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My Sisters and Me (Revised)

My name is Andrey, I live at home with my parents and my younger sister. I have three younger sisters, but in this story I will only mention meeting two of them. I am 21 years old, my younger of two is Rebekah who is 17 years old and my older one is Sarah who is 19 years old. 9 inches slim, with long dark hair. Sarah is around a 34B cup size and Rebekah is around a 34A cup size. Even though they are smaller, they still excite me when I run around the house with almost nothing on. About 6-7 years ago I played around with Rebecca a bit and almost got to the end. Before we got caught, we went as far as inserting the tip of my penis into her, but I could never see it as she demanded that the lights be turned off. But before we could continue, we got caught and stopped playing our games. But something happened recently that became the best night of my life.

It was midnight and I was watching incest porn and masturbating with a used condom to make it easier to clean. Without a lock on the door, I have to try to be vigilant and make sure no one comes into my room. I jerked off for about 30 minutes and even had my sister's Facebook tabs open which turned me on even more. Suddenly Rebecca came into my room out of the blue and I didn't have time to close my tabs or put away the trash. She was immediately intrigued and what happened next followed.

“Are you doing what I think you are doing?” Rebekah asked "It's hard to pretend it's not, but what does it look like, what do I do?" I replied

“Apparently you are still attracted to me, you masturbate to photos on my Facebook page”; She said

"Well, our games when we were younger made me feel so good that I can imagine us playing again." I said

"They were joking, but we got caught and it's wrong to do something like that with siblings." She said

"Yes, in some people's eyes it's wrong, but if they knew how good it felt they would understand." I replied

"Honestly, sometimes I imagine what it would have been like if we hadn't gotten caught." She said

"I do this all the time, so I look at your photos and I want us to pick up where we left off." I said

She replied, "Well, I guess we could if you wanted, but..."

"But what?" I asked

“But we can’t do it the same way as before”; She said

"What do you mean?" I asked again

“We never had protection when we were younger, but back then it didn’t matter. If we pick up where we left off, I might get pregnant,” she explained.

“It would be so bad if we both loved each other. Maybe I'll just come out before I cum." I replied

“I'm very sorry, but I don't want to do this without protection. I don't want to explain to my mother or father that I'm pregnant."

“But like I said, I might as well leave before I come, I’ll take care of it.”

"I'm so sorry Andrew, but do you have any condoms we can use?"

“Yes, I'm really sorry that I tried to force you to do something you didn't want to do. I'll take a condom.

“Thanks Andrew, let’s do this while everyone sleeps.”

Rebecca then reached down to the bottom of her shirt and slowly pulled it up until above her head I saw her bra for the first time, supporting her lovely firm breasts. She then reached behind her and unclasped her bra, playfully hiding her breasts and then letting the bra fall to the floor. For the first time in many years I saw her breasts, perfectly round, with small pink areolas. Her nipples even started to get hard with excitement as she undressed in front of me. She pulled down her yoga pants, which covered almost nothing. Then she slowly took off her panties, revealing her perfectly shaved and tight vagina. He was just wet from our conversation a few minutes ago. Then she lay down on my bed, just like before when she played our games. Her ass is right on the edge of the bed and her legs are hanging wide apart so I can access her vagina.

When I saw Rebecca naked on my bed I got hard again, she asked me to give her a condom and I handed it to her. I stood between her legs and rubbed my penis against her vagina. Then she took the condom, rolled it along my penis and hit her clitoris with it. I took control and slid my penis up and down her slit until it pressed against the entrance to her vagina. She looked at me worried and I asked:

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, I waited too long to make my move and finish what we started years ago.”

I slowly started pushing her into my vagina, her lips wrapped around the tip of my penis and then began to close.around him as my penis pushed deeper and deeper into her. Finally I hit her hymen. She felt it and shuddered a little. I stopped immediately and just enjoyed having half of my 8 inches inside my little sister. She looked at me and said:

“Please be gentle, I am a virgin as we have never been through this part before.”

I replied, “I will treat you like a queen because you let me be first.”

“Thank you, now if you’re ready, go ahead. I'm ready."

I pulled back about 2 inches and pushed in with a little more pressure. I felt myself going a little deeper, but not all the way. I waited a minute, saw the pain on her face, and then tried again. I withdrew about two inches again and pushed my penis back in. This time she screamed in pain as she bypassed the hymen. I inserted the rest of my penis into her until all 8 inches of me were inside her. We stood shoulder to shoulder and she had never looked more beautiful.

“It's much better than just the tip. You are surprisingly thin. I said

She replied, "Thanks, sit there for a while, let me get used to your penis."

“No problem, Rebecca. I love you."

We sat there motionless for 10 minutes. I caressed her breasts and even tugged on her nipples a little to distract attention from the pain in her vagina. I saw her expression change from pain to pleasure. Soon she tells me she's fine and we can move on now. I start to pull back a few inches and push back. Slowly, over the next 10 minutes, I pull my penis out about 7 inches and push it back into her. I start fucking her faster and faster, watching her breasts bounce up and down with each thrust. I fucked her so fast that her breasts were spinning for a whole minute. She enjoys every minute of it. I'm slowly approaching my climax and I see Rebecca starting to feel her orgasm approaching. After another 5 minutes of vigorous fucking, we are both on the verge of a violent orgasm. As I felt my orgasm beginning, I penetrated Rebecca's vagina as deeply as I could, and as I began to squirt, I felt her vagina convulse around my penis. Unfortunately, our sister Sarah enters the room just as we orgasm.

“Andrew, what are you doing? "That's Rebekah, you shouldn't be doing that!" Sarah exclaimed.

I could only respond with a mumbled slang: “Yes, uh, hmm, uh, oh”;

“Andrey, stop!” What are you doing to Rebecca!?”

My orgasms subsided and I fell forward before collapsing completely on top of Rebecca. Rebecca had an incredible glow and her eyes were completely awestruck by the orgasm we had just shared. Rebekah was the first to answer Sarah.

“Sarah, there’s nothing wrong with that. I actually went over to Andrew masturbating and looked at pictures of us and some incest porn. When we were younger we played games and experimented. I just wanted to see how the games would have turned out if Mom and Dad hadn't caught us. He's wearing a condom too, so we're safe."

"That doesn't mean you should let your brother fuck you, it's just wrong and disgusting, and wait, what do you mean we take pictures?" Sarah

asked “Check the tabs on his computer, Sarah, and you’ll see he’s into brother-sister incest. Even though he used to play games with me, he still dreams of you joining in our fun." Rebecca replied.

“It's true, Sarah, I've always wanted to invite you to our games. I didn't want to spoil your fun.

“Okay, Rebecca, but isn't it strange to have your own brother inside you?” - Sarah asked.

“No, that’s amazing. Nothing I've ever felt compares to this. Rebecca replied.

Sarah looked puzzled and confused when I asked her:

"Sarah, you seem jealous because you've never had that feeling before." I said

Sarah replied: "Well, I'm still a virgin and my little sister isn't like that anymore, I feel left out."

“Sarah, it’s too late, you can try if you want. I'm sure Andrew would love to fuck you too, right, big brother?" - Rebecca said.

“Sure, Sarah, if you want to try, I have more condoms. I don't want you to feel left out. I said

Sarah replied, "Okay Andrew, when you're done with Rebecca, I really want you to be my first too."

“Exactly Sarah, your timing was really perfect, I was just finishing when you came in.”

I pulled my now soft penis out of Rebecca's vagina. Rebecca continued to lie on the bed with her legs dangling, exhausted from the fuck we had just finished. I took off the condom I hadI used it with it and then wanted to throw it away. She asked me to give it to her first. Rebecca then took the used condom and poured my cum onto her breasts in circles around her nipples. Then she slowly rubbed it into her chest. When I saw this, my penis twitched a little.

Across the room, Sarah was taking off her shirt, then unclasping her bra, giving me my first look at her perfect, orange breasts. They had larger areolas than Rebecca's and were a little redder. Her breasts weren't as firm, but I still liked them. Then she took off her panties and I saw her tight shaved vagina for the first time. Her pussy lips were bigger than Rebecca's. I could imagine that the trip would be a lot of fun. However, I reached for the condom and Sarah said:

“Andrew, do you mind if we don’t use a condom?”

"What? You mean you don't want me to wear a condom? I asked Sarah

"No, I don't. I want you to fuck me without a condom and I want you to cum in my vagina. Me I want my first time to be something I can remember." Sarah replied

"Well Sarah, I don't want to remember the first time we fucked because you got pregnant. So can I have one Use a condom?" I asked

"No need, Andrew, I've been on the pill for almost a year now to regulate my periods. I'm protected, so you don't have to worry about it. Sarah replied.

"Okay, Sarah , no condom, but better tell the truth."

Rebecca sang, "Is it okay if I watch you two fuck?" I want to see if you feel any changes after you stop using a condom."

“Of course, Rebecca, you can watch. Sarah, do you want to lie down?

"Actually, Andrew, would you mind if I was on top, I'd rather be in control for the first time."

“Sarah, this is your first time. I will do anything you want. I replied

“Thanks Andrew, now lie down.”

I lay down on the bed and Sarah sat on my legs directly under my penis. She played with it a little to get it hard again. Then Sarah stood up and positioned herself over my penis. She grabbed my cock and rubbed it against her pussy lips until she was wet enough. Then she put my penis between her lips at the entrance of her vagina. I watched excitedly as she slowly lowered herself onto me. I watched as the ridge on the head of my penis slowly penetrated the lips of her vagina. Then the veins on my penis slowly disappeared until I felt resistance. Sarah paused for a moment, holding hands.

“Rebecca, does it hurt when his penis goes through my hymen?”

“Yes, Sarah, it will hurt a little. But it's worth a little pain.

With that Sarah adjusted herself slightly and then pressed on the rest of my penis. I felt my penis pass through her hymen and then she let the entire length of my penis rest inside her tight little vagina. She sat motionless for a moment, getting used to the pain and coming to terms with it.

“Andrew, please rub my breasts for a few minutes, I need to get used to it.”

“Of course Sarah, take as much time as you need.” I replied

I played with her breasts, squeezing them with each hand, pulling on her nipples and even reaching down to suck on them. Sarah rubbed back and forth on my penis for five minutes. I loved the slight movement, it was so nice to just feel something other than a tight grip. She slowly began to rise and fall again. She soon pulled up so that my penis reached the tip before collapsing back down to the hilt. It went so fast and hard that I was surprised that the sound of our slapping skin didn't wake anyone up. She slowed down for a minute to speak:

“Wow, Rebecca, I can see why you don’t mind, it feels so good.”

“Yes, but Sarah, you have to remember that you have an advantage when you take the pills. I think it would be better if he didn't have to wear a condom. Rebecca replied


Sarah then said: "Nothing says you can't fuck him again once they give you the pill to see how it feels."

“Yes, I think I will”; Rebecca replied.

“After this, you won’t be the only one fucking him again. This is so pleasant. I can’t wait to feel him cum.”

As the conversation between them ended, Sarah quickened her pace again. Her breasts were bouncing up and down faster and faster, I was preparing myself for an even bigger orgasm than Rebecca's. I began to resist Sarah's thrust and then had the strongest orgasm I had ever had inside her. Wave after wave, jet after rope of fresh baby batter coated the inside of her waiting cunt. As soon as I was free, I felt her vagina twitch and pull more cum out of my penis.Her whole body began to convulse and she finally fell on top of me, exhausted. I felt her chest heaving against my chest with every breath she took.

Sarah said: "Wow Andrew, that was amazing. Thank you so much for that, we will definitely do it again."

“Sarah, it was just as good for me as it was for you, thank you too.”

As Sarah began to pull out of me, my cum began to drip from her vagina back onto my penis. Rebekah quickly asked:

“Sarah, come here and let some of his cum drip onto my chest.”

Sarah ran all over Rebecca's naked body and let my cum drip from her cunt onto Rebecca's breasts for about 5 minutes before they both began to clean up and get dressed again. I looked at my watch and told them:

"It's 4:30 in the morning, you better get back to bed before mom or dad gets up and catches us all."

As they walked out the door they said in unison, “Thank you again.”Andrew.”



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