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Natasha's disappointments

I previously posted a shorter and different version, but revised it and added a lot more. This story is about 40% true and 60% fiction. I realize there are a lot of grammatical errors, but I only do that when I'm bored and don't do much proofreading. C&C is definitely worth a look.

Natasha woke up, her boyfriend Keith was standing next to her, fast asleep and snoring like always. It was a sleepless night, another night where Keith failed to satisfy Natasha sexually. She always slept better on the days she had an orgasm, but it seemed like her boyfriend was giving her less and less as their relationship progressed. Nat tried to go back to sleep, but she couldn't, she kept tossing and turning; She had to solve her problem. She slid her hands through her panties and began rubbing her clit gently so as not to wake Keith, even though she knew he would just want to join in when he woke up and she wasn't in the mood to please him. it was her turn. She started fingering herself gently, but soon two fingers were deep in her pussy and her other hand was furiously rubbing her clit; At this point she didn't care if she woke Keith up, she only cared about cumming and she was close. It's a good thing Keith slept soundly. Nat squirmed, then she inserted a third finger and that was all she needed, within seconds he was spreading across all of her fingers. Breathing heavily, her hands covered in cum, Nat wiped her hands on her panties and dozed off peacefully. It used to be her and Keith, but lately no one seemed to love Nat as much as she did.

Natasha, or Nat as she was often called by friends and family, was 17 years old, and although many had their eyes on her, they never knew how beautiful she was. She was a modest 5 feet 7 inches tall with long dark black hair, large brown eyes, and a pale, innocent face. With her A-cup breasts, she weighed no more than 90 pounds. She has been a lifelong nerd, an avid anime watcher and gamer. Her boyfriend Keith was also a nerd, slightly overweight, with glasses, he was the stereotypical nerd. He and she had been friends for years, he finally confessed his feelings to Nat and she reciprocated, not caring what he looked like but how much they had in common: relationship-based laughter and love for the same, same things. Just six months ago, she lost her virginity to him on their second anniversary. Sex was completely new to her and she loved it. Keith made her feel loved in a way family and friends couldn't. After a few weeks of getting to know each other, she experienced her first real orgasm. It changed her entire attitude towards sex. She really enjoyed coming, the process of reaching orgasm was just as exciting as the orgasm itself. Over the last five months, Natasha and Keith explored the bedroom more than ever, becoming more insatiable with each passing week. She soon discovered that Keith was not her sexual equal. He couldn't last as long as she wanted, he didn't want to eat her pussy the way she wanted, even though she was always willing to suck him at his request. She fulfilled all his wishes, the problem was that he didn't have many demands, he was simple and inexperienced, just like her. Keith loved Nat, and even though Nat loved Keith very much, her body gradually began to crave sex more. She started watching porn to satisfy her sexual desires, but at the moment she was overwhelmed by her own orgasms. She loved watching women get fucked and secretly wished it was her, bent over and taking a huge cock in her pussy. The thought of it just flooded her mind and she always had to start what she finished. She went to the kitchen and bought cucumbers to use as dildos. Keith wasn't a great guy when it came to cock by any means, but when Nat shoved that dildo into her wet pussy she was in complete control of it and she loved it. She'll fuck him as many times as she wants, as hard and as fast, and maybe she'll just make it. She pushed the cucumber dildo into her pussy and rubbed her clit until she was satisfied. Then all the sexual tension and guilt would disappear and she could sleep and think about how to get Keith to give her that sexual pleasure and not some lifeless vegetable she had no feelings for.

It took Nat's mother over two years to finally let Keith stay with her. They were friends before they met and two years is a serious relationship, it was just a matter of time. As a result, not much has changed in her daily routine, video games and anime. Keith loved doing what Nat did, but it meant they could have sex whenever they wanted, and Nat was starting to want it more and more. One evening they were each playing a different video game next to each other when Nat took off her headset and looked at Keith. Keith just looked at Nat. "How are you?" he asked, noticing Nat placing her hands on his thigh. Keith knew where this was going and leaned in to kiss her as she did itHe pulled out his cock and began rubbing it gently as they kissed. It didn't take long for Keith to come to his senses. Nat stopped kissing and began moving down his chest and then putting Keith's rock hard cock all the way into her mouth. Keith's cock wasn't very big, just under six inches, and medium in girth, but Nat felt so successful that she took the whole thing into her mouth and down her throat. Keith squirmed as Nat's head bobbed up and down on his cock, he was close to orgasm and Nat couldn't let that happen, she wanted to be fucked too. She stood up and slowly undressed, threw her panties on the floor and climbed onto the bed. Keith immediately followed her to the bed where her legs were spread and motioned for him to eat her pussy; Keith often needed guidance on what to do during sex, but he willingly did what Nat asked and pleasing her was his main goal. Keith took the hint and stuck his head between Nat's legs. First he started rubbing her clit, then he started licking her. Even though Nat had never been eaten out by another guy, she didn't like Keith's method; She always thought it was just oral sex and that the girls in porn were just pretending like they often did. Keith changed the technique of his tongue on her pussy several times during the session, leaving no preparation for Nat's climax, which frustrated her. "Keith, I want to run your tongue over my clit and keep doing that until I come," Keith simply did as he was told. It was unlikely she would feel any different, but to Nat's shock she felt better, enough to make her cum? probably not, but it's a step in the right direction. Sex with Keith was just exploration and experimentation at this point, she masturbated and only came while he was asleep, which made her happy for the time being, she knew she had to teach Keith to please her or find sexual pleasure elsewhere, and the thought She was depressed because she loved Keith very much. She vowed that she would make Keith a great lover. She was tired of eating Keith's pussy and motioned for him to stop and come to her. His cock was soft, and while he was on his knees, Nat moved her head to suck on it and get it nice and hard. He got hard almost immediately, Natasha grabbed a pillow, placed it under her stomach and bent over it. Keith took the cue and stuck his cock straight into Nat's wet pussy. Nat lay face down and ass up while Keith fucked her. "Make it harder, no more of that soft thing, I want it hard baby" Nat demanded, Keith agreed, or at least as much as he could. After what seemed like only a few minutes to Nat, Keith was ready to cum; Nat was fully aware that this was going to happen as usual, but she was determined to find something that would turn her on, so she moved away from Keith's cock and lay on his back. “Cum on my face, baby,” she said, looking at Keith. confused look, she had never asked for something like that before, "Come on, cum on my face please!" However, Keith did as Nat wanted and impaled his cock right on Nat's willing face as she lay there looking so beautiful to her Face full of cum while fingering her pussy. Nat loved that she got closer to cumming than Keith did by eating her pussy or fucking her when her boyfriend fucked her straight up while she masturbated. She continued to rub her clit even after Keith was finished. He watched as she stroked her pussy and rubbed her clit with her eyes closed while his cum covered her face and squirted all over her fingers. She looked directly at Keith and then did something he never would have expected in a hundred years: she used her index finger as a rub, mixed it with his cum, and licked her cum-covered finger until her face was relatively clean. Keith had never seen anything like this before, it gave him great excitement watching his beautiful girlfriend do what he thought only porn stars would do. His cock became hard again, something that had never happened before. Nat's face lit up and his eyes widened. “Would you like me to do this for you?” Nat said with a devilish smile as she crawled between his legs and immediately started sucking his cock. She fingered her pussy with one hand, covering it with more cum, then brought it to Keith's mouth, causing him to lick the cum from her hands. This made Keith cum without warning, filling Nat's mouth. Keith had never come in Nat's mouth before, the first time she had tasted his or her cum was a few moments ago, but she had swallowed it purely on instinct, not wanting to make a mess on her sheets, even though it was her own cum dripped down her leg. I've already done it. "I'm so sorry, baby, I didn't think I would end up like this." When Keith was about to cum, he would usually warn him and Nat would let him come on her chest or on her chest, but never in hers Mouth. "It's okay baby, I really enjoyed it, the cum tastes great." At this point Nat wiped his face, which still had remnants of cum on it. "So watching me masturbate with your cum on my face really turned you on, didn't it?" WhaleI was embarrassed and my face turned red. “Sorry,” was all he could manage. “Don’t apologize, there’s nothing wrong with what we do in this bed. We love each other and just express it the way we want; I really enjoyed it, we will definitely do it again. Yawning, Nat looked at the clock and said it was time to sleep. For the first time in a long time Nat went to bed truly happy, happy that she came with Keith, even if he didn't exactly do it, he did more than he had in a long time. She decided this was a really good start. She snuggled up to him and fell asleep with a smile on her face.

The next morning, Nat and Keith were woken up by their alarm clock, waking them up in line for school. Keith usually slept over at school, considering they both attended the same school. They decided to shower together, something they had done before, but not often. They kissed in the shower then Nat started stroking Keith's cock and as always he had no problem getting aroused. Nat slowly knelt down, looked at Keith with her big brown eyes and asked in the sweetest voice, "Want me to blow you?" Keith looked stunned and just nodded his head. She began licking the head, slowly moving down the shaft, teasing Keith. Nat knew they didn't have much time left, her mother would be angry if they took too long, and even though it was obvious that they were having sex, her mother chose to ignore that fact from day one. Nat hoped that Keith would take the initiative and get her to do what he wanted, but he didn't, so Nat continued to tease him. She decided to punish him; She opened her mouth and pushed his cock right in, swirling her tongue around as she sucked, moving so forcefully from tip to base. She could always tell from his thrusts how close he was to orgasm: the more he thrust, the closer he was. At this point he was about halfway through and she was still sucking just as fast but then stopped. Keith was scared, he wanted to cum so bad. “Why did you stop loving?” - he asked desperately. “You are not allowed to cum, you have to wait until I decide that you can too. And if you jerk off, you won't be able to sleep for long. If you're a good boy, I'll let you cum sometime today. I love you!” Nat got up from her knees, kissed Keith on the lips and finished bathing. As they got out of the shower Nat clearly noticed Keith's sad demeanor, she knew he wanted to cum so badly and was hoping it would happen. Teach him to be more aggressive with her, she was tired of taking the lead during sex. Nat's mother Vivian really liked Keith, she thought he was a good boy, he was always polite, respectful and helpful when needed. On the way to school, Vivian noticed how sad Keith looked. "Keith, you look really upset today, is something wrong?" Keith didn't even notice, he just stared off into the distance, thinking about how upset he was. It wasn't until Nat hit him on the arm that his head fell to the side and he blurted out, "Oh, I. "I'm fine, sorry Vivian, I'm just distracted, I have a test today." Nat knew , that he was lying, he was distracted because he wanted to cum. Nat planned to make Keith cum as soon as they got home from school, and if he just learned his lesson, he could do whatever he wanted with Nat, within reason of course. "Thanks for the ride mom, I'll come over after school, I love you," Nat called to her mother as they got out of the car. Keith kissed Nat and went to class. On the way to class he heard his phone ringing, he looked at a message from Nat that said Think about what you want to do to me and I CAN just let you do it if we come back from school, my mother works long hours. Keith definitely will because he had so many things to think about last night. Keith and Nat didn't talk much at school, they had separate lunch breaks, and both had heavy course loads. They were both smart enough to completely separate their relationships and sex lives from school and their friends, but if Keith had continued to misbehave as a lover, Nat will continue to punish him in new ways that go beyond those boundaries.

The day was finally over and Keith had no idea what he wanted to do with Nat, he just knew he wanted to fuck her. Today Keith's mother picked her up because Vivian often worked long hours and was the principal of an elementary school on the other side of town. Keith rode shotgun and Nat sat in the back, throwing all her bags next to her. When Keith tilted his head back to ask Nat how class was, he immediately noticed that he could see Nat's skirt, she had always worn skirts since they went to Catholic high school. He saw her turquoise lace panties, she didn't even try to hide them, his cock immediately got harder and his thoughts became even more sexual, he couldn't wait to cum. Keith didn't necessarily like what was happening to him, he had never been so sexy, that was all he could think about as he stuck his cock into Nat's wet drippings.Holes, it was a whole new way of thinking, but as long as Nat was comfortable with it and it didn't interfere with his life outside of the bedroom, he had no objection to this newfound pleasure. Keith and Nat were finally home, the drive felt like an eternity. Once they were inside, he looked at Nat with a serious expression. Nat thought she might have upset Keith: "You know, baby, I really don't appreciate what you did to me this morning," Keith said, taking off his backpack and coat. “I didn’t even masturbate like you told me to, but God knows what I wanted. "You kind of owe me something," Keith sat down on the sofa. and after putting on boxers he took out his cock and said, "You can start with that." Nat was thrilled that she was finally being told what to do and that she didn't have to do everything herself. She happily laid down on the couch and lowered her head onto Keith's already semi-hard cock. He loved the sucking and slurping sounds she made as she took every inch into her mouth. "You're going to swallow every drop when I come, okay?" Nat just blurted out, "Uh-huh," as he continued sucking Keith's cock. After a few minutes he was close to climax and Nat started stroking his balls. Keith began shoving his cock as deep down Nat's throat as he could, cumming right into her mouth. Like a good girl, she swallowed every drop as she was told. Keith stood up and laid Nat on his back, slowly removing the turquoise panties she had been teasing him with. Her pussy was the wettest he had ever seen. "Look at that pussy, it's soaking wet, I don't even know, I have to do this to you considering how badly you behaved today." Nat shook her head back and forth frantically, she wanted to that her pussy was licked. "Please baby, eat my pussy, eat it, PLEASE." Keith dove right in. Nat aggressively ate her pussy, making her even wetter. "Oh my God, Keith, I'm going to cum, please don't stop." Nat wrapped her legs around Keith's head as she came, it was the most powerful orgasm she had ever had in her entire life and Keith was responsible for it all responsible. As Keith came up for air, his face glistening as Nat's cum coated the area around his mouth, she leaned in and began kissing him, tasting her cum on his face. At this point Keith got hard again, laid Nat on her back again and spread her legs in the air. He placed the head of his cock against Nat's pussy and looked her straight in the eyes: "Tell me you want it and I'll give it to you"

“I want it so bad, I need it, PLEASE FUCK ME,” she screamed, the neighbors next door probably heard her, but that was all Keith needed to hear and more, he dove right in. The neighbors could probably hear Nat. fucked her pussy, and when they couldn't, they definitely heard her moans and screams, literally begging Keith to fuck her. This type of sex was completely foreign to both Nat and Keith, they usually did it slowly, romantically and tenderly, but this was pure sexual pleasure. After 10 minutes of constant thrusting, Keith pulled his cock out. “Get on all fours,” Keith demanded, Nat did as she was told. Keith stood right behind her and wasted no time in shoving his cock back into Nat's wet pussy, Nat's face buried in the sofa cushion, screaming and moaning into it as she had another equally intense orgasm. Keith was almost ready to cum, he pulled out and shot jet after jet onto her back, he immediately turned Nat over and started kissing her. "I love you so much, I'm sorry if I was rude earlier," he huffed, still not himself, breathing as he kissed the girl he loved so much. Nat's entire body shook with the most intense orgasms of her life. When they got up, they both noticed a huge mess on the couch, covered in sweat and cum, and it smelled terrible too. "We have to clean this up before my mom gets home," Nat said, Keith nodded and went into the kitchen to get some soap and a rag. Nat just stood there thinking about what had just happened, Keith turned a full 180 degrees to face her, she had never seen him like that before, during that time he was a completely different man, and after he had an orgasm he returned to normal, it was like magic. Did Keith and Nat agree about sex? It seems they still have more problems to solve, but at least they could work on them together now.




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