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Rock lifestyle

When Shelley moved in with me, we discussed my promiscuity and how I could satisfy my sexual appetite and ensure the sexual satisfaction of everyone involved. We decided that the women would be thoroughly vetted and a contract would be required.

There are many reasons for all women who choose our swinger lifestyle. Many people report an increase in the safety, quality, quantity and frequency of sexual intercourse. Some decided to start swinging out of curiosity. Some women view swinging as a healthy way to strengthen their sexual abilities and possible long-term relationships. Question Asked: Should you be a swinger? We found that the women in our group were tired of the dating nightmare and men with poor sexual skills who couldn't satisfy their sexual needs. This is an activity where Shelley and I have agreed to engage in sexual activity outside of our relationship. Since I'm the only man in the group, this allows women to try out lesbian sex. The women in our group are between 30 and 45 years old, most have never been married, some are divorced, some are separated, two women are married and two are in an undisclosed relationship.

Most of the women in my black book are the ones I spent a night with, and the rest are Shelley's nosy friends. All the women who have tried it have found this lifestyle very enjoyable. They found a family environment. They can share a lifestyle that has completely changed their lives. Each woman determines her own level of participation. All women go through an adjustment period when they have sexual intercourse with me due to the size of my penis and the number of sessions. This adjustment period is also to find the schedule that best suits them and to get in or out. Some women can't swing because they can't separate love and sex. It becomes difficult for her to share me with other women and have sex multiple times.

All women consult Shelley and me so they can understand our point of view. This advice will help them decide if this lifestyle is right for them. Each woman in our group has her own bedroom with her own bathroom and a small living room. The rest of the house is used for social gatherings and there are house staff.

Last night was Elizabeth's first night with me and she feels humiliated. After our session, she followed my instructions, rose from the bed, covered herself with only her nightgown, and crept down the hall to her bedroom.

Her body, her muscles, ached from the time she had spent with me, a session that she knew would change her life forever. I lay down on my bed. My mind is clouded, my eyes are still level with Elizabeth, as if I were still in bed with her, her body against mine, her heat overloading my senses and driving me over the edge. I didn't catch up, I told myself. I needed her again. I had to make her mine. I slept peacefully, I knew I would get her back. She felt my taste — No matter how hard she fought her urges, she always came back for more sessions. I opened the door to Elizabeth's room and looked at Elizabeth from there– Her dress is mesmerizing, her blonde hair falls in lush curls that frame her smile, so seductive that no one will ever guess the carnal side hidden deep inside her. A moment before the door opened she turned and her eyes met mine, and at that moment a grin crossed her face, and as soon as the door closed she resumed her noble act. My hand grabbed her shoulder and she gasped and I covered her mouth with my other hand. Her eyes widened in fear but narrowed in anger when she saw me. She lowered my hand and whispered sharply. “How dare you come here! Who do you think you are?!" I didn't say anything. I lowered myself until her eyes were level with mine; my hand found her lip first - pushing it away. "Don't ignore me, John." And yet I remain silent. My hand found her chin, lifted it and kissed her roughly. The moment it hit Elizabeth, she swallowed, looking full of fear, full of intrigue, which is characteristic of a man who is ready for anything, who wants to take her of his own free will and touch her without her permission.

Suddenly my other hand is in her hair. My pull wasn't strong, but it was firm, a grip that sent shockwaves through her, down her back, under her dress, to her pussy, which was suddenly enveloped in a flame of warmth she can't explain. "John...." My grip held her captive. Her eyes widened again, this time in protest. "I can't do that again so quickly!" My hand roots itself in her hair and I pull it lightly so that when she follows this movement, her ear finds my mouth, my wet lips and meets them with a sensual force, which is now familiar to her as my scent – ​​exactly what she longs for. “I won’t be questioned,” I said. I let go of her hair and stood back up, smiling. Elizabeth wasn't having ita chance to scream before I pushed her hard against the door and said through gritted teeth, "Are you mine now, Elizabeth?" She moved away from me, but I followed her, and when she thought she was leaving, I grabbed the back of her dress and tore it off her back with brute force. I turned her around and pushed her against the wall. She stood motionless, dazed and frightened, as I pressed my hands to her head. “John, stop,” she screamed, tears streaming down her face. "Keep your mouth shut!" Horrified and not understanding why I was talking to her like that, but even more afraid of making me angrier, she stood there while I lifted up her dress and pushed her with my foot, forcing her to spread her legs. I unbuttoned my pants, freed myself, and roughly stroked my cock until it was covered in a thin, sticky film. When I was fully erect, I pushed her white lace panties aside and inserted my hard, hot cock into her tight little hole. The sound fills the room, hammering like a belt on flesh, and she feels the pain as my pelvis slams against her with each thrust. With each thrust, her bottom shook violently, shaking and trembling, and waves of red irritation rose up her lower back. I intentionally released her tension and thrust into her mercilessly until I twitched and squirted my cum inside her. “Oh my God, oh my God,” she repeated, her eyes in the back of her head like someone possessed, her fingers almost scraping the paint off the wall.

I pushed her against the wall and continued ramming her until my cock became semi-hard and I pulled back. I released her wrists and my thick cum slowly leaked out of her, becoming cool and sticky between her bruised thighs. I looked at her and said disdainfully, "I'm not finished yet." Elizabeth almost fainted every time she saw my huge cock. She thought it was a weapon! As thick and round as her fist and seemingly long enough to tear a woman in half. In fact, Elizabeth wondered how she could get it - then she noticed a wet mass of lube from her juices mixed with my cum, leaving a trail down her legs to the floor. "You're a dirty girl." I said. “I am what you want,” Elizabeth whispered, trying to control herself. "Who teaches you to be so dirty?" "You." I push myself back against the wall and then ram my semi-hard cock into her. She gasps and feels my cock getting harder and harder the faster I go, I grab her hands and pull her back, my cock thrusting into her with a pop as her juices guide each of my entrances, her hair waving and whip back and forth. "Will you cum for me again, John?" Elizabeth sobbed. "Please. Please do it. Give me that seed, John. I laughed quietly and menacingly. "You have to work for it. I think you have competition.” With that, I pulled out of her in one long pull, my cock bobbing up and down, glistening with Elizabeth’s cum. I turned around and looked at Cindy and she just stared in surprise, frozen in shock. "My menacing, massive penis is staring straight at her, like a broadsword." I think Cindy wants some of that cum too. Not true? Elizabeth turned around in confusion and gasped in shock. "Cindy!" She rushed to the bed and pulled up the blanket to cover herself. "Please forgive me. I - something has come over me, that's all!" "Quiet," I said, turning to Elizabeth. "I didn't say go to bed."

"She can sit wherever she wants!" - said Cindy. No matter how tall I am or how authoritative I am. "I said stand," I said. I'm still looking at Cindy, but I hold out my hand as if expecting it to be filled. The bed creaks and soon Elizabeth stands, her hand in mine. Her breasts are full but firm with youth, and the curves are even more noticeable in the front, closer to her slender hips and legs. She looked at me lustfully and Cindy froze. She looks clearly at my monstrous piece of flesh between my legs. "Why don't you both follow me?" I walk towards the door and Cindy starts to protest. I've already pushed past her, opened the hallway door and brought Elizabeth with me. I closed the door and left Cindy alone in the bedroom. She knew she couldn't go back to her bed like this because she wasn't thrilled with what she had just seen and what would happen later. And yet my display of control, my possession of Elizabeth, feels wrong. Giving in to me and listening to my instructions went against everything she believed. And yet my charm. Cindy opened the door, found herself in the hallway and felt her way to the other master bedroom. Finally I open the door and see Elizabeth and me. “Do you think you can keep me waiting, Miss Cindy?” My voice alone almost made her teeth chatter. As I stood in profile next to the large bed; I was only wearing pants and she could already see my huge, brutally long penis pressed against my leg, desperate to be released.

I kept my hand on Elizabeth's butt and squeezed it like a toy while still looking at her.Cindy.

Elizabeth just smiles, looks drunkenly into the distance and allows me to touch her, happy to do so. But Cindy knew exactly how she felt. She wanted the same thing; taken from me, used. I grabbed my huge penis and handed it to Elizabeth, who herself held it with both hands as if she had received a prize, while I grabbed part of it while the rest hung loosely in front of my hand. “That’s what you claim as a woman,” I said. Without any prompting, as if it were a natural instinct, Elizabeth begins to pet the huge animal, bringing it to life. “Come down now,” I said. She quickly fell to her knees, sucked on the head, slowly pushed the large load into her mouth, desperately taking in as much as she could. “Oh God,” Cindy said quietly. There was just something primal that made Cindy take a step forward and I raised my hand and told her to stop. “What do you think you’re doing, Cindy? Do you think you deserve to touch this - to even come close to me - after your behavior before?" Cindy stuttered. The front of her dress was wet at the crotch and she desperately wanted to feel me inside her, lying on the bed under the warmth of my body. “I didn’t mean it like that,” she said, shaking her head. " Please." “You will bear your punishment,” I said. “You will watch and nothing more.” Jealousy rose within her. Elizabeth put my cock back in her mouth, I took her head in my hand and forced her to swallow my cock inch by inch, Elizabeth making horrible squirting noises that only suggested her pleasure, her need to do what she wanted was said. Cindy's hand slowly reached under the dress; With an abject lack of patience, she rubbed her clit, swollen with excitement, before inserting one finger and then two into her waiting cunt. I watch Cindy fingering herself.

“Get up,” I said and Elizabeth began to stand. I grabbed her shoulder like a tool and forced her to bend over the edge of the bed, her tits hitting the bed. I pressed my massive cock against Elizabeth's slit and looked at Cindy before burying it inside her. Elizabeth screamed in ecstasy and Cindy knew the feeling. “Take this,” I said. Every time I crashed into her the bed rocked. Cindy stuck three fingers inside herself, wanting more, and she realized that none of them would do it, that this was what was in front of her — long and thick. This would be the only answer to their needs. She feels her juices gushing out of her and her breathing quickens in response to her desire and arousal.

" Here!" I said, looking at Cindy and pointing to the seat next to me. At first Cindy didn't know if I was talking to her. "Yes, you are. Come now before I regret asking you." Cindy undressed and walked over, her eyes glazed over with lust and curiosity. I put my hand on her shoulder and forced her to to kneel down. With one quick movement I pulled my cock out of Elizabeth's pussy. I moved closer to Cindy and was silent for a while, stroking her and making her so nice and hard that her veins popped out. “ Please, no, don’t!” Cindy whimpered as she watched the footage from the previous episode of me fucking Elizabeth. She sobs knowing how wet her body is, betraying her.

I'm breathing deeply with laughter “ You little slut, you're wet, aren't you? Cindy refuses to answer and I look at her again with my legs spread. “ Please, I can't... You're too big... I'm begging you, please don't fuck me while she slowly spreads her legs! “ Wider!!” I spank her thigh while standing on the cock with full attention. Cindy agrees because she knows her fate.

He crawled between her legs and rubbed his cock against him. “ No, please, God, don't do this to me!" "Cindy... you came here to try this lifestyle." I said. She feels my huge cock head begin to part her lips and expose her to me and her breathing quickens. “ Mmmmmmm slut, you're so wet, watch my cock disappear into that wet fucking hole!” As my head plunges into her wet pussy. “ God, oh no, please stop, oh, stop, oh God, damn why me!” Crying as her body begins to betray her, I delve deeper. “ I will love it! As I start to fuck her with my cock, I go deeper nice and slow with each thrust, tearing her apart as she desperately tries to fit my huge cock in her pussy. It hurt as her vaginal opening expanded. She had already put a finger in her pussy before. Even two, once. “But my cock is bigger than her wrist,” she thought for a moment. Cindy immediately thought about pushing me away, but her hands were stuck between my groin and on her own. Cindy pulled her hands free, but that only allowed me to squeeze my thick, hard cock even further and spread Cindy's tight cunt even further. My thrust brought her to the floor and pinned her to the mattress. A guttural growl escaped my throat, a triumphant sound as I buried my swollen cock firmly into Cindy's tight, warm pussy.

It hurt Cindy, but it obviously didn't hurt me.I gasp for air as I thrust my cock in and out at an ever faster pace. - No, John, no! Cindy tried to tell me to stop but I wasn't paying attention. "It hurts... Ouch!" She moaned with each thrust, "Ow... Ow... Ow... Ow... Ow... Ow!" Cindy's juices combined with my precum and my long cock began to slide more easily. “Uh oh!” Cindy let out a long moan as the pain subsided. With her pussy already so well lubricated and such a sexual fever from finger fucking, she was starting to feel a little good. No, more than good. «Оoooooo... О да... О да... Оoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ет дышать, потом начинает сто nat. Cindy's body begins to press against me. But this time it's not about pushing me away from her. Cindy feels every vein and ridge of my cock sliding against her tender walls. Every wonderful feeling of my fucking movement. Her nostrils inhale my musky animal scent along with her own. "Oh yes... Oh yes... Oh John... John... Oh yes," she continued moaning, pushing her pussy up so I could push as much of my cock into her as possible. Now she wanted everything. "Oh oh oh. Ugh..." Cindy almost said the F-word she never liked hearing. But it's so good! She can't hold back. Oh John... fuck me... fuck me... fuck me... Oh yes And here it is again, the feeling she felt before. There is an intense feeling of the building. Starting at the lower back. We move upwards, into the stomach. Her breasts. Her pussy begins to tighten. What's up? What's up? Cindy thought about it. But she can't stop. Then her pussy clenched so tight and her back arched and suddenly the most wonderful feeling she had ever felt flooded her body.

"Oh God... Oh God!" Her body twitches and convulses as she feels her juices gushing out of her. "Uhhh!" The wonderful feeling is starting to fade, but I keep going. I pause just briefly to adjust my position and get closer, then continue my thrusts. My cock now penetrates even deeper into Cindy's pussy. New territory is being promoted. And that pleasant feeling begins to grow again. “Oh yes, John. Oh yes, oh yes! Don't stop John. Please don’t stop,” Cindy begs. I will not stop. Not yet. Cindy came again, her long moans taking her breath away. Once the feeling subsides I push even harder then my cock starts shooting my huge load of cum deep inside her. The hot juices hitting the walls of Cindy's vagina bring her to orgasm again, her pussy spasming as if trying to swallow every last drop, ending with one last violent shudder. After a few more thrusts, I pulled out of Cindy and sank onto the bed. After thinking about my work for a few moments, I turn on my side, press myself against Cindy's body and dry myself with the towel. Cindy lay on the bed for a few minutes to catch her breath. Finally she stood up on both elbows. She looks at me first and sees what I'm doing. She notices with alarm the size of my already softening penis. Was there something big about her? She can't believe it. Then she looks at the base of my cock and notices an even thicker bud there. Thank God I didn't do that to her, Cindy thought.

Then she looks down between her legs. She reaches down with her left hand and feels all the slick, hot juices that are there. She needs to do some cleaning too, thought Cindy. Later, as she lies in bed, Cindy is bruised and in pain. But it's a good pain. She knew the pain would go away. When she thought of me, she also knew that the pleasure sensations would return.soon.



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