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Really good experience

“How long are we going to keep this up?” Alex asked after masturbating for me on camera.

We have known each other on social networks for a year, but have never met in person. He was brave enough to show his naked body in front of the camera while I only showed him my face.

I'm a 14 year old skinny guy with good looks, brown hair and the same eyes. I'm just turned on by the thought of boys, so there's no doubt about my sexuality, but I'm very shy and have never kissed another boy.

Alex, on the other hand, is a 19-year-old guy with an innocent baby face and the body of a swimmer. He was very nice to me, but became a little impatient due to my shyness, which is understandable.

The last message from Alex to me was: "I can't go on like this, Eli." I really like you, but unfortunately nothing is happening between us. Next time you are seriously interested in a relationship, meet me at my apartment.”

I think I have to gather my courage now. I have tested my boyfriend's temper many times and need to show the trust he has shown in me over the past year.

“I’m sorry for being an asshole, baby, please forgive me. I love you and I'll see you at your apartment this Sunday." "Okay," was the only answer I got, and I got the impression that Alex had lost trust in me.

Sunday came and I arrived at Alex's apartment. I was very nervous and knew that my life would change completely. Of course it happened, but not in the way I expected.

The door opened and I entered. There was no one inside, but Alex and I, once I felt comfortable talking to him, he began to share his fantasies with me. He told me how much he wanted to tease me after tying me naked to the bed.

I was very excited about his plans and asked Alex to bring the rope. As soon as he came back to the bedroom, I lay there completely naked, my body aching for him to use me. It didn't take long for him to tie me up and now I waited to see what he would do. I was so excited and had my 4 inch erect cock to prove it.

But the next few words Alex said almost gave me a heart attack. “Come in, Master, he’s all yours now,” he said. Then a tall, muscular man of about forty entered the room. He was naked, fully erect and I could see how much trouble I was in. I screamed and begged for mercy, but there was none. From the conversation between these two predators, it became clear that Alex served this monstrous man who would give me nightmares.

Alex told me to calm down and stop resisting. I started to cry, but even that didn't do me any good. The guy, who preferred to be called the owner, jumped on the bed and eagerly started kissing my naked body. He left my legs and moved further up until he finally reached my soft lips.

I tried to move my face away, but I didn't have the strength. He sucked on my lips for a while and then asked Alex to untie my legs. Once that was done, he lifted my legs onto his shoulder and started licking my ass. Even though I was scared, the incredible feeling of him fucking me with his tongue made me horny.

When the owner noticed this, he ordered Alex to suck my cock. A few moments later he shoved his huge cock into my mouth. It was too big for me but he pushed it in further. As soon as he started thrusting hard and grabbing my hair, I knew what was coming next. Thrust after thrust the owner filled my mouth with cum.

I tried to spit it all out, but he caught it with his tongue and made me eat it all. Although one of my fantasies was to swallow another man's cum, I had no plans to do that.

Finally there was silence and I thought my nightmare would end, but in reality I was hoping against hope. Alex was ordered to fuck me hard and he did. After applying some lube to my ass, he simply pushed his cock mercilessly into my pink hole and continued until he filled me with his cum.

A lot of unexpected things happened to me that day, but as soon as Alex stopped fucking me, I said something that was even more surprising than anything else. "Fuck me, Master, I want your big cock in my ass." What started as pain ended in pleasure and I wanted more.

The man's tip was already semi-hard, and as soon as he heard it, my voice went completely vertical. He stood up, untied me and began caressing my body again. He may not have planned to fuck me that day, but that was about to change.

I was hungry for a cock in my ass and started begging. “Give it to me, master, tear my little hole apart.” And so my wish was granted. A full nine inches of flesh entered me and there was no feeling like it in the world. I was fucked for about 15 minutes before I took another shot up my ass.

Alex lickedCum from my ass and spit in my mouth. I felt like a slut but I was okay with it. I was finally able to go home and slept for about 14 hours straight. When I woke up, there was a text message on my phone saying that a video of my sexual encounter had been recorded and that it would be released if I ever opened my mouth. Strangely enough, watching this video made me horny at the thought of getting fucked again. It was definitely the beginning of a new chapter in my



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