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My first sex with my niece.

My first sex with my niece

My niece Angie and I

I don't know how to start, but I want to say that I have dreamed of having sex with my niece Angie since I was 16.

Angie moved in with us when she was 15 years old. Her mother and father (my wife's sister) moved because he was in the military and was sent to Texas.

Angie wanted to finish school here and babysat our son many times. She is 14 years younger than me and we have always been close. She would believe anything I said because she knew I would never tell her mother, father or anyone else what she said or did.

One day I accidentally went into the bathroom when she was coming out of the shower. I got the best show of my life because she didn't say a word, she just walked out and grinned at me.

Now I'm an average looking man and have had my fair share of women, but the sight of a naked 16 year old wet girl with perfect C cup tits was almost more than I could bear.

I told her I was sorry and to lock the door while she showered. She just laughed at me and said, "Okay." I walked back out the door. Later that evening she and I were alone on the street and she said she was glad I saw her naked.

I told her that if her aunt found out we would both die. She promised not to talk. She lived with us for more than two years and during that time I found it very difficult to stay away from her. She was too young and I loved my wife. I definitely didn't have to deal with such problems.

At 19 she left the country and got married. She had two children and we saw them at least twice a month for the next 20+ years. She and her husband divorced about ten years ago and she remarried to a man my age.

They seem to have had a good marriage and we still see them quite often. family reunions and so on. We talked to her all the time because we have a very good relationship.

About 4 years ago my wife was diagnosed with cancer and her sex drive worsened. Of course I went crazy during this time. Both of them are worried about their health and at the same time I have a very high sex drive. At the same time, she lost all desire for sex.

It drove me crazy. I jerk off every day but it's not nearly the same. I used to think of myself as a prostitute, but for this reason I should fuck off. I had no idea how to find it either.

Then about 1 ½ Many years ago, my wife was admitted to the hospital for surgery and stayed there for more than two weeks. After the surgery, while she was recovering, I drove there to visit her almost every day, but it was about 70 miles each way. Since my business couldn't function alone, I had to be there almost every day.

Anyway, Angie called me one day and asked if she could come and visit her. I said I was sure she would be very happy to see them. The day she left with me, we talked about everything the whole time. But it wasn't until our second trip that we were able to talk about our relationships with friends or partners.

She told me about her husband and herself. Her husband seems to be diabetic and therefore has erection problems. When he has it, he is in so much pain that he cannot have sex. Then she told me that she hadn't had sex in almost two years. It's not that she doesn't have offers, I'm pretty sure she gets hit on on a very regular basis.

She is a very attractive woman, even at 42 years old she is a real eye-catcher. 5 feet 7 inches; 135 or so, chest measurement at least C, perfect skin, one blue and one brown eye (that's a family trait) and shoulder-length blonde hair to boot.

She told me that she wouldn't cheat on him because she still loved him. She's also afraid that if something were to happen and he found out, she would never give herself away. She was also afraid of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

I told her I knew what she would do and explained my problems to her. She said she had no idea we had any problems. My wife and I do not discuss our personal problems with others. Especially family members, since it's nobody's business but ours.

She said it was funny how things turned out. I said, what do you mean? She said that she was always jealous of her aunt because she thought I was an ideal partner.

I laughed and said: That's unlikely, if only you knew. She said she knew better than most because she lived with us the whole time. She said I was the one who helped her survive when she had problems at home.

I have helped them several times with renovations around the house. Over the years we have also babysat her two children from time to time. We also lent her money several times. She told me that when she was preparing to get married again, she tried to find a partner like me.

Then she tells me, but there is only one of you. I said I was flattered and wished she and I weren't related. I told her that I would really like to find a woman like her because I knew we would be perfect together.

She told me she had to stop and go to the bathroom. So we stopped and I grabbed some drinks and snacks. When we got back to the car she asked if I was serious.what I said before we stopped. That we are perfect for each other.

Hell yeah, I said it. Then she looked me straight in the eyes and said, “I want to go somewhere and have sex with you.” I was stunned, all I could do was look at her.

"Do you mean that seriously?" I have said. "Yeah, like I said, I haven't had sex in 2 years." I said, "I don't know." She looks at me and says, "What's wrong?" We both really need this, and no one should know that this happened.

“I know you want this, you've wanted this since you saw me naked when I was 16. One day I was just getting out of the shower. I wanted you to see me and hoped you would try to do something, but you didn't."

I was a little shocked when she said that because I had no idea she thought that. I asked, "Are you really sure about this?" Then I felt her hand on my crotch and my penis seemed to jump at her touch.

"He wants it to be similar." rubbing my cock through my pants. "I know that's what he wants, but I also know if anyone knows that we're in deep shit." "We're still 50 miles from home and I'm not welcome home at all. If I call Gary and tell him I'm staying in the hospital overnight. He will never doubt it. She says

Then she came closer and kissed me. The moment her warm, soft lips touched mine, I was done. My cock became rock hard and I couldn't refuse. I found a motel and rented a room.

As we entered the room all I could do was stare at her beautiful ass as she walked in front of me. I still couldn't believe this was happening. It all felt like a dream (a dream come true). She tells me she has to take a shower. I said, "I need a shower too." Because I haven't had one in 2 days. “That sounds good to both of us.” She says

She came over and kissed me, then took a few steps back and began to unbutton her pants. She opened it and stopped. I could only see her red panties. She then started unbuttoning her blouse as it stood out and I saw the matching red bra she was wearing. She took off her top and set it aside and I stood frozen, watching her. Then she stuck her thumbs into the top of her jeans and slowly slid them down her shapely thighs and legs. When I saw her red panties come into view, I moaned in gratitude. She smiled slightly appreciatively and continued. I watch as she unhooks her bra. Her breasts come into view, each perfectly formed, with pronounced nipples that are at least ½” protrude. I can't take my eyes off them. She then pulls down her panties, revealing a small strand of blonde hair at her crotch. I immediately wanted to crawl up and bury my face in her pussy.

She says: "You can't shower with your clothes on, that's stupid." I was striped in exactly 30 seconds. My almost hard cock stands at attention. (I'm not tall, I would say my average height is 15-18cm long and 3.8cm diameter. Nothing to boast about.) I stare at her whole body for a while. Then she says, “Nothing gets cleaned this way.” I don’t care, I never want to let her out of my sight again. “Come over here, you dirty boy.” Then he laughs: “I like my meat clean.”

I go into the bathroom and turn on the water. I stood there and thought how lucky I was. I got into the shower and let the warm water flow over me. I started to wash myself then I heard the door open. "Can I help?" Angie says, "Let me wash you?" I nervously said, "Okay." She took a rag and started soaping it while looking at my naked body. "I like your body," she says, "for a man in his fifties you're still in good shape." "I work hard to keep it that way, I train every day and my work helps. I walk about 5 miles every other day.”

"Turn around, I'll answer you." I turned around and she started from my shoulders and slowly washed my back. When she went to my ass and started washing my buttocks, I almost came. She worked her way between my legs and began working her way up my back and back to my crotch, almost touching my balls but not quite.

When she was done with my ass, she got on her knees and said, "Turn around." When I did this, my fully erect penis was almost in front of her face. "Hmm, that looks tempting." She said as she leaned forward and kissed the tip. "Oh God! - I said with a soft moan. “Mmmm, you liked it, didn't you?” “Oh yes, oh God, yes!” She sucks the head for a minute.

Then she stands up and says: “ Your turn." I soap the rag. "I think I should do the back first." "I agree." She turns around and I start soaping her back and sides, almost touching her chest . I make my way to her ass. Flowing tissue between the tearher ass. Mmmm, I like it.” She says. I work on her buttocks and then clean her asshole. I run my finger over it very soapily and feel how it twitches when I touch it.

I finish her ass and continue to stand up. On my knees I ask her to turn around. She does and her pussy is less than 3 inches. from my face. I find it very difficult not to bury my face in it. Cleansing from the feet up. I wash her legs and thighs.

I start to clean her pussy, as I start to clean her clit she started to close and a soft moan came out of her. I could see that she had just had an orgasm. I stuck my finger inside her and at the same time rubbed her clit some more and she came again.

Then I started moving up her body and washing her tits. At that moment I dropped the rag. She lathered both tits with her hands and started working on the nipples. I rub and squeeze them between my fingers. Then I felt her hands on my cock and balls as she started slowly jerking me off. He squeezed my balls and kissed me on the lips. I felt her tongue enter my mouth and start playing with my tongue. I returned the kiss and completely lost myself in the lustful embrace. She moaned and so did I.

After the kiss I looked at her and said I can't take this anymore, I need you. We got out of the shower and I picked her up and carried her to bed. He laid her on her back, still wet, with her legs hanging off the bed. I adjust my pussy to my cock. I reached down to spread her pussy lips and felt her hand grab my cock and guide me towards her.

I slowly pushed the head against her vagina. She was very tight and I could tell she hadn't had sex in a while. I tried to approach her slowly and at the same time started caressing her breasts. Squeeze them together and lightly pinch the nipples. She started moving her hips, helping me get closer to her full length.

I leaned in and we kissed again. I began stroking her in and out as she met my thrusts. I reached down, lifted her ass and lowered her fully onto the bed. Then he started thrusting my cock right into the hilt. She bites my lip and then lets out a little cry of joy. Then she flipped me over, climbed on top and started riding me.

It was more than I could take and I told her I was going to cum. That made her job even harder. I shot her with such force that I thought it would fly out of her mouth. She continued to work my cock until it softened and slipped out. "Damned!" I said, "I haven't fucked in so long I thought my balls were going to explode." She said, "Is that all I get?"

"Well, I hope not." I said, "But it's going to take some time and stimulation to get back up." She looked at me and said, "Well, I think we have all night." God, I thought I was going to cum right on them again. We spent the next few minutes laying there and talking about how much we missed not having done this sooner. She played with my cock all the time while I stroked her pussy and bit her boobs every now and then. After about 5 minutes she said, "I can't wait any longer, I need it again." I just said, "I'm trying." Because I was in an almost serious state again. At that moment she somehow slid down, took my cock in her mouth and started sucking on the head, swirling her tongue around it. Within a minute I was hard and ready to go.

"This time". I tell her, “I want it from behind.” She immediately turned around and got on her knees and elbows. So I stood behind her, but first I had to kiss that beautiful ass, stick my tongue in the crack and lick her ass. "Oh God!" She says, "It feels good, but I need that cock now." So I take my cock and rub the head up and down the opening of her vagina. She reaches up and spreads her pussy lips as I start pushing my cock into her. I put the head in place and started working with it. She says, “Put it in a little deeper.” She says, “Over there!” and started moving her hips.

I found myself rubbing her G-spot. I felt her pussy start to squeeze my cock and her body started to shake. "Oh god! I'm cumming." - she says and started squeezing me hard. So I started thrusting my full length in and out. She was so excited that she made quite a loud noise. "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, GOD YES FUCK ME!!!" Then he collapsed forward on the bed. "Oh my god, that was great." She said. I say, “But I’m not done flipping yet.”

I crawled between her legs and then lay on top of her. I pushed my cock between her tits, squeezed them together and started tit fucking her. When the tip came out from between her tits, she licked the head. At some point I just let my cock slip out of her tits and she put it in her mouth and started sucking on it like a lollipop. She ran her tongue over the head and penetrated as deeply as possible at that angle. I felt like I was preparing for itand also. I told her I was close, but she just got more into it. I came in her mouth and she swallowed as quickly as my load came out. When I pulled it out of my mouth, she grinned and said, "Mom, that was good."

We had sex 6 more times that night. We now see each other at least 1-2 times a month. I look forward to it every time. Because we try something new every timetime.



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