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Mind slave for fun

This is the story of how I forced my best friend to become my kinky sex slave. It all started a week ago when my friend Jenna and I were playing a game at the lake and I found a coin. But let me describe myself: My name is Joe. I am an 18-year-old white male, 6'3" tall and medium build. I also have a 9 inch cock. Jenna is an 18 year old redhead with a firm 10 inch ass, a perfect figure and a height of 5 feet 5 inches.

The coin I found looked like a normal 5 cent coin, but when I touched it I felt a shock.

“Did you feel it, Jenna?”

"No, but maybe you can feel something that normal people can't feel with their third eye." Jenna is into all these different things.

"Jenna, I mean, I felt something," I say and look around, then I see Jenna giggling, so I say, "Jenna, stop laughing at me," and right after that was said, she stopped laughed and looked a little confused. So I asked, "What's wrong, have you lost your train of thought?" I joke.

"No, I just thought it was time to stop laughing, but I don't know why."

I look at her for a few seconds, then think for a moment and say, "Jenna, raise your hand above your head," and right after the words were said, Jenna raised her hand above her head. Now, as we hung out by the lake, Jenna was wearing a bikini top over her swim trunks. The bikini was red and blue and looked like zebra stripes. As she raised her arm above her head, her chest bounced a little.

“Joe, what’s wrong…”

“You shouldn’t tell me that,” I say quickly. Then I tell her, “Every time I say butterfly, you become my personal sex toy and do whatever I want you to do.” Then when I say the word “balon,” you forget everything we just did . But only if I say these words. Now let's have some fun. Butterfly." Jenna's expression changed and she looked at me with a lustful look. I smile and say, “Jenna, take off your swim trunks now.” She quickly removes the suitcases. “Now you have to stay still and close your eyes.” As soon as her eyes close, I follow her and feel her breasts. I always considered her breasts to be my most beautiful feature, but since we were friends, I could never touch or feel them. When I feel her breasts she moans softly, but I hear it and say, "Toy, Jenna, I never told you to moan, so now you'll be punished the most, when I say 'dog' you will." feel like this The belt hits you five times on each cheek and when I say "snake" you feel your tits being squeezed and someone pulling on them. So I think I'm going to give you a spanking. DOG. Suddenly Jenna's eyes widen and she screams in pain as she feels ten imaginary slaps on her ass.

I smile and say: Are you going to make another sound or do I have to punish you again?" She closes her lips, still crying in mock pain, and then I grab and fondle her soft breasts. “Yes, they are so sweet, so soft but firm.” I take off her top and look at her breasts. “Jenna, you and I are about to have a lot of fun, but now I have one more command word for you: When I say “monkey,” you should feel so wet and horny that you want to relax, but you don’t say it's not loud. to pleasure myself because I want you to feel the same way I felt when I was being teased by your beautiful body. “Monkey, now put your top back on.” - I say and give her top back. As she puts it on I can see she is very wet. "Balloon," Jenna looks around and looks confused, but the little sparkle in her eyes says she's still very horny.

“Joe, why did I take off my swimming trunks?” she asks “You took them off for some reason, I don’t know why. Come on, we'd better go home, it's getting dark soon." I notice I'm holding a coin and put it in my pocket, thinking of all the joys this coin will bring me in the future.

Chapter 2: My sister and friend learn my rules.

When I got home, I noticed that my friend's shoes were there. My girlfriend's name is Sarah, she is 16 years old, blonde and has 35 inch breasts. She's only 5 feet tall and has a sweet ass that's not bubble but not flat either. The only downside is that she is my sister's best friend.

I walk into the kitchen and see her and my sister talking quietly, but when Sarah sees me, she smiles and comes towards me. She's wearing one of my t-shirts that she always steals when we go to the lake and a miniskirt. As she comes towards me, I lean in and kiss her hard on the lips, then reach down and grab her ass firmly. I hear her moaning and smiling. - So, baby, what are you doing here? I ask.

“Katie and I are having a sleepover, so I'm not your girlfriend tonight, I'm your sister's best friend,” she says with a grin. My sister Katie is 16, she's only 19, has cup breasts and an almost flat ass, she's 5'7" and hates the fact that her best friend is also dating her older brother.

“That means I can’t kiss MY best friend,” Katie says.

“Where are mom and dad?” I ask, a little hungry, but also wanting to teach my sister a lesson about respect.

“Your parents are away until Monday to visit your grandparents.” Sarah tells me if she’s holding my hand. "And youMom gave us money to order pizza tonight, but only for that night. And we've already ordered, and I made sure your sister bought one for you too."

“Thanks, baby,” I smile and then say, “You are both my slaves now. They will not move or speak. Now when I say “butterfly” you both become my personal sex toys and do whatever I want you to do. Then when I say the word “balloon” you forget everything we just did. And when I say "dog" you feel the belt slapping your bottom five times on each cheek, and when I say "snake" you feel clamps on your tits and someone pulling on them. and every time I say "monkey" you should both feel so wet and horny that you want to release yourself, but you don't say it loud at all to satisfy yourself. I smiled and gave them the same orders I had given Jenna. At that moment there was a knock on the door: “Stay there, both of you.” I open the door and there is the pizza delivery guy. I pay for the pizza and bring it to the table.

"Before we eat, we're going to have some fun." "Sarah takes off Katie's top and Katie takes off her pants." Sarah goes to Katie and takes off the back of her shirt, then Katie unbuttons her jeans and starts taking them off . When this happens my sister is wearing nothing but her bra and panties. I smile because my sister and my girlfriend swapped panties. Katie trägt einen schwarz-rosa BH, während Sarah einen schwarzen Tanga mit roten Schleifen trägt. "Now Katie take off Sarah's skirt and Sarah take off her shirt" they follow my orders again and I see Sarah is wearing her black bra with red bows all over it and black and pink panty shorts that match my bra Schwestern. . „Ihr seid beide Huren. Schau dir an, wie du in den Höschen des anderen stehst, dreh dich zu deinem Meister um, aber geh nicht zu ihm, um seinen Schwanz zu lutschen, keine guten jungen Mädchen, du kommst besser hierher, sonst muss ich dich vielleicht bestrafen.”

Sarah, die sich ihres sexuellen Appetits nicht schämt, geht auf die Knie, knurrt und zieht meine Badehose herunter, mein Schwanz befreit sich und fällt in ihre Kehle. Ich habe es immer geliebt, wenn sie meinen Schwanz tief in die Kehle gesteckt hat. Katie comes over, then kneels down, bends under me and starts sucking on my balls. "Good girls, you like to suck my cock and my balls, don't change positions." They switch places and my sister starts sucking my cock and Sarah starts sucking my balls. Katie doesn't want to deep throat me so I push her head deeper on my cock and she gags and then I get angry.

“Katie will get up and Sarah will start sucking my cock again. Now Katie, I have to punish you, take off the rest of your clothes.” She takes off her bra and then takes off her thong. “I'm going to give you both one more word of punishment: every time I say 'ram,' you're going to feel something big ramming deep into your ass for five seconds. Now, Katie, you'll see how long five seconds is a "ram." Katie screams a little as she feels an imaginary cock fucking her ass. When five seconds have passed, I pull my hard cock out of Sarah's mouth. Then I order, "Both of you, go to Katie's room, take off your clothes and sit down "On the bed, and also put Katie on the bed with all your sex toys." |You do as I say and I take the coin out of my short pocket, still hanging around my ankles. I think I have to for keep me. Then I remember the necklace making kit my dad gave me last year when I started dating Sarah. I go into my room and get it from under the bed, punch a hole in the coin and thread a leather rope through it, then tie the two ends together and put it around my neck. Then I grab the lube and walk the rest of the way down the hall to my sister's room. The door is open and I see them both sitting naked on the bed with a bunch of dildos on the bed.

“Good girls, now Sarah has a belt on my slutty sister?”

"Yes Master." she answers quickly.

"Okay, put this on now." She reaches into the pile and pulls out a pink dildo that's already hanging in the harness. She puts it on and it makes it a little harder for me to see the sexy girl with the strap-on. "Now Sarah, I have to teach my other toy to deepthroat my cock to give me more pleasure, and while I do that you will fuck her pussy, making it harder for her." Sarah smiles, pushing the toys from the bed, spreads my sister's legs and pushes the entire 8 inch long dildo right into my sister's wet pussy. I walk over and push my sister to lie down until my cock is in front of her mouth. “Toi, you have to deepthroat my cock. Open your mouth,” she adds. "Okay, now suck my big cock and make it go a little deeper every time it goes in." She starts sucking on the tip of my cock. Every time she goes deeper on my cock, I smile and notice that she is having a hard time with the fucking sex Sarah is giving her. I moan as my sister pulls almost an inch out of my cock and swirls her tongue around my shaft. I've never felt it before but I love it and cum immediately. I watch my sister swallow my load and smile. Then I say, "Toy, you have a technique that Sarah lacks, but Sarah can deepthroat, I like them both, now Sarah, you can take the toy out of my sister's pussy." Herpulls it out and stands there so I bring it to my sister's mouth and Sarah comes to me and shoves it into my sister's mouth. I go to Sarah and lick my sister's pussy. I hear her moan and know she loves the way her big brother licks her pussy and I love it too.

"Now my sister, I'm going to fuck your pussy and cum for you and you're going to love it and you're both off birth control now because you're both going to want me to fuck you." Like I said, I was doing mine entire cock deep into my sister's waiting pussy. I start pounding her pussy, loving how tight she is. I lean over her and start sucking on Sarah's breasts. Sarah moans a little and I say, "Sarah, take off your star, sit on my sister's face and let her eat your pussy." Sarah doses it, as I say, and quickly, because my slutty girlfriend loves it, getting her pussy licked. As she sits on my sister's face, I lean forward and my sister and I reach for her, licking her pussy and fighting for dominance over Saara's pussy. I know I won't last long since I came not too long ago, but Katie moans really hard and comes, shaking violently with a huge orgasm, and Sarah comes right behind her, both in and out of me Katie's tongue. So I push into my sister's tight young pussy with full force, let her live out her orgasm and let myself build up.

After a minute my sister and Sarah are moaning because the orgy is over and another one is being prepared for all of us. "Both of you, don't cum loudly until I come." I moan between breaths and thrust into my sister's pussy even harder. They both breathe loudly. I feel my balls tighten and I cum hard and moan, "I'M CUMMING, BITCHES." I feel my sister's pussy squeezing my cock and I know Sarah is dripping her juices into Katie's mouth. After I stop cumming, I pull back and smile because they're both still having an orgasm.

As they come out of their ogaschim I tell Katie to put on one of your nightgowns and meet me in the kitchen for dinner, and as Sarah goes to put on her backpack I tell Katie to put on a belt because now Sarah is getting one special double tail.

Come two more, please comment and give me a rating from 1 to 10. I will post more and let you control some of the story. The next time Jenna comes tofousome.



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