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….. Late one evening I received a call. It was from a woman. She was very hyperactive... She said, "Just listen... I found this story on a hidden video CD...".

-------------------------------------------------- ------------

(male voice, hidden camera)...His version. They were working on it, so it stayed at my house for two nights. Our girls left town for a week to visit relatives. We decided to have a good old boys night out. . Just that day I got some very hot, good smoke. We turned on the water supply and made some hot porn movies. The next moment we were so amazed that we laughed so loudly that we couldn't move our arms. We had the biggest, hardest boner we've ever had. Mine leaned over and tried to rip it out of my sweatpants.

His head was peeking out of his shorts. We moaned that we were going to shoot ourselves to the ceiling, we were so horny. He said it was the most exciting thing he had ever done! I explained that I didn't think I could go upstairs to cum. He said he needed help because he couldn't move his arms and laughed. I was running a porn movie that I put together with some really hot scenes. I ended up collecting a long line of sperm. When it got to that part, his eyes widened and he said, "Oh fuck, I can't take it, I have to cum, I have no choice," but he said, "I can't move your hands," and he laughed. “Can you help me upstairs?”

__I turned off the lights and the light on the porch only shone through a small window. Our eyes have adjusted just enough to see. I got up from the chair and crawled to his chair. “I’m weak, but I’ll see what I can do,” and we continue to laugh. I had to adjust my penis because it felt like it would break in half if I didn't. He watched as I slid my cock down my leg while I was on my knees, my cock a huge bulge. His gaze turned to him as I crawled towards him. I was on my knees. I lifted his hand and it just fell limply on the arm of the chair and we both laughed and he groaned and said he didn't have the strength. I said he needed “help.” everything OK. I wanted to take his hand, insert his cock and make him jerk off right on the chair. I told him I would prepare him and he would do the rest. I said, "As soon as you touch your cock, your hand comes to life and starts jerking you off." I started undoing his belt, button and zipper. He didn't say a word and just sat in his chair with a half-asleep smile. I said, “ We never get to the top, so we jerk off here.

…… I started taking off his shorts as he lay there with his eyes half closed. As I slowly pulled his shorts down, the right leg of his shorts, his head and little else were sticking out of his cock. I looked at it and a hot wave ran through my body...

I had such a wish. I wanted to watch him cum. As I continued to unbutton his shorts, I reached through the zipper and held his warm member with my right hand so that the zipper wouldn't scratch him as I pulled it out. He smiled and lay there very weakly. With my free left hand I slowly pulled his shorts further down. He wasn't wearing any underwear, so the first thing I noticed was his pubic hair, which I felt in my right palm. I felt his pulse on my cock and both he and I were breathing heavily. I was finally able to pull his cock out and get him erect while still holding him. I didn't want to let go, it was warm and exciting. I took off his shorts with my left hand. Now that he closed his eyes, I could see the look of satisfaction on his face.

For some reason I asked him if he had ever had the desire…. Try the penis..

I was shocked, the question even came out of my mouth. We were both straight! We both laughed and then he said quietly, "….yes…when I was younger and spending the night with a buddy, we talked about blowjobs while we jacked off. We've both had girls suck our cock before and we wondered what it was like for them. I looked around and imagined myself sucking a cock. Just that, just once, I wanted to try it. My desire was never satisfied and we did this: “You tease me, I tease you” instead. We jerked each other off. The feeling of his warm cock and his hot cum running down my hand was something new to me and him. Then our urges disappeared. I never told anyone this, but I had the urge to do it “just this once.” never left me. I said, "We're straight, not bisexual or anything, but we both have a desire to do 'it.'" just time. He said, "You are right, just once I will want to do this and that will satisfy me." I agreed that this was my motivation too.

I took a break……

He kept his arms and hands on the arms of the chair.

The herb took full effect. I spread his legs and came closer, his cock wasAs big as mine and rock hard, my right hand never left his cock as I began stroking us as my cock joined us. His penis was cream colored and had a dark pink head. I was so hot that I felt dizzy. I dreamed of blowing him, jerking him off and getting his cum in my mouth. He let out a satisfied moan as I needed to get closer. I wanted to see his hot, white, sweet cum squirt out as close as possible, watch it and smell his cum…..the medicine was in full effect…..

Better yet... I imagined that I wanted to get my mouth as deep as possible on his cock and jerk him off until I felt his hot cum and felt it go down the back of my throat... I wanted his cum taste taste... .. Enjoy it... in my mouth... Feel it on your tongue... and taste more and lick your lips. …

Ugh...I was hot!

His cock was as hard as it could be and the head was sticking out. My heart was pounding, I was out of breath with excitement, my eyes were glued to his big cock and this was the first time I had done this. I admired his cock, his pubic hair and his balls. I was about to cum with him when I touched his cock with my mouth and felt it shoot inside. I ran my hands over his pubic hair and balls, making him moan in pleasure. I stopped and undid my belt, button and zipper as he smiled and watched. I slowly lowered my pants, still on my knees, and with a big sigh, I carefully pulled my cock out. It was the worst blow I had ever suffered, and he stood up straight with his whole head focused on it. I moved him even lower so I could see both of our cocks as I stroked him and myself. I moved my cock closer to him until we were touching...!

I almost came here... when he groaned. He began to moan even more as our cocks were now rubbing their heads together. We jumped as our heads touched each other. It was so hot stroking two cocks that I knew I was about to get a mega super cum and I was just going to try and suck his cock while he came and now I wasn't going to let anything stop me .

….. I was shaking inside and my breath was shaky. I stopped, felt his cock, his pubic hair and his balls and then started stroking him again. I wanted this time to last longer and be etched in my memory. I found myself moving my mouth closer to his cock, he was breathing so hard and moaning... I want to cum so bad.

……I was weak and very excited. I lowered my head to his cock, spreading his legs wider and as I stroked both of us, I simply lowered my head to his cock, now an inch away as my hot breath surrounded his turgid member. My breathing matched his, I gasped and blew warm air onto his cock, he began to whimper, just like me, and whispered... ("Oh God... my God... oh God... oh God!!!!" ) "I knew that he was coming and wanted to feel it in my mouth. I simply lowered my lips to his head and lowered myself further onto his cock as far as I could.

That's what triggered it. He growled "Argggggggg." as I finally felt him release a stream of hot cum. Instantly filled my mouth with warm cum. It leaked from the corners of my mouth as he shot load after load into my warm mouth, growling with desperate pleasure. It was the first time a man came in my mouth and it was so hot that I will never forget the first time. I knew that the feeling of super hot cum spurting, pumping and filling my mouth was a thrill. I let the cum flow in and tasted it again and again, hot and exciting. Sperm ran down the corners of my mouth. His cum covered my hand and I could smell it strongly. Hot spurts of cum continued to shoot out of his cock and I could feel his hot cock pulsating in my mouth as I felt each spurt of cum enter my mouth. I kept as much cum in my mouth as possible and just enjoyed it. I rose from my knees, closed his legs and placed my legs on either side of his legs.

….. We both stared at my big cock with our heads arched… I felt his cum on the underside of my balls and cock. I leaned down and almost touched his lips. From the last few seconds before I came out I started to feel the mega cum. I wanted to shoot my waiting sperm directly into his mouth. I started panting and moaning so much (‘‘oh god…. oh”)

…As we both watched my cock become full and ready to explode on its own. My balls spasmed and squeezed tightly. We both watched as my cocks initially fired a small starting shot that hit his open lip. Then he instantly found the strength to simply lean forward and grab my hips as his lips and mouth slid right over my cock. He pushed it in as deep as he could and when I felt my cock hit the back of his throat I screamed, "OH GOD, OH GOD...OOOOOOOHHHH GOOOODDDDDD" as I felt my cum explode in his mouth, that biggest part I've ever had. He "mmmmmmm" over and over again, all the while stroking me as my cum flowed from his mouth down his chin,down the neck and onto the shirt. It was such a hot feeling of his warm, slick mouth around my cock as I continued pumping him and cumming into his warm mouth. I continued stroking his cock and felt his cum on my hand as the smell of cum surrounded us. He just kept sucking and sucking my cock until every drop came out and just oozed out from the left. He then sat back to enjoy my cum, I just had to suck his wet cum soaked cock some more as he came in more small spurts. I was so weak and out of breath that I kept sucking him with all my might...

He moaned and I moaned for a long time. When I was finally able to stand up, my cock was still rock hard and there was cum all over me, his on my mouth, chin, neck and arms as I tasted it, and mine all over his mouth. Chin, neck. and a shirt. I walked over to his chair and looked at his cum soaked face. He turned around to suck me some more. I reached out and played with his cum. It was slippery and plentiful. He sucked and swallowed as much cum as he could from my cock and hands. It felt wonderful to feel his tongue caressing it. I leaned forward and licked his cock, his pubic hair, his shirt and his balls, all covered in cum. I licked the cum from his face, neck and hands. He took his finger and transferred my cum from his mouth, his chin and his throat into his mouth and swallowed it. Wherever we found sperm, we collected it, tasted it and swallowed it.

__ I licked his shirt and a little on the chair. He licked my cock and more of my balls. I lick his face a little more, his chin, and then when I licked his lips, he licked mine too. It was hot! We exchanged cum with our tongues for a long time. There was some cum in his hot mouth and he pushed it towards me with his tongue. I did the same and kept some in my mouth. We sucked on our tongues again as if we were going to cum in our mouths.

…..The next evening__we waited___, we turned the lights off again and talked about everything we wanted to do with my cock and his.

We stared into space and thought about how we could get super sperm. It was our first time and we only had 24 hours to think about all the ways to cum.

For starters, we both wanted a 69 full of cum. So we went to his room and undressed, only it was light in the hallway. We lay on his bed and I laid on my back first and he slapped me on the head and put his cock in my mouth first. I wanted him to cum in my mouth. He was trembling, he covered my mouth, squeezed my head tightly and screamed... AH... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAagesee !!!!!! As I felt his mega hot cum fill my mouth. He twitched and squirmed, moving his cock as fast as he could in my mouth as he came. I screamed in pleasure as I had his cock in my mouth...MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!! He turned around, still keeping his cock in my mouth, quickly put his mouth on my cock and fucked it deep and fast, holding his head and feeling a huge amount of cum rising from the base of my cock and into his warm, hot pussy gushing mouth. .

__ As I enjoyed his cum in my mouth, I could see his lips on my cock, loads flowing from his lips. He put his hand under my ass and raised my hips to get more cum. I jerked off each portion of hot cum and watched it flow from the corners of his mouth. He slowly continued pumping my mouth to give me everything he had. We turned on our sides, weak but still sucking cum. I kept licking his cock and pulling him towards me for more. I wanted more as I felt his cock growing in my mouth and he bristled every time I sucked his cock. His cock was wet, covered in cum and I could smell the hot cum. I felt his buttocks, played with his balls and held them. I soon felt him doing the same to me as I jerked and thrust into his mouth. We were about to cum again...... when…

wake up... wake up... oh god... what's wrong...


I see......I had a dream...

I woke up to a huge cock stroking him….

I sit back ___ and continue to cum slowly ___ with a smile on my face….

wow__what a dream____mmmmm….what a dream… dream… dream….

…. I fell asleep again... we were close to cumming again... I felt the head of his cock slowly slide into my mouth... as I sucked and stroked... I slowly sped up... I grabbed his buttocks and squeezed him tightly...waiting

……so that the explosion fills my mouth with heavenly juice. I felt a warm, slippery feeling on my cock...his mouth sucking I...oh god...the feeling was euphoric...The two feelings together were too strong and I began to experience cum heaven as he let out a jet of cum that filled my mouth to the hilt...goosebumps came over me me....

...Here it is... sip after sip of heavenly juice......I swallowed... and swallowed...

....until I came to another world....

* (female voice)….. His experience in the world of bisexualsContentment leads to extreme joy. Now he knew how much pleasure I got from oral sex from a female perspective. This led to a three and then a four.

…. The way he ran his fingers through my hair while I was performing oral sex on his male friend and my lover showed me that he understood... the pleasure I knew.

As I licked his friend...while his girlfriend pushed his cock behind her...his girlfriend and her both shook and moaned in pleasure...The way he felt his friend's penis while licking the head of me I joined him and then he kept taking his cock all the way down… then he moaned with a long moan… As the boyfriend started to cum, his erection overflowed... he swallowed again and again... while I licked the overflow and he moaned in satisfaction.....*


I said, “I wonder if…”. |Click……buzzzzzzzzzz..



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