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Talking picture

I looked at the top 20 porn pics and narrowed it down to these 20 out of over 1000 that I've downloaded in the last few weeks. The task has been made more difficult by hundreds of sets of images that shouldn't be left to Facebook, let alone a porn site, but the images are still there, they just take longer to find. Hopefully in a day or two I'll have time to work on it and create celebrity fakes. I like to do this for personal viewing, although I've put a few of my best creations online at some point, but for now I like to scroll through my top 20 to make sure I've chosen the right images. I'm thinking of a celebrity for each of my favorites and I'm going to have a lot of fun creating them and who knows, I might even post some of the best ones so keep an eye out.

However, I keep finding myself drawn to a photo, I don't know why but I keep coming back to it and start jerking my hard cock while looking at the pretty naked girl in front of me. I'm thinking of a few celebrities. In this case, I don't know who to contact yet.

Her hair is light brown, almost blonde, her eyes are brown and her mouth has a natural fullness that makes her quite sexy to me. Her tits are firm, round and small, with small crowns and perky pink nipples. Her hips swell slightly in just the right place, forming a graceful curve. Her pussy is covered in neat, thick fur that matches the color of her head and her pink and purple labia are only glimpsed and I'm slowly becoming obsessed with the image.

“Hey you, do you need help with this?” I look over my shoulder in shock, no, I’m definitely alone. “Here, idiot,” oh God, I can hear voices now, well, just a voice, the “Here in the damn computer,” of a woman I'm looking at the screen and he's talking to me, how can she? “Finally you need some help with this, I could definitely use a nice hard cock right now”

“I don’t understand, it can’t be true, can it? » I reply, quite confused about all this

“Well, that’s what fucking happens, so are you coming over so I can help you with that hard cock or are you just going to keep staring?”

Since it's just me in the house, I might as well play along, I guess I've got nothing to lose after all,

“Okay, okay, you have to help me a little, how does that work?”

“Just take a photo of yourself in your photoset, cut it out and paste it here with me and we can have some fun, but hurry up, I'm dying for you to eat me up”

I have to agree No matter how strange and bizarre it may sound to me, I grab the camera and tripod, quickly set it up, put my hard cock back in my pants, set the timer and am ready for the photo. Quick Load I go into the photo suite and cut myself out of the image and then paste it into the image of my imagination. Damn, take it, I'm in a photo, she's next to me and I can smell her perfume and her sex. What's even stranger is that I see myself watching myself and this cute naked girl. As we turn to each other, she throws up her hands in desperation “No, no, no, you’re still wearing those stupid clothes”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take them off in no time”

“Oh no you won’t do that, you’re a fucking picture, you won’t be able to take them off,” and she was right. Although I can see the buttons on my shirt, they are flat and I can't open them, and the same goes for my pants

“Well, what should I do then? This is all new to me. You’re so damn smart, tell me,” her attitude irritates me now,

"Go back out there, take a nude photo, and while you're in your photo room I'd kick that dick for a bit, then come back and we could fuck"

“Then how the hell do I get out of here?”

“He has to do it for you, but hurry up,” she told me, looking at the screen. I looked at myself again,

“So what are you waiting for, do it,” and after a few seconds he actually removed me from the picture, or I removed myself, damn it was confusing. I quickly took off my clothes. My cock softened a bit, but a few quick swipes corrected the problem, took a photo, uploaded it to the photo suite, enlarged my cock to about 9 inches and a bit thicker, cropped myself and added it back into the picture and yes , that was me back. v. She turned to me and smiled when she saw my new cock, her demeanors changing again,

“That’s much better big boy, you’ve already gotten the hang of it, now let’s have some fun,” she walked over to me, “now lie down so I can sit on your face”

I took my position on the floor, she placed one foot on each side of my chest so I could constantly see her hairy pussy, I lick my lips, I still can't believe it. As she begins to lower herself onto my eager tongue, her knees move slightly forward and spread, making the view better. The purple labia are open, glistening with moisture, oh damn. My mind is in turmoil, her kneesI touch the ground on either side of my head, I feel her bush tickling the tip of my nose, I stick my tongue out to try it.

The taste is musky, sweet, sour, aromatic, spicy, warm milky,

“Oh, Kira, you taste great.” Her body trembles at the brief touch, she presses herself against my mouth "Jillian, I'm going to lick your pussy" I suck her lips into my mouth “Oh Jennifer, let me eat you” My tongue explores her hole

“Melissa came on my face” I brush my teeth on her clitoris

“Rachel, let me chew you out,” I bite the hard little bud "Karen, you're amazing." Now she presses harder, her lips and moisture spread over my mouth and nose “Yes Joanna, smother my face” I lick her cock

“Yes, Sarah came hard for me.” Her knees squeeze my head and her whole body begins to shake "That's it Alex, come now." Her juices flood my mouth, I swallow eagerly, she's completely wet and rocking on my face "Oh Samantha, that feels so good." She came and came, squeezing my head between her knees, her thighs trembling with climax, panting heavily as she pushed her orgasm to the limit.

Poor me, I can't breathe here. She weakens slightly as her orgasm subsides, moaning with pleasure as her pussy slides over my chin onto my chest, hot and wet, she slides even deeper "Now George, fuck me and fuck me hard," she said loudly, at least I had the decency to limit my fantasies to just my thoughts and not her. Did she read my mind and who is George anyway? Clooney? Bush? Michael, no, of course not, who cares?

Her pussy is getting closer and closer to my new hard cock, I feel her wet lips at the end of my button, they squeeze it, she pushes down as I push up, sliding in

“Jenna, so hot, so wet,” we push him deeper,

“Tina, I love your hot pussy” deeper and deeper, her wet bush hitting my stomach, all the way inside

“Lacey ride it, make me cum inside you” we go faster and harder, closer to cumin, faster and faster, harder and harder

"Damn, damn, damn, Joe, I'm cumming" as he started shooting wads of cum deep into her hot pussy “Ahhh, George, I'll be back,” not that damn George, again he could have stopped the guy, but not me. I thrust into her again and again as she milks me dry, taking in every last drop of my cum and her pussy clings to me,

"Yes, that's it, Kristen is milking me dry." Our shock wears off as we come together, she licks her juices from my face as we lie there panting. God, what a hot and lusty slut she is!

“It was fucking great,” she laughed “That was right, my cock is still hard, shall we go again?”

“Gladly, but we don't have much time, and of course your cock is still hard, that's a picture, remember, that doesn't mean you can go again. We have to hurry, he has to interrupt you again soon, otherwise you will be locked away forever. Come on, get up now”

Fucking her forever sounds really good to me now, but she remains persistent “Get up quickly or this photo will be ruined forever and I’ll never be able to do it again”

"Okay, "Okay, I'm getting up." I look out of the screen and see him, or should I say, ready to step out of the frame. "Wait a minute," I tell him. I turn to her: “You have to tell me your name”

“This is Rose Marie, but not Rosemary”

“Okay, Rose Marie. How can I do this again? “No harm in finding another good fuck, right?” So what should I do? Can I put myself in your picture again to make it more fun? when certain things come together.” The right time. It may or may not happen to you again, it may or may not happen to me again, it is out of our hands. Maybe we'll both get another chance but with different people so I'll tell you how I think it works but it may not be true and it may not be reliable”

So she told everything she could about what was going on (but if you think I'm going to tell you what she said, maybe you should think again. If I pass it on, I'll just be yours see hairy asses, confusing photos)

“You really need to go NOW and tell him to get you out.” I looked at myself

“Do as she says, stop playing with your cock or is it my cock? Get me out of here”

I'm now looking at a photo of Rose Marie who has resumed her original sexy pose, that's all, she's just a picture again. Was she ever anything else? Was it just a dream? I'm not entirely sure, I'll have to try and solve this puzzle.

I'm naked, my cock is back to normal size and flaccid but glistening with wetness. My pubic hair is wet and matted, I can smell her, her pussy. I can still taste it in my mouth. Does she look different? I think her smile is a little more relaxed now, she looks happier than before. Wow, did she just wink at me with her left eye? I stare at her for a full minute but no longer see any movement from her side. It must have happened, it shouldn't have happened The?

At least I can try what she told me and who knows, maybe it will happen again. Seekspace!



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