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Sophie - Chapter 2

“Mom, I'm done, can you excuse me?” Without waiting for an answer, Sophie dragged Becky upstairs.

"I don't want to do this anymore, Soph." Becky said unconvincingly as they sat down on Sophie's bed.

“If it feels good, why not?” Sophie disagreed. She was about to pick up where they left off before she was interrupted by her male cousin. She reached out and rubbed her nipples again. She shuddered again.

Sophie came closer and held out her hand, but Becky took a step back, stayed there for a moment, then stepped forward again as if she had changed her mind. Sophie spread Becky's folded hands slightly and saw that her nipples were ready for play again.

Instead of reaching for it, Sophie loosened the straps of Becky's swimsuit, exposing her underdeveloped breasts. She'd seen them a million times before, but oh, never like this.

Becky's body glowed pink. Her nipples turned dark from the blood gushing out. Becky closed her eyes to accept her best friend's impending pleasures.

Sophie cupped Becky's small breasts. Becky's nipples tickled her palm as she caressed her breasts. Becky's breathy moans grew louder and Sophie felt her flushed face flush with heat.

Becky reached out with her freckled hands and touched Sophie's bikini top. Her friend moaned softly and cupped those full, soft breasts in her palm. Sophie's nipples weren't as big as her own, but the electric shock waves were just as intense.

The girls closed their eyes to enjoy each other's sweet torture. Their bodies twitched and trembled under the waves, and their moans and breathing became short and intense.

Shy Becky was the one who started exploring. She parted the curls from her face and untied the knot on Sophie's bikini bottoms. Her girlish fingers played with her best friend's pubic hair, finding them wet as she was sure her own were just as wet.

She had only experienced her femininity once and her friend gave her the advice: “Oh God, Becky, oh Becky!” Go on, go a little deeper!”

Her fingers ran over the reddish mark and found Sophie's swollen clitoris, completely drenched in the thick love lotion.

Sophie's body shook and twitched as Becky's fingers moved up and down the slit. “Oh my God, Becky!”

Becky released the hug and knelt behind her friend. She reached for her clit. Her other hand found the nipple and touched it quickly. Sophie was in heaven again, hips swaying and hair flowing. Becky closed her eyes to enjoy her friend's moans. She liked being in control of the situation.

“Becky, stop, I’m going to the toilet!”

"No, it's not, and I won't stop." Becky heard the word "cum." but I didn't quite understand what it was. She wanted her lover to know about it.

Now her hand moved even faster. Suddenly Sophie became quiet and then screamed. Becky knew she had taken her friend to a place she would really like to visit soon.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing?" Adam knocked on the door.

“uhhh…nothing! Wait! Do not come in! The girls became girls again.

On the other side of the door, Adams heard loud screams and could have sworn he heard Sophie asking, "Where are my bikini bottoms?"

He grinned to himself. He dreamed of girls, but never of his little cousins!

If he were honest, he would admit that he has jerked off more with Sophie than with Aunt Lauren since last winter; Since then, Sophie's breasts have gotten bigger every week.

"Hey, is my towel there?" I need a shower!" he yelled at the door.

"I don't know!" I'm not your maid!

"It's the blue one. Can I come over and take a look?

He heard Becky giggle and then: "Sure, come in."

Everything seemed normal, but the girls' hair was completely dirty and there was a musty smell in the air.

"What did you do here? Have you been involved in wrestling? Why did you scream?!” He feigned ignorance and pushed hard.

"We didn't really fight, but we screamed." The girls giggled into each other's eyes.

“It doesn’t matter, here’s your towel.” Becky leaned forward. Her cute ass was visible to him. The wet spot between her legs was too obvious to ignore.

“And why were you listening?” - demanded Sophie. Adam knew she wasn't as upset as she pretended to be .

"Um... I wasn't listening... I wanted to get a towel."

"And you were waiting for us to finish, weren't you?" Becky intervened. Adam called it the “double barrel.” and he hated it when both girls shot at him at the same time.

"What's in your bag?" Becky pointed to his crotch.

Adam looked down, his boner bursting through his trunks. |Before he could answer, Sophie came: “We want to see it!”

"It's nothing, you don't want to know!" God, Becky makes him so horny!

“We want to see it!” Becky demanded again.

Sophie didn't wait and put her hand in his pocket. She touched his powerful shaft and quickly withdrew her hand.

"What was that?!?" She screamed and rubbed her hand as if she had touched poison.

Becky grinned. "That's Adam's friend!" She made mocking air quotes.

“Where did you learn that, Bean Pole?” - Adam asked in surprise.

"I told you never to call me that again!" Becky threw a pillow at him. There was some poison in it.

Adam turned to Sophie: “Stop playing, you're my cousin, I won't show you my sausage!”

“But you, Bean Pole,” he said. He turned to Becky. “I can show you.”

Becky's face turned red. After all, she had only heard such things through the giggles of schoolgirls. Now she had the chance to see the original. Was she ready for this? Will she be able to handle it?


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