roof, leaning against the fence that surrounded her. I jumped as the roof door closed behind us and Yumi put the key in her coat pocket. Kaori's round face was framed by her bleached blonde hair and a predatory smile crossed her red lips. She wore the same school uniform as the rest of us, with loose knee-high socks that hugged her light olive legs.

“I missed you yesterday, Emi-tan,” he said. - Kaori purred. “I'm so glad you're doing well today.”

“But it was a huge inconvenience,” he said. Hana added. “We expected money.”

“But that’s why you’re going to pay us more,” he said. Kaori continued. “Compensation for any inconvenience caused by you.”

“I am truly sorry that my illness has caused you inconvenience,” he said. - I whispered and bowed deeply. “Please accept my pathetic apology as compensation.”

“I’m afraid an apology isn’t enough,” he said. Kaori laughed. “But I’m not heartless. You can bring an additional 5,000 yen; Tomorrow".

Iswallowed. "I... I couldn't get 10,000 yen." I... I don't have much. I only had 7,000 yen.” I reached into my coat pocket and pulled out an envelope. “Please accept this payment and excuse me, Kinimoto-senpai.”

Kaori's face froze.

"How dare you insult Kaori-tan?" Yumi gasped. “After her gracious generosity, you spat in her face.”

"You hurt me, Emi-tan." Kaori's smile widened and hunger appeared in her hands. “If you can’t pay with money, you have to pay some other way.” She stepped forward and stood in front of my shaking body. Her finger stroked my cheek. "You have beautiful lips".

“Plump and juicy”; Hana agreed.

A wave of fear came over me. Did they want to cut off my lips? Tears streamed down my cheeks. "I... I can... get money..."; I cried. "Please...don't...hurt me..."

"Emi-tan," Kaori smiled, "I won't hurt you if I like you."

Hana and Yumi grabbed my shoulders and the older girls pushed me to my knees. The concrete roof scraped against my smooth skin; I winced in pain. Kaori smiled at me, her hands lifting her skirt. My eyes widened. She wasn't wearing any panties. Her pussy was clean shaven and covered in her radiant passion.

"What?" I gasped. "You can't do that... I'm not a lesbian..."

"You now"; - Kaori purred. “To pay off your debts, you have to lick our pussies. It costs 500 yen each time. Your mouth is worth that little. But no worry. We offer you numerous options for reducing your debt.”

Kaori's hands grabbed my black hair and pulled my mouth into her pussy. I squirmed and tried to pull away as her hot flesh pressed against my lips. Her hand gripped my curls tightly and when I resisted, pain flared in my head.

“Lick, Emi-tan,” she purred. “Or Hana-Tan will hurt you.”

“And I don’t want to do that,” he said. Hana laughed. “You have such a beautiful body, Yoshida-san. I don't want to spoil it.

“Liar, you’ll like this,” he said. Yumi laughed. “I remember how much fun you had cutting up Reyna.”

I shuddered at Hana's cold laugh. My tongue darted out and slid over Kaori's pussy. Her spicy, salty juices coated my tongue. I paled at the taste, hating that Kaori had forced me to please her. I licked again and my tongue slid over her folds.

“That’s it, little Emi-tan. Lick my pussy. Um, you like it. Now you're a lesbian.

“Amy-Tan, Pussy Licker”; - Hana mocked.

“Lick Kaori-tan’s pussy. She must be happy. Return their favor with your tongue.”

I licked again and again, my insides boiling with shame and anger. I hated these girls. If I had the strength, I would beat her, kill her. If only I wasn't a coward. Kaori's hips moved, lubricating her hot pussy against my lips. Juices ran down my chin, my tongue forced to feast on her.

Kaori moaned, enjoying the pleasure of humiliating me. She grabbed my hair, guided me to where I was licking, and brought my mouth closer to her budding clit. She purred with pleasure as I pressed against her and gave her pleasure. The passion in her voice increased.

“Yes, that’s all,” he said. she moaned. “Move your tongue deeply.”

I obeyed her and squeezed my thighs together. My own pussy itched. A humiliating wave of shame ran through me. My panties became wet as my tongue slid faster and faster through her folds and slid deep into her pussy.

Hands grabbed my hips and lifted me until I was on my knees like a dog. They lifted my skirt and took off my panties. I was overcome with fear as fingers touched my petals. I tried to pull away from Kaori's pussy but the bully grabbed her tightly.

“She has a cherry”; Hana laughed. “And the dam gets wet.”

"Do you like licking my pussy, Emi-tan?" Kaori giggled. “Because you have such a beautiful tongue. Um, keep doing that. I'm going to cum so hard."

I continued licking and soon Kaori was screaming, her pussy flooding my lips with more of her disgusting juices. I swallowed them to avoid drowning. Her hips jerked and her flesh smeared all over my mouth and nose. Every breath I took was filled with her scent.

Then she let me go. “Little slut made me cum so hard.”

“She liked you,” he said. Yumi giggled. “I don’t think Hana can cut you.”

"It is a pity"; Hana sighed. “Well, at least she makes me cum.”

As tears streamed down my cheeks, Hana pulled my hair and pulled my face toward her hairy pussy. I chewed and hated its bitter taste. Yumi and Kaori giggled behind me. I didn't see anything hidden under Hana's skirt.

“Oh, Kaori. You will tear them to pieces with this monster,” he said. Hana laughed. “I can’t wait to feel her scream against my pussy.”

"What?" I gasped. |“I will make you a woman,” he said. Kaori laughed. “Let them watch, Hana.”

Hana pulled my head away from her pussy. Kaori took off her skirt and attached a thick black dildo to her groin. "No!" I gasped. "No, please! I have to be a virgin!"

"She's right, no one marries a whore," he said. Yumi giggled.

“Especially not a lesbian whore,” she said. Kaori laughed. “Yumi-tan, get your phone. Let's celebrate this happy day for Emi-tan.

"Please don't!" I cried.

Hana pulled my face back into her pussy. Kaori slapped me while I licked and cried. The end of the dildo touched my wet pussy. I screamed into Hana's pussy as the fake cock broke my virginity and entered me.

The pain was intense. I shuddered and sobbed. Kaori thrust in and out of me hard, moaning in pleasure. Why did this happen to me? What have I done to make these girls hate me? I wish I could be L and have a Death Note like in the anime. If I had the power of justice, there would be no tyrants in the world.

I would just write their names in my notebook and their terrible lives would be over.

The pain in my pussy subsided and, to my horror, was replaced by pleasure. My pussy was enjoying the attack. Was I a lesbian? Did I want to be treated like that? Kaori's punches lit a fire within me. It was better than masturbation.

My orgasm exploded inside me.

I moaned into Hana's pussy, my vagina shaking as the terrible dildo rammed into me.

Kaori laughed and slapped my butt. “The bitch just arrived.”

"What kind of whore is Emitan?" Hana giggled. "Oh yes! She moans like a ghost in my pussy. Oh yes! Drink my juices, you lesbian whore!"

"Drink it, Yoshida-san," he said. Yumi moaned. "I'm so hot. I can’t wait to feel your lips on my pussy.”

Kaori moaned as she rammed the dildo deep into my orgasm sheath. I couldn't believe that my body had betrayed me. Part of me enjoyed it. I was such a slut. I hated these girls. I wished them dead. I have put all my strength into my pursuit of justice.

But they didn't die.

Hana fucked me with a dildo while I ate Yumi. I came for the second time.

I was left on the roof sobbing, my face smeared with juices. I didn't move. I spent the rest of the school day there. I looked at the blue sky and hated my life. If I weren't such a coward, I would kill myself and end this torment. I looked at the fence surrounding the roof. I just had to climb it. The school had three floors. I'll probably die if I hit the ground. I stood up and walked to the chain link fence. I stuck my fingers into the limbs. Freedom was on the other side.

But I didn't have the strength to grab him.

The bell rang. School is over.

I went home and took a shower. I had to scrub myself clean. I was dirty. These girls robbed me. I cried in the shower, the warm water turned cold. I shuddered under the spray. I didn't care. I had to be clean.

My mother knocked on the door and let me go. She just asked questions and I didn't want to deal with her. I locked myself in my room and turned on the computer. I started searching the internet for a curse, a spell, or a way to make my wish come true and take revenge on my bullies.

I came across a post on the English Unearthed Arcana website. I could sell my soul to the devil for wishes. Dozens of people claimed to have done the same. I giggled as I read the ritual. It was easy. I just needed a steak and wait until dawn.

I stayed up all night stealing steak from the kitchen while my mother slept. I lit the small grill we had on the back patio of our apartment. When the first rays of sun appeared on the horizon, I threw the steak on the grill. The meat sizzled.

“The Radiant One, Son of the Morning”; I sang in English, my tongue stumbling over the words. “I offer this pleasant sacrifice of flesh and ask you to come before me. Radiant, Son of the Morning, present yourself before your humble maid, so that she may ask you for three favors!”

Smoke rose into the air. I waited, looking at the rising sun and hoping something would happen.

"Hello, Yoshida-san!" - said a voice behind me.

I turned around. A man in a black kimono stared at me, a friendly smile appearing on his dark face. I was in awe of the devil. He was a powerful kami who radiated a ray of light. I fell to my knees and bowed respectfully to the spirit I had summoned.

“What wishes can I fulfill for you, Yoshida-san?” he asked. For a Gaijin spirit, he spoke excellent Japanese.

"I only have one wish, Devil-sama," he said. - I said and looked at him. “When I write a person's name in my notebook, I want them to die. Like in the anime Death Note. Fulfill my desire and my soul will be yours.”

I will take revenge on Kaori and her bullies. They will all pay for itwhat have you done.

“Just a wish?” he asked. "Are you sure?"

“I want nothing more than justice,” he said. - I hissed. “I’m going to bring this into the world. With my pen I will correct all mistakes.”

“I can fulfill this wish with a supplement.”

I frowned. "What?"

“There are two people your power will not touch: Mark and Mary Glassner.”

I had vague memories of a new cult in America that worshiped the living gods. "Fine. I don't care about you. All I care about is..." revenge... "...justice in my school."

A smile crossed the devil's lips.

"Then we have the pact." A scarlet light flashed, a contract appeared and yellow smoke swirled. I wrinkled my nose at the foul smell. “Read it and then sign below.”

“Sign with something,” – I asked and took the contract.

He took out a pen and stabbed my thumb. A contract signed with my own blood. I looked around and read the kanji. It was very simple. I signed my name below in bold crimson calligraphy. Then the devil signed his.

Then he disappeared into the shadows.

I smiled as I stood up. I felt so free. My soul belonged to him. I didn't have to worry about maintaining cosmic balance; I knew what my fate would be. I pulled out a notepad and a red pen. I wrote all of Kaori, Hana and Yumi's names down to the last letter in my notebook. As soon as I write their final character, they die.

But not yet. I wanted them to be the first to know about my anger.

When I went to school this morning, I wasn't afraid. I walked confidently. Today justice will be served. When I went to school, my back was straight. I was no longer afraid. I changed today. The devil has turned me into a new woman. The embodiment of justice.

“Well, that’s my favorite lily,” he said. Hana laughed as I entered. I didn't mind her insult as the other girls around me giggled. “I can smell her sweet scent on you. Have you smelled a lot of lilies lately?

The smell of lilies was slang for lesbians. I stared at Hana. “I curse you with the Shinigami scowl. He will beat you in an hour for the torment you have caused me.”

Hana threw her head back and laughed loudly. “Do you think I’m afraid of your little curse? How can I be afraid of you after you soiled yourself yesterday?” She took out her phone. “Look at the dam.”

The video of my humiliation played. I didn't care. I smiled at Hana with a deadly grin and hugged the notebook to my chest. Everyone laughed at me. The girls insulted me, made fun of me and enjoyed my joy.

They will all learn.

I put on my slippers, walked past them and disappeared into the bathroom.

“She’ll go and cry,” he said. Hana laughed. “Maybe I should go there and offer her my comfort. She liked it yesterday. Look how Emi-tan enjoys my friendship.

I sat on the toilet stall and wrote the last letter of Hana's name.

The laughter turned into screams. I left the bathroom with a big smile on my face. All the girls stared at me in horror. “She should have apologized to me,” she said. – I said and didn’t hide my joy. I looked around for them. “Justice was quickly served. You all need to apologize.”

When the teachers arrived, the fifteen or so girls stuttered and apologized. I was not afraid. I was in the bathroom when Hana died. Sure, I cursed them, but no people died from it. Classes were paused while doctors removed Hana's body. All my classmates stared at me with fear in their eyes.

Justice was served for a tyrant.

I found Yumi at lunch. Her back tensed when she saw me. “I don’t know how you killed Hana,” he said. She hissed at me and pushed me against the locker. "But after school I'll beat you to a pulp."

“Was she your lover?” - I asked out loud. “Would you like to join her?”

Her eyes narrowed. “Are you threatening me, whore?”

“I call upon the Shinigami to turn their gaze of justice upon your dirty face. You are cursed, Tanahashi Yumi. You will die if you don't grovel and beg me for mercy."

Yumi spat in my face. “And you will die after school.”

She walked down the corridor, the other girls looking at me fearfully.

I smiled at her. "I'm hungry. Who's going to buy me lunch?

"I... I will," he said. Said a frightened, shaking Ayane, her hands caressing her gray skirt, smoothing it out again and again. "I... I have always been kind to you, Emi-sama."

Herself. Sir. I have enjoyed the respect that true justice brings.

I put my hand on her shoulders. “You got it,” he said. I whispered. “Come with me and you can show me how good you really are.”Be".

Ayane was shaking like a fawn as I took her to the toilet. My panties were wet. The administration of justice was... exhilarating. She didn't resist as I led her into the stall. I stroked her face and bent over down to kiss her lips in the sweetest kiss. She froze for a moment and my fingers cupped her face, then she returned the kiss, her tongue twitching.

I reached under my skirt and took off my panties. I sat on the toilet with my legs spread. “Show me, Ayane-tan. Prove that you are not like Hana and Yumi.

"Not me"; She swallowed and fell to her knees.

She shuddered, pushed back my skirt, and moistened her dry lips. She lowered her face to my pussy and licked it. She spent a long time running through my folds and her tongue pleasured me. I squirmed and moaned, shuddering and pressing my face against her hungry tongue.

I moaned and caressed her face as she showed me respect. Her eyes flashed at me, shining with fear. I shuddered and grimaced. The pleasure was building quickly within me. Her tongue opened my pussy lips and explored the folds.

“That’s it,” I purred. "Love me".

My head fell back as the pleasure washed over me in waves. My toes curled in my slippers. I groaned, my legs cramping. Her tongue became bolder, caressing my folds with more force. Her lips found my aching clit and sucked between her lips.

“You are so wonderful, Ayane-tan,” she said. I purred. “If you always love me, you will never have to fear my justice.”

“Yes, Emi-sama,” she said. She moaned, licked harder, wanting to please me.

I grabbed her hair and moved my hips as the heat increased. I shuddered on the toilet. "Ayane-tan!" I groaned, my voice echoing through the bathroom. My thighs tightened around her head as my pleasure coursed through my body. "Yes Yes! Your worship is so beautiful!"

I leaned back and let go of her hair. Ayane leaned back and licked her lips. "Was that enough, Emi-sama?" Or do you need more... satisfaction?"

I smiled at her. “Go buy me lunch. I'll be there soon."

She nodded and licked her lips.

"And don't clean your face. I want you to be adorned with the scent of lilies."

Her cheeks darkened. "Yes, Emi- sama."

As she left the cabin, I took a notepad out of my bag and wrote down Yumi's name. I shuddered and squeezed my thighs together as another orgasm overtook me. Justice has been served once again.

When I left there was panic in the dining room. Yumi lay in the middle, looking up in blind horror. My gaze swept across the dining room and stopped at Kaori. Her face turned pale and she shook in her seat. The other girls stared at me in fear and then at Kaori.

“Please, Yoshida-san,” he said. Kaori gasped as she walked towards me. She fell to her knees and then pushed her face into the floor at my feet. “Please release me from your curse. “I deeply regret my actions and the harm they may have caused you.”

The teachers arrived and called for help in panicked voices. Two students died in one day.

“I will do everything I can to make amends,” he said. - Kaori sobbed. “I’ll give you money.”

I leaned forward and lifted her blonde hair to see her tear-stained face. “You have to come to my house and bring this strap-on. You are my toy now. You have to take revenge for all the bad things you did to me. Only then will justice spare you.”

"Surely"; She cried.

The teachers sent us home.

Kaori followed me.

I didn't want to be gentle. My mother won't be home for a few hours. My pussy was dripping with anticipation. Kaori was shaking as she followed me into the house. I enjoyed her fear. It felt so good to do justice.

“Stripes, Worm” I ordered.

She didn't argue or complain. Her hands loosened the red tie and threw it to the floor. Her fingers hastily unbuttoned her blouse. She took it off and covered her round breasts with a pink lace bra. She reached behind her, opened it and threw it on the floor.

My hand reached out and pinched her nipple, my nails digging into her little nubs.

“Please, Emi-sama,” she said. She moaned and her knees buckled as I abused her nipple.

“Did I tell you to stop taking your clothes off?”

"No"; Kaori sobbed, tears streaming down her face as I walked away.

Her hands found the zipper on her skirt and pulled it, letting the gray skirt fall to the floor. She rolled down her slutty panties and revealed her shaved pussy. I could still feel that hot, disgusting cunt on my face.

Kaori has defiled me.

“Take off my clothes,” I ordered.

"Yes, Emi-sama." Her hands shook as she undressed me. Her touch was light and gentle. She folded my clothes neatly and placed them on the sofa. She knelt down to take off my panties and her eyes fell on my pussy. |"Consequences"; I ordered while naked, turned around and went to the bathroom.

Her legs followed me.

"What are you going to do?" She whispered.

“Knees in the Bathtub”; I ordered, pointing and snapping my fingers.

“Yes, Emi-sama,” she said. - She snorted, went into the bathtub and knelt on the floor.

My pussy itched. I walked up behind her and grabbed her blonde hair. I pushed her face hard against my pussy and pushed my hot meat against her lips. Her tongue dove in. She licked my pussy without hesitation, the pleasure tickling me.

But she had to get really dirty.

“If you resist, I will curse you, Worm,” he said. I hissed and pushed her face into my pussy.

“Yes, Emi-sama. I understand."

I relaxed my bladder. My urine flowed into her mouth. She gasped in surprise, panting and choking. I watched as the piss squirted around her lips, ran down her face, and covered her in my filth. I moaned and humiliated her, my pussy getting hotter by the moment.

"Drink this! You like my piss! That's you. My piss whore.

Kaori didn't answer, but she swallowed. Their fear of my righteous justice caused them to drink my urine like ambrosia. I flexed my hips, the rest of my urine squirting into her face. And Kaori continued sucking and licking my pussy.

I leaned against the shower and my orgasm grew. I closed my eyes and let myself be carried away by her tongue. "That's all! Apologize with your mouth. This will be your life. As long as I like you, the curse won't affect you.

"Yes, Emi-sama," she said. She gasped and her mouth pressed against mine Clitoris.

"Oh yes! Wake me up!" My pleasure increased, my orgasm grew. I moaned as the pleasure rushed through me and my juices squirted into her hungry mouth. Her hands were squeezing my ass, pulling my pussy tighter, trying to give me as much pleasure as possible.

I gasped as my orgasm passed and pushed her face away from my pussy.

"Do you like me?" she asked, shaking in the bathtub and urine running down her body.

“Bring the strap-on,” he said. I smiled. “You still have a lot to apologize for.”

She did. Kaori tied it around my waist when she returned. Then she knelt in front of me and exposed her pussy to get fucked by a monstrous cock.

But I stuck it in her ass.

Her screams of pain were music to my ears. She sobbed and gasped and screamed for mercy as I pounded her dry insides. Every time I entered her, the dildo pressed against the edge of my clit. The pleasure overwhelmed me, her screams as sweet as the pressure on my clit.

I fucked her harder and harder, my nails digging into her thighs as I fucked her. Kaori's blonde hair flew and her body shook in pain. I pulled Justice out of her body as the orgasm raced through my body.

And I kept fucking her. I came and came, running my nails down her back.

When I pulled the dildo out of her, she was on the floor sobbing.

“Now you have tasted justice,” he said. I smiled. “You can try it every day. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

"Y-yes, Emi-sama," she said. She cried.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| Friday, February 7, 2014

The sound of breaking glass woke me from my sleep.

I sat on the bed with Ayane and Chisato on either side. These were my two favorite slaves. The people of Osaka quickly realized that my justice must be obeyed. After scouring the Internet, I wrote down the names of every politician, reporter, and police officer in my notebook. They have all learned to remain silent and let me dispense justice, otherwise they will face it themselves.

The wormwood plague made things easier.

The world has become so strange. I remember watching Brandon Fitzsimmons almost take over America over the weekend, only to be destroyed by the Living Gods. Mark and Mary Glassner. Two creatures I couldn't kill. But they were in America. They posed little threat to my rule here in Osaka.

Not like a samurai.

I had to know the name of the samurai who conquered central and northern Japan. He had a lot more power than me. If he were to invade further south, I would have to be prepared to give him justice.

I listened intently to the sounds that disturbed my sleep.

“Kaori,” I said. “Did you hear the sound of breaking glass?”

The slave moved and twisted from his ball at the foot of my bed. She was shaved bald, her nipples and clitoris were pierced - it was so much fun, she screamed so much - and her body was covered in cane marks.

Ayane was full of excitement last night when she defeated Kaori. Ayane wanted to continue pleasing me. My slaves knew that a curse would fall on them if they did not continue to please me. Ayane was my favorite and I wouldn't like to kill her like I killed mother.

"I didn't do it, Emi-sama," she said.Kaori replied, shaking in fear and hunched over like a dog.

"Go talk to the guards." I had many guards guarding my big house - it used to belong to the mayor. Many of my guards were former police officers who now served me out of fear of my curse.

Kaori went to the bedroom door and reached for the handle. It swung open and threw the girl back. Men in black camouflage rushed in, pointing their weapons across the room. My hand reached for the notepad.

“I will curse you”; I shouted. “If you lay even one finger on me, you and all your loved ones will die. You will not be the first police officers to fall victim to my justice.”

The man laughed and said something in English. Fear gripped my heart. These were not Japanese police officers, but high-ranking Gaijin. I had no idea what they were called. All of my slaves screamed in fear as the soldiers threw them to the ground.

A pair of strong arms grabbed me and threw me to the ground. The boot pressed on the back of my head.

"Who sent you?" I shouted in English. “Was it Omura?” Does this spineless politician think he can attack me without consequences?”

A woman with dark skin, Latina, walked in. “We were sent by the living gods,” he said. - purred the woman. “Are you the magician Emi Yoshida?”

I spat and tried to get up. But the Gaijin were too strong.

The woman knelt down and took a perfume bottle from her bag. It splashed on my face and... I wanted to cooperate. I wanted to do everything this sweet woman told me to do.

She grinned. “Are you Emi Yoshida?”

"Yes"; I answered.

“And you made a pact with the devil?” If so, what did you wish for?

“I did,” he said. I announced proudly. “I wanted to gain the power that would restore justice.”


“If I write a person’s name in my notebook, they will die.”

"What?" Kaori gasped. “Is this stupid diary of yours the key to my life?”

“What a wicked thing you are!” said the woman. “What do you think, Sergeant Milner?”

“I think we should put a bullet in her head, Desiree.”

Desiree nodded. “Emi Yoshida, I sentence you to death for violating the first commandment of the theocracy: You shall not make pacts with demons.”

“I have restored justice”; I protested.

The gun cracked.

Then I fell, fell, fell into the darkness.

The darkness gave way to fire.

I screamed and burned before the devil, who was bound to him by a chain of fire. One thought stuck in my mind as the agony took hold: justice was worth the pain. If only I were strong. One day I would give it away again. These scum who killed their false gods, Mark and Mary, will face true justice. I howled my loyalty to my principles, louder than all the pitiful moans of the damned.

A voice answered me. Man. Another justice lover is Brandon Fitzsimmons.




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