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Lois Part 2

I forgot to mention that this happened in the late 70's. Cindy and I married young. This is the story of our life together. We both had affairs along the way. We are still together and still love each other very much. Now let's continue the story.

I couldn't wait to get back to Lois' shop. I wanted to see where this would lead. Apparently Cindy and Lois were talking about their sex life. There was so much I wanted to know.

We were invited to a friend's wedding. A good excuse to visit Lois. When I arrived she was finishing up another lady's hair. She was an older woman. I am friends with my mother. I was hoping she didn't want to hang around and interact with her family. She asked about the family and said they had an apartment. Thank God.

I was the only person there, so I just walked over and sat on the chair. It was June and it was very warm. Lois was wearing a summer dress. She looked great. All the tan I could see.

“So are you and Cindy going to Jen's wedding on Saturday?” - she asks and throws the robe around my neck. - We are invited too. Maybe we can hang out with you.”

“Sounds good to me. Cindy said you and Tom will be there. Is Tom back from work yet? I knew he had done a little work.

“No, he won’t be home until tomorrow evening. “It’s been a long week,” she added.

She started cutting my hair and of course rubbing her pussy on my elbow.

I moved my hand so that my hand came out from under my robe. She must have noticed. She came in and pressed her pussy against my hand.

I slid my hand between her legs and rubbed her thigh through her dress just below her pussy. She said something about how hot it was and if she could work naked she would.

I slid my hand down her leg until I reached the hem of her dress. Then as I slowly moved back I found her little naked cunt. No panties. I think that's the most important thing right now. I've caught Cindy without her a few times lately.

"I think I've figured out where all the heat is coming from." I said as I ran my finger along her slit.

"I finally thought I was going to have to lift up my dress and shove it in your face." She laughed as I found her hole with my middle finger.

“It’s easier there. I need to get your hair done.” “I want everything to look nice at the wedding on Saturday.” She groaned.

"I'm sure everything will be fine." I said. I lifted up her dress and saw that she was completely bald.

"I like this picture. I want Cindy to shave but she says she looks like she's ten years old.

“I know she asks me if I shave or just get my hair cut. Why do you think I shaved this morning?" "I think it's completely different. I've been wanting to do this for a while and thought you'd like it."

“What will Tom think? Wouldn’t he wonder why you suddenly decided to shave?”

“Maybe he doesn’t even notice. But if he does, I'll just say it's a surprise for him."

“You know, it really looks like a little girl. So soft. I don’t feel anything at all.”

She was done with my hair. She took off my robe and looked at the tent in my shorts. I kept my fingers in her pussy while she pulled out my cock and started stroking me.

“Looks like he needs some attention.” She leaned over my lap and put it in her mouth. Her mouth seemed like a small oven to me.

I pulled down my shorts so she could take my balls in her hand. I think her pussy got wet when she started attacking me. I felt her muscles tense against my fingers.

"I won't last long if you keep this up." I said.

She looked at me and said, “Come on, I want you to cum in my mouth.”

It did it. Cindy would never let me cum in her mouth. She pulled back and finished me off with her hand. Lois put me back in her mouth and licked the button. I started to cum and she swallowed as much as she could. Some of it flowed down my cock to my balls. Lois didn't stop until she got me sorted.

My fingers were still inside her. She walked away and grabbed a wet towel. She dried me off, then lifted up her dress and said, “Now wash me.”

I took this work to heart. I really wanted to look at her naked beaver. She held her dress while I “washed” her with a warm towel. It was so sweet. "Turn around. I need to wash your paw." I joked. To my surprise, she turned around and slapped her butt right in my face. I couldn't resist kissing her on both cheeks and wiping her butt at the same time.

"I'd like to continue this, but I have another customer coming soon, and don't you think Cindy will wonder where you are?"

"I think you're right. I definitely don't want to get caught." As I put my shorts on I said, "It looks like you and Cindy talk a lot. What else did she tell you that told me like?"

"Well, girls like to compare notes, so to speak. Did I do anything you want her to do today? Let's just say I think I can help her get over her shyness.

She said, "Call at me if you can.” I'm here in the store most of the time. When I have a client, I just behave as if I were making an appointment with you and let you know when I'm alone."

"It would be nice. We need a lot talk about. Maybe next time I can return the oral favor."



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