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My novel, part 6

Before I start writing the next story, I have to say this. If my stories bother you for any reason, please do not open or read them. I'm not because of

your consent here. My standards may not be the same as yours, but they are mine. In most places it's okay for guys to get all the pussy without derogatory words names assigned to them. In fact, they are sometimes called "stilettos" or "players", but when a girl or woman uses her body for pleasure, she is called all sorts of insults.

I have no idea if I'll live to be 45 or 90, but I'll have fun and enjoy it the way I see fit. I like being submissive. I love seeing the lust in men's eyes when

he sees my breasts and my pussy. I love it when they spread my legs and expose me to their gaze, and I really, really love feeling that cock sliding into my pussy. I

I know guys think they get the best feeling when they penetrate me and fuck me, but I know what it's like to have that cock sliding inside me, filling me up and... I feel their throbbing cock in my pussy after they came. When it comes to my stories, I don't need you to judge me. Just ignore me.

As much as I loved the Motel Thursdays with all the different positions, toys, bondage and sex, and now the Blowjob Tuesdays were different and just as good almost every time Mike came over to see Bill and I. I know I'm great at giving blowjobs because I used it a lot in high school and college to avoid pregnancy. I'm one of those people who feels like I'm in control when I'm blowing a guy, even if he thinks he's in charge. I control how good it will be when I let him cum in my mouth and whether I swallow it, and how good it will be for him. I've only had a few guys whose sperm didn't taste good and overall it was a good experience for me. I always feel like I'm in complete control. I play my submissive role for my pleasure.

In the office he showed me unclothed in different stages: from completely naked, sometimes with just bare breasts, sometimes with bare pussy, sometimes fully clothed, but always on my knees. He loved to slap my knees when I was naked. I loved it too because my ass got so hot and red and my pussy so wet from the spanking. Sometimes when he started cumming in my mouth he wanted to jerk himself off, and sometimes he wanted me to jerk him off. My eyes were always open to look at him as he came into my mouth. After he was done, sometimes he would eat me out while I was sitting at the table, and other times I would sit across from him on his lap and he would want me to masturbate while I looked into his eyes. He always tried to do things differently.

Today was a beautiful summer day and he wanted to go to a local park that had a hiking trail where there were usually a lot of people. He told

To me, he had an affair with his brother over the weekend, wasn't fucking, was very horny and needed a blowjob. On Tuesdays he liked to tell me who he had fucked over the weekend and how I... was much better than her. I liked hearing that, but I didn't always believe him. I knew he would have a lot of cum for me today. We drove to the park in different cars. He had

a converted van with captain's chairs and a bed in the back. We parked in the back lot near the trailhead. I got out of the car and joined him in his van.

A few minutes after we arrived, a small car parked behind us with an older man and woman sitting next to it. They moved to

Back seats and we watched from our van as she unzipped his pants and played with his cock before finally giving him a blowjob. He looked at us and understood

We saw. I've seen a lot of porn movies, but this one was right next to me and actually happened. They finished and he left quickly. I thought that

recognized him, but Bill said it was just a stranger.

Bill didn't close the curtains in the van and told me to take off my clothes. I think he liked knowing that someone could see him getting a blowjob in this public place Just like the guy in the car next to us when we got there. I was wearing a bra and thong and sitting on the floor behind the front captain Chairs so he couldn't be seen through the front window, then unbuttoned his pants and pulled his underwear down to his very hard cock. He told me to use the rest of

remove my clothes and kneel before him. I took off my bra and thong and knelt between his legs and we started kissing and after a few

After a few minutes he whispered in my ear that he wanted me to suck his cock. I smiled at him and lowered my head onto his hard cock. I kissed his very wet head cock and started licking his balls, moving up the shaft and working the tip of his cock for a long time until I took the whole cock in my mouth.

I love blowjobs. I love putting a guy down my throat and with a little effort I can do it without gagging. I sucked him until I felt him tense, knowing full well His orgasm came soon, but he stopped meand I remained motionless while his cock throbbed in my mouth. He repeated this several times and finally couldn't do it anymore He held out a little longer and rammed his load deep into my mouth. I felt his cock pulsating in my mouth and when he was finished I swallowed his cum and cleaned him up cock with my tongue. This time I had so much cum in my mouth that I don't think he actually fucked anyone over the weekend. When I finished I kissed his cock. He liked that I started and ended the blowjob with a kiss on his cock. He looked at me, smiled and said, "Cunt, you're a great cocksucker." I've heard that before. I already knew that.

He told me to lie on the bed behind me with my legs between the seats and he knelt in front of me and licked my pussy and I came immediately. It was easy

Quickie. We couldn't stay long so we got dressed. Tuesdays were just supposed to keep him at the motel until the next time. I have 3 guys on

They sat outside the van chatting as they returned from their walk and made their way to their cars in the parking lot. Just before you get out of the van

When he returned to my car he told me that he couldn't be there on Thursday, but Mike would bring a friend and he would take the bag of toys we had used at the motel with him take Mike. I told him that Mike had already asked me if he could bring a friend sometime, so Thursday would be that day. He told me that Mike's friend was black. I did not say anything. But he smiled inside. Another fantasy.

As I was about to get out and go back to my car, I noticed that three men had left in their cars and there were just random passersby, usually with their

The dog runs along the path. I leaned over to kiss Bill goodbye and he kissed me, hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear that the guys I saw were his colleagues from college and he wanted to put on a show for her. And we did it. I was silent. Without making any noise, they even approached the van to get a better view

through the windows, and of course I was too busy resting my head on his lap and sucking his cock to notice anything. He told me not to worry, he had it

Everything is under control and it will be a more public event, but next time with complete strangers. I looked confused and understood what he meant. It was too late for me

I'm still worried. As I left, I wondered how he would control the situation and what he planned to do.mind.



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