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Money, money, money part 2

So it probably hasn't been more than ten seconds since my "employer" contacted me. called me into the living room, there were my brother and I in a maid's apron... and nothing else. Although it seemed like ten hours had passed. My mouth felt drier than the Sahara and my mind was racing as I tried to figure out if he was serious (I definitely knew he was, considering what we had just planned). Suddenly everything that initially seemed strange about the situation became increasingly clear. My brother Tony sent me here for a “loan”, James opened the door after the first knock, he had prepared a contract for me to sign. My only brother sent me here because he knew exactly what James wanted from me. He couldn't have known I would be interested, I certainly didn't know it. No one was more surprised than me when I saw my cock becoming erect at the request of my old classmate. What did Tony know? There was only one way to find out. I made the two cups of tea I had ordered, placed them on a silver tray and went into the living room.

When I saw Tony my whole body turned red and my face felt like it was on fire. I didn't speak, couldn't speak. I walked over to the coffee table and very hesitantly put the tray down. There was complete silence in the room, which only amplified the sound of the shaking tray placed on the glass surface. I looked at James who was sitting directly in front of me, Tony was sitting to my right, but from his point of view my state of nakedness was simply obscured. I glanced at Tony, but quickly turned my gaze to James. I just couldn't look my brother in the eye. James looked at the tea and asked disappointedly, "No biscuits?" Go get us some, okay? I was stuck while Tony only saw my bare legs and chest. He obviously knew I was naked, but knowing and seeing are two completely different things. The apron covered me from the front, but from the back it didn't cover anything except the rope around my waist. I walked back and kept an eye on James. After four or five steps he laughed out loud and asked why I was “doing the slowest, shittiest moonwalk ever”? I looked at him pleadingly, he just looked at me and said, "Don't be such an idiot and bring us these cookies." When I turned around, I had never felt more ashamed than when I showed my ass to my brother , and if my face had been like that before, I would have burned, and now my buttocks were hotter than the sun. I don't know if you've ever experienced a humiliated asshole. I definitely don't. I didn't know that existed. But it is like that and it burns.

When I returned from the kitchen I was desperately trying to figure out what James would make me do to him in front of my own brother. The thought of it made me feel slightly nauseous. I gave them some cookies and asked if there was anything else I could do for them. He replied in his inimitable nonchalant manner, "Oh yeah, can you just lick the huge load you released while blowing me?" Now I know I keep going on about the shame this situation brought me has prepared. But you have to remember that before that day, I was just a straight guy. Wild sex for me was the girl on top. In four hours I went from this guy to licking my own cum off the floor, naked in front of my old high school buddy and my little brother. Just as I was beginning to enjoy and accept my seemingly latent homosexual urges, James brought incestuous voyeurism into the mix. But I surprised myself once again when I knelt in front of James and Tony, showed them my freshly waxed ass and shot my cum, by God if I wasn't rock hard.

"Good boy. Now stand up and let us take a good look at you. As I stood up, I adjusted my apron so that it completely covered my anger, but the large tent left little to my imagination. "Just a vision, now let's shoot while you do that," James then turned to Tony, noticing that he was very quiet. - What's wrong, Tony? Tom isn't doing that for you yet? What do you think he should do? Silence, I had the feeling that maybe Tony knew what was going on, but maybe he wasn't quite ready to see it with his own eyes. "No offers? Okay, I have enough ideas for two, no, three of us. James ordered me to take off his pants and boxers (which was all he had done since our last one The sexual release I had accepted just an hour ago seemed to be leaving me. I was just as nervous now as I had been today when I first solved it. But as before, I knew that the contract was ironclad and I had no other choice. I unzipped his jeans and for some reason his bulge seemed bigger than ever, not longer but thicker. When I got so close to him again, my fear began to The smell was extremely strong, I notice that now, and that was the deciding factor for me when I got involved with it before. I knew nothing bad could smell that good. Despite the renewed desire for cock, I was still very aware of my brother watching me. Although I cared less and less with each passing second. After releasing him into the room, Tony sighed quietly (I don't think he expected me to follow through)...he was wrong.

James's gallant seven inches stood proud. He shakes his head slightly, like a predator on the hunt. Only this time it was prey and the predator was my mouth. All other thoughts left my mind except that I was obsessed with blowjobs. Then I realized that not only was I good, but I also really enjoyed it. I grabbed his cock and slowly ran my tongue along the underside, every bulge and vein arousing and arousing me. I continued my expedition upstairs and then went down to his bag. I put each ball into my mouth one at a time and enjoyed the salty taste. I couldn't tell you how long I lay there on my knees licking, kissing and sucking. But after a while I realized that Tony had gotten up from his seat and was now watching us closely from close range. This seemed to snap James out of his hypnotic trance and he quickly shot four small loads of hot cum into my mouth. He quickly yelled at me not to swallow, he had other plans for it. He turned to Tony and said, “Drink.”

Tony looked confused: How could he drink that when it was in my mouth? "Drink this"; was the only answer James was willing to give. James forced us to make the final decision. Tony looked at me and I saw the moment in his eyes when he realized what we had to do. Tony and I hadn't spoken since he arrived, now we had to French kiss with James' cum. Surprisingly, I was the bolder of the two and walked closer to him. I had never kissed a man before and the first time had to be with my little brother (you will never understand how strange that was). I brought my mouth to his, opened it and we locked lips. I started pushing the cum out of my mouth with my tongue and it mixed with the saliva in my mouth so it took a good two to three minutes for it all to get into his mouth. James nodded to Tony to swallow, which he promptly did. He had a big grin on his face and after looking at it, he swallowed it all and shouted, "Bosom brothers, let's see what else you do."

James quickly took us to the next level when he saw how easily we completed the first request. “Take him off”; - he ordered, since I was already practically naked, it was clear who he was talking to. I walked over to Tony and unbuttoned his shirt, although I had seen him shirtless countless times, this was the first time I had explored his body, it was ripped and completely hairless. He kicked off his shoes and undid his belt buckle, but I stopped him and took over again. I took off his pants and left him wearing only his baggy boxers. His cock strained against the material, the open valve barely holding it in place. I pressed my index finger against one edge of the valve and pushed slowly until the force of his erect member took over and jumped into view. It looked very similar to mine, our foreskin looked almost identical and it was also about 15cm. I took off his boxers completely and stood up. James then ordered Tony to strip me down to my apron, which obviously didn't take long. We stood nearby and waited for further instructions.

Both of our erect cocks stood in front of us. James came over, grabbed both cocks and started jerking us off together. It was a strange feeling as the right side of my cock and the left side of his cock rubbed together. It felt so dirty watching my cock rub against my brother, but like I had done so many times today, I threw aside the normal social standards and accepted my new slutty standards. James soon declared that we were ready, grabbed the can of whipped cream he had grabbed earlier and sprayed it all over Tony's balls. I knew what had to be done. I knelt and without hesitation licked his balls, followed by his cock, which was practically the final frontier. I took my time and breathed in his scent. Compared to James he was less pushy but not bad, he smelled almost sweet. Then I grabbed the tip of his cock and slowly sucked on the cream, holding his cock with my mouth and letting it slide out little by little. At the same time I pressed on him and forced his erect penis to sink down. It slid down slowly, but once you let go, it resembled a compressed spring bouncing up and down. I could never get enough of the dancing cock. Then James ordered me to bend over, spread my cheeks and began filling me with the remaining liquid. whipped cream and gave Tony a knowing look.

Tony knelt behind me and shyly probed my ass with his tongue. Slowly he gained confidence and began to scoop the cream out of my ass, pushing more and more of his tongue into me. Unfortunately, James suddenly interrupted this anal sex session. But without wasting any time, he raised two and then three fingers to me and guided Tony to the chair with his other hand. As Tony sat down, James decided I was ready. He told me he wanted me to ride Tony, not fuck him, but ride him. As Tony sat there with his cock proud, I knew he wanted me to be filled by him. There was certainly no return to normal fraternal relations after that. As if I were mounting a horse, I lifted one leg and then hovered over his throbbing member. When I noticed his glistening precum, I gave him a good wank job to lubricate it. Then I took the plunge and adopted a reverse cowgirl/boy look, well dude...whatever! Position. I had recovered from James' excursions a little earlier, so I was able to take it a little easier (there were still some painful moments). But as always, those initial pains always lead to greater bliss. After about four minutes I took everything he had with relative ease. I knew it was time to pick up the pace. I began to rise until I felt the tip of his cock pop out and then quickly slid back down his oiled pole. Faster and faster each time until I was actually driving it. As I rode up and down his meat, my own cock began to take on a life of its own. It fluttered up and down, hitting my stomach as it went up and Tony's balls as it came down. The freedom and weight of my cock while riding was another new experience. He was so heavy that I half expected him to come off, but with each pump I got closer and closer to orgasm. I could tell from the swelling that Tony wasn't far off either. I decided to go as hard and fast as possible, my cock resembled a helicopter propeller and Tony's cock was like a balloon about to burst and that's exactly what happened. Stream after stream of cum poured onto me. As the liquid began to slowly drip down, I pulled away from Tony and turned around in one quick motion, squirting all over his face and into his gaping mouth. The unexpected shot caused him to instinctively swallow what I had prepared for him. I could tell from the look on his face that he didn't mind, but that I might "pay" for it later.

Gives us a few minutes to come to our senses, but really wants to kick deeper in the balls. James seemed to be thinking about something and neither my brother nor I could understand what he was going to say this time. But as expected, he didn't disappoint. James turned to Tony and asked if he liked bacon. Of course, Tony said “yes” to that (who the hell doesn’t like bacon?). James then asked him if he liked grilled bacon and he nodded yes again. Then James turned to me, but Tony asked his last question again: "How about some bacon on a stick?" eyes widened, but then my smile got even bigger. James ordered me to kneel on the couch and hang my ass over my arm. Tony knelt in front of me, his glistening cock bouncing with excitement, and finally James followed behind me. He placed both hands on my ass cheeks and then gave them a loud slap, the vibration of my ass shaking transferred to my cock and that was all I needed to get hard again. Then James gave one final instruction before the fun began (or resumed): "No one is allowed to cum until I say so, but if you feel like you absolutely can't handle it, tell me immediately." Without Wasting a second, James drove all seven inches into my desired ass, this time without pussy, in about four-fifths of a second. Tony took this as a starting point and began thrusting quickly into my mouth. It's truly an incredible feeling when you reach your full potential. Of all the blowjobs I gave today (and there were a lot of them), I enjoyed this the most. My hands were holding Tony's buttocks, I was just trying to hold on, I couldn't control this situation, I was being used from both sides. And because Tony was fucking my face instead of me sucking his cock, the thrill became more intense, the sucking was messier, saliva and precum leaked from my mouth and ran down my chin and neck. On the other hand, James was adamant. Like a dog in heat, he seemed to release all the pent-up emotions that had previously accumulated while watching me and my brother. All he did was thrust six and a half inches, pulling out of my ass exactly halfway up my head, then plunging back in until his balls hit mine. Personally, I had the same feeling as I did when I rode Tony's cock. My cock started hitting the rhythm of a pendulum against my body.Belly and then balls with every thrust was without a doubt the definition of heaven. But James brought me out of my blissful trance by ordering Tony to come out of me. He asked James if he would help him fill the gap on my resume (resume). Tony asked which hole, and I honestly didn't expect the answer to come back: "His ass." I was equal parts thrilled and petrified.

James moved Tony under me and he kept his place. He told me that I had to squeeze their cocks just as hard as they had pushed me. He also told me to set my anus on fire to let as much in as possible. James poked his head in first, then Tony followed suit. He walked very slowly and after about three minutes he got going too. For her it was the most important thing, but not for me. They began to slide together inch by inch as they approached my ring, stopping and then giving one powerful final push. It hurt like hell, but my knees were weak from the instant euphoria you always feel with very large penetration. I used to feel it with a can of deodorant, but now it was different: when you have two cocks inside you, it's even more special. I knew I was close to coming in and being a good employee, I did as I was asked and told James right away. He quickly grabbed the glass and handed it to Tony, telling him to catch every drop. Tony held it around my cock without touching it, allowing me to ejaculate freely. I've always loved those rare occasions when you come without contact, without penetration, without mouth, without hands, you just come from pure sexual excitement. Tony caught all of my bail and put the glass down as they continued to fuck me hard. James did most of the thrusting and Tony slid along him more but it was great, I started to really enjoy this double penetration and as soon as the thought occurred to me James pulled out as did Tony. Then James grabbed me by my semi-erect cock, led me to the middle of the living room and put me on my knees in front of them both. They looked at each other and stuck both cocks into my gaping mouth. Double anal sex and now double blowjob? My God, one day this will happen. Before Tony was even in my mouth, he announced that he was about to explode, and he did, into James' waiting glass and adding it to my own cum. Now only James was left, I began to fondle his balls and bring them back to a more sensual level, which seemed to help James as he soon pulled out and added his hot cum to the collection. We all knew what his goal was, so I took the lead, milking the last drop from James, greeting my employer and my brother, and drinking the cum cocktail.

Eight days have passed and I'm writing this report on my laptop at 4:00 a.m. I went to James' house, an ordinary, boring guy looking for a loan, and left the house so enriched that money is not enough. I found my calling in life... I was gaycumslut.



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