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Devil's Pact 1 - 45 Wormwood

Devil's Pact

by mypenname3000

edited by Master Ken

Copyright 2013, 2014

Chapter Forty-Five: Wormwood

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We had been in San Francisco for a week spreading the Holy Word when the Wormwood outbreak occurred. Brian became ill and a great fear weighed on my heart. The hospitals were overcrowded and all I could do was sit next to my husband and pray. I prayed fervently to our living gods again and again until my sex began to ache from the fervor of my prayer. On the third night, God appeared before me in a vision, shining like the sun. He took me into a vision, joy filled my entire being. “Everything will be okay, my whore,” he said. - he explained as my passion overwhelmed me. “Your faith has been rewarded.” The next morning, Brian's fever subsided.

– Second Missionaries 14:01-03

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 – Mark Glassner – City Hall, Seattle

I found Mary in the mayor's office, sitting on the edge of his desk. Mayor Erickson seemed fascinated by Lamia - Lilith or one of her daughters - and I left the man, crying plaintively, "My sweet Lamia!" with the soldiers below. Mary has to repair it later with her gift.

My wife was still wearing her black uniform, although she had removed her body armor. Under the vest she wore a tight black halter top that hugged her firm breasts and slightly rounded stomach. She was just starting to show her pregnancy. Her brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she looked attractive as the rising sun streamed through the window behind her.

“Mark,” she purred. “I think I promised to blow your brains out?”

I grinned, my cock getting hard. The fight in the warehouse was terrible, but it made me feel so alive. And I wanted nothing more than to prove how alive I was by fucking my wife. I walked towards her and she slipped off the table. Damn, she looked sexy in her catsuit, like an Amazon.

She kissed me passionately, pressing her whole body against me and sticking her tongue deep into my mouth. "Fuck me"; - she hissed and pressed her crotch against my hard penis. “God, how I need this!”

I turned her around and bent my wife over the table. She pushed the computer monitor and keyboard aside and they fell to the floor. I squeezed her ass through the unitard and then ripped it off her ass along with the sky blue shorts she was wearing underneath. Her pussy was wet and naked and I pulled out my cock and stuck it in. “Damn, how amazing!” I moaned as I fucked her pussy.

"Yes / Yes!" - she shouted, writhing on the table. “Take me, stallion!”

The soldiers guarding the door must have heard us; This made it even hotter. I kept sticking my cock into my wife's tight hole. The table clattered and slid across the beige carpet. Mary's freckled bottom jiggled every time I entered her cunt; Her cheeks were plump and attractive and I placed my hand on her ass.

“Oh, spank me!” Mary moaned.

I hit her again, leaving a red handprint. Then I grabbed her brown cock and yanked her head back. Normally I wasn't that rude to her, but after the fight we were both full of energy that needed to be released.

I lifted her head and whispered in her ear, "Do you like it?" Do you like it when I fuck you hard?

"Yes / Yes!" She screamed, her green eyes closing in lust as she looked at me over her shoulder. “Fuck me, man! Make me cry with pleasure!”

“Naughty filly!” I gasped and pushed my rod harder into her vagina. “Damn filly!”

"Yes! So naughty! I'm your naughty filly! Oh God, make me cum!"

Her cunt twitched on my cock as her passion overwhelmed her. She felt great, wonderful as her vagina milked my cock. I pulled back and aimed my cock home, every muscle in my body tensing as my passion exploded within her.

Mary was shaking, breathing heavily, and then I heard a small sob escape her lips. Fear filled me. Was I too rude? "Did I hurt you?" - I asked tenderly.

"No"; - she said sniffing. "It's just... you almost died again, Mark."

I got out, took my wife in my arms and carried her to a luxurious leather chair at the table. Mary curled up in my lap and I stroked her hair as she cried quietly. “However, I didn’t die,” he said. I calmed her down.

"I know, but... it was so close." She looked at me, her green eyes red with excitement. “You’re so burned. I didn’t even know how you could still stand.”

“You have no idea how close it was,” he said. I whispered.


I swallowed, remembering the hatred I felt when I saw Lilith. “I almost killed her. I..."

"Shhh..." she said and put it downFinger to my lips.

I swallowed; She was right. It wasn't safe to talk about it here. If I had killed Lilith, the last lock in the devil's prison would have opened and he would have escaped hell. I just had to catch her.

I had to be more careful.

Mary kissed me tenderly. She couldn't say anything more, just outside Matmoun. The devil could be spying on us from the shadows right this second. The only safe place to talk was the Matmoun metal room. No spiritual being, not even the devil, could break through the spells that protected them. She tried to calm me down, to quell the guilt and blame that swirled inside me. We brought Lilith with us from Seattle. She was no longer on our doorstep and we could take the time to figure things out and prepare for our next confrontation – and its consequences. Sam must travel to Israel in a few hours to study the Dead Sea Scrolls and figure out how to trap Lucifer in a worst-case scenario.

The kiss was soft, gentle, loving. I caressed Mary's face and relaxed on her lips. The kiss became more passionate, Mary moved back and forth on my lap, removing her work clothes and underwear. My tongue explored her sweet mouth. I held her face, not wanting to break the kiss as she straddled me. We broke the kiss just long enough for me to remove her black halter top, and my hands immediately touched her freckled breasts as we kissed again. Mary shuddered with pleasure as I played with her nipples.

My wife raised her hips, guided my cock to her wonderful hole and slid painfully slowly down my shaft. I moaned into her lips, enjoying the feeling of being buried in her wet cunt. Then she rose slowly - a shiver ran through my body - and then back. This wasn't the crazy chase like a few minutes ago; This time we made love slowly and passionately.

My right hand released her left breast, slid over her silky skin, cupped her plump ass and guided her hips as she slowly rode me. The leather chair creaked and my stomach clenched as I leaned back. For a moment I was afraid the chair would fall backwards. Then it stopped; Her breasts hung down and touched my chest. She smiled in relief and then started moving up and down my cock.

"Oh, Mark!" She moaned, her emerald eyes looking down at me. Her tail hung from her neck and touched my shoulder. "I love you".

I squeezed her ass, urging her to go faster, and pulled her down for another kiss. I put all my love into my lips, biting them and playing with her tongue. It tasted sweet. She rocked faster on me. The pleasure grew stronger, it grew in my balls and I pushed my cock into her. The chair rocked and creaked as it slid across the plastic mat on the floor in the morning sun. Mary's hair kissed my shoulder and chest like a fiery tongue as we made love.

“My mare!” I moaned and felt my balls tighten. “I’m going to cum.”

"Do it"; She whispered, her face flushed and sweating with passion. “Come inside me.”

Her velvety cunt grabbed my cock as she fell to the floor and I exploded inside her. She moaned with pleasure, her body shaking on top of me as passion flared within her. She gasped, then sighed and snuggled into my chest.

“I love you, mare”; - I whispered and stroked her side with my hand up to the bump. "You and our child." I had other children, by whores, by other women, but I knew I would love our children a little more.

“Our only child”; Mary sighed.

"What?" I asked her. “We can have more children.”

“Nuns don’t get pregnant, Mark. As long as I have the gift, this is our only child.”

I didn't know what to say, so I just kissed her forehead. "I'm sorry. It's not fair that I have so many children."

"It's okay, Mark." She walked over to me, looked at me and kissed me. "At least we're having a child."

" A daughter. I told my sperm, remember.”

She laughed. “That’s not how it works, Mark.”

"Of course it is. Willow told me. She's an obstetrician and gynecologist.

Mary rolled her eyes. It was nice to see her happy. Maybe having just one child isn't so bad, Mary wanted ours name my first son Albert after my grandfather. He was a great guy, but Albert was a terrible name. Our daughter will be named Chasity in memory of the loving woman who gave her life for Mary.

"Okay, if we only have one child..." Mary began to speak.

"Daughter"; I corrected.

“Okay, if we only have one daughter, her middle name will be Alberta,” she said. - said Mary with a mischievous grin. Did she read my mind? “Chasity Alberta Glassner.”

Crap. That was almost as bad. I opened my mouth to protest when the doors opened and Jessica walked in.She smiled at us and walked to the table. She was wearing a slutty secretary's outfit: a very short skirt, gray thigh-high stockings and a sheer blue blouse through which her caramel-colored breasts were clearly visible.

“Master, Mistress”; She smiled and sat on the chair across from us.

Mary smiled back and got off me. Jessica's eyes fell on her dirty pussy and licked her lips. Jessica was a good slut. As Mary sat on the edge of the table and spread her legs, the whore quickly buried her face in my wife's pussy and licked my cum out of her. Mary grabbed her honey brown hair and moved her hips. Her brown hair flowed and she was soon shaking with pleasure as she came, flashing me a smile over her shoulder.

“Mmm, that was good,” he said. Mary purred.

“Thank you very much, ma’am,” she said. Jessica smiled, her lips sticky with pussy cream and my cum.

"Why don't you bend over the table and let Mark fuck you in the ass?" Maria ordered her. I smiled at Mary; She was such a loving wife and always looked after my needs.

“Are you ready to rule the city?” I asked Jessica, lifting up her gray skirt.

"Yes, I... oh... I!" Jessica gasped as I pushed my cock into her tight ass.

“Okay, after that we’re going back to Tacoma,” he said. I told her as I fucked her stomach.

“I will make sure everything goes smoothly, Master!”

“I know you will do it. I have complete trust in you.

Her dark face flushed as she turned to me. "Thank you Master! I won't disappoint you.

Her ass was tight and hot as she squeezed my cock. I squeezed her caramel thighs and fucked her hard. My balls were slapping against her pussy and her ass was squeezing slightly every time her little slit was hit.

“I don’t trust the new Seattle police chief,” he said. I continued. “Let them be arrested. In fact, you may want to get as many women out of government as possible. Lilith had many fans. But there are no men.

"Oh yeah!" Jessica responded by pushing her ass against me. "It makes sense. She's a man-hater.

"Gather all the high-ranking female government officials," Mary ordered; she looked so sexy sitting on the table with the morning sun shining on her body. "We'll find out which of them work for Lilith and which are innocent."

"Yes, milady!"

Mary leaned forward, her face just inches from Jessica's. "Are you making my husband feel good, slut?"

"That's me, Mistress,” Jessica replied.

"Okay," Mary smiled and kissed her.

“Shit, that’s cool”; I mumbled as I watched my wife kiss Jessica. My balls were about to explode and I moaned and shot my wad into Jessica's ass.

Mary broke the kiss. “Clean his cock, slut.”

"Absolutely"; Jessica purred, quickly kneeling in front of me and sucking my dirty cock into her mouth.

Mary slid off the table, rubbed Jessica's head and told her, "Everything's going to be okay." We both love you.

Jessica glowed around my cock.

The door swung open and Sam walked in, followed by Candy. “I think Lilith would have done something to Fiona.”

"What?" I asked her as Jessica released my cock.

“Maybe it’s a trap,” he said. Sam replied. “Fiona was left alone in the mayor's house with none of Lilith's children guarding her. The demon must have known we would come for her soon. She was ready to flee when her troops attacked.

“Did Lilith want to get caught?” - asked Maria.

Sam nodded. “What if Lilith wants you to banish her? She's a witch, right?

"Yes,"; I answered. “She made some kind of pact with Lilith.”

“Well, Lilith knows a lot. What if she teases Fiona somehow? If you try to banish it, it can backfire and cause you harm. Maybe I'll even kill you."

Mary turned pale, swallowed, and a shudder ran through me.

Candy nodded. "I would do that. And Lilith is a smart bitch!"

"Then how do we interrogate her?" - asked Maria. "I'm not sure I can torture Fiona. She was one of us, Mark.

I was bad, but we had to find out about Lilith's plans. “Maybe there is a way,” he said. I realized this when I looked at my wife. “When you made your pact with the devil, Mary, what did you want?”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| Tire – Sangui, Democratic Republic of Congo

I watched as Tamina, my birth mother, sat desolately on the threshold of a simple hut.

Fiona, her wife, never arrived at the meeting point. She was dead or captured; My birth mother mourned her absence. We were in one of three villages full of women we had rescued from several “refugee camps” in the jungles of Africa. INVile men called “warlords” wandered into these camps and claimed that these women had been raped by his men. Well, my mother sent me and my sisters to rescue them and we quickly took down a dozen of these gangs. These women recognized the divinity of the Mother and welcomed her embrace. At the end of the week, my sisters' army will appear and we will retake Seattle.

“Mother will save her,” he said. I said and hugged my birth mother.

“No, she won’t.” Desperation distorted her dark face. “Lilith doesn’t care.”

“Of course mom cares,” she said. I protested. Mother loved all her followers; She said it all the time. "You're just sad, but Fiona will be fine." She buried her face in my chest as I hugged my birth mother and sang her an encouraging song. My song sounded beautiful, gentle and soothing, and I rocked her as she cried, gently stroking her black hair.

“Shooting gallery,” Mother purred.

I shuddered with joy as I looked at the beautiful face framed by silver hair. Lilith. My mother. She was the ideal woman, the template from which all others were imperfectly molded. Her lust poured out onto me, onto us. Even my sobbing mother shuddered with pleasure. Lilith ignored my birth mother and looked down on me.

“How does the illness progress?”

“Sagebrush is spreading through the community,” he said. I answered, reaching out to feel my half of the illness.

I felt it. Any man who drank from the city water supply. A man he infected on the way to work, to school, to breakfast, to the gym. Some left the city and spread the disease to communities around Seattle. The rest got into the city and became infected. In addition, some boarded planes to other parts of the United States and other parts of the world. When symptoms appear a few days later, the world falls into chaos.

“Mugwort?” - Lilith asked. “Is that what you call it?”

“It seemed appropriate, Mom.”

The mother laughed, rich, beautiful. This made my song sound like a fake squeak. "That's how it is".

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| Fiona Kavanagh – Hotel Murano, Tacoma, WA

I was lying on a hotel bed with two of Mark's obnoxious bodyguards watching me. They still wore the same ridiculously slutty police costumes. However, the collars with the number printed on them were new.

How humiliating. Mark couldn't even call them by name, he just gave them numbers. A pig who only saw women as objects to satisfy his countless perverted desires. And the whore he married was even worse. Not only did she tolerate his humiliating behavior, but she also encouraged him by finding and serving women so that he could enjoy them.

I didn't recognize the two bodyguards. Of course they were beautiful and Mark dressed them in such humiliating outfits. The Latina security guard's big tits seemed about to fall out of her top and she wasn't wearing a bra to support those big boobs, poor girl. Her number was 127. Next to her stood 126, a porcelain-faced Korean beauty. When did he get so many bodyguards?

I snorted with laughter. He has taken over the entire country, will soon control the entire world, and has banished my goddess from her place of power, so I wonder when they increased her security. Set your priorities, woman!

I curled up on the bed, hugging my pillow and wondering if Tamina was okay. And Ziki, my daughter with Lilith. She posed as Nate Kirkpatrick, the human resources director for the city of Seattle. Were they alive? The warehouse burned down. Tamina ran away? She could create a portal to the void so she could escape. I didn't want to lose my dark Arabian princess! She must have escaped!


And what will happen to me? Will Mark try to make me his whore again? No. My deal with Lilith is to protect myself from his control. So what are they going to do to me? Rape me? Torture me for information? I remembered how they treated Karen when she attacked them. They humiliated her, breaking her spirit until she agreed to be their little whore. Would they do this to me? Should I become her whore again and wear that disgusting necklace?

For a moment I couldn't breathe as I thought about the necklace tightening around my neck, suffocating my will and dignity. No! I am a free woman! I will no longer submit to their vile desires!

At lunchtime they brought me a hamburger and fries for lunch. If I had any hope of escape, I had to stay strong. That's what people in the movies always said in situations like this. Keep my spirits high, stay strong and wait for my captors to make mistakes and risk escape. After I ate I was allowed to use the toilet, but one of the guards, 127 years old with huge tits, followed me.

As I sat on the toilet and peed, I looked at her gun. I could try and grab it and shoot it outside.

GuardShe moved, sensing my gaze, and turned her body so the gun was on the other side. A warning expression crossed her dark face. I blushed. Crap! Now they will be more careful. When I finished writing, the guard watched me dry myself.

“You can take a shower,” he said. 127 told me.

“Are you going to watch?” I asked.

She smiled at me apologetically. “That is my order. You should get used to it. Criminals are constantly being watched.

"I am so?" - I asked with a bitter taste in my mouth. I went into the shower and turned the knobs.

"Surely"; She answered. “You served their enemies.”

“We fight for you,” he said. I told her while undressing. “For every woman who is oppressed by a man.”

“I am not oppressed.”

I laughed. “You, why are you dressing like a whore?” You do this for Mark’s perverse pleasure.

“And why shouldn’t my God be pleased with my figure?” Am I not a beautiful, sexy woman?”

“You are his slave, his toy!” I snapped at her.

"So? I decided to be her slave. Her eyes burned with fervor. “When I saw them, enveloped in flames, triumphant before the false god Brandon, I knew I had to serve them. I quit my job, left my boyfriend and came here.” A jubilant smile lit up her face. “And they allowed me to serve them. A flawed, flawed person who is not worthy of her time and attention. Being your whore is a small price to pay.” She let out a long, deep sigh. “No, it was a great price. Her pussy tastes divine and his cock feels magical moving inside me!”

I looked at her in shock and then closed the shower curtain. She was like Alison and the other whores who decided to stay with him. No, she got worse. The rest of the whores were clearly suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. But this woman chose Mark; I shuddered at the thought.

"The guards died for her, why did you choose to do that?" I asked her.

“I was a police officer. I have already decided to risk my life for the good of others. This is no different.” There was a pause. “No, that’s completely different. They are the living gods, humanity's hope for protection from demons. Like your dirty Lilith!

I was tense. “My Goddess simply wants to free women from the oppression of men!” We are not objects to be used and thrown away at will! We are smarter, more compassionate, more loving! We are not cruel, we will not cause war and suffering!”

She snorted with laughter. “Believe me, women can be just as cruel, oppressive and harmful as men.”

There was no conversation with this girl, so I turned my back and tried to enjoy the shower. When the curtain was closed, I felt almost alone. Nearly. I tried to ignore her shadow, the click of her heels on the tile floor, and the muffled squeak of her radio.

“You are clean”; - 127 barked, finally losing patience.

I reached over and turned off the water. A towel was hung over the curtain; I dried myself by wrapping it in my hair. I opened the curtain and put on a terry cloth robe with the hotel's monogram.

Mark and Mary were waiting for me in the hotel room.

My blood ran cold as Mark's blue eyes fixed on me and I suddenly felt naked; I wrapped myself tightly in my bathrobe. Oh goddess, here it is! He will try to make me his whore again. I started shaking and froze. Stay strong! You have to survive. For Tamina and for Lilith. They can only harm my body, not my mind.

Not my soul!

"Hello Fiona!" Mary purred and I blushed.

My gaze went to her and I remembered how beautiful she was, the most gorgeous, sexiest, radiant woman in the world. Warmth spread through my lower back. I licked my lips, remembering how soft and wet her lips were. I used to love caressing her firm breasts and admiring her delicious pussy - sweet, spicy and wonderful on my tongue. Goddess, what's wrong with me? My nipples became hard. The terrycloth robe rubbed pleasantly against my sensitive mounds and I squeezed my thighs together, trying to ease the pain in my lower back.

"I see that you are not immune to all of my powers," he said. Mary cooed.

"How?" I asked. Mark was already trying to give me orders. “Lilith protected me from your mind control. We made a pact!

“I wanted all women to want me,” he said. Maria replied. “Lilith told me this isn’t mind control. It just lowered your inhibitions to the point where you can no longer control your desire for me.”

Mary stood up and took off the light green dress she was wearing. She was naked from below, beautiful, perfectly shaped. Oh goddess, she was right. I wanted her so much. I fought and suppressed my desires. I introduced Tamina. I just had to focus on my wife and fight these urges. She walked towards me, her ass swaying. Her stomach became round and her pregnancy began to show. II wanted to kiss her stomach and rub my face against her silky skin.

"Mmm, I missed you, Fiona." She stood just a foot away from him, her green eyes sparkling with lust. I jumped when she touched my arm. “Why don’t you take this off so we can get to know each other again?”

“It’s just a small request,” I told myself. And it was so hot here. I took off my robe and her eyes fell on my full breasts. I was a little pleased; she found me attractive. I raised my hand and grabbed it when I froze. What are you doing, Fiona? Think about Tamina. I imagined her round, dark face and her dark eyes shining with love. I had to be strong!

I withdrew my hand and walked away.

Mary frowned and I froze; I didn't want to disappoint her. Mary's hand reached out and I shuddered as she caressed my stomach and slid down to touch my fiery red bush. “Did you let it grow?”

"Yes"; I answered, trying to sound challenging rather than impatient. I failed.

Mary came closer, her dark nipples touching my chest and her face blurring before me. I licked my lips as she leaned in, closing her eyes and losing myself in her lips. I'm so sorry Tamina, I just couldn't resist her. My arms wrapped around her and pulled her beautiful body towards me. I rubbed myself against her, enjoying the feel of her silky skin on my body.

I whined in frustration as Mary broke the kiss. She turned around and her plump ass swayed as she walked towards the bed. She reached out and then beckoned me with a finger. Smiling, I eagerly walked over to the bed and scooted next to her. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mark's blue eyes grin. I didn't care, all that mattered was getting rid of the hell Mary had unleashed in my pussy.

I kissed Mary and gently squeezed her firm breasts with my hands. I touched her nipples, then kissed her chin and caressed her neck. Her fingers left trails of fire as she slid over my skin. I moved lower and lower, touching her breast with my cheek and enjoying Mary's moans of pleasure as I touched her hard nipple.

“Where is Lilith?” - asked Maria.

I froze, my lips inches from her nipple. I looked into her questioning eyes. “I can’t tell you that.”

"Why not?" Her hand reached down and caressed my breast. "It would make me very happy. And then I will make you very happy.”

I wanted to make her happy so badly. But Lilith was my goddess. "I'm sorry"; I croaked. "I can't".

Her finger found my nipple, gently circling my areola and sending pleasure to my lower back. My lips wrapped around her nipple; Maybe I could make her happy in another way. I sucked, swirled my tongue around her hard nub, explored her legs with my other hand and discovered her wet pussy. I teased her outer lips, then found her hard pearl and rubbed it gently.

“Mmm, that’s great,” he said. Mary purred. “You want to make me happy, don’t you, Fiona?”

"Yes / Yes"; I insisted and inserted two fingers into her vagina.

“Then tell me where Lilith is.”

"Africa"; I whispered before I could stop myself. Mary's hips moved beneath me. “Tiny village in Africa. I think Congo.

"Okay, Fiona!" Mary purred and then pushed my head down. “You can use your mouth to please me.”

I kissed her round stomach, ran my cheek over her pubic hair — still called him a fiery heart — then I found her wet, beautiful pussy. I inhaled her sweet, spicy scent, parted her pink lips and plunged into her. How I missed this wonderful scent! Mary moaned and arched her back as my tongue entered her hole. I wrapped my arms around her waist and hugged her tightly.

“127, suck my cock”; I heard Mark's order.

“Gladly, sir!”

There was a metallic crunch followed by a sloppy sucking sound. I ignored it; Let the pervert watch. Nothing mattered as long as I made Mary happy. My tongue explored her hole and fucked her while my fingers wrapped around her hips and gently pinched her clit. Mary's hand grabbed my strawberry blonde hair and pulled me tighter against her cunt, moving her hips.

"Oh, damn, that's great!" she gasped. “You damn whore! I'm going to cum all over your pretty face!”

It sounded wonderful!

I massaged her clitoris harder and penetrated my tongue deep into her vagina. Her moans grew louder and I had to hold on tighter as her hips moved under the assault of my tongue. Her body tensed and trembled several times as a stream of delicious juices flowed from her cunt into my eager mouth.

“Damn, that was incredible!” she gasped. I looked at her sweaty body, past her heaving chest, the smile on her lips. I crawled over her body, my heavy breasts dragging against her skin. I kissed her; Her tongue licked my lips and tasted her pussyand enjoy its taste.

“I need to cum so bad,” I whispered, rubbing my pussy against her thigh.

“I’ll make you cum if you tell me something.”

"Anything"; I begged.

“What will Lilith do next?”

I bit my lip. It felt so wonderful rubbing my pussy against her thigh, easing the pain inside me. "Plague. Tyr, one of her daughters, is working on it.

"Plague?" - Mark asked worriedly.

"It's not finished yet," he said. I quickly reassured him and then frowned. Why did I say something to Mark ?

Mary pressed her thigh against my cunt and I rubbed her harder, the pleasure pushing my question from my mind. “What kind of plague?”

"The the..."; I tried to talk. That was Lilith's deepest secret. I couldn't enjoy it. But her thigh was so amazing, so smooth and silky. She eased this terrible pain within me. She gave me this great joy; It would be wrong of me not to tell her. “It will kill all men,” he said. I finally gasped and then shuddered as my orgasm exploded within me.

“But he is not ready yet?” - asked Maria.

"No"; I sighed as the feeling of curling my toes came over me. It felt so wonderful to cum.

She slid out from under me and I stared at her in confusion. “Take her to prison”; - Mary ordered proactively. “Always keep it closed and watch!”

I was grabbed by 127 and 126. A stream of Mark's cum ran down 127's face and dripped onto her dark, heavy breasts. "What why?" I asked, my mind still in the grip of lust.

“You sided with Lilith,” he said. Mary spat at me as she put on her dress.

“We let you go because we loved you,” he said. Mark said, his blue eyes hard with anger. “We would leave you alone!” You can rot in prison while we figure out what to do with you.”

And then Mary went; My thoughts suddenly became clearer, as if a car window had thawed. It fell on me. I betrayed Lilith. And I betrayed Tamina. I collapsed in the arms of the bodyguards, sobbing hysterically as they gagged me and dragged me out of the hotel.

My Goddess, what have I done?

Friday, November 15, 2013 – Jessica St. Pierre – Seattle, WA

The first week of governing the city of Seattle is over. I needed to let off some steam.

The last three days have been long and frustrating as I tracked down all of Lilith's followers in the city government. More than three hundred women were arrested and interned at the Washington State Convention Center. The master or mistress must take care of them. Luckily, Nate Kirkpatrick, the city's human resources director, was very helpful in identifying those who might not be trusted.

The teacher left two companies of soldiers, almost three hundred people, to protect me and search for Lilith's children who were hiding in the city. Seattle itself was peaceful. Many citizens were under the control of my masters. Often the master or mistress would give general orders to the populace - obey the laws, be happy, follow orders, and so on. Crime in Seattle and across the country has plummeted. Utopia was slowly and painfully forced upon humanity.

The Humvee driving me stopped at the Four Seasons Hotel. A group of soldiers—1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry, all assigned to the captain—led me inside. They were all young and strong men who looked very sexy in their uniforms and thick body armor. And their big guns; my juices ran down my thighs! I felt her gaze on my tense body.

I wore a microskirt that barely covered my buttocks and thigh-high fishnet stockings. And no panties; I had to be ready to be fucked. The stilettos gave my butt more shape and added sexiness to my walk. My blouse was made of pink silk and clung to my breasts without a bra like a second skin. A gold necklace was wrapped tightly around my neck. Even though I was running the city, it was important that people knew who I belonged to.

“Good evening, holy whore”; Yvonne, the night concierge, greeted me as I entered. She was an incredibly beautiful black woman; A leather necklace that she wore tightly around her neck testified to her devotion to Markus and Maria. I couldn't help but touch my gold necklace.

“Yvonne,” I smiled back, remembering my first night in the hotel and the very warm welcome she had given me. She was as cruel in bed as she looked and I gasped with pleasure. She later told me how Master fucked her in the elevator last June. Fiona was with him that night and I suppressed a tantrum. Both Fiona and Tamina sided with Lilith. Ungrateful bitches!

The elevator dinged; I was stuck in the back of the elevator while my defenders surrounded me, sandwiching me between two handsome young privates, Brasher and Santillian. I smiled charmingly at the privateBrasher and his young, handsome face blushed. He was a few inches shorter than me, but I could feel how tightly built he was as I pressed my body against him. Private Santillan was tall and thin and had a charming, confident smile on his Hispanic face.

“Hmm, you guys are strong,” he said. I purred on the way.

Private Brasher blushed and Private Santillian's grin deepened. “I could show you how strong I am, girl.”

I looked boldly at Santillan. “Oh, do you think you’re man enough to handle me?”

“Chica, I have the biggest cock in the group!” A foot and a half just for you!”

“More than an inch and a half,” he said. The other soldier laughed.

“Hey, did you look at me in the shower again, Pearson?”

"Oh yeah"; Pearson replied sarcastically, "I can't resist your Latin appeal."

"Damn right! No one can resist my manhood!" He turned to me, grabbed my hand and pressed it against his crotch. "That's not an inch and a half, is it, chica?"

I squeezed his hard cock as the elevator dinged "Hmm, that might help get the job done." I reached out and grabbed Brasher's crotch, feeling how hard he was. The rest of the soldiers filed out of the elevator and briefly scanned the corridor for threats. “I think I need two strong men to protect me and keep me healthy all night long.”

“Eres una perra Caliente” Santillian sighed as I exited the elevator.

Pearson opened the suite with his key card and the lock buzzed. As I walked across the room to my bedroom, I unbuttoned my blouse and let it fall to the floor. I wanted all the soldiers to see my perky caramel breasts with dark chocolate nipples.

"Damned!" Private Brasher mumbled as the soldier patted him on the shoulder.

“Fuck this whore”; another soldier shouted. I smiled, glad they knew who I was, then dropped my skirt and disappeared into my room.

“You’re so fucking hot, chica!”

I turned around and saw Private Santillian enter the room. I pressed myself against his loose vest and kissed his pretty face passionately. His hands wasted no time in squeezing my ass firmly. The rest of the soldiers whistled and cheered. I pushed off and met a nervous Brasher. I pulled him close, leaned in and kissed him on the lips. He was stiff and clumsy, but after a moment he got going.

"Why am I the only one naked?" I pouted, walking over to the bed and stretching out so they could enjoy my body.

“¡Madre de dios!” Santillian sighed and began ripping off his equipment, throwing it haphazardly onto the ground. Beside him, Brasher just looked at me in amazement as I played with my hard nipple. I smiled invitingly at him; He began fiddling with his body armor.

"Damned"; - he muttered, struggling with the stuck belt.

Santillian took off his shirt and enjoyed the slim but toned body of a swimmer, his muscles flexing beneath his nut-brown skin as he moved. He bent to unlace his boots, muttering curses as his haste made the knots worse. Finally, Brasher took off his bulletproof vest, threw off his thick web belt, and tore off his shirt. His muscular body had several tattoos: a screaming skull on one shoulder and the words "Indianhead" and "We Serve" on the other.

“Here I come, Chica!” exclaimed the now naked Private Santillan.

His cock—not the foot and a half he boasted about, but not tiny either, a good twenty to nine inches—protruded proudly from his thick head of black hair. He crawled onto the bed and kissed me; My hands searched for his cock and stroked his hard member. His hands squeezed my breasts painfully hard and pinched my nipples roughly. My pussy loved it; A stream of juices poured out of my hungry hole.

I broke the kiss and saw that Private Brasher had taken off his clothes. His cock was shorter but thick and uncut, and a dark head protruded from his foreskin. I patted the other side of the bed and he shyly came and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Have you never had a threesome before?” I asked the shy soldier as I sat up, hugging his muscular back and licking his ear.

"No"; He admitted.

“Hey, Vato, it would only be gay if we touched,” he said. Santilian assured him. “As long as you touch this hot girl, everything is fine.”

I reached down and felt Brasher's muscular chest and hard abs before finding his cock. I grabbed it and rubbed my head; he shuddered with pleasure. I pushed him back onto the bed, my mouth moving down to suck his cock between my hungry lips. Brasher moaned as I ran my teeth gently over his sensitive head, then swirled my tongue around it, tasting his salty precum.

I loved being a whore!

"Crap"; - Brasher muttered.

Santillian's hands grabbed my butt, squeezed it hard and then pulled on my butt.He rose into the air and spread his legs. “I’m going to try your mussel before it goes bad, chica,” she said. - he murmured and his hot breath touched my juicy cunt.

As I shook my head, Santillian's rough tongue ran through my slit, starting at my clit and working its way down to my penis. He moaned with satisfaction then plunged his lips into my pussy and moved his tongue everywhere. I felt the rough stubble tickling my vulva; I squealed with pleasure at Brasher's cock and enjoyed Santillian's plunge into the muff. His fingers squeezed my clit, sending shivers of pleasure through me.

I moaned in frustration as Santillian stopped touching me with his tongue. I felt him move behind me, the bed shifted, then his hand was on my thigh and his cock was squeezing my pussy. He entered me slowly; His cock opened me up and filled me. I squeezed him with my pussy and then he fucked me, ramming that hard cock deep inside me and igniting my passion.

“That bitch just came on my cock!” He spanked me; I sucked Brasher's cock harder.

"Damn damn damn!" Brasher groaned; his hands stretched out. grabbed my head. Then his hips moved, fucking his rod into my mouth and roughly pushing my head up and down on his cock. “Damn whore! Take it, whore!” I gagged as his cock exploded in my mouth; I swallowed his salty cum as quickly as I could. "Damned!" - he murmured and let go of me.

His cock slipped out of my mouth. I took a deep breath as Brasher panted on the bed. I looked back at Santillian, his eyes were closed as he fucked my pussy, and I slammed back into him. His cock excited me, bringing my pussy closer and closer to another explosive orgasm.

"Fuck me!" I groaned. “Damn, your cock is driving me crazy!”

“Of course, Chica. I have the best cock on the planet! Is it really possible that no one will fuck you that well!”

“Oh, there’s a better cock,” he said. I groaned.

"Whose?" he chuckled.

"My master!" I screamed as my orgasm ripped through me, milking his cock and hungry for his cum.

“Damn Puta!”

His cum shot into me and I collapsed on the bed, his cock springing out of me. I rolled onto my back, leaned over and scooped up the drop of his cum that leaked from my pussy. I stared at the milky liquid and then sucked the salty cream into my mouth.

“You are a dirty girl.”

“I am a whore”; I said proudly.

“Yes, you are,” he said. Brasher sighed heavily and reached out to grab me. “My cock wants to taste this pussy.”

I looked at his hardening cock and grinned at him. "I am ready for you."

Santillian winced as Brasher mounted me, his short, thick cock thrusting hard into my greasy depths. My gods, that was the thickest cock I've ever had. It almost hurt as he straddled me, a delicious pain that started my engine. Brasher started fucking me faster, his mouth finding my dark nipples and sucking on them hard.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” I sang, writhing under Brasher. He raped me like a hungry beast and fucked my pussy hard. "Oh shit! Yes Yes Yes!" My pussy squeezed his cock tightly as my third orgasm ripped through me. My head fell to the side as I writhed in pleasure, watching Santillian polish his hard rod.

I had to feel it inside me again. I told Brasher to turn around and ride him with his hands squeezing my breasts. I looked at Santillan, reached behind me, spread my buttocks and gave him a knowing smile.

“Devil’s Puta”; - He mumbled excitedly and moved around the bed.

He spanked me and I squealed with joy. He spread my cheeks, the head of his cock sliding against my slit as he struggled to get it into my ass. His cock found my tight hole; he pressed. "Oh God!" I moaned and relaxed my ass as he slowly entered me. I was so full, both holes were stuffed with cocks. Santilian pulled out and thrust into me again, building a slow rhythm and fucking me.

The pleasure made my hips move, riding up and down Brasher's cock and finding a rhythm with Santillian's thrusts. I moaned as cocks drilled my holes. Electricity coursed through me as both shafts thrust in and out of me. It was so incredible! Two cocks drilled into me, rubbing my sensitive flesh and driving me crazy with passion.

"You're just a fucking wild puta!" Santillian hissed, gathering his hair into a pile and pulling my head back. “You won’t be able to walk tomorrow when we finish fucking!”

"Oh yeah!" I shouted. “Fuck me harder!” Make me cum on your cocks!”

I pushed my ass back, burying his cock deep inside me and then pushed my cunt onto Brasher's thick cock. Brasher sucked on my breasts again and his teeth bit painfully at my mounds. I was about to explode inside. I felt it. My passion grew and grew and swelled.until I couldn't think anymore. I could only breathe hard and let these two men fuck me hard.

To use me for your pleasure, like a whore!

“Take it, Puta! Take it!" Santillian hissed in my ear, tugging at my hair, causing me sharp pain and fueling my growing fire. He buried himself inside me and erupted, staining my insides with his cum.

"Yes!" I howled as my passion exploded and intense pleasure coursed through me.

My vision went dark; I collapsed onto Brasher's muscular chest. Santillian's cock popped out of my ass as Brasher continued to push his cock into my cunt. I was too weak, too lost in pleasure, to do anything when Brasher rolled me onto my back. He growled loudly and then started pounding my pussy.

"Whore!" Brasher gasped each time he bottomed out inside me, his humiliating words fanning the flames of my orgasms even more. "Whore! Whore! Fucking whore!

I'm a whore! Your whore! My pussy continued to squirt, squeezing his thick cock as he thrust in and out of me. His face contorted into a grimace, he squeezed his eyes shut together and then his cum flooded my pussy. He stayed inside me, breathing heavily and looking down at me. I reached out and stroked his muscular arm and smiled at him.

"That was great, baby," she said. I purred.

With a grunt he pulled out of me and went to find his pants. I sat on my elbows, feeling a dull, pleasurable ache in my well-fucked pussy, and admired his muscular body as he got dressed. Santilian sat naked on a chair with his eyes closed and mouth open as he slept. Sleep sounded good, but my stomach was growling, so I picked up the phone to order room service for dinner.

There was a knock on the door. “Ma’am, they need you at City Hall.”

I was terrified all the way to the town hall.

“One hundred and three people came to us complaining of sores and rashes, sore throat, fever, sudden hair loss and muscle pain,” he said. Dr. Simpson explained it during a conference call while I was sitting in the mayor's office - my office is in City Hall. “Once they are admitted to hospital, we see their condition rapidly deteriorate to the point of paralysis and blindness before they go into cardiac arrest and die.”

I looked to my advisors: Nate Kirkpatrick, the city's human resources director, who quickly became my right-hand man; six male members of the City Council - the rest of the City Council were women, and I ordered their internment - and Lt. Col. Maxey, commander of the 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry. They all looked as frightened as I was when they heard the news, even Colonel Maxey. Gods! Every day a hundred people die or die from disease. A shudder ran through me. It was the Plague of Lilith. But Fiona said he wasn't ready yet. Was she lying or was Lilith hiding information from her?

No, that doesn't matter now. I have to deal with this plague. That's the most important.

“This is a very unusual disease,” he said. Dr. Simpson continued. He was chief physician at the University of Washington Medical Center. “So far only men have gotten sick. More and more are appearing every hour. And not just in my hospital.”

“We have to isolate the city,” he said. I ordered, amazed at how firm my voice was. Inside I felt like a mass of jelly. But I ran Seattle. I had to stay calm and control the situation. Master and Mistress have entrusted me with this important task and I will never let them down!

“It might be too late for that,” he said. Dr. Simpson replied. “While hospitals in Seattle are seeing the most traffic, hospitals in the Greater Puget Sound region are seeing similar cases.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| Lilith – Abyss

From the shadows, I watched the chaos in the hospital emergency room. It was full of sick people. Her pitiful moans were sweet music; I enjoyed every painful moment. The first man died just an hour ago. I watched his last gasping breath as doctors fought to keep him alive.

He won't be the last.

The wormwood burned like wildfire and spread across the world. The first cases have already filled hospitals in Seattle and surrounding communities. Mark will be too distracted as the disease spreads across America and around the world. In a few days the chaos will be so great that it will be easy for my daughters to retake my territory.

I floated up and looked around Seattle. It will be mine again!




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