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Oops... I forgot I posted earlier. Anyway, for those who missed my little message...

[b][Millie is fertilized

“Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Jameson. I am a doctor. Dragon Mage, but my friends call me Misty.

"Hello, I'm Don and this is my good wife Melinda."

The handshake was firm and purposeful.

“Please sit down while I explain the process to you.”

She gestured to the two chairs across from her desk. "Would you like some coffee before we start?" "I'm afraid I'm too excited for coffee. Melinda giggled.

Dr. Dragon Mage smiled. “It's completely natural, after all it's your first time. As you already know, we are committed to ensuring the highest possible host compliance. That's why we've been taking tissue samples from you for several months, Melinda. Well, I'm happy to report that the host is the perfect symbiont and your genes are now occupying its eggs. In other words, whenever she has a child, it will genetically be your child.”

The young couple held hands and beamed happily. The doctor smiled back. “What a great couple.” She thought. “As you know from our brochure, the mistress is always a virgin. The authenticity will be recorded, and of course you can check it yourself later, Don. Thanks to fertility drugs, she is also now extremely fertile. In fact, today is the highlight. So if you are ready, we can impregnate her immediately.”

She paused and waited for her answer. The young couple looked at each other and then Don spoke nervously.

"Uh. I'm not sure about the procedure"

Misty Dragonmage was known for her bedside manner, which is why her surrogacy and pregnancy cosmetic clinic was one of the most popular on the East Coast. Now she was using her destructive charm to maximum effect.

“There are two methods of conception. We call them induced and natural. The first is that the sperm is introduced into the host's body through a surgical procedure. We prefer the natural method as it tends to produce more positive results and can be a experience overall.”

"Uh, it's the natural method, right...?" Melinda's voice faded away.

“Making love, I think you mean. Yes, that's right. However, you will be present and a full participant. In other words, it will be a shared experience, similar to natural conception. We try to make everything as natural as possible here. A confused look made her continue. "Let me explain. The host is encased in a special device of our own design. This causes her legs to be spread wide back, lifting her vagina up and making it accessible. She is then covered except for her mouth and genitals. They remain open. and her head is secured with special straps that ensure her mouth is always accessible.

The woman, that is, you, Mrs. Jameson , sits astride this harness and looks at her husband. This way you both can get sexual satisfaction from the owner. Rest assured, she has undergone intensive training and will be able to please both of you. The workout is designed to bring you both to orgasm at the same time. Our tests have shown that this increases sperm count and therefore the chances of successful implantation.”

“Can she see us?”

"Oh my God no. That's no use at all. At no point in the pregnancy, including conception and birth, will she ever see either of you. You can observe your baby's development and your baby's development at different stages through a disposable mirror, and of course you have full access to ultrasound scans so you can follow your baby's development in the womb.

"It sounds good". Don again. “But how do we know that they just…”

This was a pretty common question.

“Easy Don. After conception, a specially designed belt is placed on her. Rather, it is a high-tech chastity belt. There are only two keys. You will receive one and I will keep the other in my safe in case of a premature birth. So please be assured that the only male member she has access to will be your own.”

She paused and flipped through the case notes. “I see you applied for three children. Two boys and a girl in that order?”

They nodded at the same time.

"OK. One of the frequently asked questions is: What happens to the moderator afterwards? I mean, you don't want her having any more children with your genetic makeup, do you, Melinda? Let me calm your mind. After the successful birth of her third child, she is sterilized. She is then sent to work in a port brothel in Africa in which we have a majority stake. A portion of your fees will be refunded to you to support your children. Small children are very expensive, aren't they, and it's only fair that she should share the burden of raising them. She won't make much per game, but we guarantee she'll work hard, so you'll get a fair return for at least a year or so."

A look of relief crossed Melinda's face.Face. She knew she was right when she insisted Don come here. She had heard so many horror stories about other women using other C.S.P.C.s, and years later she saw their owner dragging a child. This was a much more clinical approach and the extra income would come in handy. She hoped the owner would make an effort. Children were expensive, and even though Don was moving up quickly in his company, they could still use the extra income.

Drss. The dragon mage continued to scroll through the notes on her tablet.

"Oh yeah. Health insurance. Yes, that seems fine. I assume your company pays?”

Don nodded. “This is common practice for managers in my company. The company believes that women play a special role in serving customers, and it can be a little frustrating if they have difficulty moving around the kitchen or are constantly rushing to the toilet. The company also covers cosmetic surgery costs so that minor cosmetic imperfections can be corrected. This way she can always look amazing”

“How sweet,” thought Dr. Dragon Mage. “There is one small point about which I think I should immediately reassure you. This affects the skin color of the owner. It might surprise you to learn that she's white and a natural blonde to boot, as you'll find out, Dawn. This has no impact on the fate of the children. They will have the same strong coffee color as the two of you, it plays no genetic role in their composition. They are 100% guaranteed to become your offspring. She just wears them.”

She put the notepad on the table. “Everything seems fine. Which implantation method would you prefer?”

Melinda blushed. “I think it's the most natural method.”

"Very wise. I know this can be quite a daunting prospect, so we have reserved a special room group for you. There you can enjoy a dejeuner a deux dinner by candlelight. As you know, the chef is French and will be happy to help you with the preparation. Then just let nature take its course. The Mistress is already tied up and has a vibrator that constantly stimulates her vaginal secretions, so you can continue when you feel the time is right. Don't worry about time, you have the space as long as you want. By the way, the medication we give you significantly increases your libido and thus ensures successful copulation. In fact, you may be pleasantly surprised at how often you can impregnate your host, which will bring you great joy. My partner and I have five beautiful children and every time we stayed in the room all day. Remember we slept all day the next day.”

She laughed and wiped her forehead in mock exhaustion?"

"Oh no, we don't allow that here. She has been changed so that she can never experience pleasure not focusing on it if she was going to cum everywhere. In addition, many expectant mothers will of course be very uncomfortable with their husband satisfying another woman, even if she is present. I hope we can resolve this matter to your satisfaction, Mrs. Jameson?"

“That’s right, doctor. Thank you.”

“Great, then I’ll show you your room. Oh, I almost forgot, here's the key to the belt. I think you will need this”

“Thank you doctor.” They started talking together.

“What a great couple.” Drss thought. Dragon Mage as she led them into the impregnation room.


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