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Targeted breeding

Target breeding: n. The act of reproduction in order to obtain a stronger race/offspring.

Although this phenomenon is very unpopular among the public, it is alarming in our society today. I know this because I've seen it twice in my career. Worst of all... it turns me on! I can't understand why either. So I decided to record it and post it online here.

This is where you come into play. Reader. Maybe you've already heard about it. In stories. Or maybe in your personal life. Maybe that worries you. Maybe that turns you on too! Whatever the reason that brought you here, I strongly advise you NOT to read this story if it bothers you.

So you're still reading. Well, here I am telling you that targeted breeding is a real thing. That's something rare, or so I thought. After I first met him, I searched for everything I could find out about him. It was a lot more popular than I thought.

I am a social psychologist (so to speak) and my job is to make an initial diagnosis of a patient's problem. What are they worried about? The strange thing is that in most cases the victims are “okay” with their situation and actually submit to it and live happily with it. Very surreal! So I probably only see 2% of all victims - victims who felt like they were actually taking the wrong path. Since only women can be victims and women are very "controlling", I firmly believe that I will never experience this 98% even if it becomes a popular phenomenon.

I am confident that this knowledge will become mainstream knowledge by 2020. The majority of the population will be aware of this problem. However, this is not a reason for the threat to disappear.

“So what is purposeful breeding?” - you ask. How it works? Let me tell you about my patient Shirley. She is the best example I can give here. The other one isn't doing so badly because she only got pregnant once.

Shirley dropped out of school. She was one of those people who lacked self-confidence. She found a job at a local store and her salary was low. But it suited her because she still lived with her parents. At the age of 23, she met a smart guy named Mike. He was an IT consultant (for a large company that I won't mention for my own safety [laughs]). He didn't have all the money, but he had enough to live on his own. He was a little shy. “Sweet boy,” she said to me. “He was the guy who on any given day would ask you what you were doing and then show up in the middle with flowers.”

Therefore, I found that Mike was a generous, generous and loving person. “When he went out to eat, he sometimes had difficulty finding a suitable restaurant. Sometimes he couldn't decide and asked me what I wanted. He blushed, which was cute sometimes.” When she told me THAT, I immediately realized that Mike must have had lower self-esteem. Often insecure and doubtful about his decisions. It's harmful! I asked her if it bothered her or not. “It was a bit boring at times. I always replied: “We will do what you want”... But he didn’t understand that hint every time.”

She moved in with him several years into their ongoing relationship. They were madly in love for the first few months, she told me. But after a while the feelings for her disappeared. But she stayed with him happily because he made her feel in her place. Mike, on the other hand, still wanted more of her attention. Apparently he had these first deep feelings over a long period of time.

“The sex was great,” Shirley added. But for the first two months they had nothing. "This is very long!" - she added with a slightly irritated tone in her voice. I noted there that this may have something to do with one of the later answers. Let me continue...

When they first did it, they didn't stop doing it for several years, almost four times a week. But that's not all I thought. However, this is a personal opinion. From my experience I can say that this is below average. In her opinion, the sex was casual.

“Does sex get boring after a while?” - I asked regularly. “Well…” she replied, pausing for a moment, still thinking about admitting for the first time, “Yeah, I think I wanted something more.” He didn’t have enough fire! As a relationship expert, I know for sure that keeping the fire burning is no easy task. This requires conscious commitment from both sides. The act of giving is potential. "But Mike came too early," Shirley remarked, abruptly interrupting his attention to pleasing his girlfriend in bed. "YouHave an orgasm during sex? “No,” she replied. A very short and clear answer, given, which I felt.

"Did you come secretly or not after he had sex with you?" Or did you fake an orgasm?" I asked her. She replied that she had actually faked her orgasm. How many women. “I didn’t want to hurt his feelings or his ego. I felt like this was the best thing I could do. Lie to him instead of hurting him. I just thought it was best to please him.

But she must have noticed it after some time since she reported that she wasn't masturbating. Guys, now I'm getting off topic, it's very important in your relationship to please YOU! A relationship is about both of you, and that means not leaving her out in the cold if you're the one who finishes first. And let's face it, guys, most of you get your work done in 10 minutes. For everyone who has held out for a while: Bravo! But you're still not there. You have to make HER orgasm FIRST. This can be difficult if the girl doesn't masturbate much outside of the relationship. The girl's reaction or reaction to stimuli had to be "trained" a little. She must be able to bring herself to orgasm. A man can't do everything. This requires commitment from her. Again, a successful relationship requires commitment from BOTH PARTIES.

I highly recommend spending at least an hour in bed. And do lots of cardio at your local gym. The harder you give it to her, the more likely she is to respond well. Mainly for psychological reasons. But since I'm not a sexologist, this advice is actually based on my own experience. I can tell you all about the psychological side of it all... It doesn't look good when she finds herself in a position of submission without much joy.

Of course, the relationship is about much more than just sex, and in Mike and Shirley's case, it lasts several years. At this point she told others about her feelings. I really don't see a problem with that. But you know what women are like when they talk to each other. They need to open their hearts and let it flow. Whether joy or sadness. In Shirley's case, she had a colleague with whom she went swimming on Fridays. She talked about her sex life several times.

There she heard for the first time about another man and his sex life. Her colleague was in her thirties and married to an investment banker. Successful man with a lot of money and a Cadillac. Yes, and he also had 8” Faucet. It's not really a detail since she told her the cock would stretch her over and over again every time. “I'm so tense, and a day or two after he stretched me to loosen me up, I was just as tense as before.

Do you see where the story is going? I know it’s bloody cruel for us “average” people. Guys. I'm not a hanging horse or anything like that. A little above average and I have my doubts from time to time. Want to know the truth about size? Well, here's the hard truth. According to my research and what these few patients have told me. Yes, size mattered to YOU. About 50% of women find that they have difficulty stretching or that their cervical spine is too sensitive and they can't handle it because it hurts so much. So these girls don't need the large penises that are currently on the market and rest assured they never will. So our medium size still makes sense! Hooray!

Have you ever held a ruler to your penis? Then you were probably worried about your size. Nothing compels a person to “necessarily check”; just like a person with anxiety. You just want to make sure that what you are feeling is actually true. That your assumptions were correct. You want to destroy any form of doubt and just put an end to it.

The average penis today is 5 to 6 inches. If you're not used to imperial systems, it's about 15 centimeters. If you're below that, don't worry, if you're taller, all the better.

Let’s go back to my case study. In Shirley's case, she was worried that her husband wasn't competent enough. This is a completely new case. Rarely. Because she heard her colleague describe the intense pleasure that she then repeatedly associated with the size of her husband's penis. This was a little joke for Shirley. She had no idea how big the number 8 was. there was a rooster. Her colleague again called it “extremely thick.” These calm descriptions of penises make a woman think even more.

She went a step further than I expected. One night, Shirley did something unusual while having sex with her boyfriend. their communication. She stood up and grabbed the rulers from the workbench in the garage. Mike was probably in a state of shock and couldn't do itFind words to describe what he felt at that moment. Well, it must have hurt him somewhere. Even though she described it as a game where your friend tries to figure out exactly how tall you are in numbers, it can only be used in comparison situations. Every man knows this. Although my patient couldn't tell me this, I'm sure it hurt her lover.

Girls, if you're reading this. NEVER, I repeat, NEVER (even after the end of the relationship) share details about your (ex) husband's height with others. Not even for shits and laughs! This is very confidential data. You don't want your (ex) husband talking about how saggy your lips are or how your butt smells like crap? The truth is that most men actually want to keep this information about you to themselves, which goes against the popular belief that a man is vulgar and talks EVERYTHING about his girlfriend to his friends, drinks beer and laughs loudly. Get rid of stereotypes in your head. Yes, there are men and women who do this, but participating in this game is very obscene. Do not do that.

So yes, size is very sensitive for a man. This is because of his role as a man. Take responsibility for protecting your wife and children. Consciously steer your family in the right direction. Be able to please your wife and make her happy. Make her feel good emotionally. Make her feel safe. When he knows that his wife thinks he is too small and knows that there are other bigger men who could potentially give her more pleasure, he feels like he is being dominated by a better man. It eats away at his ego. A man's ego is important. This is the basis of his self-confidence. Without his self-confidence, the man will not fulfill his role and the girl will not feel in her place with him. It's all instincts and the play of nature. And above all, the girl has very poor control over her hormones. A man can still fall back on logic. A system that may not feel “right,” but still forces you to make good decisions and makes you feel better over time.

A woman doesn't always follow logic. Most people can do this, but young girls (16-25 years old) tend to act more intuitively. “I will do whatever I think is right.” They don't need logic as long as they are happy. A man sacrifices happiness to delay it. Just the thing. That's right"; sits with logic. Now note that there are also men who are guided by intuition, and that some women are also more logical thinkers. I just want to say what the average woman does.

Shirley hit her husband deeply. However, he waited a full two weeks before he started. I noticed what I noticed before. This is a product of low self-esteem. He doubted his decision to talk to her about it. The good news is that he made it in the end. But since the fight started two weeks later, Shirley was a little tough on him. She completely brushed him off and ignored his feelings. At the time, she couldn't understand why he was feeling so bad. She just thought he was having a bad day and was trying to get back at her by bringing up something old, something inappropriate... to her.

Well, everyone is on board the “emotion train.” Relationships are “that feeling.” (I'm fascinated by memes about "those feelings." I'm a pretty young psychologist myself, so I printed one out and put it up here in the office, LOL). But don't joke around now unless you're ready to feel what your partner feels: "This will never work, nigga!" Any time you hurt someone or get hurt, you should talk about it and not for too long wait to take care of it. If you don't share each other's feelings, you may forget that the relationship is moving in a good direction. This is of course obvious. But I'm also talking about feelings that aren't so obvious. Honesty is the key to success. Especially when you are in the phase of the relationship that is one or more years old and where you can start telling each other everything. From: “I just farted” to “I peed on you while we were in the shower together.” You two are just people and no feelings are offensive. So you should share everything. It's like you're intertwined.

Why am I bragging about all this off topic? Since these are all factors that together play an important role in this very strange situation, read carefully:

Mike's self-esteem has dropped A LOT. Shirley, on the other hand, now knew that Mike only had 5. In high school she had only seen an average sized penis, a larger one. The guy previously had a very small three-inch car. This was her first time. But then she thought they were all normal sizes. To the point where Mike's size actually mattered. This was one of the best sizes for her. Well, 5” not that bad. Depending on whatYou've dealt with it. But from the way Shirley described her sex with him, I could tell that he didn't put much force or coercion into their interaction. For heaven's sake, at least compensate. Actually spend some time trying to last longer. But I think Mike just didn't feel any competition. So I didn’t feel the need to “try harder.”

Shirley also gave him feedback. Fake his orgasms and always tell him he's fine. In the end it's their own fault. When a woman says that you are fine or good in bed. It's not like this! Only if she exaggerates or sees that she is trying to prove her point should you trust her.

So their relationship went downhill. There is a lot of arguing. Mind your own business instead of doing something together. No more sex, or at least no more pretense for Shirley. The line was a little dead for a while. To the point where they were like, "Hey, what's going on here?" They needed to talk.

They expressed their disappointment, but Mike lost his confidence and began to rely heavily on Shirley. That scared her off. Against Mike's wishes, their relationship wants to slow down for a while. “We should calm down now,” Shirley said.

This will continue for about a year. By simply NOT having sex. Shirley started working shifts to make more money. Because she didn't want to rely on Mike's wallet. Mike shared most of his money with her. But she just didn't want to bother the already annoyed Mike. Due to shift work, neither of them were home at the same time. Mike had office hours and Shirley worked double shifts.

She also went out a lot more often. I did a lot more with friends who I often let down. This is initially very good because it allows her to distract herself a little from the situation. The solution often only comes after some time. But Mike remained too poor.

One Friday she went swimming with her colleague and noticed a handsome young man. Before she hadn't been attracted to other men at all, now she noticed that this guy was called "the Hanged Man." She and her colleague talked about it again. Then Shirley started talking about her husband's height in numbers. Her colleague was surprised. “Is it exactly like that?” Apparently her colleague must be used to above-average lengths.

The days go by for Mike. Either he comes home to find his girlfriend going to bed, or he is not at home and still at work and comes home just as he is going to bed. However, after a few months things start to get better. Shirley suddenly starts talking to him again with a smile on her face.

“Things are getting better,” he thought. One day she unexpectedly surprised him with an invitation to go on vacation! It couldn't get any better. Mike is happy to add a little extra money for a great vacation. “This has to be the best thing we’ve ever had,” he thought. I imagine sex with makeup. He chose his place of residence and proudly introduced it to her: the Maldives! From what I've heard, it's very expensive. She never gave me prices. Probably because he actually paid before she knew about it.

They also talk about their feelings a lot more, although not as often together as they used to. Relationships were built and built. Sometimes they went out to dinner. We spent more time together when we could. But they still haven't slept together. She began to communicate more with her friends and had a more balanced social life. It colored her! Mike was very pleased that she was much more positive than before. But at the expense of having some of her friends in the house when he got home. Lots of girlfriends. Giggling and laughing out loud as Mike, at the end of his life, tried to concentrate in his office where she sat with her friends.

Shirley has made several close friends. She also takes swimming much more seriously now. She wanted to take the sport to a higher level and started training more. Most of the time her colleague was at her house. And sometimes several boys from the new swimming club where she had studied would come to visit her. Mike had great respect for the club as all the swimmers in his house now had national titles. Very crazy. They were a great help to Shirley in her education. They even said that she had enormous potential and the will to go very far.

Mike was often afraid of these guys; Talk. Normally he was afraid of black men (they were black men), but now he felt more comfortable around them. Because they were very nice to him. In a short time they got along very well with Mike.

They encouraged Mike to start swimming too. So he could spend more time with Shirley (that's what they said when she wasn't there). They were really nice and helpfulMike will bring Shirley back. So Mike started training too. We do secret cardio runs in the dark with these guys. They were very kind to him. A few months later he also started getting involved in their swimming club. He was spending a lot more time with Shirley now and she loved it!

In the end everything went well. Well, not all of them. One Black Monday, Mike falls down the stairs while searching for files in the office and breaks his femur. Very painful for Mike. No more training and mostly staying at home. Instead of spending time with Mike, Shirley continued to train hard. Mike was in slight pain. But he believed that things would get better.

One night Shirley wanted to have sex with him again. However, he was unable to satisfy her due to his broken hip. Several months pass and Mike is still being tested. He can go to work, but the journey there and back takes longer. Unable to bathe at all, he feels Shirley slipping away. One day he called her with a holiday problem, she answered the phone out of breath and hung up. She was probably doing a cardio workout.

The truth was that Shirley had already cheated A LOT. It somehow happened. Her hormones, she just followed her feelings. Yes, these black guys trained her, in bed. At the swimming club there would often be a few races (when the pool was about to close) where people swam completely naked! These black guys pulled down their pants and Shirley and her colleague revealed their huge cocks! After doing this for a while, they decide to jump in too and just swim around for fun. Finally, Shirley herself took a step and tapped the cock head of one of these guys. Just to tease. But by doing this, she unknowingly admitted that she wanted to feel his thick cock. Even when he was limp, he was huge!

At the same time, the boys also started playing around with her. She is fully aware that she has a girlfriend and completely ignores this fact. For example, briefly press a finger on the tip of her slit. Instead of abstaining, she actually enjoyed it. Completely forgot about Mike.

From then on things happened very quickly. To the point where she invited them to her house for a completely different event. She told me she just wanted to see their penises up close. I have no idea how she asked the boys about that. But the situation must have escalated quickly. This went beyond what her colleague had advised her to do. Instead, she advised her to stay away from them. But Shirley felt so naughty when they were seduced.

The men undressed and began showing off their 10-11” clothes. Roosters. All of incredible, unprecedented scope! At this point the boys have taken control, they tie her up, strip her, slap her in the face and disrespect her. Spread her cheeks and pussy to look inside her. Throw it around, rip your clothes off… etc...

This is another feminine thing. Abusive behavior seems to attract them. There is a kind of masculinity in this that they cannot resist.

Shirley hadn't had sex with Mike in a long time, so she didn't take the pills. It didn't immediately occur to her. She was very wet. It had been quite wet before, but now she told me it was "flowing with fluids, like a faucet turned on so far that no more drops come out." A thick stream of "pussy juice"” she remarked.

She put her panties aside and one of them just “flung” her to the side. in doggy style. He inserted his penis directly into her, taking her to a higher level of pleasure. My anatomy isn't great, but I actually checked. It is true that a very large penis can reach the cervix. During arousal, the uterus tilts, causing the vaginal shaft to become longer and larger. Most normal men cannot reach their cervix. Let alone touch it. But this huge cock not only stretched her vagina for the first time, but also reached a place she had never touched before. There is an anterior vault and a posterior vault that have an erogenous zone. It is proven that they bring a woman great pleasure. But in my opinion, every time a new, untouched place is touched, it's very cool. It was the same with Shirley. What's more, these guys lasted several hours each!

They really fucked her! One after the other. And Shirley didn't ask anything. It completely captivated her! She orgasmed several times during a run. As she later found out, she even had uterine contractions. She wasn’t a “squirter”; She told me, but when she came for the first time she squirted very small jets of fluid.

She also told me that her body reacted very differently as she had a strong orgasm when one of the men penetrated her. The contractions of the uterus act like a kind of suction. It contracted and expanded, sucking in the sperm that had accumulated on the cervix. Themade her feel “full”; like she had never done before. I've seen it and it's true! There is speculation that liquid sperm could actually enter the uterus.

Now she was officially cheating. These guys were also very dominant. He often holds them and throws them. They pull her hair while riding her ass and pussy. By hurting her. Do not disrespect her in any way. All they cared about was fucking her and putting their seed inside!

Now comes the more alarming part. This group of black people were part of something. Not exactly a clan, but you know your stuff. You can say it was for fun, but when you look at it, it's very serious. She never really doubted that they had “blown her away.” after her first time with them. But they did it. No condom. At first she “forgot” that she wasn’t taking the pills. But here I think it's part of this porous role play where she convinces herself that she did it.

Because they have never had sex with a condom. Always. And they did it a hell of a lot, like she said. Whenever we could. Every sex was another unimaginable journey of ecstasy for her. Thick brown and black cocks shoot HUGE LOADS (sometimes she told me half a cup) of cum into her belly. The biggest guy you could ever see, his cock making her belly bulge all the way into her navy zone. This guy must have pushed and pulled the end of her vagina inwards, into her intestines! She loved it! Be completely filled.

Black boys, they just wanted to mate with this “bitch” as they call her. They even laughed about how she had a boyfriend and he didn't know anything and he was half the size and fat of these guys. She also told me that she had told these guys a lot of demeaning things about her boyfriend. She told me she was very sorry that she ended up doing it. They told her she was in good hands, excellent black hands and cocks.

Now the reason she ended up with me... They gave birth to her like this (almost every day), with a full uterus, so yes, she was pregnant! About the black child! “White pussy stuffed with black cock, just like it should be,” they would often scream in her face while riding her very hard from behind. "No cock other than a black one belongs here." This role play, or what she thought was role play, excited her extremely. I think she liked the fact that maybe it wasn't an RPG but a REAL one. This excited her even more. Sometimes she came ten times a day. 10 difficult times! With full cramps and everything.

Now a child was placed in her lap. I didn't even know which of the three was the father. They didn't care. They got that bitch out. Now a stronger breed was chosen for the offspring. They said she was “converted.”

The situation got a little out of control. Shirley was now completely at the mercy of these boys. If she did something they didn't want, they beat her. One day she was beaten. But after that she didn't want to argue with them anymore and obeyed their orders. She was scared but still loved filling holes, even when she was pregnant.

She had to leave her boyfriend and live with two men from the swimming club. She called it her “crib.” At least that's what they officially called it. The large house was shared with six other black people. Sometimes they called it their breeding club. There were other girls living there (always white). She entered this house and experienced group sex in the kitchen of the house. They fucked a little blonde there. With 5 boys.

Mike noticed that Shirley left him without warning. He tried to call her on her cell phone but noticed her phone was still next to her bed. Then he learned something strange. Looking through her messages, he noticed that the cute boys from the swim club were texting her too often. Things like, "Be here at 5 o'clock wearing this cute thing, you know." Nothing specific, but he just has something to worry about.

Shirley is now locked in this house and is not allowed to go to work or outside the “cradle”. "You don't have to go to work, bitch, we'll get you money and cock." What do you suggest?”. They slapped her in the face, pinned her to the counter and fucked her some more. “You’re our bitch. We use them for breeding. To have black babies and stop you from having white babies! We'll give you a huge cock! Happy bitch!

Mike called the police and reported that his girlfriend was missing. An investigation has been launched. Really disturbing shit (I told you that). However, the local police did a really poor job of searching. After hearing this, the black people in the crib had to let her go. But he threatened to do soThey would actually kill Mike or cut off his balls if she stayed away for more than 12 hours.

Shirley returned home after a week's absence and remained silent about her new place. She had to break up with Mike. "The feelings are gone, Mike, I'm so sorry." Mike burst into tears. It tore him apart. The vacation he had booked was only a month away. "Where are you going now!" Please don’t go,” he begged. But she left him anyway. Just with a little pity. But she was programmed. Come back. She didn't feel like she didn't want to. At first she was fine. She felt in her place among the boys. They treated her right as long as she did what she was supposed to do. Fuck a black cock!

Five months later she returns to Mike and tells him she is pregnant. Mike sees her full belly but can't remember the last time they fucked. He thought the child was his, but he counted the months wrong. He goes to the clinic with her because the black people refused to go with her. They actually said, “You should take your white boy!”

He went along. When the time came, Mike was shocked at the sight of the jet black baby coming out of her spoiled cunt! His stomach collapsed on its own. "What the hell!" Instead of getting angry, he simply cried and left the room, never to be seen again.

After giving birth, Shirley had nowhere to go. She took the child with her, who was soon taken away from her. “We're illegally selling this baby to a neighborhood nigga who wants to raise a real man!” Thanks to you, we made this shit happen!

She never saw the money for it. She didn't need it. Literally after a week of recovery, the first black penis penetrated her again. The birth put even more stress on her and now she had to think even harder! It only took a few months for her to get pregnant AGAIN. Once again she had no idea who the real father was. It was just another waterproofing. There were other white girls there too. They were shot down one by one.

“We are building a stronger nation!” Black nation! White pussy is only for black cocks! White boys should use their hands.” She heard that most of the time.

There was only one day when she suddenly realized it. "Where's Mike?" What's going on?". But she already gave birth to four black children! And he was ready to give more!

She ended up sitting with me in my office because one of the boys in the crib was broke and the rent was no longer there could pay. They were all kicked out and the blacks separated, mostly running away from their debts. She ended up on the streets. Tried to go back to Mike, but no.

After giving birth to four children in a short period of time, she felt very weak. And their target... fucked, gone. She realized what she had done. She's still broken, she's probably the worst fucking cunt I've ever met in my life. But if she hadn't told me all this, I probably would have thought she was a sweet and kind girl. You can't predict whether your girlfriend will be a black slut or not. It just happens.

There are probably thousands of dedicated black people who breed “own bitches.” They are currently making their pitch there. Your service. Unpaid. Charity work for the black race. Maybe it's just their enormous size? Does it drive them crazy when they force their King Kongs into their pussies?

This really scares me! So when you're out of breath while your girlfriend is on the phone. Cardio training in the gym… Maybe she called you by chance while fucking BBC. Bigger and better than yours and fucks her much harder. Just give her so much more satisfaction than you could. The world is cruel. A woman simply does what makes her feel good. It defies logic and follows intuition. Why do you think your girlfriend won't tell?that?



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