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Test dummy (part 3)

Thank you everyone for your patience while waiting for the third part of this story. Maybe you've even forgotten him. But no matter, Janie is back, and with it her (mis)adventures!

Chapter 7

We slept for a few hours, Claire lay on top of me and Phil went to bed. I remember waking up at the same time as her and we both looked at each other and smiled. Several moments passed when we just looked into each other's eyes, we were like a couple in love.

“I told you, didn’t I?” - she told me, I smiled out of the corner of my mouth and looked at the ceiling. "Okay," I said, "I believe you." She kissed my lips and then put her head back on my shoulder. “You know he wants you, right?” - she said. I thought so, I could almost tell by the way he smiled at me when he was done with Claire.

“For a moment I thought he was going to get me,” I replied, feeling her smile. Her cheeks expanded on my shoulder. “I stopped him,” she said. I turned around and kissed her head. "I know you did, I didn't understand what was going on at first," I told her.

“Well, I guess you could fuck him, but I thought you might want to see what happens to Rob now. Technically he will be your first.''

"No," I replied, "Dad will always be my first, I will never think otherwise." I told her. She raised her head and looked at me: "Do you think something else will happen between you?" She asked.

I looked at the ceiling again and began to think, or rather hope, that this would happen one day. You always remember your first, be it your first sexual experience or your first orgasm. And I experienced both with him, and in my opinion both were incredible. And even though he made it clear that something like that would never happen again, he still had a bump after our hug ended.

“I don’t know,” I finally answered her. But I wanted to find out.

Before we knew it, the sun was shining through the curtains and burning our eyes as the familiar smell of bacon began to fill the air. I woke up and almost sprained my neck looking at the clock so quickly.

“Claire, wake up,” I said, nudging her. She moved and then opened her eyes, "What is it?" She asked. “We have a school,” I told her. “Fuck it, I’m going to ask Daddy to pick me up,” she said, pulling the blanket over herself.

"And me?" - I asked.

At that moment, Phil walked into the room with a plate of bacon sandwiches and a big smile on his face. He was wearing nothing but his skimpy briefs and I rolled out from under Claire and stood up, my pajama pants were a little low but I didn't care.

“I have to go, my father is going to kill me.” As I turned to leave the room, I said: “Do you want me to drive you?” - asked Phil. I stopped not far from the door that led to the stairs and I turned to him: "Of course," I replied, "Thanks." While I was packing up my things in Claire's room, I took off my pajama pants and searched my bag for a clean thong. I only found it when her bedroom door opened behind me. I assumed it was Claire, I was in no hurry to close it. I felt a hand slide up and down my bottom and I smiled and giggled slightly;

"Baby, don't act like my ass is better than yours," I said, then I felt a second hand and then a bump pressing against me. And then I realized that Phil was behind me, not Claire.

"Oh, Phil, I'm sorry," I said, taking a step back and quickly putting on my thong. His smile spread across his face. “I love your body,” he told me.

“Well, I’m sure you’ll see more of this eventually, but I’m in a hurry,” I told him. Even though I had no real intention of ever sleeping with him, I'd be lying if I said his fucking Claire didn't hit on me last night. I knew something was going to happen, especially since Claire and I were inseparable.

"Why don't I call your father and tell him that you both accidentally got sick today because of me, maybe I cooked something stale?" - he suggested.

It was actually a great idea and the bacon smelled amazing. “Okay, sure,” I told him.

As I sat on the couch next to Claire eating bacon sandwiches, Phil came into the room and put the phone on the table.

“Well, he bought it,” he said. Claire smiled and raised her arms above her head, but Phil didn't respond to the applause: "But he'll come and get you," he said. Claire's enthusiasm waned a bit and I understood why Phil wasn't smiling either.

Dad knew what was going on between Phil and Claire because I told him. And it didn't surprise me at all that he didn't let me hang around all day. He was probably already fearing the worst from last night.

I looked at Claire sadly and then got up to get my things, I knew he would be late soon. I knew I had to see Rob at some point today, I noticed the absenceWe've both been texting lately. Something inside me hoped that things would end between us as a couple, but that was probably due to my growing love for Dad. On the other hand, I knew what Rob was like, he would spread rumors about me never giving up or rumors about me fucking Claire.

Chapter 8

Dad came about five minutes later and I had a stomach ache and nausea, but I think he bought it. He didn't exchange a word with Phil, he barely recognized him. The drive home was short, I curled up while he seemed to be in a state of intense concentration.

''How was your night? “I don’t just mean food poisoning,” he asked.

“Dad, it's not poisoning, there's not much milk missing,” I replied, trying to protect Phil.

"Well, I'd be glad it was questionable milk and not Rohypnol." He was in one of those moods and I wasn't sure where that was coming from.

“Dad, you were fine yesterday when I visited Claire,” I said, watching his shoulders sag a little. I suspected I was shattering his iron armor shield.

"I was, I mean, I am, but after you left I started thinking about what you told me." And I think I started to worry.''

I put my hand on his leg as a sign of comfort: “Dad, it’s okay. “Nothing like that has happened and it won’t happen.” I lied. I hated lying, but in his current state of mind and given recent events, I thought it was the best thing I could do.

He took my hand and kissed it. “I know, baby,” he said.

We went in and I soon realized he wasn't going to work today, so I did my best impression on the wounded soldier and went upstairs and into my room. I fell onto the bed and pulled my phone out of my pocket. I had four test messages: three from Claire and one from Rob.

“Baby where are you 2?xxx,” Rob’s message read. I quickly replied to him: "Sick.. :-( Claire's father poisoned us.xx" and then checked what message Claire had;

"Great time last night baby, thanks for coming haha ​​came ;)"

“LOL, Daddy says he’d like to stick his tongue in your ass!”

The third and final message from her, a graphic message from her father, standing in the living room holding his cock. I didn't know how to answer, it was the first time in a while that I actually looked at his cock. Although I sat in the front row last night watching Claire work, I didn't realize how thick it was at the time. God, it must have torn her up the first time she did it. Where my father had length, Phil obviously had girth.

I started thinking about what it would be like to actually have one. I trusted Claire completely, and I think that meant I trusted him too. However, he was a bit scary.

I took off my shoes and slipped out of the pajama pants I was still wearing. Then, to the men's surprise, I did what all girls do: I took off my bra without taking off my tank top. I crawled under the covers and was about to close my eyes when my phone rang again.

Claire sent a video chat request. Of course, why not, I thought and clicked “Accept”. I was just about to say hello when I got a little surprise.

Phil held the phone in his hand and pointed the camera at his erect penis. He took a few steps forward and then Claire, or rather her vagina, came into view. His cock slid like a knife through butter, I heard her moaning in ecstasy as he started thrusting in and out of her, the camera moved up a little and I got a full view of her breasts, her nipples bouncing up and with each moan her hands squeezed her breast, squeezing both breasts together as Phil thrust in and out, back and forth.

I saw the look of lust on Claire's face as she looked into the camera. "Janie, I need you, I need you right here, sitting on my face," she said.

My hand slid between my legs and began massaging the juicer, just like last night as I watched these two fuck in front of me.

The camera panned back down and Phil made slower and slower strokes, showing me the full length of his cock leaving her wet pussy before sliding back in. He slowly began rubbing the tip of her clit with his thumb, making her scream and moan even louder.

I was now lying on my back, knees raised, my hand moving twice as fast as Phil's and I felt my orgasm building.

My breathing became heavier and Claire's breasts bouncing across my phone screen transported me to that familiar place. Her moans came from the speaker as if she was actually lying on my bed. I think last night when she thought I was sleeping she held back because she was in the middle of destroying the house.

For a split second I thought about muting the ringtone, but I was too preoccupied with the peak of the building. My pussy was now pumping out juiceWatching Phil's cock pound Claire left me in awe. I wanted to be Claire, I wanted to be fucked immediately.

I looked at the bedroom door, wanting Dad to barge through it and sit on the bed with me, only to barge into me -

My thoughts continued from there, my own scream of ecstasy escaping my throat as I came, furiously rubbing my clit and pulling my knees up to my shoulders. The phone fell from my hand onto the bed, my toes curled and a short spurt of cum shot out of me.

A few seconds passed as I tried to catch my breath. I grabbed my phone and looked just in time to see Phil squirt his cum all over Claire's face. Three loads of cum sprayed her face and she could barely open her eyes, just held her head and grinned as Phil moaned in pleasure.

Her eyes opened and she looked into the camera. "See you soon, Janie, baby," she said, then the camera panned to show Phil's face, he smiled and winked before hanging up.

My legs were shaking with orgasm, I had never squirted like this before. It was deafening. I wasn't even sure if I could move, at least I knew I wasn't going anywhere now, but Lord, it would be hard to leave.

I just walked there surrounded by wet sheets. The recorded pornography was hot enough to turn me on, but when I started fantasizing about my father, I was completely blown away. I knew I would make it back one way or another. I had to.




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