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My First Friend: PART II

It was the week of my birthday and Jeremy surprised me and asked me to meet him at the park after school. As I approached he had a sad expression on his face, I even tried to kiss him but he pulled away from me. So I immediately went into therapist mode and asked him a thousand and one questions. Jeremy didn't say anything, he just got in the car and said to me: "Go anywhere, anywhere." I drove to my favorite place on the edge of the mountains, especially because there was no one there in the middle of the day. Since we didn't say anything on the way, I just got out and sat on the hood of my car. Jeremy came out after a while and stood in front of me. Without saying a word, he kissed me and started stroking my cock through my school pants. I agreed because I was afraid to find out what he would say. I just wanted to feel good before he dropped a big bombshell on me.

We kissed for what felt like an eternity. Jeremy finally broke our kiss by unzipping my pants. I forced his head down to meet my already hard cock. He opened his mouth as I laid down on the hood of my car. The way Jeremy used his tongue was always amazing. The way he raised and lowered his hands and tongue made me reach new heights of pleasure. It was just unusual the way he used his mouth, AND the best part was that (at least to me) he didn't make all those slurping noises. Jeremy slid me all over the car while he took the tip of his tongue and ran it up and down my cock, barely touching it. All I could do was hold on to the hood of my car as I got closer. He took me to 1000 clouds on the hood of my car, it was just amazing. Jeremy kind of ruined my mood because I thought I was going to cum in his mouth like I always did, but he turned his head and I drove to my car.

After we cleaned the hood of my car, I sat down under a tree not far away. Jeremy, who looked very sad, sat between my legs and pressed his back against me. He handed me the paper and said in his thick accent, "This is one of the reasons I'm sad today." The letter said that he was finishing the youth program he was in and that he would be in the next school year will continue his regular schedule. Personally, I thought that was great news, but then he said, "You won't be here next school year, tell me again why." So I explain to him for the billionth time why I'm graduating high school early and leaving at 17 will live on campus. He laughed and said in his thick accent, “Why aren’t you as stupid as the rest of us?” Then he really hit me when he said, "Why don't your friends and family know about us?" I wanted to scold him because his family didn't know about us. All I could do was ask him how his day was and why else he was so upset. It seems like he made a whole list of mistakes that day, and most of them involved me. Either it's me graduating, or my age, or our relationship, or he's mad that I didn't take him to prom because I already promised my best friend.

I think after all that he noticed I was quiet and tried to cheer me up. It did not work! So I just came out and said, "Why are you here with me when everything about me is so bad for you?" Look at everything I've done for you since we met. You have friends, you get a scholarship to study." At the school of your choice you will be in better physical and mental shape, but my age and the reason why I finish school early spoil the world for you. I'm sorry to hear that." I got up and got in the car, then yelled, "Get in NOW so I can take you home." Jeremy walked back to my car as slowly as he could, but as he got in he said, "I'm staying at your house." This started an even bigger argument that made us both angry. But eventually we both calmed down and he still came to my house. However, he couldn't stay overnight because my parents had already told me that I wasn't allowed to have company every evening. So after dinner my parents told me that they had gone to a friend's house for drinks and would be back late, and that I should take Jeremy home in the meantime.

It was almost seven o'clock and it was nice out for an April day in Ohio. We just sat outside, chatted and ate something else since we had the place to ourselves. The time flew by because when we finally realized what time it was, it was almost 10 o'clock. So I came up with a master plan: convince my parents to let Jeremy spend the night. I would tell my parents that Jeremy got into a fight at the group home where he lived and went back. But the plan only worked when Jeremy was out of sight and my parents were home. So I wanted to drop him off at the nearest bus stop, but Jeremy had other plans. As soon as we entered the garage I kissed him before we got in the car and so onThe kiss turned into something more than just an innocent peck on the lips. Jeremy put his hands in my shorts and I immediately got hard. I immediately stripped him naked and took off the rest of his clothes. I sat him on the hood of my car and slowly pushed my cock into his hole. It was the first time we had sex without condoms or lube, so Jeremy said, "Wait, you cheated on me?" I looked him in the eyes and said, "No, you cheated on me," he shook his head , “No.” So I continued. We moaned as I began making long strokes in and out of him on the hood of my car. I loved how he controlled his legs without my help, spreading them wide and giving me even more access to his hole. I jerked him, thrusting in and out of him faster. He put his arm around my neck to kiss me and I put his ankles on my shoulders to lift him out of the car. Jeremy pushed his body against mine to force my cock into him even more. So I turned around to get my butt on my car and he lowered his legs and put his feet on my bumper forcing me to lie flat on the hood so he could drive me. Jeremy was amazing as I cummed inside him and as he came on my chest. We were sweaty, tired and out of breath.

Then, and only then, did I hear a noise that ruined the moment. When the front gate opens, you will hear four clicks and a beep in the garage, THEN the garage door opens. We tried to get dressed and realized it was about 11:30. I thought this quickie would be quicker. But we still managed to run out of the garage and hide in the bushes. The only thought I had was why Jeremy didn't have a cell phone so he could hide somewhere and I could run into the house to put our plan into action. But I was determined to complete the challenge because I was still horny and wanted to take a shower in the second round. So I told Jeremy how to leave my territory without being seen or heard if I didn't return within twenty minutes. But when we started pulling out of the bushes, my parents wanted to go out the front door instead of through the garage. I pushed him back into the bushes and slashed his thigh with one of the branches. Then out of nowhere my parents saw me. I tried to lie that I was walking or jogging at midnight and fell into the bushes, but I smelled like sex. And my mother could only scream, "Some girl had sex at your house and tried to hide it." She hit me hard and my father, a few days before my birthday, said the only thing I didn't need to hear: "You You're grounded for a month, now go to your room." Even though I was angry that they wouldn't let me finish the story, in my head I was just glad that they hadn't seen Jeremy in the bushes.

The next day at breakfast my parents just gave me a dirty look like I was a criminal. I felt like I couldn't breathe when my mother said, "Tell me what happened." I was already planning on lying, but I basically told her the truth: “There was no girl in the house when you left. I took Jeremy home with me, but I didn't go straight home." But the hardest thing was that I didn't have an answer as to where I wanted to go. And I really wasn't prepared for my dad to ask me for my phone and unlock it. He saw that my best friend, a woman, called me around the time I was supposed to drop Jeremy off. He looked at me and whispered something in my mother's ear. I couldn't stand it and said, "Why would I lie when my birthday, prom, and graduation are getting closer and closer?" I promise you I didn't have sex with anyone in the house last night." My dad said, "Go to school and the after school programs will come straight home and if you make an extra stop you'll regret it; Now get away from me.” I was mad as hell, so I got in the car and sped out of the driveway, almost hitting the main gate. I was angry at school all day and didn't go to school after school, but guess who comes out of nowhere for avoiding me all day.

"Last night was fun, yeah," Jeremy said as I walked to my car and saw him sitting on the hood of my car. I ignored him, just like he ignored me all day, talking while I was getting in the car. When I rolled down the windows and went to film Jeremy, he was so slim that he just jumped out of the window. He just talked about his day like everything was fine until I got to the park on the other side of town. "Why are we here?" Jeremy asked. I gave him the meanest look and said, “So no one can hear you scream while I kill you.” We both got out of the car and I sat on the edge of the platform. Jeremy, who was standing behind me, said, "Are you glad it's your birthday on Thursday?" What do you say to someone who hears you were arrested for sex and almost got caught? So I didn't even reply. But I thought about it and said, “What question do you really want to ask me?” Jeremy took a deep breath and said, "Did you mean what you said last night about not cheating?"“I am,” he said as if he wanted to cry. I stood up and looked him in the eyes to say, "Why would I cheat on someone I'm in love with?" Jeremy ran his fingers through his hair and walked away. I thought to myself that someone hearing this would normally be excited and full of joy, but not Jeremy, he walks away. He came back and said, "I'm sorry, but I cheated on you with my roommate at Christmas, it didn't mean anything." "I was drunk and we took advantage of the defense."

It felt like I had been hit in the stomach by two trains. I left, got in the car and drove away, leaving him there with no way to get home. I got home just in time to meet my father's curfew. He was sitting in the garage waiting for me, I almost ran into my crying father. My father tried to stop me, but I just flew past him and ran to my room. He followed me and when he got to my room he said, "Hey, what's wrong, did you know you started the car?" I couldn't even answer him because I was too busy crying. And he was very shocked that I punched two holes in the wall. So he hugged me until I calmed down and told him what happened. Then I finally said, “Well, the person I thought I was in a relationship with cheated on me, Dad. After everything I've done for this person, they're doing the worst thing in the world to me." Do it now. " He tried to give me advice, but in the end he just said, "Everything will be okay." A full hour passed and I finally calmed down, and after my father connected my hands, he told me to go to the room with him Go to workshop. On the way down he told me that he trusted me about not having sex in the house yesterday, and my best friend told him that I was over her house for about 30 minutes after I dropped Jeremy off. I almost burst into tears when he said Jeremy's name.

When we got to the garage he called out, "Surprise, I know it's Tuesday, but I couldn't wait until Thursday to give you your birthday present." It was a brand new 2009 Ford Escape in my favorite color, royal blue. I couldn't even breathe because I was still trying not to cry and was kind of excited about my new truck. My mother scared the crap out of me by beeping twice. They left me to get in my new truck. It was more than I asked for, so I could just say thank you a thousand times. My mother tried to ask me what happened to my hands, but my father said, "We'll save that conversation for later, we had a nice moment." I didn't even notice that there was a box in the passenger seat, but my mother alerted me to this by tapping me on the arm and saying something I will never forget. She said: "I'm really proud of you and everything you've achieved, I'm the happiest mother in the world." I know you wouldn't treat me so disrespectfully and I'm so sorry to last you night struck. "This is supposed to make up for it, slash, your birthday present, slash, early graduation, slash, just be yourself," she pointed to the box. These were two plane tickets to Miami, a reservation at a hotel and a deposit coupon. She said, "After you graduate, you can take whoever you want with you, and the money will be used for travel and buying things for college, so use it wisely." I couldn't help but sit there until she said, "Hey, it would be a great idea to take Jeremy with you, especially since you're both the same age now." I almost died inside, but I held it back and told her, "That would be a good idea."

I didn't speak to Jeremy for about three weeks after that, mostly until I had to meet him at the end of the program to assess him. It was the two of us and the head of the program. Jeremy and I had to sit opposite each other, with the director sitting between us. When I looked at Jeremy, I still had a fire in my eyes, so strong that the director had to ask, "Are you two OK?" I replied, "Just two friends had a disagreement that doesn't affect this situation. I must excuse myself because I have unexpected plans to meet with my college's admissions officer. Can you tell me later?”, and handed him my grade Go away quickly. I went straight to the mountains to sit and think, and about an hour later Jeremy showed up after being driven by the program director. Jeremy walked towards me but stayed about a meter away. He said, “We can talk, or I can talk and you listen.” I nodded yes and he waved off the trip. I told him to shut up and sit down; He sat next to me and continued to keep his distance. Since he didn't say anything, I first said, "Are you here to tell me how sorry you are that you had sex with someone else on Christmas and then came to my house so we could have sex?" What were you doing when you slipped and fell on his cock or something? Why did you lie and say you were drunk? You didn't look drunk when I picked you up at fucking 8am." He didn't say anything for a long time but started crying, which made me even angrier. So I said, “What gives you the right to cry? Did you cry when you fucked someone else in your bed?”You know, I've never seen the inside of your house, what is there to hide?" Just like he would have told me when I told him he couldn't spend the night. The only thing I could do was look at him and say, "If you just wanted to sit quietly, you shouldn't have come," as I stood up to leave.

Jeremy still didn't say anything but stood up and hugged me tightly from behind. I tried to pull him away, but his grip was too strong for me to do anything, so we stood there for what seemed like an eternity. Then Jeremy finally said, “I don’t know what to say to make you feel better. All I can say is that I'm sorry and I hope you forgive me because all I ever wanted was you who meant nothing to me. We just talked. and drinking on Christmas Eve, and I wanted to feel good, I wanted to feel better, I just wanted to be happy. But in the end it wasn't even worth ten minutes of one-sided pleasure"; Jeremy kissed my neck. But after about three hours of talking, we manage to laugh once or twice, even though I hit him about eight times before he stopped me and grabbed my cock. He took my hand and we walked back to my truck, kissing for a bit until he said, "You know, I've been feeling really bad, I think I need a good spanking, your back seat is a disappointment." I got hard as he grabbed my cock again, I rushed to put those seats down, it felt like I almost broke them. I turned around and Jeremy was already naked, not a shred of clothing on his body, as he climbed into my truck and closed the door behind him. I was in heaven to see his thick, hairy body again. Jeremy asked me to lie down and said, "I'll do the rest, just sit back and enjoy." He took off my sneakers; then he kissed me and put his hand in my jeans. Jeremy said, "I missed you, I felt like my world had collapsed when you didn't talk to me" while taking off my jeans (if you've read my other stories you know I don't wear underwear wore). . . He sat on me and said, "I need something to hold onto so you can keep your shirt." I just felt him press his hole against my cock and start to slowly move down.

Jeremy yelled “damn” and I jumped and opened my eyes wide to see what was going on. Jeremy seemed to be in a lot of pain so I stopped him. I turned us around and said, "I'll do the rest, just sit back and enjoy." I smeared precum and salvia all over my cock to get it as wet as possible. He then stuck his cock into Jeremy's tight hole and now heard a moan of pleasure. When his toes touched the windows, I stroked him harder and spanked him. Jeremy screamed again, but this time his words made no sense. I kissed him and reached out to lift part of the back seats and then said to him, "It's time for you to drive, I want it hard too." Without slipping out, he wrapped his legs around my waist and I turned me so that he was on top of me. Jeremy impaled his hole on my cock while he took off my shirt. That scared me a little because I didn't think he would be able to handle it. But he did it while still pressing his body against mine and kissing me with such passion.

And as always, we didn't stop until we felt like we had trained. I stopped him to hold him against me and entered him. We kissed, lay there and talked some more. Then, when we didn't feel like talking anymore, we had sex again until I looked at the clock and noticed it was almost 8 o'clock. We hurried to get dressed and I took my truck to fully illuminate the interior without my parents knowing. Then after I dropped him off, I told him about the trip to Miami and how much fun we were going to have. We decided to drive to Florida instead of flying to stay in Florida for two more nights. I went home, showered and jerked off four times because all I could think about was not having to hide the fact that we had sex on the trip. We can fuck almost anywhere without interruption.

At the end of the summer, our fairytale romance was over. We broke up because I accidentally broke his nose for cheating again. It turned out that he and some of the football players I was friends with became more than friends with Jeremy at least twice a week. I can honestly say I wasn't even angry for that long because shortly after, I had my first college relationship with a beautiful girl.girl.



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