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Barbie Lez Fantasies – Week 75: Bikini Babe

Author's Note 1: These short fantasies began as weekly mini-stories for my readers, but the newsletter was closed because answering machines wouldn't accept adult messages . Contents. That's why I decided to publish these fantasies for free for my readers to enjoy. The purpose of the game is to have fun. So please don't leave hateful comments if things aren't perfect. After all, I'm only human.

Author's Note 2: Although this fantasy can be read individually, it is written as part of a series. For the full experience, read Barbie Lez’s Fantasies: Weeks 1-74.


Have you ever had such fantasies? You know, the ones that seem so real you wonder if you're really imagining them. Well... because I have them all the time! Sometimes they become a story, but most of the time they stay trapped in my brain. That is, until now...

I love water. Always has been like this and always will be like this. I love drinking it, I love when it falls from the sky, but most of all I appreciate the feeling it creates around me. But as much as I love swimming, you won't catch me dead in a chlorinated pool. I am a sea girl in every way. That's why I immediately jumped at the opportunity to spend a weekend outside the city with a group of my friends. There were five of us and the cost of renting a vacation home was minimal. But I would pay a fortune to have weekend access to the lake. Especially where motorboating was forbidden. It would be a relaxing weekend with my friends. At least that's what I thought.

There were five of us. I knew three of the young women very well, but the fourth was just an acquaintance. I've met her a few times in passing, but I wouldn't call her a friend. At least for now. Little did I know that I would soon get to know her much better in person.

One of my friends borrowed her parents' van and we were able to pack ourselves and all of our luggage into the car. Due to general scheduling, we had to leave on Saturday morning instead of Friday evening. I was a little disappointed, but I knew I would forget everything once we reached our destination.

The journey was quite quiet. We talked about this and that and I got to know the fourth girl a little better - for the purposes of this story we'll call her Candy. We weren't friends yet, but I had a feeling we'd get along well. Plus she was very attractive and I liked a pretty face.

When we finally reached our destination, it was early afternoon. The main road leading to the cabin was being repaired and we had to take a long detour. But the only thing that mattered was that we had finally arrived.

After settling in, we all agreed to freshen up. The lake was quite small, with only a dozen huts having access to it. And given the complete absence of human presence, we soon decided that we would spend the weekend there alone. Things are already looking up. But it wasn't until we reached the water that everything became perfect.

Not only was there a large jetty with a diving board, but also access to a small private beach. My friends obviously wanted to enjoy the water because they immediately jumped in. Although I wanted to emulate them, I decided to take my time. On the way to the beach, I sat down and let my toes slide on the hot sand. I sighed softly as I felt the warm rays of sunshine caressing my skin. As much as I love life in the city, I miss the silence of nature. The sounds of chirping birds. The song of the croaking frogs. My friends are splashing in the water. Okay, maybe not the last one, but you get the point.

I sat there for a few minutes and watched my friends play. I was about to join them when I saw something that left me speechless. Candy decided to accompany me on the beach and swam towards the shore. I watched in awe as she stood up and pushed her hair back. It was like a movie. When her body was discovered, everything seemed to happen in slow motion. I always knew she was beautiful, but now when I saw her in that tiny bikini, I knew she was a real stunner.

"Wow!" I thought, although I may have said it out loud. I was overwhelmed by the sight of Candy's flawless body and it was becoming increasingly difficult to contain my excitement. I felt it growing inside me, like a volcano about to erupt. Eventually I got so excited that I threw caution to the wind and gave in to the intense fantasy that was now growing within me.

The transition from reality to fantasy was smooth, but when I saw Candy walking towards me with lust in her eyes, I knew the fantasy had begun. Knowing that nothing that happened now would affect the real world, I gave in to the excitement that came over me.Veins and smiled in giddy anticipation as Candy approached.

"What are you?" I flinched as she came closer.

She put her finger to her lips, silencing me. Thrilled by the devilish smile I saw on her lips, I fell silent and watched as she fell to her knees in front of me. Without stopping, she placed her hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me to the ground. She lay on top and looked me in the eyes.

We exchanged looks of utter lust before she lowered her head. My eyes closed as our lips touched. A soft moan escaped me as her tongue slipped into my mouth. When he touched mine, a wave of excitement ran through me. I couldn't bear it and started kissing her passionately. As good as it felt with her tongue dancing next to mine, I wanted more. I reached out and grabbed her ass and started playing with it. She seemed to appreciate it because she began to moan softly. Encouraged by this, I began frantically manipulating her ass. I really wanted to show her how hot she turned me on. Unfortunately, she withdrew after just a few seconds.

“What the” - I began and opened my eyes. Candy smiled encouragingly at me. I had no idea what she was planning to do, but I had a feeling I would like it. And in fact, she literally ripped my bikini top off.

"Damn!" I was finished when her lips touched one of my nipples. Soon her tongue joined the company. She worked hard, teasing each nipple in turn. They soon became rock hard and every time her tongue touched my skin, shivers of excitement ran through me. Her hands also played a role in her plan, but her tongue and lips were clearly the main players.

My moans of pleasure filled the air for almost a minute before she finally decided to continue. And not a second sooner, because all this teasing threatened to drive me crazy.

A few impatient giggles escaped my lips as Candy ripped my bikini bottoms away. I was now completely naked and just seconds away from the most intense licking of my life. Excitement coursed through my veins and I lifted my head and looked at my beautiful lover.

"Fuck me!" I begged. At the same time my legs spread and my pussy was exposed. My labia were swollen and glistening with sweet precum. I was so wet I felt like I had just gone swimming. But it was Candy's tongue that was about to plunge into the overflowing puddle that was my pussy.

"Oh God!" I moaned as her tongue touched my pussy lips. A shiver of anticipation ran through me and I was afraid that she would tease me again. Luckily she completely ignored my clit and instead stuck her tongue deep inside me.

She filled me like never before. I had no idea if it was my imagination, but her tongue seemed unnaturally large. Luckily all that mattered was the incredible feeling it gave me as it started moving in and out of me. Each thrust allowed him to reach new depths, withdrawing with a small amount of my precum each time. When the last few drops came out I was hornier than ever. I moaned at the top of my lungs and begged for more. Begging for climax. I'm begging for the most intense release of my life.

“FUUCKKKKK!!!!” Finally I screamed. My pussy came alive and began to twitch around my lover's tongue. But Candy didn't let a little grip stop her from fucking me with her tongue, and wave after wave flowed out of me. Hot nectar poured out of me with such force that I was afraid she would suffocate. But Candy was a strong woman and continued to give me pleasure by swallowing my hot orgasmic milk.

I forgot the time. I don't know if it took a second or an hour, but at some point I felt the last wave pouring out of me. All I know is that I lay there breathing heavily when Candy finally pulled away. With my eyes closed and my chest rising and falling in rhythm with my short breaths, I struggled to compose myself. Unfortunately it didn't happen.

"You go?" - asked the voice, bringing me back to reality. A quick look around confirmed my worst fears. My fantasy ended and I was fully clothed again.

The real Candy stood in front of me and looked at me with a greedy smile. She was as beautiful as I had imagined, and just being near her gave me a rush of excitement. But I held it long enough to jump up and run to the water. The cool water washed away all my excitement and gave me the opportunity to enjoy being with friends.” Company.

We spent the next few hours enjoying the water. Every time I saw one of my beautiful friends, my excitement increased and I realized that this weekend away from my normal life might not be as relaxing as I expected. This is going to be a weekend of fantasy and nothing I do will change that. All I could do was enjoy what time I had left before another powerful fantasy overwhelmed me. And believe me when I say it was only a matter of time.


<Areaclass="italic">Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. A new fantasy is published every week. So check back from time to time.

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