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My son's new stove

Son's new hobby

Jack was sitting in his room at the computer as usual. He enjoyed the usual activities of a seventeen-year-old boy: video games, sports, and music. Another thing he liked was masturbation. When he was home, he masturbated at every opportunity. He usually jerked off to porn or fantasies in the shower. His favorite porn was when a young man showed it to an older woman who was always begging for cock. His cock was about six inches long and almost an inch thick when hard.

Most of Jack's fantasies revolved around some of his teachers, or his hot neighbor down the street who he watched from his room as she ran away, and even his own mother. His mother's name was Joan. She was thirty-eight years old and had nice DD breasts that were still very attractive for her age. Her skin had taken on a beautiful bronze tone from daily tanning. She also had a nice, perky butt that she liked to show off in yoga pants or leggings at home. All of Jack's friends said that his mother was very sexy and that they would do anything to fuck her. Jack always acted like it was disgusting to hear, but secretly he wanted the same thing.

Jack always dreamed of fucking his mother. His biggest fixation of all fantasies was always fucking his mother's ass. When he started fantasizing about fucking his mother's ass, he always came. He always wanted to know how his fantasy would end, but he never managed to make it come true. Every time he started fucking her he shot all over the place.

One day he starts masturbating and sees an ad telling him how to get any girl he wants and when he sees that all he can think about is fucking his mother's ass. He looked at the ad but realized he wouldn't be able to do it because he would have to put her in a very comfortable position and support her continuously, but he couldn't take her anywhere so he gave up.

He spent the next few days wondering how he could have done that. He thought about it day and night. His grades even dropped because he couldn't concentrate. One day it finally dawned on him. He could try to hypnotize her and offer to make her his sex slave. He was thinking about how he could do it when a sign came to mind as he looked down and saw his homework. He introduced it as one of his extracurricular programs. This could be a project to see if it works.

He spent the next few days learning about hypnosis and talking to his friends, and they let him train with them because they all wanted to have sex with his mother too. He promised them that he would film his mother undressing and masturbating and give them all copies of it.

After weeks of training his friends, he felt that if he could get them to act like chickens and kick each other, he could turn his mother into a cock-obsessed whore who wanted him. Jack had a plan, he was trained and ready, and all he had to do was do it. He decided to do it on the weekend so his dad could go fishing with his friends and didn't come back on the weekend so he could spend the whole weekend with his mom.

He walked into the living room where his mother was sitting in black leggings and a low-cut tank top that exposed the underside of her breasts. He walked up to her, sat next to her and asked where his father was. She answered and told him that his father was at the lake with friends and wouldn't be back until Monday morning. He told her that he really hoped he wouldn't have to travel this weekend to do his homework. She looked and said what kind of homework this was. He told her that it was a hobby and his specialty was hypnosis and he had to put someone in a trance to see if they would actually do what he asked.

After several minutes of silence, she told him that she was willing to help him. Jack wondered how smoothly his plan was going. He thought he would never get this far. He picked up his equipment and told Mom that if she fell into a trance she wouldn't remember anything or that he could make her remember it and asked if he wanted him to do that. She told him she wanted to remember everything. Jack started to ache in his pants at this suggestion, but was glad he sat down.

Jack began putting his mother into a trance, and when she fell into a trance, he checked on her to make sure she wasn't just faking it for fun. After making sure she was in a trance, he picked up the camera and started recording. He told his mother that in this trance she should call him Master, not Son or Jack. He told mom to get up and take off her clothes. When she got up she took off her top and her breasts looked so beautiful that he told her to stop. He walked towards her, grabbed her left breast and started sucking on the other breast. After a while he lay down on the carriage and told his mother to take off his pants. She started taking off his pants and then gave him cockjumped out of his pants. When she did, he told her to slowly start jerking him off. After he finished his sentence, she said dispassionately, "Yes, Master, I would love to do that." As she grabbed his rod, he felt like he could cum right away. He was in pure ecstasy and couldn't believe his mother was topless and jerking him off.

After several minutes of his mother plunging him into what seemed like hours of euphoria, he told her to start sucking his cock. She stopped stroking his cock and started breathing him in instead. Jack grabbed her hair, held her tight and told her to look at him while he sucked. She looked at him with a seductive look that almost drove him crazy. He stood up and his mother didn't even miss it when he started to get up. As he stood up, he grabbed the back of her head and began fucking her mouth. Shortly after he started, he started cumming down her throat. He threw rope after rope down her throat. He had never come so hard and it felt like it would never end and he didn't want it to.

When he stopped he pulled her out of his mouth thinking he needed to rest but he was still rock hard, he looked at her tits and had an idea. He told her to lie on her back, put his cock between her tits and start fucking her tits. After a minute he told her to lick the tip of his cock when it reached her mouth. Shortly after fucking her tits, he came on her tongue, in her mouth and on her face. After he finished he told her to swallow his cum. When he finished his sentence, she swallowed the entire load and almost choked on his cum. He sat down and thought about what a whore his mother was. He looked at her just laying there, saw her crotch and a huge wet spot coming from her pussy. He didn't think she was horny in a trance and thought it was time to fuck his mother in her pussy When Jack told his mother to take off her pants, and when she did, he noticed that his mother was not wearing any panties and also saw that she was shaved. Her pussy seemed amazing to him, almost perfect. He stood up and started licking it. He learned how to eat them out by watching porn. He found her clit pretty quickly and wanted to go for it. After a few minutes he noticed that she was getting closer, but she didn't care except for her heavy breathing. He tried to get her to respond to her orgasms and her pleasure, and when he finally did, she began to moan softly, and as he gradually brought her closer to orgasm, her moans became louder and louder. As he brought her to her second orgasm, she let out a scream of pleasure that would have alerted a neighbor. Then Jack stopped and kissed his mother on the lips. He had never kissed a girl before and was very excited He told her to put her hand on her crotch and spread her pussy. She did so and Jack entered her love tunnel. As he did so, his mother let out a moan that was filled with a mix of pain and pleasure. Jack couldn't believe how tense she was. He asked her if her father had fucked her recently and she replied in her emotionless voice that he hadn't slept with her. As Jack continued to penetrate her, he thought about how stupid he was fucking his mother and how he would remind her of it. The fact that he came twice and still came was amazing to him. He began to increase the pace, getting closer to cumming again, he felt his balls boiling, filling with cum and shooting into his mother's tight pussy.

He pulled out slowly while his mother was still moaning. After pulling out all the way, he watched his cum slowly come out of her. He told her to put her fingers in her pussy and lick his juices and hers. She did and that excited Jack even more. He asked his mother what she thought of it and she said how delicious it was. Jack leaned back in his chair and told his mother to take him with her. She straddled him and started bouncing up and down on his cock. He grabbed her breasts and started kneading and playing with them. The more she bounced, the more pleasure they both felt. As she went up and down on her, she didn't even moan, it turned into heavy breathing and screaming. She had multiple orgasms and was getting faster and faster. It seemed like she didn't even stop. Jack concluded that his mother's sexual desires were beyond normal. He felt himself getting closer and closer to cumming, and this time it seemed different. As he began waving, joy overcame him and he began to shake and twitch. When he arrived, he told his mother to stop. When she did, she simply sat on his lap with his rod inside her, still rock hard. Jack started to see his cum shooting out of her, he thought it was so tight his cock wouldn't come out inside. He told her to cum and keep eating the juices dripping from her pussy.

JackLaying back on the couch, holding his breath, he watched as his mother caught the white slime that ran out of her and was in awe as he did so. She licked finger after finger of her grandchildren. He told her to wash in the bathroom. She entered the bathroom and began washing herself, squeezing the cum out of her pussy.

Be continued...

Give me advice on what I should do next in the comments. I'm working on how mom masturbates for Jack's friends. I'm thinking of a gangbang with his jerk off friends on his mother or BDSM with himmom



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