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Barbie Lez Fantasies – Week 44: Late Night Doggy Style

Author's Note 1: These short fantasies began as weekly mini-stories for my readers, but the newsletter was closed because answering machines wouldn't accept adult messages . Contents. That's why I decided to publish these fantasies for free for my readers to enjoy. The purpose of the game is to have fun. So please don't leave hateful comments if things aren't perfect. After all, I'm only human.

Author's Note 2: Although this fantasy can be read individually, it is written as part of a series. For the full experience, read Barbie Lez’s Fantasies: Weeks 1-43.


Have you ever had such fantasies? You know, the ones that seem so real you wonder if you're really imagining them. Well... because I have them all the time! Sometimes they become a story, but most of the time they stay trapped in my brain. That is, until now...

As some of you may know, I am currently working on my first non-erotic book series. But writing a series is a lot of work. And the first step in this long process is to outline the entire series before I start writing.

I worked hard all day and finally finished the fifth book in the series. With a satisfied smile, I pressed Ctrl+S and turned off the computer. A quick glance at the clock told me it was much later than I thought and I knew it was time for sleep. However, I knew I was too excited to sleep. I thought about watching the movie, but knew it would just make me think. So I decided to go running. The plan was to get tired, take a shower and sleep well. But like I said, it was just a plan...

After changing into gym clothes, I put on my sneakers, grabbed my watch and left. The air was so cold that I decided to go for a run in the park. When I got there my blood was boiling and I was immune to the cold.

It was almost midnight, so the park was empty. But that was good because I hate having to walk through crowds when I run. I prefer to put on music, walk straight ahead and let my thoughts wander. Then I realized something. I forgot my iPod. For a moment I considered turning back, but since I was already there and ready to run, I decided to go old school.

The next few minutes passed without incident. Left leg. Right leg. Left leg. Real food. That was the point. But the monotony of running was already over. By this point I was breathing pretty heavily and almost couldn't hear it anymore.

"What was that?" I asked myself, trying to listen. Unfortunately there was only silence in the city. That means you could hear car horns and the occasional scream of teenagers at parties. But the sound I heard was neither one nor the other. It was...

Then I heard it again. Dogs bark. But unlike the first, this one sounded much closer. The original bark was so weak I barely heard it. Looks like this one came very close. But a quick look at my surroundings told me that there wasn't a dog in sight. That didn't mean he wasn't there, just that I couldn't see him. And yet...

So I kept running, occasionally glancing over my shoulder. Do not get me wrong. It's not that I'm afraid of dogs, but the barking I heard seemed like a long time to the rather large dog. And since there was no one in sight, there would be no one to help me if he decided to attack me. So I ran a little faster and stayed alert.

Another minute passed before I heard a third bark. This one was even closer than the previous one. And since I was in the middle of the park, it was clear that he was following me. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to keep walking. So I ran. Fast.

Like most people, I thought about the worst case scenario and imagined being chased by a huge dog. But because of my overdeveloped imagination, I didn't remember the dangerous dog. Instead, it came to life and took the form of a fantasy.

Before I could understand what was happening, the real world disappeared and was replaced by an identical fantasy world. I was still running, but unlike in real life, I was now being chased by a huge, deadly dog. I looked over my shoulder and noticed him coming towards me. I ran faster, but it didn't help because my pursuer had four legs.

Eventually he got so close to me that I decided to change tactics. I left the beaten path, cut through a flower bed and raced down the hill. Unfortunately my escape plan failed. I tripped over a tuft of grass, lost my balance, and fell down the slope. When I reached the bottom, the person I was chasing had already overtaken me.

I lay on my stomach and tried my best to keep the world from spinning. A second later it happened and I was holding handsand knees. But that was all I could do before the big dog made his move.

"Crap!" I gasped in surprise and fear as I felt him straddle me. Now he was squeezing my waist with his two front legs and moving his back legs back and forth, forcing something long and hard to press against my ass. I didn't even have to look to see what it was. His cock.

I tried my best to free myself, but the attacker continued to press his penis against me. It's hard to say, but I felt like the more she squeezed, the longer his cock got. When I realized something, I started to worry a lot.

"Oh dear God!" I gasped as I realized I didn't really want him to stop. I enjoyed the feeling of his hard manhood rubbing against my ass. I immediately calmed down and allowed him to continue. Unfortunately, my sweatpants prevented him from entering. So I decided to take control of the situation.

"TO STOP!" I shouted. My voice was so powerful that the excited dog immediately froze.

"Down!" I ordered. He immediately got off me and just stood there, obedient as a lamb. I was taken aback by this unexpected turn of events, but decided to take full advantage of it.

The plan was to pull down my pants and let my lover take advantage of me. But before I could, I noticed a huge cock standing right between his hind legs. I barely had time to register that it was the biggest cock I'd ever seen before the sight of it drove me crazy with desire. Since I couldn't resist, I turned to him.

Apparently the excited dog knew exactly what was going to happen because he fell on his side and rolled onto his back. Without wasting a second, I walked towards him, leaned forward and wrapped my lips around his hot penis. In less than a second I was violently shaking my head up and down.

As good as it was, I wanted more. I grabbed the spear with one hand and began to violently tear it away. The double stimulation paid off because soon his cock began to twitch in my hand and mouth. I thought about continuing, but decided to take a different route. I stopped the blowjob but continued jerking greedily until he came.

I closed my eyes and moaned blissfully as wave after wave of hot dog cum squirted onto my face. The heat of the cum sent shivers of pleasure throughout my body as my lover's orgasm continued.

When the last wave came out, my entire upper body was covered in cum and I could barely see anything. But that didn't stop me from continuing with the plan I had just come up with. I grabbed the base of my lover's cock to prevent it from being withdrawn into his body and began sucking his cum covered cock.

“Mmmmm!” I moaned. I'm still not sure if it was a disgusted moan from the salty taste of his cum or a blissful moan from the incredible heat of his cum. Whatever the reason, I sucked him long and hard until I was sure he was ready for the second round.

When I finally pulled back, his cock was rock hard and ready to take my wet pussy. Without wasting a second, I pulled down my pants and got on all fours, exposing my ass to him. In less than a second he was on top of me, ramming most of his big cock into me.

"Oh yeah!" I groaned. "Fuck me! FUCK ME!

And that's exactly what he did. His cock moved in and out of me with increasing speed until I felt a powerful orgasm building inside me. A few moments later I climaxed.

“FUUCKKKKK!!!!” She moaned at the top of her lungs as I started to squirt. Wave after wave flew out of me. Luckily my lover soon caught up to me and shot his hot load inside me, causing both human and dog cum to shoot out of me.

Moans, screams and cum filled the air for a few seconds before I snapped back to reality.

"What the hell?" I gasped and looked around. I kept running with all my imagination and got lost. I hurried to leave the flower bed where I now stood and kept running. A few more barks echoed through the deserted park, but I never saw the dog in question. So I finished my run and came home without encountering any angry dogs. But honestly, I would like...


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. A new fantasy is published every week. So check back from time to time.

I wish you a nice day,




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