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Seducing a Married Heart Chapter 1

I couldn't believe college was already over. My promise to the man I loved seemed so far in the future. We knew since our sophomore year that we would get married once we graduated college together. At the time, it seemed like a dream that lacked solidarity with the real world that surrounded us every day. But when I looked at my new apartment and my new family life, I just couldn't believe the reality. I was no longer Miss Jennifer Jones, but Mrs. Jennifer Hart.

The first few weeks were blissful, family life with James was what I had always dreamed of. But then disaster struck. My husband's best college friend asked if he could stay with us until he found a job or moved to another city. James didn't really ask me if I was okay with it, he just told me that he couldn't say no to Luke and that it wouldn't take long. I wasn't particularly happy with this development, brief as it was, but I told him I was okay with it.

It wasn't the lack of space in our apartment that bothered me, but rather the lack of privacy. We had a two-bedroom apartment because we simply couldn't be satisfied with less space. Luke can use the guest room and we'll stay in ours without too many changes to our lifestyle, but I'm just getting used to the great privacy! James and I lived with roommates throughout college, and this was our first separate apartment after we were actually married. I waited with horror for the day when our uninvited guest would join us.

Luke quickly accepted “our” offer and started moving in just a few days later. It was Sunday and James and I wanted to spend the day enjoying the beautiful August sunshine. Luke showed up in the morning and we gave him an extra key to the apartment. When we all started talking that morning, I immediately began to regret being so mad at him for his move.

Luke was always a popular party animal in college. He had this expression, a kind of masculine look that made it clear he was always ready to party. Everyone seemed to like him in college, although I think he would have gotten a job if he hadn't partied so much. I wasn't much of a party girl myself, and when I went out with Luke and Jake, I noticed that Luke had a different girl every time. At the time I was worried it would have a negative impact on James, but now it seemed like harmless fun. He might as well live life to the fullest, and if that was his thing, I wouldn't stand in his way. Despite the parties and women, he and my husband still finished school and studied mechanical engineering.

And here he was in our apartment telling us that he needed to be relocated until we returned. Somehow he looked more mature than I remembered. He told James that he had left the party life behind because he desperately needed to get a job. Now he looked like someone who could actually be hired, with a serious face and a mischievous smile that made it clear there was more to him than met the eye.

"You kids have fun, but not too much fun." He laughed. “I'll bring my things and hide them. I have a work contact that I'm meeting for dinner this evening to see if I can interview at her company. That's why I won't be home when you come back."

"Oh, look at you, you suddenly became so serious towards us." I joked with him, smiling. “Where did old Luke go?”

“Now he comes out occasionally... when it's time to play. He winked and we all laughed at the end of his comment. “If you want, you can make an appointment with him,” he added.

"No thanks, I'm afraid James has booked everything for me." I leaned over to James and he hugged me.

Luke shrugged. "As you wish, I will always have many other beautiful women in my office available for appointments." He pointed to his new bedroom and I rolled my eyes.

Afterwards, James and I started packing for the walk, leaving Luke to unpack in his new “office”. We drove to a nearby hiking trail and planned to have a picnic and a long hike. As we began our hike, James spoke.

"Baby, are you sure you'll be okay when Luke moves in?" I'm sorry I made the decision without you..." He looked down the path, avoiding eye contact with me for a moment. He always did this when he was really worried.

"Next time you should really ask me first before agreeing to something like that..." I started, leaving it for a while to make my point. “...But I was wrong to worry about Luke being with us. He was such a good friend to us and that's all I can say"I still want to get a job and get my own home." I smiled and kissed James on the cheek and hugged his slim body. "So you'll get off well this time." I winked at him and he looked at me and smiled. “But maybe one day you’ll have to make it up to me…” I added with a seductive tone. Then we stopped and kept going until we felt like we could get away with it. I loved feeling his arms around me, pulling my body toward him as our tongues danced together, and my body feeling a little hot when we were out in the open. It wasn't long before we heard a group of people talking further down our path and we had to go alone.

After we finished our hike, we went shopping around town before returning to the apartment. When we returned, Luke wasn't there.

"Looks like he's already gone out to dinner." James said as we entered the guest room. He brought several boxes and bags with his things. He had already made his bed, but most of his things were still unpacked.

I started cooking dinner for both of us and it felt like a normal evening in our apartment. James turned on the TV and we just enjoyed each other's company until we settled on the couch after dinner. He started kissing my neck and hugged me. I ran my fingers down his back and let him pepper me with sweet kisses, trailing down my neck and shoulders as he slid his hand down my blouse and under my bra. He massaged my breasts, kneading them slowly in his hands as he continued kissing my neck, now biting and licking, making me moan softly. As I spoke, he slipped his hand into the waistband of my panties.

"Um... what if Luke comes...?" I asked breathlessly, enjoying his touch too much to protest violently.

"So what...?" He won't care. He responded by running his finger over my pussy, which grew wetter as I melted under his touch.

"Li will." I stuttered and pressed against him slightly, trying not to moan as he lightly slid his finger in and out to tease me. “Please… our room, I will pay for your time.”

James decided to take me up on my offer, freeing himself from my body and allowing me to rush into our room and begin undressing. He followed my example and closed the door behind us before taking off his clothes too. I was on my knees and wanted to give him a gift for listening to me. He presented me with his penis and without hesitation I wrapped my lips around it and slowly ran my tongue over the head. I loved blowing him because I always knew I could take anything in my mouth and it drove him crazy. He moaned as I began moving my mouth up and down his cock, feeling it slide down my throat. He ran his hands through my long hair and I let him slowly fuck my mouth, enjoying his moans and the slight trembling of his body.

After a few minutes I decided I didn't want him to finish too soon and pulled my mouth away from him. "Your cock is great and all... but I think you should strain your mouth." I teased him and laid down on the bed, spreading my legs and exposing my neatly shaved pussy.

I was wet and desperate to feel his tongue on me, and he wasted no time in obliging me. He climbed onto the bed between my legs and slowly ran his tongue over my lips, spreading them with his fingers and licking me. His tongue began a delicate dance, stimulating my clitoris with gentle touches. His tongue ran back and forth over it, teasing me before he started sucking on it. I moaned and let the pleasure flow through my body as my desire for him slowly grew.

“I want you inside me, could you have sweet sex with your wife?” - I asked him, moaning. I liked the idea that I was his wife, that I was his and he was mine, there was something about it that seemed to make sex better for me.

He positioned himself at my entrance and rubbed his cock against my pussy lips, spreading me as he lubricated himself. I could hardly stand lying on my back with my legs spread wide, I just wanted him so much. As he slowly slid into me, I felt the long-awaited satisfaction of being filled by him. I've only dated three men in my entire life and James was, in my opinion, the best for me. It hit all the parts that were important to me. He took me slowly and sensually, as always, with long, slow strokes that allowed him to penetrate me completely.

I ran my fingers over my clit as we made love. Our soft gasps of pleasure merged as we both worked towards orgasm. That was our everyday life and it was great. We came one after the other, his orgasm explosively filling me with cum and I convulsed with orgasmic pleasure. Afterwards we smiled and hugged each other and each time allowed ourselves to fall asleep.someone else's weapon.

Later that night I woke up to noises in our apartment that I couldn't immediately identify. James was not woken up (he was sound asleep) but I clearly heard noises coming from the direction of the guest room. There were two voices and both were moaning quite loudly.

'Oh God!' I figured. “It's only the premiere and he's already brought someone home. So much for leaving this life behind!

No words seemed to penetrate the wall to me, but it was clear that they were having fun. The moaning and talking continued for some time until I heard the woman's voice escalate into a pronounced "Oh my God!", followed by what could have just been a few slaps on her bottom.

At this point my imagination took over and as I heard more bangs and creaks on the bed, I began to clearly imagine Luke taking this mysterious woman from behind. They had to fuck very fast and very hard. It was much harder sex than James and I liked, our lovemaking was slow and sensual. It was clear he wasn't afraid to abuse her and I wondered how her body could enjoy the abuse. The thought of it almost hurt me; I couldn't enjoy the game. I pushed that image out of my mind, grateful that James loved to pleasure me tenderly and appreciated our romance. The woman's moans became louder and I covered my head with a pillow to muffle them.

"She must be a masochist or a whore to like this." I thought to myself as I tried to go back to sleep. "I have to tell Luke to try to keep his mouth shut next time... maybe he'll be so embarrassed that he'll listen to a married woman scold him!"

When I told James this morning what I had heard, he just laughed. “I think I have to tell him to keep it a secret. We're lucky you're not a loudmouth, right?

“Of course I’m not a loudmouth.” - I said indignantly. “I'd rather moan with pleasure than scream, it's so unfeminine.”

I admit that I was definitely old-fashioned in my views on sex and lovemaking. I couldn't bear the thought of screaming with James so loud or fucking so hard that the bed would fall apart. What was it about people biting and slapping each other, what was the appeal of it? Why do you want to punish your lover so cruelly? But I digress, James laughed at me again and I frowned and went to make breakfast before he had to go to work.

Luke had not yet identified himself when I began breakfast, and I suddenly wondered if the woman I had met the night before was still there. It was strange to think that if so, they were probably both still naked on the bed...

I shook the image out of my head and finished breakfast for James and I. He ate and we chatted for a bit before he left for work at the local engineering firm Paulings. I stayed home to work at my insecure job as a freelance writer. I dreamed of publishing a bestseller, but before that ship arrived, I used my hard-earned English degree to work online. I wrote articles and blog posts and earned a pittance compared to James, but I hoped that one day it would pay off and none of us would have to work much after that.

It was around midday when Luke came out of the bedroom. I was so engrossed in working on the computer that I even forgot it was in the apartment. I immediately turned around in surprise when I heard the door open and saw him walking into the bathroom in a towel. At this point we both just stopped, it was clear he still wasn't himself from waking up, and I tried to figure out what to say in that moment. I finally managed to say something.

“Is the woman we saw last night still here?” - I asked, trying to continue the conversation.

"No". He said, smiling now and walking towards the bathroom door, remembering his original intention. “She had to go home so her husband wouldn’t worry too much.”

"Oh". I said as I watched him close the bathroom door behind him. It took me a minute to really realize what he was saying. Last night Luke had sex with a married woman in my apartment. It stuck in my head for a minute, and the next moment I was knocking loudly on the bathroom door.

“Luke!?” How could you have sex with a married woman in our apartment!? On the first evening!? What's on your mind!!" I yelled at him through the door and was really upset with him. Sex with married women was something I definitely drew the line at, after all I was one of them!

He opened the Door and found himself in that towel again. The water was running for his shower and this time I actually noticed his almost naked body because he was so close to me. He was taller than James in build and slightly taller. IsHe had more muscle, so it was a little intimidating for him to stand so close if you wanted to argue with him.

“What the hell is wrong with that, Jen? It's not like her husband knows where she was. He was still smiling, clearly unfazed by my outburst.

"First of all, it's immoral and it was very loud." I wouldn't let him off the hook. I didn't expect something like this to happen in our apartment. "I don't care who knows it or not, it's a bad idea."

"It's an opinion about whether it's wrong, and the best sex is loud, so both of your statements are invalid." There are affairs in every marriage. He closed the door and I was able to take a shower.

I was angry that he rejected me with such a statement. I was already regretting that I had changed my opinion of him so quickly. I knew he had done well in college, and that in itself was a good thing... and married women? I opened the door and closed it loudly behind me.

"We haven't finished our conversation yet." - I said to the opaque shower curtain that separated us. “As you know, I am married, so your comments offend me. “James and I love each other very much and we would be upset if one of us had an affair. So if you want to have sex with married women, please do it somewhere else.”

He didn't react immediately, but just continued to run into the shower and apparently wash himself. When he answered, it wasn't the agreement I was expecting at that moment. “Have you ever asked James if he was unfaithful or if he wanted to be?”

I hastened to return to this topic. “Of course he didn’t do it and of course he doesn’t want to, he has me!”

- But you didn't ask him? It's not like he'd tell you if he cheated on you anyway, right? However, the fact is that what your spouse doesn't know can't hurt them. If you don't know about him and he doesn't know about you, then nothing will happen to anyone and everything will be fine."

“This is complete bullshit.” I spat it out. “It’s wrong because you’re betraying their trust. James and I trust each other.

He groaned. “Look I’m just trying to hurt you, let’s just forget I’m talking about James and all that and I won’t bring a married woman here anymore. Will you let me take a shower now? He laughed.

His laugh brought me out of my rut a little. I relaxed from that tension and found myself screaming at Luke, the classic party animal, through the curtain, telling him not to fuck married women in our apartment. If I'm honest with myself, it was pretty funny.

"I'm sorry Luke, I don't know what drove me like that." I couldn't help but laugh. "As long as you don't do it again it's okay, I just don't like thinking about it." I’ll leave you in the shower.”

I left the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I sat back down at my laptop and started working again. After about 5 or 6 minutes, something about what he was saying started to bother me. "Was it weird that he told me to forget about James?" I began to wonder, a sick feeling of curiosity gnawing at me. "Maybe he knows something... something James did when we were first together? Could James have cheated on me back then and I never found out about it?" I tried to put these thoughts aside and trust James and our love, but it continued to bother me. “Luke could have been the bad influence that made him do this. If he did it, then Luke was definitely behind it and James would probably regret it terribly. Maybe he was even crazy drunk when it happened!” My thoughts began to boil and I found myself at the bathroom door again, knocking loudly.

Luke opened the door, carrying a towel that was still damp from the shower. “I literally just got out, what now?” he asked, stunned.

I stared at him and asked directly. "Has James ever cheated on me?" What did you say... You are disturbing me.

He laughed. “What’s with all this trust? You don’t trust him?”

“I trust him, but I don’t trust you. If he has ever cheated, I bet that you are behind it and that if you made him commit such a dirty deed, you should confess.”

Luke just sighed and turned away. “It wasn't my fault, Jen, when that happened. If that were the case, I would be taking the blame now, but I'm telling you that's not the case. Just to let you know.

I couldn't take it anymore and punched him straight in the stomach, shot him in the stomach and he immediately fell to the ground in shock, holding his stomach. I just stared at him, not quite believing that I had just hit him or that my husband had cheated on me.

"W-what the fuck, Jen!" He groaned as he stood back up. He looked at me, nowith an angry look, but also with a worried look. He put his hand on my shoulder. “Look, Jen, all men want to have affairs, it’s natural. Some people really do, but that doesn't mean he doesn't love you, and it doesn't mean it's my fault."

At that moment I tried to hit him again, but this time he caught my fist and grabbed my head. Unfortunately, this is a side effect: he lost his towel on the bathroom floor. I turned away from him, but I felt his still wet, naked body pressed against mine.

“Get away from me…” I managed through gritted teeth as he held me tight.

“Jen…”; The way he said my name made me cringe. "You know there's a better way to deal with anger." He took his free hand and ran it over my ass, grabbing it and massaging it roughly.

“Luke!! Get your hands off me!” I fought him and now I kicked him too. It was no use as he picked me up and carried me out of the bathroom. He carried me into his new room, threw me on his bed and closed the door behind us. He looked at me and smiled devilishly. I was worried, but I couldn't move, I was in shock.

He started walking towards me and I noticed his erection now rising as he was probably thinking about how he was going to rape me. It was huge and it scared me as I thought about the woman's screams the night before. “Is he really going to fuck me...!?” I thought desperately. "This is so wrong... of course I'm mad at James, but that's not an option, two wrongs don't make a right!"

Suddenly he kissed me, his tongue entered my mouth and he ran his hands over my body. I was only wearing skinny jeans and a tank top over my underwear, and he had already unbuttoned and removed my jeans. He continued kissing me, even though I was now at least pressing against him weakly. He was so good at kissing that it was a shame he tried to rape me. Next he moved to my top and after a brief kissing break I lay there in my underwear, his arms wrapped around me, feeling his touch on my bare skin.

"L-Luke, please stop, I promise I won't tell James what happened...we don't have to go any further." I now turned to him with a request, hoping that he would finally come to his senses.

"Jen, I think you need this more than you think..." he whispered in my ear, then nibbled on my earlobe, sending shivers of involuntary pleasure through my body. "James will never know about this anyway, so it would be better to have a little fun, wouldn't you say?" He ran his nails down my back, making me shiver again. I couldn't find the words to protect myself, to protect my body from his touch.

He bit my neck harder than James ever would. It hurt, but I did something that surprised even myself: I groaned. It hurt, but somehow... it felt good... somehow I wanted him to do it again. It was like something inside me had broken. Whatever it was that told me what was wrong and what was right disappeared under Luke's strong hands. I wanted him to bite me again, I wanted to feel him against me, like now. He gave into me without asking and bit the other side of my neck with the same force and I moaned louder than before. He must have been excited because now he also took off my bra, exposing my breasts and erect nipples.

"That's it Jen, I don't think you know what you've been missing..." Now he kneaded my breasts in his hands, pinched my nipples and we kissed again, each other this time. I was so horny that I couldn't think straight. I just knew that it couldn't be wrong for me to feel that way. My body burned under his touch and every time he pinched my nipples hard I felt like I was going to die. I gasped as he moved his mouth down to touch my breasts, his tongue ravaging my nipples after already fingering them. He quickly moved on to sucking and nibbling on my breasts while his hand slid down to rub me through my panties, which were now soaked unbeknownst to me.

"That's enough, Luke...!" I-I'm going crazy, it's too much..." At that moment, I moaned loudly between sharp breaths as he bit me.

He gave me the smile I was so used to. "I think it's time I taught you how to suck cock properly..." He pulled back and presented his cock to me and I gasped slightly. He was now completely hard and a real specimen, at least 3 to 4 inches longer than James.

Although my inhibitions were gone at this point, I wasn't sure how to approach it, so I started by licking up and down the shaft. Luke, however, was having none of it and practically shoved it into my mouth. I started sucking him as hard as I could, his hands in my hair.I pushed it further and further into my mouth and down my throat until I started to gag. He pulled it out and I gasped.

"You'll have to work on your gag reflex a little to really pleasure me with your mouth." he laughed. "I have women who can take me to the end..."

For some reason that felt like an insult and I didn't like it. Even though I was almost suffocated, I pounced on him again and started sucking him again. I really fucked him with my mouth and he gasped as I pushed more and more of him down his throat. I was finally able to finish it after a few minutes of him almost suffocating. I stopped again to catch my breath.

“Was it better like that...?” - I asked seductively. Now I was completely consumed by it, the only thing I could think about was satisfying the perverted desires that were growing inside me, and one of the desires was to have this big thing inside me.

"Better, but I can think of something else I want from you..." He pushed me back onto the bed and took off my panties. “Get on your knees and I’ll show you what I want.”

I obeyed, my body now burning with desire. He started rubbing his cock on my pussy. "From now on you will call me Master, do you understand?" You will be my toy.

I didn't care what to call him, I couldn't take it anymore. "Yes! Master, please just take me!" I practically screamed at him.

He slammed into me and that feeling wasn't what I was prepared for. I always thought James was the perfect size, but Luke blew him away. It reached places I had never enjoyed before, and with the first few touches I felt myself melting into it. He spanked me hard and I just moaned and begged for more as he picked up the pace. He slammed into me with each stroke and the sound and feel of our bodies' loud contact lifted me even higher. It felt like he was abusing me, like I belonged to him, like I was just his property and he could take me however he wanted. I'm pretty sure I forgot James existed when I had my first orgasm.

“I'm coming!” - I screamed, my body convulsed and he continued to brutally attack me. I clenched around Luke again and again as waves of pleasure continued to rock me. He continued to fuck me despite my orgasm and I came a second time almost immediately, something I had never experienced before. I screamed, "Oh my God!" and imitated the same married woman he had kidnapped the night before, although I wasn't thinking about it at the time.

My second orgasm must have pushed him over the edge because he started moving faster and harder, pulling on my long hair as his moans became louder and louder. He didn't last long before he started pumping cum into me in big spurts, which oozed around his cock and onto the bed sheets. He spanked me hard and hard before pulling out and letting me fall onto the bed. I lay there feeling used and violated as the cum flowed out of me in a stream.

Luke hugged me and whispered in my ear. “The score is now even, my little kitty... I'll let you decide what you want now. You can pretend it never happened...or you can find out what it really means to have a master."

I looked at him, into his playful eyes. There were so many questions in my head. Was this his plan all along, did he want me from the start? Was he always like this towards the women he dated? Did he have others who called him their master, or was it just me...?

However, there was only one answer for him: once I reached this point, there was no turning back. A door was open that couldn't be closed so easily. I didn't care what happened, I hugged him and whispered in his ear. "Please be my master,Luke...”



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