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Micheal spends the night

She opened my eyes to her room being filled with sunlight. She wrapped up in her blue duvet and hid from the gleaming light of the outside world. After 10 minutes of laying in pure heaven, She decided it was time to get up. She hesitantly sat up on her elbow and took in the warmth of the sun. She swung her foot over the side of the bed and took a deep breath in as she stretched her arms to the sky. She stood up, grabbed a lace silk nightgown, put it on, and dragged her feet into the shower.

She took off her nightgown and bra. She stepped into the shower and turned the knobs. Warm water flowed over her body and wet her hair. She lathered her hair with shampoo, conditioner and shower gel and rinsed it. She got out of the shower and dried her body with a towel. She then wrapped her hair in a towel and began moisturizing her long legs. She touched her long hairless legs with lotion and stood up again. It ran up and down her arms. She put her bra on and put her silk nightgown back on.

"Mother, father... Is anyone home?” She screamed into the empty house. No Answer. “Thank God,” she thought, taking off her bra, bouncing her tits, and returning to her average, perky position. She quickly went down the stairs. the stairs, letting her breasts bounce and the towel fall from her head to the floor.

She rushed into the kitchen, grabbed a cup and poured herself some coffee. She sighed and looked out the window at the breathtaking view before her. Mountains, pine trees and ponds. She was mesmerized by the simple beauty of everything in front of her. She looked at everything and leaned against the counter. She quickly stood on the counter and took a sip of coffee. Her long brown hair curled naturally at the sides and her eyes wandered to the clock on the wall. It said "11:23am" and she sighed with relief that she had five more days to be alone. There is no one here to disturb or interrupt them. Pure paradise.

(Your look)

I ran my fingers through my hair and bit my lip as I slid off the counter and placed my mug in the sink. I hear a loud bang that makes me jump. Alarmed, I run to the window to see who it is. Michael. Some time ago it was a friend of our family. My parents must have forgotten that I decided to stay home this week. He went to the door and unlocked it with the spare key. I stood in the middle of the entrance, looked down and realized that I was only wearing a sheer silk nightgown. I crossed my arms to hide my clearly erect nipples. I sigh loudly as he walks through the door.

“Leah!” Michael says surprised: “I thought you were supposed to be with your friend?”

“Yes, I decided to stay home,” I said with a weak smile, desperately trying to hide.

“The more the merrier, nothing is better than a good time with you, Leah, how are you?” he said with a wink "Okay sir, how about you?" I felt my cheeks turning red and I was embarrassed.

“Everything is excellent for me.” He said

“Good to hear, what brings you here?” I asked curiously "Well, Leah, I came to sit at home, but it's great to hang out with you too." He grinned - Okay, let me wear something more comfortable. I say as he looks me up and down and grins. Was he just testing me? I'm pretty sure that's what happened. As I walk up the stairs to my room, my ass moves and I can practically feel his gaze piercing into me.

I walk lightly into my room and close the door, making a louder bang than I would otherwise have expected. I rummage through my drawers until I finally settle on a pair of volleyball shorts and a loose t-shirt, along with a bra and panties of course.

I slowly walk downstairs and find him on the couch, watching a crime novel that he's not really paying attention to. I sit on the opposite side of the sofa and admire its flawless perfection for the first time in my life. His chin, his stubble, his abs, his piercingly beautiful face and his blue eyes. He was 34, but damn did he wear it well. Surprisingly, he was single, had no children and embodied everything a girl like me was looking for. I bit my lip and took one last look before hesitantly looking away.

When the horror movie started, he invited me into his arms, just like he did when I was a little girl. He hugged me and I rested in his armpit. His scent was intoxicating and I was high. Of course, being a natural teaser, I started gently rubbing my leg against his, testing his patience. Every now and then I would look down and see his erection in his pants. Which made me very happy. I had to put these thoughts out of my head. He drove me crazy. I've never wanted him so much. His smell wasmakes me mad. I bit my lip and tried my best to contain myself. After all, I had another boyfriend. The movie ended after two hours and his erection was gone.

The rest of the day was largely uneventful. I caught him testing me and he caught me testing him. It was a back and forth affair where I hoped no one would ever win. In the evening I prepared dinner, his favorite steak and potatoes. He seemed quite friendly and kept looking at me while I was preparing the meal. My ass moved deliciously in the short, black, flowing skirt I was wearing. My breasts are pushed together deliciously in my low-cut shirt. I looked quite desirable and seductive and I knew he thought the same. When I served him dinner, he couldn't take his eyes off me. We sat on opposite sides of the table. Every now and then I would look up and see him staring at me. He wanted me and I wanted him. I bit my lip and took a sip from my glass of water. I finished the rest of the meal and took his plate with me. I went to the sink and noticed he had followed me. I put the dishes in the dishwasher, closed it and he was right behind me. I turned around and looked him in the eyes as he walked towards me and pushed me onto the counter. My hands rested lazily on the counter and he was grabbed at the edge of the counter.

"You're driving me crazy, Leah." He said with a grin. I breathed in forcefully and exhaled forcefully. "And I drove you crazy, didn't I?" he pressed. I nodded hesitantly and he grinned happily.

“I think we both know what we want? Right?" - he said, pressing his throbbing member against me through his pants. I gasped, knowing exactly what he meant. I grabbed the counter and bit my lip. I ran my hands down his muscular arms and he grabbed my hips. The tension was released with a knife, and my hands crept to his neck, finally stopping at his jawbone, and we moved forward together in perfect harmony. I stand on my tiptoes as he pulls me closer, I can barely reach his mouth. Our lips meet for the first time and the tension between us is flawless. It's soft but charming, a mix of sweet candy and a hint of vanilla. Hypnotized lips tighten and send us into another dimension. He opens his mouth slightly and I follow him. The irregular breathing, clicking and wiggling of tongues brings fiery heat to the cool sea air. When we are alone there, the rest of the world disappears. We lost ourselves in a sea of ​​lust and passion and the world collapsed on us.

We slowly separate and my eyes flutter when I see him looking down at me. I'm incredibly wet and he's incredibly hard. His erection pressed hard against my stomach. I bite my lip and hope it doesn't end there. He doesn't disappoint and lifts me from his hips onto the counter. He unties my shirt from my skirt and pulls it over my head. He unhooks my bra to free my C cups and watches them bounce until they get into their naughty position. He widens his eyes and grabs my breast. He starts playing with them and jumping up and down. He looks at me with his sharp blue eyes and kisses me passionately, leaving my lips and sliding down my neck, kissing each collarbone and finally reaching my pink nipples. He continues to squeeze my hips, suck on my buds, and wiggle every now and then, making me moan softly into the crisp afternoon air.

His hand slides down my leg, leaving a trail of tremors and goosebumps on my skin. His hand moves closer to my pussy and I notice that he can feel my warmth. I'm not wearing panties. His hand moves slowly and he feels my wetness and lack of underwear. He lifts my skirt and admires my pussy. He removes his hand from my breast and brings it to my wet, swollen lips. He takes a deep breath, looks at me and smiles wildly. I want him. I need him. He moves closer to me and I shiver at his touch and bite my lip. I let out a soft moan as he circled my clit. His other hand explores my hole, feeling the puddle he has created. He grins cheekily at me, sucks his fingers and offers me something. I like to take it and taste the nectar I have produced. It is sweet and savory, like honey with acid. I blush deeply, fiery red. He rubs my clit and inserts two fingers, making me moan louder and resist his strength. He continues to press his fingers hard against my G-spot. It feels great. Suddenly he pulls his fingers out, causing the world to collapse on top of me and me begging for more. I wailed helplessly, desperately hoping he would return his fingers. He pulls his shirt over his head and begins to unzip his pants. The sound makes me spread my legs to see the tent I've set up in his jeans. He unzips his pants and his erection is free, except for the boxers that restrict him. He pulls her down and his 8 inches throbthe penis pops out completely. I lick my lips and bite my bottom lip.

I jump off the counter, kneel in front of him and look into his amazing eyes. I open my mouth and take his cock inside him, inch by inch, until I can't take it anymore. He touches the back of my throat and I gag slightly. I move my head up and down and look up at him. He throws his head back and grabs the counter with one hand. He groans, grabbing my hair with his other hand and pushing me harder against his cock. I suck it and run my tongue along the floor. He fucks my face for 2 minutes and releases me from his hold. I stand up and wipe the saliva and liquid from my mouth. He turns me around and bends me over the counter, squeezing me in his hand and pinning my wrists to the cold granite countertop. I squeal and he covers my mouth with his hand and puts it back on my wrist. He points his cock at me and kneels above me "Are you ready?" He asks

I nod and he pushes his pelvis into me, sinking eight inches into my wet pussy. I moan loudly as he continues thrusting, hitting my G-spot perfectly. I close my eyes and he hits me harder than ever, starting slower at first and increasing the speed. We are transported to another world of fiery heat as he penetrates my pussy and we feel like we are the only ones living in paradise. My thighs start to tingle and I clench my fist. I bite my lip, leaving a bruise on the delicate skin. He raises both arms above my head, but still on the counter, and holds them in place with one hand. The other hand begins to pull on my long brown hair, pushing my head back and making me moan loudly in a sweet harmony of pleasure and pain.

I press my pussy hard onto his cock, making him moan in pleasure. I feel the first wave of orgasm rolling over me and time seems to stop completely. I scream as his cock enters my tight pussy one last time. The dormant nest fell as I was thrown to the ground as my orgasm ripped through me. My eyes roll back and my body tenses as nectar drips from my bottom onto Michael's cock. With each successive wave of passion I passed further, suddenly causing his cum to flow out of him in sticky ropes and straight into my cunt. He moaned loudly and continued stroking slowly. As the first wave subsided, the second wave was just beginning. My body was shaking and my hands were cramping. I tensed my muscles around his cock and screamed as loud as I could. My body shook as I experienced my final orgasm.

«Фuuuuuk, oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ; My knees are weak and I shake violently.

"Damned!" He grunts into the air and lets go of my hair and hands. He pulls out of me and balances on the counter as I stay leaned over the counter, struggling to catch my breath. I stand up slowly and my vision blurs. My body is shaking and I have difficulty keeping my balance.

He runs his hands through my hair, lifts me into his arms, and holds me by my knees and shoulder blades like a small child. I look at him as he enters my room. I lay my head on his chest, shaking from the consequences, and wrap my arms around his neck. My pussy continues to shake as we climb the stairs and approach my room. He lays me on the bed and pulls back the covers as I climb in. He follows me and I put my hand on his chest and he hugs me. We kiss passionately again, igniting my thrusts, and finally lie down to rest. I look out the window and see that it is dark outside. I close my eyes and suddenly it's just me and Michael in the world. Left behind in a pure paradise far from the outside world. I don't care about my boyfriend anymore when I'm in deepunconsciousness.



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