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Captive -3- Beer for the bitch

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Pryor: Schoolgirl Pinata

Pryor: Schoolgirl Piñata – STOP THIS MADNESS

Pryor: Schoolgirl Pinata – All the Gangs Are Here

Pryor: Prisoner

Pryor: Prisoner – 2. Double Tie Party

(A schoolgirl is taken to a gang member's birthday party for entertainment.] She continues to be bullied and then held captive for the gang's purposes.)

Hector's cock was deep in her throat while Miguel penetrated deep into her pussy.

Hector brutally forced her head onto his cock as more cum dripped from her mouth.

He lifted her head. "Look at me!!!" He took photos and videos of her.”

He lowered her head and began to press her mouth harder and harder.

Miguel grabbed her ass and leaned over screaming, driving his cock into her Hector bobbed her head up and down as his cum filled her stomach. She choked on his sperm and slime as Miguel continued to fuck her pussy.

Jenna jerked back and forth as Miguel held her hips and pumped her cunt.


Hector shouted. “Fuck her to death. Jenna screamed for mercy, but

She shook violently as Miguel grabbed her hips, slapped her bottom and screamed until

he filled her pussy with his cum.

Jenna lay there sobbing and crying. Hector grabbed one of the straps and pulled her by the neck.

“Oh please, no more, please.” Hector laughed and slapped her red, swollen face with his cock.

He pushed her head down onto the slime and cum on the floor and smeared it all over her face.

Hector lifted her head by the belt. She saw that he was hard again.

He pushed her head back into the chaos. “Lick it up, PIG.”

Jenna licked some of it and then began to vomit. “Look what the pig did.

Now you have to clean up the mess. Hector was ruthless and cruel.

“Please don’t make me do this, please, I can’t.”

“Clean up the mess, lick it up.”

Her face was buried in her own mud. Jenna licked up the cum, mucus and vomit.

Hector and Miguel laughed. “You missed out because of her pig.” Jenna has

I didn't see him again until Miguel spat on the floor. “Here it is, lick it.”

Jenna's neck was red and bleeding from the straps that were suffocating her. His body was bruised and battered from being abused and fucked. Her face was broken and swollen. Her holes were ripped and torn from being fucked by the bandit's cock.

The teenager was helpless at the mercy of two bandits. She looked at Hector in panic.

She saw the hatred in his eyes. He pulled her to her knees by her neck and tied her behind her back. Miguel tightened his belt. The teen slut's face became even redder as she gasped for air. Jenna fainted as they unbuckled their belts.

Jenna curled up, hoping they'd had enough and would leave. She had barely caught her breath when she felt the rope noose slipping from her neck. She didn't even have time to ask as she was lifted to her feet by her neck. The noose tightened until she was almost on her toes.

Jenna felt like she was in an unearthly world, hanging by her neck and on the balls of her feet, gasping for air. They were next to her. Hands poked and squeezed her tortured body. Hector sucked on his injured chest Mouth. Miguel kept his fingers inside her. Jenna tried to breathe and moaned not in pleasure but in pain. Hector squeezed one breast and sucked the other while Miguel viscous fingered her pussy.

Hanging by her neck, she could do nothing as only the balls of her feet saved her from dying by hanging. “Do you like it, slut?” “I bet you want our cocks again.” “Let's listen to your moans

like the little American slut you are.” Her already rough cunt was violated by his cruel hand.

Jenna moaned, but now even she couldn't tell for what reason. Her mind went blank

She was barely breathing and screaming.

The men laughed. Her moans reached feverish levels.

They stopped listening to her pitiful moans. Hector grabbed her mouth.

“Don’t worry slut, there’s more to come. “ Jenna could barely utter an inarticulate request. Hector spat

her face and laughed. They both sat there drinking beer, laughing and joking at the exhausted teenager.

Hector walked in front of her, waving his belt back and forth. Jenna jumped as he waved his hand in the air.

Miguel grabbed her head and took a sip of beer. He spat a mouthful of it in her face. He slowly poured the beer into her face.

“Beer for the Bitch”; He laughed as he continued to pour.

Jenna choked on the beer and found it even harder to breathe as Hector's belt got caught on her ass. Fold the end of the belt buckle in half with a slit.Belt

Shoot Jenna. SMAAAAACK. The belt crossed her bare bottom again. Hector took his belt and whipped her

over the stomach.

Slowly and steadily they took turns whipping the helplessly hanging, pathetic slut. Listen to her moans and whimpers. As her body shook, the rope around her neck tightened. They gave her time to catch her breath. Hector and Miguel slowly moved the straps up and down her body. The skin began to crumble into pieces of torn flesh.

They saw Jenna disappear, but it was too early for her to leave. Jenna fell to the ground with a terrible thud as Hector let go of the rope around her neck. They cut the bonds that held her hands behind her back and left her there while they sat in the corner next to her and drank beer. Unable to see them, Jenna desperately crawled toward the door. Every movement was painful. They let the stupid bitch go and crawl around like a pathetic piece of crap.

After a very long time, Jenna stood at the door. She got on all fours and summoned all her strength to stand up. “AGGHHHHHH” Jenna screamed as Hector rammed his boot into her arm.

“Where the hell are you going?” Stupid pig." - We're not done with you yet. "Miguel pushed her away from the door with his boot. Filled with beer, they aimed their members at her

lay on the floor and poured two strong streams of urine over her.

"That will do that English-speaking slut." They aimed their urine at her body and had the perverse pleasure of a kind of target shooting. The teenager lay in the urine, looking up helplessly and begging.

Hector nudged her with his boot. Come to the sink, we have to clean you up before we come

real fun. "Move over, slut." Jenna moaned as Hector kicked her ass to get her moving.




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