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I love our daughter-in-law

Today I asked Gary to help me finish a project we started many months ago. We cleaned up the guest room because my brother-in-law and his wife are visiting for the weekend. Gary needs to complete the installation of the audio/video equipment needed for a special surprise for our company. While Gary works in the cramped closet, I sit him on a stool. His ass is so tight I can't help but squeeze it. Gary puts his tools on the shelf and begins to calm himself down with crunches. He knows I like watching him do it naturally, so I take that as an invitation and unzip his pants, letting them and his boxers down to his ankles. As he stretches his buttocks right in front of my face, I tenderly kiss his right cheek and reach under him to stroke his balls and cock. I say, “What should I do now, darling?” and Gary ___ gets off the stool, picks up Adele and carries her to our bed in the next room. She smiles at me with pleasure and shifts back and forth on the bed while I slowly take off her clothes. I leave her panties for last and gently kiss her sensitive stomach and navel area. My tongue wraps around Adele's bare skin, but now I want to sneak under her panties to her exquisitely manicured bush. At the first touch of my tongue on her pubic hair, she lifts her hips and pulls down her panties. I stop to look at her and I swear I have never seen a more beautiful female pair of pleasing genitals than Adele. I feel enough love to tell her that. Suddenly I propped myself up on my elbows and said, “Gary, we forgot!” We’re picking up Bonnie today. Remember, she will arrive before Bob." With that we go; because Bonnie's flight is coming up soon. We arrive at the airport just as Bonnie takes off and greet her at the gate. I greet her: “Hello sister, how are you? "I'm so glad to see you." And Gary leans in to give her a brotherly kiss on the lips. I don't think I imagined it, her lips lingered and Bonnie seemed to be enjoying the love my husband was showing with his eyes closed. We did everything in the car and Gary drove while Bonnie and I snuggled up in the back seat and shared girl secrets. As we drove, I gently ran my fingers up Bonnie's leg and kissed her cheek. It was already dark outside, so I wasn't worried about anyone seeing our intimate touches. Even though I knew Gary was watching us in the rearview mirror and smiling. I leaned over to my older sister, kissed her deeply on the lips and moved my fingers to her crotch. Bonnie spread her legs and took a deep breath as I touched her. I was wearing a skirt (I had left my panties at home as I was in a hurry to leave) and took Bonnie's hand and placed it on my bare leg. She looked at me with the love of a big sister and ___ ran her hand up my leg until she reached my warm crotch. She deftly touched my clitoris, returned the kiss and intertwined their tongues. I was beside myself when I realized she was also wearing a skirt, and despite the appearance of panties, her skirt was actually open at the crotch. While our driver drove, we pleasured each other in the back seat. When we both arrived we realized we had spoiled poor Gary's fun, so we promised to send him to the moon as soon as we were settled in at home. So, back home, we... . Everyone went into the bedroom where Bonnie began undressing my Gary. She walked up close to him and slowly removed every piece of clothing he was wearing, leaving his boxers as the last one remaining. By this point his cock was erect and Bonnie was stroking him gently and lovingly, cupping his balls. I watched as Gary also removed Bonnie's clothing, which came off very quickly. She stood naked in front of my husband and rubbed her body up and down his front, his cock sliding up her stomach and back to her crotch. I also took off my clothes and at this point we were all naked except for Gary's boxers. I moved closer to Bonnie and began stroking her back, reaching for her breasts and caressing them gently. They felt so good that I started kissing them, all the way down to their wonderful buns. Finally she reached into Gary's boxers and pulled them down, then knelt in front of him and took his cock in one hand and his balls in the other. Bonnie stroked his cock, rolled his balls in her other hand, then took them one at a time into her mouth, rolling them gently with her tongue. Since this was almost more than Gary could bear, I suggested we go to the bed where... . Gary lay on his back and Bonnie straddled him. Very slowly she lowered her body closer to his erect cock, which I lovingly held for him. As her pussy slid over my husband's cock, she moaned loudly and almost quickly pushed herself against Gary, his cock buried deep inside her hungry Miss M. My fingers moved from Gary's penis to Bonnie's clit, where Irubbed with all his might. Then I leaned in and kissed her gently, Lil C, and sucked him into my mouth. “Oh yes, Adele, that’s so beautiful. Please don't stop sucking on my precious little button." My hands went to her breasts and I caressed them again, they felt so good in my hands. Gary could see what was happening from the front seat, and he enjoyed not only the feelings Bonnie was making him feel, but also the fact that the two women he loved were pleasuring each other. While I kissed my older sister's clitoris, she was busy with me, ____ working on my breasts, and as Bonnie circled my nipples, she gently pulled and twisted. As one hand continued, the other reached down and scooped up some of the fluid oozing from Adele's vagina and offered it to Gary, who lay there watching in awe. He greedily drank it all and asked for more, but this time he wanted the liquid between me and him, so I reached out again, slid my fingers, took some and gave it to him. Now Adele wanted some love, so she straddled Gary's shoulders and let him clean her vagina with his tongue. With Gary now busy with this task, we girls began... . . kissed me deeply while Bonnie was still riding Gary's rod. Bonnie and I caressed each other tenderly and lovingly, our fingertips bringing us to ecstasy. I leaned forward and continued to stroke Bonnie's little love button and she caressed my face and cheeks as Gary continued to take me to new heights by plunging his tongue deep into my juicy pussy. Gary finally exploded inside Bonnie and began to slide out of her juicy pussy. But she didn't let him go so easily because she had strong muscles and squeezed his cock with all her strength. She said, "If I let you go, Gary, you have to promise that you'll rise again while we girls watch and I clean my big sister's vagina again." So I lay on my back with Bonnie between my legs, her mouth and tongue worked wonders on my pussy lips and mounds and her knees underneath her so her ass was high up. We could still see Gary stroking his limp cock as hard as he could and it was coming to life even more than before! ! ! “God, your pussy looks so nice and pink from behind, Bonnie,” my husband said. To which Bonnie replied ___ “Thank you very much. Now would you please clean up a little and then return your beautiful membrane back into that nice, clean love canal? I want to continue to please my little sister, if that's okay with you." As Gary takes over, Bonnie caresses Adele as she licks and sucks her on a whole different level than ever before. Now, when Gary wants to enter Bonnie again, Bonnie asks if he would like to replace her fingers, and Gary does so willingly and willingly. Bonnie then leaves Gary to Adele as she desperately needs a potty break... . When our little sister returns to us, we all cuddle together on the bed, Bonnie between two people who give her as much joy as her Bob. Gary hugs Bonnie and I look at her. Bonnie and I leave loving marks on each other's bodies and end in each other's pussies, and when she slides two fingers inside me, I tense. Bonnie strokes me with her fingers and as she does so, Gary slides his cock between her legs and up her very juicy love canal to her clitoris. “Oh Bonnie, yes, please give me two more fingers. “I feel so good now,” I say. She penetrates me with four fingers, moving them in and out, taking my pleasure to new levels. Gary slides his cock up and down her canal as I tickle her clit with my fingers. We all move at the same time and I'm close to cumming, but I want more! “Can you please put your hand in me, my loving big sister, oh please. This is so pleasurable." And Bonnie does just that and starts thrusting her fist into my hungry cunt. I feel every movement of her hand inside me and start screaming with pleasure. This makes Bonnie even more excited. It's about that too , reaching down to push Gary's cock back into her slippery love tunnel. Gary obeys and lunges forward, burying his penis fully inside Bonnie and making her gasp in surprise. We keep going until we all cum again and each other fall into each other's arms and sleep until we're ready for the next one.adventure.



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