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Broken Lamp Chapter Twenty-Two: Incubus' Lust

Broken lamp

by mypenname3000

Chapter Twenty-Two: Incubus' Lust

Copyright 2014, 2015

Note. Thanks b0b for reading the beta.

List of characters

Main characters

Kyle Unmay Jr.: Half Japanese/half Kurdish, owner of Aaliyah and owner of Earthbones.

Alia Unmay: Jann, sent to marry the prophesied savior of the Jinn. Kyle's first wife.

Fatima Unmay: Kyle's younger sister and wife, owner of the Fire Heart, who awoke from a coma.

Kristy Unmay, née Leonardson: Kyle's long-time girlfriend became his third wife. She was a member of Ms. Franklin's dark circle and betrayed Kyle and Aaliyah. Christy has found salvation from Ishtar and serves the goddess. She returns to Kyle.

Fumi Unmei, née Nakamura: Kyle's friend and owner of the Wind Feather. She returned from Japan blind and was able to lie to Kyle without killing him.

Britney Kingston: Kyle's best friend since elementary school. She is a Rakshasa and has sworn to protect Kyle. She is a hermaphrodite and declared Philip to be her soulmate. Owner of the Water Claw.


Principal Burke: A man who poses as the principal of Kyle's school and is a powerful wizard who desires Aaliyah and her power. He dominated Kyle's mother.

Sultan Rashid ibn al-Marid: despotic ruler of the jinn and leader of the Marid clan. He wants Aliya dead to disrupt the prophecy.

Zarita: Ifrit, who serves the oppressive ruler of the Jinn and was sent to kill Alia. She was captured by Burke and freed while fighting Fumi in Japan. He returns Fumi to Kayla and wants to form an alliance against Burke.

Detective Donnar: A homicide detective who investigates the deaths of Miss Franklin and her coven. Kyle is his main suspect. No evidence was found in Kyle's home.

Shadow: Member of the Burke clan. She disguises herself as Mrs. Skinner, Kyle's math teacher.

Priest: Another member of the Burke clan. Disguised as Mr. Skinner, Kyle's school teacher.

Sable Purcell: Also known as Tourmaline, she was a member of Mrs. Franklin's coven. After the Clan's defeat, she serves Burke and makes it her mission to kill Christie for betraying the Clan. Erines told her about the incubus she could use against Christie.

Erinyes: The vengeful daughter of Hecate, who hunts Christie for breaking her oath to the goddess Hecate. With Christie serving Ishtar, Erinyes can no longer directly harm her, so she joins Tourmaline in her hunt for Christie.

Braden Smythe: Kyle's ex-boyfriend. Braden is in love with Christy. Burke made him an acquaintance.

Franky/Zane: Two students became Burke's confidants.

Miss Franklin: Burke's late maid and leader of the clan. Also known as celestite.


China Unmei, née Koel: Kyle's first concubine. Miss Franklin charmed Kyle and China into a slave-master relationship.

Shannon Unmay, née Koel: Chyna's hot mother and Kyle's second concubine.

Alexina Unmay, née Kendrick: blonde concubine.

Carla Unmay, née Tyler: Red-headed concubine.

Antoinette “Toni” Unmay, née Buckley: concubine cheerleader.

Danielle “Ms. Capello” Unmei, née Capello: English teacher and Kayla’s concubine.

Lois Unmay, née Smilingfox: A lesbian domme who serves as Kyle's concubine.

Ann Unmay, née Weaver: Fatima's friend, strawberry-colored hair.

Kaylee Unmay, née Peterson: bleached blonde, concubine and former rival of Fatima.

Telecia Unmay, née Otis: Aaliyah's African-American concubine.

Phillipa Kingston, née Stoddard: Former member of Mrs. Franklin's clan, where she was known as Jade. Philippa was captured by Britney, submitted to Britney and became her mate, discovering that she was a masochist.

Mindy Unmay, née Stoneking: A nurse at the hospital where Fatima is ill and Kayla's new concubine.

Other characters

Faiza Unmay: Widowed mother of Kyle and Fatima. She dominated on her date with Burke.

Mrs. Skinner: Kayla's first period math teacher and Aaliyah's third period math teacher. Killed by Burke and replaced by Shadow. Her husband was replaced by a priest.

Corey Derrickson: Kyle's friend and master of Aleya, his concubine.

Iris: Daughter of Ishtar and spiritual guide to Christie on her path to salvation through the spirit realm.

Wednesday, January 27 – Mount Shasta, California

"You shouldn't have betrayed the Clan!" Sable hissed, her voice echoing through the cave Christie had just entered from the spirit world.

Christie's heart raced with fear as her former clansister dropped the pink gem onto the stone floor of the cave. The gem shattered, flooding the room with a bright pink light. He slammed into her like a force, pushing against Christie's amber aura.

The desire burned pink. Passionate, burning desire.

From the broken stone arose the Elemental of Love, distorted by impure magic. The cherub turned into an incubus. The elemental released pink, slimy tentacles that moved.over a small cave as it swelled. In the middle was a bulging mass surrounding a hungry mouth.

"FLESH! DEDICATION! CLIMAX! A chorus of deep voices boomed, vibrations coursing through Christie's body. "FLESH! DEDICATION! CLIMAX! The tentacles slid toward Christy and a new voice hissed under the chorus, "I can smell your lust, girl." I need to feel your flesh. To taste your passion. Come deep inside yourself. Submit to me and I will take you on a journey of passion.”


"Enjoy her flesh," he said. Sable laughed as she gave the command to her incubus. "Let her feel your ecstasy until you consume her completely."

"Ishtar, cool this spirit of malicious lust," she said. Christie sang. She fought Tourmaline for control of the elemental in the hut. And now Iris was with her, enjoying some spirit power. She could easily wrest control away from her. That night, it took three witches to stop Christy from controlling Mania.

Only it didn't work. Tourmaline remained in control. The girl was stronger than the last time she clashed, her strength had somehow increased. The tentacles shot toward Christie.

“Ishtar, envelop your faithful servant in your protective embrace!” Christy sang. Her prayer was to the goddess Ishtar and she felt the energy around her hum as her amber pendant sparkled.

The tentacles hit her defenses, the energy giving way to the incubus' impatient desire. The tentacles slid over their charges, trying to crush them and touch their flesh. Her heart began to beat faster, fear and desire fighting within her.

The incubus' pleasure coursed through her, washing over her in waves of heat. Part of her wanted to abandon her charges and enjoy the incubus' embrace. This is death. He will use me until there is nothing left of me.

"Iris! What can I do?"

*Stay alive*,” the ghost replied and a rainbow light flashed around them. *You must escape Sable's control and avoid being hit by the tentacles. You will probably get lost if it touches you.*

“Is there nothing you can do?”

*I am your guide, not your protector.*

Christy took a deep breath. Her spell continued, keeping the slick tentacles just inches from her skin. They enveloped her, almost enveloping her in a pink cocoon. She could barely see Sable on the other side of the incubus, but she could hear the witch chanting to maintain control.


She racked her brains for a spell that could help her. She had to remove the tentacles from her goggles before the incubus' attack drained her aura of power and her defenses collapsed. Her panic intensified . Surrounded by tentacles, he felt claustrophobic. They were so close to her that she couldn't move. It was like she was tied up.

Can this spell work?

“Ishtar, your humble servant is in danger, break the bonds that bind me and free me from slavery!”

Light flashed around her. The incubus howled in pain. The tentacles that had wrapped themselves around her charge were cut into pieces, falling to the ground and writhing like fat worms. The pink blob backed away and slithered toward Sable. Relief washed over Christie and she backed away.

“Taste my pleasure”; - Sable hissed, - and heal.

A single tentacle, one of the few uncut, snaked between Sable's legs. He ripped open the crotch of her pants and plunged himself into the witch's pussy. Sable let out a throaty moan, her back arching as her orgasm ripped through her body.


The severed tentacles gave birth to new growth.

I must take Sable with me.

"Ishtar, strike my enemy with fatigue and put her to sleep!"

The spell that fed from her amber aura, hit Sable's tourmaline aura. They were almost the same strength, but tourmaline was a step higher than amber. Christy put all her energy into the spell, trying to get past Sable's defenses before she recovered from her orgasm.

"Hekate, protect your maid from the spell of her enemies!" Sable screamed, her counterspell blocking Christie's attack.

Christy pushed her aura against Sable's, but she simply didn't have the strength to break through Sable's defenses.

“Nice try,” he said. Sable laughed. “But you are weaker than me. I serve a new master and Director Burke has given me so much power! Take her, Incubus!


The tentacles attacked. Christie didn't have time to process what Sable was screaming. She dove to the right and the slimy tentacles slammed into the wall behind her. She struggled to her feet, her shoulder hurt and aching legs and ran around the wall, pursued by the tentacles. Christie was confident that if she could bypass the incubus and get straight to Sable, she could defeat the witch.

Three tentacles shot forward, blocking Christie's path.

“Ishtar, take me in.”Light to blind my enemies!”

A bright rainbow light emanated from her.

"Crap!" Sable gasped and stumbled back.

The incubus' tentacles contracted, the elemental went blind, and Christie crouched low and crawled beneath them. But not low enough. Her charge brushed against one and he responded by squeezing her in a suffocating grip. Christie stumbled, forcing her strength to defend herself as more tentacles shot toward her.

"You're a fucking slut!" Sable gasped. “Hekate, give me back my sight.”

Christy cast a severing spell, cutting the tentacles that grabbed her, and jumped up. She was almost to Sable and the exit of the cave. Sable blinked, her eyes on Christie, and then she gasped in surprise.

They collided and fell onto the hard stone floor. Christy dropped her spell, grabbed Sable's hand, and turned around. Kyle showed her some Aikido techniques. Sable cried out in pain as Christy flexed her wrist.

She then looked at the incubus and its tentacles coming towards her. “Ishtar, cool this spirit of corrupt love. Smother his enthusiasm with your tender caress.”

The tentacles froze and twitched in the air as she fought against Sable's control. The witch was in pain and couldn't concentrate. Christie twisted harder and attempted to rip Sable's elbow joint apart, continuing her spell, causing the tentacles to retract and the elemental to fall asleep within her gem once again.

"No!" Sable moaned in pain. "You can't win, Christy!" I will avenge the deaths of Celestine, Onyx, Garnet and Opal! You will pay for your betrayal!

“What we did with Aliya was wrong! We wanted to kill an innocent creature!”

"Bitch! I will make you pay! Hekate, protect your maid and hurt her enemy!

"Ishtar, protect..."

Pain shot through Christie and she fell from Sable. She overcame the pain and clutched the amulet. She cast a counterspell, freeing herself from the pain. Something slippery and wet touched her leg.

Pleasure filled her mind with bliss. Her legs spread, allowing the tentacles access to her wet pussy. More amazing tentacles wrapped around her body, tearing useless clothes from her body. She moaned and groaned as she rose into the air. The tentacles found all the wonderful places on her body. The suckers grabbed her tits and milked her hard nipples. A thick tentacle entered her mouth and her taste buds exploded.

And the tentacles that penetrated her pussy and ass awakened a burning passion within her. She orgasmed again and again, waves of pleasure coursing through her insides as the tentacles thrust in and out of her. Her pussy juices dripped into the open mouth of the incubus beneath her.

*You can't give in to lust!* Iris whispered in her mind.

Why not? This is so wonderful.

*You're going to die, Christy!*

It would be so wonderful to die while enjoying this.

The woman laughed vaguely. “Pump the life out of the whore’s body!”

*Battle! You're welcome, Christy!*

I do not want. This seems too amazing!

*If you die, you will never see Kyle!*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| South Hill, Washington

Shannon stopped the SUV at the meeting point. Kyle got out of the car, followed by his three wives and Britney. The concubines crowded around the door and looked out the door. Kyle stood in the middle of the empty parking lot. It was part of a failed apartment complex. Thick bushes obscured them from the road. The rain was drumming. The earth bones hung in a sheath at his hip.

“The least she could do was be on time,” she said. - Fatima complained, leaning on Fireheart, her Yari. The sharp blade gleamed above her head and steam rose from it as the rain evaporated. “We’ll get wet waiting.”

“Maybe I can help,” he said. Britney said. The rain suddenly enveloped her, bouncing off her skin as Britney's Water Claw catarrh flared blue. “Yes, I think that’s enough.”

"Definitely"; Fumi smiled. She held Windfeather like a bow, ready to draw and fire an arrow. “But Zarita will be here. She wants revenge on Principal Burke for tying her up.

"Yes"; Aliya nodded. Her hand touches his back. She was standing right behind him. “Being captured and bound to a wizard is one of my people's greatest fears. And she is Ifrit. Your passions burn. She will want revenge.

"Yes I believe you!" - hissed the voice. A dark-skinned woman with a beautiful and fierce face came out of the bushes. Steam rose around her, the rain evaporating before it even touched her skin. She wore a red silk dress and swayed her hips as she stood in front of Kyle.

“Are you Zarita?”

"I"; - she purred and bowed to him. “I am pleased to meet you without a disguise.”


Her skin rippled and trembled like warmth dancing on the asphalt. As he disappeared, another woman stood pale.Skin, gray eyes, light brown hair that falls in curls over her shoulders. Kyle's cock began to move; He remembered fucking Lexi last week. Then she hesitated again and Zarita's dark beauty returned.

“You were a passionate lover,” he said. she purred.

“Are we here to talk about this?” he requested. Kyle wanted to destroy Burke for charming his mother. “I thought you wanted to destroy Burke.”

“It’s so hot,” he said. she grinned. “Burke will be hard to beat. He's pretty strong.

"Us too!" - exclaimed Fatima. "We kicked Miss Franklin and her skinny bitch's ass."

“And while you were doing that, Burke was hiding under your nose.”

"So what! We're going to kick his ass too. He's afraid of us.

"Why do you think so?" Zarita frowned.

"He sent you to kill Fumi and take her bow." Fatima brandished her spear. “This is strength, and he will run before them in fear.”

"And you're going to attack him?" Ifrit snorted. “You would have died. Don't think he's afraid of you. He's just being careful. I found myself in his trap. He is powerful.”

“Then what do you suggest?” – asked Britney. “If he is strong, how can we resist him?”

“What do you know about witch powers?”

“Warlock, witch, wizard is one of many other words used to describe a person who has formed a covenant with a powerful spirit, often posing as a god or goddess. That person then uses that spirit's power, channeled through their aura, to create spells. Usually a prayer or invocation is made and the guardian spirit sends strength to the person.”

"Exactly"; Zarita nodded. “And you can see the limitation.”

"Not me"; - said Kyle, looking around.

“Such methods have two disadvantages,” he says. Britney explained. “First, the caller can be prevented from saying a prayer by drowning out his voice in some way. Although I read that a really great practitioner could say a prayer in his mind."

“And we have to assume that Burke is one of them,” he said. - said Fumi.

“Safe Acceptance”

“So the other way is to cut him off from his guardian spirit?” - Kyle asked.

Britney nodded. "Yes. If you could break that connection for any reason, he would be powerless."

"Well, how could we do that?"

"Philipa?" Brittany asked, turning to the SUV.

Her husband walked out, that Water flowed around her as she walked forward. Brittany put her arm around her and pulled her tight. "Let me think"; - said Philippa.

“I found myself in a magic circle,” he said. - said Aliya in a rough voice.

The witch shuddered and pressed herself closer to Britney. "Perhaps. But how could we lure him into a trap?

“Lure him somewhere,” he said. - suggested Fumi. “Draw it on the ground and wait for him to climb in.”

“But he’s human,” he said. Philippa said, shaking her head. “The circle might break his connection to Hekate, but he will still be able to just walk over it. Unlike Aaliyah, who is a spiritual being, he would not fall into this trap.”

“Then make it so big that he can’t easily dodge it.”

“What’s his home like?”

Zarita shuddered. “His house has many security features. I'm not sure if that's a good idea.

Kyle clenched his fist. "Well, we know there's only one place he could be."

“Do you want to attack the school?” – asked Britney.

"I like it!" Fatima grinned. “Let’s just go to his office and clear him out, Mom!”

Britney glared at him. “But didn’t he have any protection at school?”

“He should,” he said. Fumi agreed.

“But they wouldn’t be that impressive,” he said. - said Ifrit. “Students and teachers wander around the school. He couldn't foresee anything too dangerous, otherwise accidents might occur. And it will attract attention.”

“So we surrounded the whole school with a magic circle. Is that possible?" He looked at Philippa.

"No. I could never create such a circle."

"Aaliyah could," she said. - said Fatima. "Is it true?"

"Theoretically, but this goes far beyond the scope of Hearth and Harem."

"I could be the center of attention"; - Zarita suggested. "You can feed me with your power without fulfilling your mortal master's wishes. This should bypass your restriction. Then I feed it to the witch and she can enter the circle in "I thought you were going to fight with us," he said. Kyle frowned.

“If a magic circle appeared, I would be helpless. Plus, if you can't handle it on your own if he divorces his goddessStrength than we can defeat him.

"We can even kick his ass with his powers!" Right, big brother?”

“The problem still exists,” he said. - said Aliya, crossing her arms over her chest. “I will not transfer my powers to an Ifrit without certain guarantees.”

Kyle looked at his genius wife and crossed his arms over his chest. "What are you?"

“She should join your harem.”

Zarita glanced at Kyle. “Shall I serve a mortal, little Yann?”

"If you want revenge on your slaver, this is the price." Aaliyah's head fell back, her back straightening as she looked at Zarita. She looked so majestic. "Besides, it's the only way to be sure I can transfer my powers to her. Otherwise, my father's restrictions could prevent this.”

Heat burned in her eyes and her chest rose and fell. Her face tensed for a moment and the shadow of a smile played on her lips. "Very good. Kyle is a great lover. I can agree with that. Do we have to move on now?”

“I think it’s better this way,” he said. Alia nodded, her back straight and her dark face imperious. “A simple blowjob is enough. On your knees before your master, concubine.

Kyle's cock was rock hard when Zarita stepped forward, her clothes melting away. Her breasts were heavy and round and swayed as she walked. She fell to her knees, her fingers unzipping his pants and pulling his cock out.

“That’s it, Ifrit whore,” she said. Alia giggled. “Suck your master’s cock.”

Her mouth was hot and Kyle's back arched as she wrapped herself around him. Her mouth sucked hard and her tongue moved. Gentle hands cupped his balls, warmth enveloped him. He grabbed her black hair and pleasure coursed through his body.

"Damn, she's good!" His hips moved forward, driving his cock down Ifrit's throat. Her dark eyes looked up at him and burned like coals. "That's all! Take my cock. You're my new whore!"

She sucked harder and her fingers massaged his balls.

"You like being called a slut, don't you?" I can tell. You suck harder. You are hungry for my sperm.”

“She will attack you,” he said. Fatima laughed. “Make my husband cum, slut!”

"Yes. Prove how much you want to be his,” he said. Aaliyah purred.

“It’s getting closer,” he said. - Fumi purred. “I can smell his cum rising.”

His balls tensed and cum flooded her sucking lips. Zarita swallowed, still looking at him. The pleasure shot through him with intense pulsations, his back arching. He liked this moment. The last jet of cum filled her lips.

"Happy?" - she asked, licking traces of his sperm from her lips.

"Yes,"; Kyle gasped.

“Then we should strike today. After school. He has to work long hours. This will be the best time.”

"Certainly. Let's get this over with."

“But we have to prepare the magic circle,” he said. - said Philippa. “For such a large circle there must be many reference points. How can I walk around school all day and place them?”

"What do you want?" - asked Kyle.

“Silver is placed in and around the school. It is necessary to draw a seven-pointed star, and wherever the lines intersect the circle and each other, it is necessary to at least mark it. And for such a large circle there should be even more.”

“Concubines could do it,” she said. - suggested Britney. “If we give each of them three or four points to evaluate, it won't look unusual. You could do this all day long.”

“The sooner the better,” he said. - Kyle muttered.

“But won't they find the marks?” - asked Fumi. “There are a lot of people at school.”

Kyle frowned and thought about the right wish. “Aaliyah, I want, um, how much do we need?”

“The circle is so big, I would say sixty,” he said. Philippa replied. “We will need a lot of anchor points to make it strong.”

“Aaliyah, I wish for sixty invisible silver dildos that I or my concubines could use for the pleasure of other women.”

Aaliyah grinned. "Ready. They're right there," he said. - she said, pointing at the dirt.

"Really, big brother? Invisible dildos? This is ridiculous!"

Kyle looked at his sister intently. "Do you have any other ideas on how we can place the silver around our school so it's easy to find?"

Fatima opened her mouth and sighed: "I don't think so." But dildos?

"Harem"; Kyle shrugged. “I work within the limits that I can.”

“That’s very clever,” he said. Aliya nodded.

“Then we have to map them,” he said. - said Philippa.

"I can manage it"; Zarita said a fire erupted in front of them, the flames turning into a three-dimensional map of the school and then overlaying a seven-pointed star engraved in a circle around it.

“It will work,” he said. He nodded.“Let’s find out. Britney, I would say this is your territory.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| Raven watched until Kyle, his wives, and Ifrit left the wasteland. His master must be informed of his servant's betrayal. Ignoring the heavy rain, the raven flew away and made his way to school.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| Detective Donnar's phone rang. He was still outraged by the lack of concrete evidence found in Kyle's house. He was sure that this little bastard was responsible for these four murders. He didn't have enough evidence to present to a judge and obtain an arrest warrant after a search turned up nothing.

His cell phone rang. He pulled it out of his pocket. "Hello".

“This is Director Burke.”

"How can I help you?"

“I believe I have evidence linking Kyle to these murders. You really need to come here immediately. I would also take help. That’s pretty convincing evidence.”

The detective grinned.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| Mount Shasta, California

If you die, you'll never see Kyle.

Iris' words penetrated Christie. She imagined her husband's olive-brown face and his almond-shaped eyes full of love. The lust faded as she focused on her love for him. And his love for her.

He has forgiven her. After everything she had done, he called her and asked for help. He wants me back! I am free from Hekate! And he forgave me! I can't lose this now!

She bit down on the tentacle in her mouth and bit through the elastic flesh. Vile ichor filled her as the incubus howled. She spat out the rubbery flesh and gasped. The two tentacles moving in and out of her pussy and ass worked harder as the pleasure took over her.

But she fought it.

Concentrating on her love, she cried, "Ishtar, cool this spirit of corrupt love." Smother his enthusiasm with your tender caress."

The tentacles fucking her spasmed and twitched.

"No!" Sable screamed. “Hekate, ignite this spirit of corrupt love. Ignite his enthusiasm with your passionate breath. Let the lust consume him.

"Cool your enthusiasm, Incubus!" Christy screamed, putting all her energy into fighting Sable's control. She had love on her side. “Purify this corrupted elemental. Cleanse him of the impure energy that has turned him away from love. Let it be the innocent cherub again.”

The tentacles began to retreat, pushed back by Christy's love for Kyle, reminding the monster of its true nature.

"No!" Sable hissed, her voice full of hatred. "Don't give up! Don't return to such a weak elemental. Enjoy her flesh. Drink her passion! Taste her lust!"

"Cool your enthusiasm and let love blossom again." The tentacles lowered her the floor as the pink blob contracted and twitched.

"No! You damn bitch! - Sable screamed, pulling a knife from her pocket. "I'll disembowel you myself."

Fear clenched in Christie's stomach as she looked at the distraught witch. Sable's tanned face contorted with murderous rage . She walked through the cave, passing the blob that glowed pink and turned back into what it was always supposed to be.

Sable stabbed her.

Christie grabbed her arm, preventing the blade from cutting into her flesh. The force of the attack threw her back, the sharp stones of the cave wall digging into her back. Her sweaty hands gripped Sable's, trying to stop the angry teenager from disemboweling her.

"I'll rip your insides out!" You've betrayed the clan! Miss Franklin and our sisters died because of your treachery.

A cherub rose over Sable's shoulder, flapping its white wings, and a pink angelic figure rose into the air. "Cherub, pierce Sable's heart with love!"

Cherub drew his bow and shot a pink arrow at Sable's back.

The knife flew out of Sable's hand. Her face contorted with joy. "My love"; - she shouted, then hugged Christie and stuck her tongue into the surprised girl's mouth. "I love you so much"; She moaned between kisses. “Let me always be yours. Please."

"But... I have a husband," she said. Christy said, surprised by the reaction. She had no intention of dominating Sable with love.

Sable fell to her knees and looked at her with pleading eyes "Just let me be yours. Please. Let me be by your side. Her hand touched Christy's bare thighs and slid to her groin. “I can please you.”

God, she's beautiful. Christy's body was still burning with lust as Sable's fingers touched her aching pussy. And Fatima has concubines. Why not me?

“Will you be my concubine?”

"Yes! Please! Just let me be with you!"

"Will my husband like you too?"

"Will that make you happy?"

"Yes, it will, Sable."

"Then I'll do it" He said. She smiled and hid her face between Christy's lips.hips.

Christy moaned as she leaned against the wall and Sable's tongue ran fast and hard through her pussy. She grabbed the teen's honey blonde hair and pressed her pussy against Sable's licking tongue. It wasn't the first time Sable had had her pussy licked, but she had never been so eager.

“That’s it, whore!” - Christie hissed. “Eat my pussy. You're my lesbian concubine now, aren't you?

"Yes I!" she moaned. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, lady!" I'm so glad I can love you!

Her tongue slid over Christy's pussy. Joy burned within Christy. Her back arched into Sable's mouth, pressing her cunt against the eager witch's lips. Christy's hands found her nipples and pulled and tugged as her orgasm built.

Sable's hands grabbed her buttocks and her fingers dipped into her slit.

“Touch my ass!” Make me cum on your lips!”

Sable's fingers slid into her ass. A new, warm pleasure came over her. Sable moaned, enjoying her pussy and humming on her clit. Christy's eyes closed, she shuddered and moaned. An orgasm ripped through her. Her stomach muscles clenched. She leaned over her new concubine and applied the cream to her lips.

"Do you like me?" Sable asked, looking up.

“A lot,” he said. Christy gasped. "I can't wait to share you with Kyle." Her eyes widened. "Shit! Does he need my help?"

"He's in danger," he said. Sable nodded and licked Christy's juices over her lips. "My former master hates him and wants Aaliyah."

Christy froze. "You said, that Principal Burke is your master?”

Sable nodded. “He was also Celestite’s master. She worked for him the whole time.

Panic filled her and she looked around for her phone. He lay on the floor of the cave and she breathed a sigh of relief knowing he was still working. She called out to her husband, her hands trembled, she longed for his voice and was afraid of the danger he was in. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| South Hill, Washington

Shannon stopped her SUV, her face pale. “Everything will be fine,” he said. Kyle told her, then leaned in and kissed her on the lips.

"Be sure"; Fumi shouted, clutching her bow. Like Shannon and Mindy, she had no place at school.

Kyle touched his wife's face and kissed her even more passionately. "We will".

They had to pretend everything was fine. They had no way of telling Director Burke that they were looking for him. Each concubine had their own invisible dildos and they knew where to throw them. Kyle had several in his backpack. He takes care of the first one on the way to math class.

"Remember. Behave normally."

“We won't let you down, master," he said. - said China.

"And if there are problems, you go to the room." Everyone had a key that opened every door in the school could transform into a portal to an interdimensional space created by Alia. Once they reached the room, they could exit through the back door of the gym. Shannon would be parked on the street not far from here and they could rush to their SUV.

" We can do this," he said. Toni nodded. “You can count on us, Master.”

“It’ll work, big brother,” he said. - said Fatima.

He looked at Aliya. “Maybe you shouldn’t go?”

"I have to. We can't seem suspicious." Kyle was sure Burke's target was Aaliyah. It was the only thing that made sense. "I'll be fine. At every moment you just have to wish that I was there for you. I'll raise the alarm if something goes wrong.

That didn't help Kyle. "Fine. Let's do it. Just act natural.” He wanted the shaking in his hands to go away, but there was too much adrenaline pumping through him. He opened the door and walked out into the rain.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| His intercom buzzed. "Detective Donnar has come to you, Director Burke," he said. - said his secretary.

“Send him,” he said. He answered, pressing a button on his phone.

The door opened and a balding detective walked in. Through the door he saw several more police officers standing in the office. All his careful plans were ruined. His raven witnessed the entire meeting between Kyle and Zarita.

How did you manage to free this Ifrit? Fumi did that? He suppressed his irritation. That didn't matter now. Kyle stood up to him today. His new plan could succeed before Kyle is ready to attack. If he were cut off from his goddess, he would have to rely on his other powers, and Kyle was not to be trifled with. Not after the destruction he caused in the cabin.

It was better to move now, before he was ready to attack.

“So, what is this new evidence you want to show me?” - asked the detective.

"The". He leaned forward and pulled out a desk drawer. He grabbed a handful of pyrethrum flowers and crushed the white petals in his hand. |"Flower? Seriously, Director? Are you just pulling on my chain?

"Hekate, blind this man and feed him my lies."

The detective's eyes widened as the spell fell on him.

"And may as well "Let them believe that Kyle Unmay is a dangerous threat. "Let them believe that Kyle Unmay is a dangerous threat . One that needs to be taken care of immediately.”

The detective blinked, then his face became serious. "We are here to take Kyle Unmay into custody!" The detective's voice was full of anger, his hand reaching for the gun. "Where is he now?"

The bell rang, signaling the end of the second period.

“On the way to English class. Second floor. Room 207.”

The detective stood up and left the office. “He’ll be upstairs in room 207. We won't take any chances with him. He is armed and dangerous.

“That’s right, Detective,” he said. one of the police officers replied.

Burke leaned back in his chair and grinned. Then he grabbed the phone and dialed the number.

The phone rang twice. "Mrs. "Skinsner," Shadow replied, his servant introducing himself as a math teacher. "Now is not the time. My third lesson starts soon.

“When Aliya arrives, grab her and bring her to my office. Zain will accompany you.

“Yes, Master,” he said. Shadow purred.

Burke leaned back. Maybe it was for the best that Kyle stood up to him today. This new plan was fraught with risks, but it could put an end to this troublesome cover-up. For five years he waited expectantly for Yann to appear. His predictions turned out to be correct and the boredom will soon come to an end.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| Kyle pulled on his shirt as the bell rang, signaling the end of the second period. Next he learned English, taught by his concubine, Mrs. Capello. He pulled his backpack out of his locker, reached into his back pocket and found an invisible massive silver dildo. He had to leave that on the way to English, then he would have covered everything he needed.

“Hello Kyle!” - said Corey, catching up with him as he quickly walked towards the locker room exit.

"Hello!" He nodded as the shaggy redhead caught up with him. "How are you doing?"

“Man, I had the craziest night. And it’s all thanks to you.”

"Oh yeah?" Kyle wondered as he entered the rainy courtyard that separated the gym from the main building.

“Aliyah’s sister was home last night and gave her a gift.”

“What did Aleya do?”

Corey nodded. "Your sister is just as submissive as she is, and now I have a little harem." Corey gave a fist pump. “Dude, this is all thanks to you. Let me tell you, sisters in the same bed are fucking hot.” ​​| Kyle grinned at him. "I'm glad to hear that. I haven’t tried that yet.”

“You should, man.” Her footsteps creaked on the linoleum floors of the main academic building. “Well, take care of yourself. We have to go to mathematics. I would like to give a big shout out to your lovely wife. Aliya studied third period math with Mrs. Skinner.

Kyle threw the silver dildo behind the trash can at the bottom of the stairs. “Oh yes, tell Alia that I have completed my task.”

Corey pulled his hand back and made a slapping sound. “You have to control your women.”

“She is a wife, not a concubine”; Kyle laughed. “Not like Aleya and her sister.”

"Who needs a woman when you have a couple of sexy redheads sharing a bed?" Corey grinned. "Later buddy."

Kyle nodded and turned to go up the stairs to the second floor when his phone vibrated. He pulled it out and his heart almost stopped.

It was Christy.

His hand was shaking and an excited buzz ran through his blood. He took a deep breath, tapped the screen, and held the phone to his ear. "Hello Christy." He shuddered. I haven't seen her since the attack last week and that's all I can say?

"Kyle." There was such cautious hope in her voice. "I received your message. I... uh... I'm really sorry I didn't reply to you. There was no cell service where I was.

"It's nice to hear from you," said he. - he said and went up the stairs.

"Do you mean this?"

"Yes. I meant what I said in the voicemail. I miss you. Come back, we'll sort this out. Aliya is fine. Even Fatima comes to her senses. Slowly."

"Oh, so she's okay now?" Don't you need my help? She sounded depressed.

"No. But I need you, Christy. He swallowed. “If you can share me. I have three other wives. I want you to be with us, but..."

"Yes, yes"; she whispered. "I understand. You can love them and stillLove me. And I miss you so much. But I have to tell you something. You are in danger.”

“Did Burke send someone after you?” - Kyle asked. He didn't think Christie was in danger; She didn't have a single artifact like Fumi.

"Yes. Sable"

“The witch who got away? Shit, that's exactly what happened to her. Are you okay?"

"Everything is fine with me"; She replied. "I, uh, now I have a concubine. I somehow forced the love elemental to hit her with its power, and well, she'll probably love me for the rest of her life. It was a pretty powerful explosion.

Kyle laughed as he reached the top of the stairs. "Listen. I can't talk anymore. But I know about Burke. Can you come back soon?

“I’m in California.”

Kyle turned the corner and approached his English class. "Fine. I'll ask Aliya to wish you—”

"Kyle Unmay!" - The voice boomed.

Kyle turned around. The detective who had searched his house and three Pierce County sheriff's deputies approached him , her boots clacking on the linoleum. The police officers' faces were stony, their bodies tense; Kyle's heart began to beat faster.

"What?" he asked, assuming an aikido stance.

“You are under arrest for the murders of Michelle Franklin, Carrie Robertson, Rashawn Underhill and Lorrie Gore.”

Kyle would never allow himself to be arrested. Not when they were so close to attacking Burke and saving his mother. He grabbed the earth bone and summoned his sword. Underneath the linoleum was a concrete slab into which soil of varying thicknesses was poured. He could—

The deputy pulled out a stun gun. Two arrows flew through the air and hit Kyle. The pain shot through him and pushed all thoughts away. His cell phone fell from his hand, Christie's urgent voice silenced as it fell to the floor. Kyle's legs stopped moving, the electric shock robbing him of control over his movements. He fell on his side, the lockers rushing towards him.

His head hit the metal. Darkness overcame him.




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