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John took another deep breath and found himself starting to fall asleep. He felt a breeze blowing through the window behind the setting sun, and it was a little cool, especially because he still had a little sweat on his chest. He looked at the clock on the mantel and saw 8:45 p.m. appear on the display. Samantha, his wife, was on duty in the hospital pharmacy. John wasn't sure, but he suspected she was doing it to avoid him: the spark in their love life had faded.

Like many couples, they tried to have a child to save their marriage. Although it eased the tension a bit since most of the attention was focused on the baby, it didn't change the fact that she avoided sex with him most of the time. And there was no shortage of attraction: Both John and Samantha hit the gym, as many asexual married people do. Something must be done to get rid of disappointment. Three years before the baby was born, Samantha was in the best place of her life and became distant. John was pretty sure she was having an affair and started jerking off a lot. At least for a while.

John felt his lover shift next to him and lean back on her side. He rolled his face onto her head and breathed in the sweet scent of strawberries and guava from her shampoo and body fragrance. It was a pleasant contrast to the thick smell of cum and other bodily fluids that filled the air. John moved just a hair's breadth to make himself more comfortable. He couldn't even feel his penis. It had been a long time since he had gotten so hard that every nerve in his cock was numb. He definitely missed it. He decided to sleep for another hour or so before driving his lover home. He also has to change the bed linen and air out the room before Samantha gets home at 3 a.m.

As John fell asleep again, he thought again about how he got here. About 18 months after her son James was born, Samantha returned to work. Soon after, she became frigid in the bedroom, which was exacerbated by her appearance. She lost the baby weight and then started working hard on her hair and makeup. She hadn't put in this much effort in years, and this worried John at first until he realized he had little interest in her. That's how it was before they had James. Having a baby didn't do anything and it was beyond disappointing.

John was a jingle writer who only worked about five hours a day in his studio just a few blocks away. He tried working from home but it just wasn't working, he couldn't concentrate. His wife took care of the child early in the morning before going to work, and John slept and worked in the evening when his wife got home. It worked for a while and essentially kept them apart, which was apparently what Samantha wanted.

Since James was two years old and didn't need constant excessive attention, Samantha decided to work a shift while James slept and then have John look after him in the morning. She was able to spend time with him in the afternoons while John worked. But soon she was too tired and felt she couldn't carry out all of her motherly duties, so they agreed to hire a nanny in the afternoons a few days a week.

After a little research, they decided to hire a girl in their neighborhood that several families had used and were very happy with. She was an excellent student who devoted herself to babysitting and spent her free time studying. She was praised for her health, cooking and cleaning. She was charging more than most, but still less than the service fee, so we contacted her. Her name was Susie and she had just received a very weak license that allowed her and her child to drive in an emergency.

They met with Susie and agreed on a work schedule for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She informed them that she was also available on weekends with prior notice. She was a sweet little number. Her mother was Cambodian and a refugee a few years ago, her father was Italian and met her mother during her military service. He brought her home and Susie was the fruit of her loins. She was about 5 feet 7 inches tall and had waist-length black hair that was naturally straight and shiny. She had a similar skin color to her parents, a light brown shade. She was very petite and had almost no breasts. She was quite athletic, although the clothes she wore were very modest and didn't reveal much.

It was as good as advertised and everyone got into a good rhythm. Over the next eight months, they settled into a routine: John and Samantha only saw each other for about an hour a day. It wasn't a very pleasant situation, but at least they weren't fighting, and since she was working full time and he was working on his commercials, at least money was lost for the first time in a long time. John's greatest danger was that he had almost no femininity.Attention. He thought about becoming a prostitute but hated the thought of fucking a dirty slut.

It was an early summer Wednesday when Susie arrived at the house, her car's grille shattered and a little smoke pouring out. When she got home she was completely red. It was the first hot day of the season, the temperature had reached 98 degrees Celsius, and when Susie walked through the door she was sweating profusely. It was the first time she had worn skimpy clothing that John had ever seen, although there was no doubt that she was wearing flip flops, short gray shorts and a pink tank top.

"Oh God! I can't believe this!" She said, looking at her flushed cheeks and tanned skin. John couldn't help but notice how well her breasts fit her top. She had a medium B cup size. Of course, her tiny, petite body was still less than 5 feet tall, which made her breasts look very healthy. The sweat streak on her top ran down to her upper cleavage. John had never seen her breasts exposed, but he knew they had grown considerably since last Thanksgiving when he happened to catch a glimpse of her top as she leaned over to pick James up. At this rate she could get huge breasts on this small body.

“What happened, Susie? What happened?" - asked John.

“I got hit by this stupid old lady and she just drove away. I called my insurance company, but since my father is unemployed and my mother can only find part-time work, they have a high deductible plan and I don't have $1,000 to cover it. Now it's starting to smoke and I'm afraid to drive. If I can't drive, I can't take care of the kids and I can't earn money.”

“Oh God, this is so terrible. You know, I know a man in town, take your keys, I'll grab James, you follow me. We'll figure something out."

Soon both of their cars were on the way to Jimmy's dealer and Jimmy, who was John's old school friend, agreed to let Susie pay in installments over the next few months and even borrowed one that she could for the next few days while he got it repaired. Susie was so grateful and happy and John was very glad he could help her.

Jimmy called John on Friday and said the total cost of the repair was about $1,300 dollars. John told Jimmy not to take her insurance so her rate wouldn't go up, and she paid the bill in full. He had money and didn't think about the expenses, and Susie kept her promise. Great nanny, willing enough to take care of some family meals and was such a good child who had a bright future.

Jimmy must have called Suzy because she showed up in her car instead of her rental car on Friday afternoon. She ran out the door wearing a purple spaghetti top, black Adidas workout shorts with white stripes, and flip flops. She ran out the door with tears in her eyes.

“Oh my God, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. . . - she shouted, ran up to John, hugged him around the neck and kissed him hard on the lips.

"Haha, don't worry Susie, you've been great for us, it was the least I could do."

“No, you really don't understand, the fridge in the house just broke and my parents needed my money to buy a new one and I told them I had to spend it on a car but then I got a call from Jimmy And... . . You are the greatest guy in the world!”

She stood on her tiptoes again to give another kiss. John looked into her moist eyes, the look of admiration was intense and John felt his ears turn red. He hasn't seen a woman look at him like that in a long time, and he's never been so gentle with the ladies.

Susie stood up and hugged him a little tight, and John hugged him back. He didn't want to, but he felt her firm, firm breasts against his chest and the supple curve of her back, and he immediately felt his neglected penis swell. He thought she would have broken the hug quickly enough, but he didn't. Even as he stepped back, it was obvious that Susie noticed because her eyes were on his crotch.

John couldn't stop him, he hadn't felt female attention since his son was born. There was a lot of cum in his balls and his penis twitched from the attention.


"Oh dear God! Absolutely!"

Susie got on her knees and pulled off his shorts and boxers in one fell swoop. His 7 inch member thickened, bouncing off his shorts and swaying in front of her face.

“Susie, what are you doing?” John stuttered, feeling his body being squashed into the corner of the kitchen.

Susie lunged forward, grabbed his cock and pierced him with one thrust. Her fingers are so soft and graceful with shiny nail polish. John's eyes widened like saucers as he saw her lean forward. "I'm shit, aren't I?" It was more rhetorical than literal, and Susie wrapped her mouth around his and began sucking and licking his penis.

"Oh. . Oh my God! Damn, Susie. What you . . . Oh God!" John knew he should push her away becausewas wrong. But it took a damn long time. It had been so long since he had last felt pleasure from a woman. He couldn't take his eyes off the way her lips left her face as she moved back toward his cock, and how hungry and drooling she came back toward him.

She only managed to fit three quarters of it into her mouth and her technique was a joke. She wasn't building a rhythm, wasn't applying the right pressure, wasn't teasing his cock or his balls with her hands, she really had no idea what she was doing, but when a cock had been ignored for so long.

Just for a few seconds, John told himself. A few seconds turned into 10, then 30, then 50. The drooling sounds of Susie's sloppy blowjob were music to John's ears. Suddenly the feeling stopped.

"Right? That's how Tiffany did it. Susie said before inhaling John's cock again. John wanted to ask her to help her, but he didn't know what to say. Those inexperienced 16 year old lips and mouths got an A for Effort and a three for execution.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Okay, okay, okay, we're going. . . Ha! Susie! Shit!" John grabbed her hair and squeezed her tight. He felt his balls aching, they were nearing the end and there was plenty of sticky, creamy filling for his young nanny.

"Hmmmm?" Susie purred as John's head fell back.

"Ugh, ugh, Suzzzzzzzzzzzzz, oh damn!" He came. He really came!

“Mmmm! Nnnnnnnnn!” Susie protested as the salty cum entered her mouth for the first time. The rain continued, John's balls were the bluest in the world and they took advantage of this opportunity. The second and third spritzes were just as voluminous as the first.

"Uhhh! Ruuoa! Damn, Susie... YES! Ugh!" John held her tight as her hands on his hips tried to pull away until he unloaded his entire load into her young mouth. At least a cup and a half squirted out, covering her mouth, running down her neck and along the edges of her lips. John finally let go of his teenage dream and slumped against the kitchen cabinets.

“Damn, baby. Oh. Oh crap." John's speech was slurred. He couldn't believe how quickly it came. The whole scene could have lasted two minutes at most.

Susie pulled back coughing and a huge glob of John's cum spilled from her mouth onto her shorts and thighs. Finally she cleared her throat.

“Ew, what’s all this?”

"What is that?" - John asked, completely exhausted.

"What is this thing? This is disgusting."

"Be. . . is it sperm or semen? How do you not know what it is? What do you think should have happened if you... . . . when you sucked mine. . My. . .My . . ."

"I didn't like it because a few months ago I went to my friend Jane's house and we went into the kitchen and saw her sister Tiffany doing it to a man who had come to fix the dishwasher. We watched her for about five minutes and then he made a lot of noise, just like you. They didn't know what we were seeing, and when we asked Tiffany about it later, she said that was the only thing you could do with it guy she liked more than anyone else in the world and that he gave her a discount. I. . . “I thought I would do this for you, to thank you,” Susie said, standing up.

John ran his hand over his face, trying to get out of the daze his orgasm had plunged him into. - Yes, she was right, boys do that. But Susie, you shouldn't have done that. Sex should be between a man and his wife.”

“Was it sex?” “I thought sex was like that when a man stuck it in,” Susie said, confused.

“Well, it's sex, but sucking a man's penis or doing anything with it is sexy. It's all fun,” said John, finally recovering from the hangover of his orgasm.

“So did you like me?”

“Yeah, big, but Susie, you can’t do that with grown men.”

" Why?"

“Because I might get in trouble for what you did.”

“But I did it, not you,” she protested.

“It doesn’t matter, I’ll get in trouble. Yes, you did it right, but please don't do anything like that again until you're older, okay? - John said sternly, only now realizing how much the situation could get out of control.

"Are you... mad at me?" Susie said, her lower lip trembling and her eyes watering.

"No no." John reached out and hugged her for a minute, then held her in front of him. "It's just...Susie, I shouldn't have... . . I shouldn't have let you do that.

“Then why did it get bigger? I felt him growing.

"Right after James was born, Samantha and I... . . You know what, this is all going to be a little too much for you and you don't have to think about these things. Look, I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at myself for leaving with you. It is very embarrassing. I can only ask you not to talk about me. I feel so ashamed. . .I. . . I”

“I won't tell anyone. I only did this because you were so good to me. Can we just pretend nothing happened?" Sheshe asked, blinking her big brown eyes at John. It was music to his ears.

“Yes, I think that would be our best course of action. I'd hate to lose you Susie, you get on so well with James. I'll tell you what, here's the money for tonight, go take the rest of the night off. "I'm going to miss work today." John gave her the honorarium to sit down and she quickly hugged him, apologized again for what had happened and left.

John sat on the couch, still trying to figure out what had just happened. He couldn't believe it because he had just squirted a ton of his cum down Susie's esophagus. I'm just thinking about it.

. . .

John pulled down his shorts and jerked his already hard cock, closing his eyes and remembering the look on Susie's lips and eyes when she gave her first blowjob.

Susie kept her word and John kept his word, and the next three months passed without incident. Well, at least sexually between them. But John couldn't forget it. Not even for a day. He rubbed his cock several times and remembered her. Since he couldn't get any relief from his wife, he had to jerk her off every day. He tried to confine himself to the shower or his office. But he always wore it in the office. Seeing her before I left the house was too much. Furthermore, it continues to evolve. Her hips thickened a little, the line of her quadriceps curved. Her breasts had gained so much weight that they were a little less voluptuous, but still fuller.

Then she started talking about the guy. John discovered that he was very jealous. He had no idea who this boy was, but he thought of a spotty, stupid, awkward emo who had his hands on Susie, his tongue in her mouth, his penis . . John couldn't finish the thought. Every morning when he woke up he saw the morning forest and a mental image of her. He began to memorize his favorite outfits, those innocent ones that left room for a man's imagination. Every day that she didn't come to see James, John felt depressed all day. He waited those 15 minutes to see her, to memorize her face and body shape so he could imagine gaining carnal knowledge while he masturbated in his studio.

Soon after, Susie's father found a better job with good health insurance. Soon after, her mother was able to work part-time and Susie was finally able to keep the money for child care. She started talking about how much she wanted a designer handbag like some of the girls at school. She had dreamed of a larger Chanel reissue, but it cost about $2,500, so she hoped to save $500 for a convincing imitation that her friend had discovered. This is where John's plan came from. Even after everything was done, he continued to fail. He knew what he wanted, what he needed, what he had to have, but reality was easier than fantasy. Until August 14th. It was an anniversary. It's been exactly a year since he had sex. Coital sex. Apparently it's been about 80 days since he caught a woman's attention.

He was ready, Samantha was already at work and would be there for the next 9 hours of her 12 hour shift. He grabbed a clean paper bag and placed it in the corner under the cupboards. He chatted with Susie as always and wondered, as he always did, if she thought about giving him a blowjob and swallowing his cum like he did every time she saw him. He waited until she was distracted, emptied her backpack and asked casually:

“So, which bag do you want?” Susie, still emptying her backpack, wore a thin, knitted white shirt that was pulled over her head and stopped just above the waist of her skirt. The skirt was a light blue color, made of a very soft and thin material , hung from her, outlining her ever-growing bottom. Even in the last three months, John could see the curve of her lower back, the curve of her modest but improving buttocks, and the swell of her breasts. She was still petite, but more feminine. She wore brown low-heeled sandals and her hair was pinned up at the sides and secured with a clip from where it flowed over the rest of her hair, which was straight and flowed over her shoulders. Her body was tanned in the summer, darkening her beige skin to a rich chocolate brown. She had blue lipstick and blue nails. The image of the bruise on his cock made the still flaccid organ twitch by a hair's breadth.

“Yes, the new edition of Chanel, that is a special anniversary addition. John pulled out a bag, placed it on the counter and pulled out a large burgundy bag.

“Is that what it looks like?” - asked John. Susie raised her head and stared for a good ten seconds.

"Why . . . Why do you need this? - she croaked hoarsely.

- Or is it more like this? And he pulled out a second spine, this time white with brown edges and markings.

"Holy cow. “They’re great,” Susie said, walking towards the bags like a zombie.

“So these are the guys you were talking about?”| “Mmmm. see. . . . Oh,” Susie walked over to John’s counter to take a closer look. She stood directly in front of him, slightly bent at the waist, her ass practically on display for him. John swallowed hard. He clenched and unclenched his hands, trying to suppress the beast growing inside him. He planned to take it slow to seduce her. But now all he had to do was stop himself from pushing her onto the counter and taking possession of her fertile pussy.

John heard James cooing as he sat on the floor in the adjacent living room playing with his school toys. John looked around and thought to himself: Thank God he couldn't say anything even as a witness. John walked a little closer and sniffed her hair quietly. His mouth was watering, his penis was aching, the position in his khaki shorts didn't allow him to stand out and get the full erection he so desperately wanted.

“Do you want her?” John said in a quiet, serious voice.

Susie slowly turned around, John was very close. “Um... well... Of course I want one. I've talked about it.

John placed one hand on her left arm on the counter and ran two fingers across her face with the other. “I really want to give it to you,” he said.

His fingers stroked her cheek, slowly touched her lips and continued, "As long as I'm sure you do... . . Thanks to me. . . again,” his eyes looked directly into hers.

"Ah... oh! Ha ha. Um, on me. . . I. . . I would, but I'm with Tommy and I probably should. . . »

"Why? Are you giving him a blowjob? Are you having sex with him? - said John tensely.

“N-no! No. Only kiss. You told me to wait..." . .do you remember?”

“You’re sooo . . . . Cute. . . - said John, looking at her sideways, his hand left the counter and hugged her thin waist. Her navel was exposed and the gemstone on it was dangling back and forth. John looked at him and pulled her a little closer.

Susie wrapped her hand around his bicep, trying to gently keep him in check. Before, his eyes showed horror and shock. It was hot. This time the eyes looked at him very much... . . . definitely. She was conflicted. She really felt that she should be faithful to her boyfriend, and John himself said that they shouldn't have been together. But she really wanted these handbags. And she still really liked John, she still felt very connected to him.

“I would really appreciate these bags, John, but I really can't do that to Tommy.”

John pulled her closer until their bodies touched and her hips pressed against his thigh.

“I mean, maybe we could look for rain or something? Voucher in case I break up? Or maybe we could... Wow! And here it is, wow, it's finished. Hmm... . John, you... She tried to get out, but John wrapped his other arm around her first and pushed her against the corner of the counter and sink.

"Simply great… . .. - John said, groping her bottom with one hand while the other slipped under her skirt and quickly into her underwear.

“Mr Robertson? Mr. John! John, what are you doing? John, stop it. Susie whined, wondering why he was so persistent.

"John, you need...OOOO!" Susie's face fell into his chest, breathing slightly heavy.

John stuck his fingers into her crotch and just started playing.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” GMBH! GMBH! Yyjonnnnn. Oh God. Oh...OOOO!” Susie pressed her face into John’s chest. She rubbed herself back and forth as John gave her her first sexual touch from another man. Susie masturbated once or twice but never orgasmed. John had 30 years of experience working with her and began coaxing her hymen to allow his finger inside.

Eventually it happened and Susie grabbed John's hands like a vice and started moaning loudly.


John worked her clit, pulled her head back by her hair and kissed her. "Fuck if you want my little sex kitten, but you're going to fuck him!"


“Mmmmph!” MMMnnnnnmmmmmmmmmph! UUUUUUMMMMMMMFF!” Susie screamed into John’s mouth as her orgasm exploded inside her. Her lips went slack, her pussy clenched around his fingers. Her body shrank and convulsed in his arms. Her moans became soft and quiet. John removed his lips and held her in his arms Her moans gave way to sighs that turned into deep breaths. She felt an explosion of tingling sensations throughout every inch of her body and was completely enveloped in a cocoon of warm pleasure. John picked her up, all 89 pounds of her andcarried her into the bedroom and laid her horizontally on the bed. He returned to the kitchen and downed the bottle of beer in no time. grabbed the bottle of milk and picked James up. He walked back into the master bedroom, plopped James into his crib in the bottle room and grinned.

The son should have a front row seat to Dad's greatest triumph.

John walked towards Susie. Her head slowly turned back and forth, inaudible and quiet sounds coming from her lips. He lifted her top and reached behind her to unclasp her bra, effortlessly pulling the garment over her head and taking a step back. Damn, they were good. He even maintained most of his form while lying down. That's the beauty of youth, John thought. He reached under her skirt and took off her panties. They were completely wet. He took a deep breath before throwing her into the corner.

He dropped his shorts and boxers and his cock was finally free! Oh, how it hurt! He has made his contribution. It's time for little John to have some fun. John reached under her thighs and placed a few fingers on her ass. He lifted her up a little and placed a pillow under her lower back so that her crotch was slightly raised. . . precisely. John felt the saliva from his mouth hit his throbbing member.

She truly was a vision. Milk chocolate skin, medium chocolate nipples, small, short and round. He ran his hand over one of them and squeezed it lightly. God, what a buoyancy of young breasts!!! He ran his hands over her thighs. God, how he loved beautiful legs. Theirs were small, slim and strong. This stomach is so flat, so smooth. He ran his hand over her pussy. His pussy. Well, soon it will be his.

“Mmmmmffff. Susie asked, still deep in her orgasm.

“Maybe sweet, but now it’s John’s turn. He leaned in and kissed her slowly without tongue. Susie opened her eyes sleepily, looked at him and smiled like a drunk. John leaned back, placed one knee on the bed, and slid his hands down her thighs until his thumbs rested on the tips of her pelvis, penetrating the skin. His fingers cupped her back and ass, his palms resting on her hips.

He didn't have to aim at his cock, it was hard as steel. Harder than he could ever remember. He rode forward slowly and steadily, approaching her virgin slit. John cried out slightly as the head of his cock touched her pussy lips. He was so sensitive that the slightest touch was overwhelming. He gritted his teeth and continued until her lips parted and his mushroom cap rested against her and entered.

This seemed to wake Susie up a little. She lifted her head and saw him enter her. But she could only vaguely feel it. She reached out and took her hand.

John laid on top of her and prepared to make room. "Yes baby?"

“Yyyyyohnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn “Don’t worry baby, it won’t take long, you can pretend nothing happened, just like with the blowjob. Good baby. Are you ready?

Susie took a deep breath and bit her lip. “Mmm-hmm.”

John put one hand under her head and grabbed the edge of the bed, with the other he grabbed her thigh. He pushed forward, this time with intent.

“MMMMMM!” Susie grunted and John pushed through what was left of her hymen and buried himself two-thirds of the way inside her.

“Oh, fuck, baby! God, you feel so damn silky! No! Like satin! Oh, sweetie!” John groaned. He spent the next 30 seconds pumping Suzy, kissing her and taking her virginity. Susie grunted and tensed at John's thrusts, feeling it return to her. John then sat down and continued to fuck her young pussy with short strokes. He grabbed both sides of her pelvis again.

“Fuck, baby. "I'm sorry." John said, shaking his head. “Oh, it's coming, baby. I can't stop it! "Okay baby, let's go!" John grabbed him tightly and started thrusting his hips as hard as he could. His crotch slammed against Susie's pelvis, his thrusts the fastest he had ever made. The sound of their punches echoed through the room.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! John! John! John please! John!" Susie protested, feeling intense pain from his thrusts.

“OHHH BABY! YES BABY! YES BABY! OH IT'S COMING BABY!!! OH SHIT! OH SHIT! OH SHIT!" OOOOOOOOOOOOOO Susie screamed in pain from the fucking and in pleasure from the orgasm, more than her young mind could comprehend.

"OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK YES YES YES YES!" John screamed , as cum spurted from his penis into Susie's young vagina. John never stopped pumping as his whole body burned with orgasm. John kept pushing. His cock continued to spurt cum into Susie. John finally rushed home and stayed there, his whole body tense, his veins bulging, his teeth grinding, his fingers digging into Susie. John couldn't tell exactly how much cum came out.But he knew he'd never produced so much at once, er, damn.

John began to relax after another 15 seconds. He lowered himself onto Susie, his body jerking erratically from overstimulation.

“Damn,” said Susie, “we’ll do it again.”

John was jolted from his reminiscing sleep as his lover moved next to him. He looked at his watch. Yes, it's time to move. He turned to her, rubbed her toned stomach and kissed her long before jumping out of bed.

“Damn, baby, everything was fine! Damn, you can wear a person out.” John pulled on his shirt and looked at the buttons that fastened it.

He put on his pants and she put on her summer dress.

“Dude, I can’t wait for you to learn to drive in a few years. Bye baby, how's your sister Susie's first year going?Stanford?"



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