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Lindsey and $400 Shots

Lindsay and $400 Shots

Lindsey quickly closed the front door and the blinds throughout the house, put down her bag and pulled out a decorative wooden box. The box was really old and worn; She found it in the basement and thought it would go well with what she had just bought. She wore a sweatshirt with a tank top and yoga pants underneath. Lindsay was 17 years old, 1.70 meters tall and had dark hair with blonde streaks. In it she had brown eyes. She wasn't particularly popular at school, but she was by no means a failure. She was pretty, had huge tits and a nice ass that the boys always looked at. She had several friends with whom things didn't work out. She fucked two of them and they left shortly after she was done, so she was done with the boys. She tried it with girls, but they all didn't seem that interested in girls and were just doing it for attention, so that didn't work out either. She did go all the way with one of the girls, but she was more of a close friend and remained that way. Lindsay always wanted to be a dominant, but when she explained it to her, she thought it was a joke and didn't understand how she could be a dominant. Lindsey didn't like that her friend thought that, so she came up with a plan that started with that box.

“It’s $400 for that.” - said Lindsay. "It'll work better." Lindsay reached into her pocket and pulled out a small key for the small padlock on the box. She inserted the key and turned it. The lock opened with a quiet “click”. She clicked the latch and slowly opened the box, revealing four small bottles the size of shot glasses. They had a small stopper at the top that sealed the blue liquid inside. Lindsay pulled out a bottle and examined it. She looked at him in the light and said:

“It better not just be a cool blue aid.” She takes off her top and says, “Bottoms up.” She drinks the liquid and puts the bottle firmly in place.

"Oh damn! Tastes like vinegar!" She steps back and closes her eyes. A few seconds pass, then thirty seconds. "Well, that's all, I guess. I don't have $400 for 4 ounces of blue vinegar. I knew it was too good to be true.

Lindsay then took three steps and felt a strong stomach cramp. She clutches her stomach and screams, "OH FUCK!" Then she feels her shaved pussy start to tingle and get hot. She grabs her crotch and feels the crotch of her pants is wet. She feels something moving through her pussy; Then he pushes her with his hand. She screams, pulling her hand away and leaning on the kitchen counter. Moaning, groaning and gasping in pain, her yoga pants start to form a tent in her pants, the fabric starts to rip and tear, and out of her pussy comes that cock. He pulls out, stops lengthening, begins to arch in front of her, and with a final scream, two balls fall out of her pussy and hang there beneath the massive cock that has just sprouted from her pussy. . Breathing heavily, Lindsay opened her eyes and stared at her crotch, which now contained a huge cock. It was wet and glistening in the light and must have been 10 inches long. She reached out and grabbed it; She gasped in shock as she touched it.

"HA HA! Yes it's true. I feel it and everything just like he said." she exclaimed. Upon further inspection she found the bullets.

"OH SHIT! I have eggs too. haha. It's great."


"Oh damn! Who is this?

Lindsey walked to the door and opened it slowly just to see who was there, not enough to see whoever it was, she now had a huge hard cock.

“Oh, hello, Miss McDonnell. How are you doing?

"Are you okay? I heard screaming. She asked.

“Oh, mmm. It’s hard to explain to Ms. McDonnell,” she said. Lindsay said, blushing.

“Oh, I see you’re on your period. Do you need a tampon?” said Ms. McDonnell.

"What! Oh yes. Yes, that's all. Hmm, no. I'm doing well. I have some, Miss McDonnell. Goodbye, Miss McDonnell.

"No no. It’s time for me to come in,” he said. Ms. McDonnell said, pushing the door open. Lindsay pulled back and held him tight.

“Oh, that’s not necessary, Miss McDonnell. “I’ll just take some Sprite and lie down,” he said. Lindsay lied.

"Are you sure, Lindsay?" I could come in and…”

Lindsey interrupted, “Oh no. I'm fine, Miss McDonnell. Really. Don’t worry about it,” he said. as Lindsey closed the door.

“Well, if you need anything, you know where to find me,” he said. Ms. McDonnell called. The door clicked and closed.

“It was close,” he said. She thought. “Now it’s time to test this thing and see what it can do.”

Lindsey got out some lube and sat on the couch in the living room. She still had plenty of time before her mother returned so she could have the house to herself. She applied some lube to her cockand hand and slowly began to stroke her new penis. She sat there admiring what a masterpiece it was. She noticed that it was circumcised, which was strange considering it didn't have to be circumcised when she was born, "but it was also strange that a huge cock had just grown out of her pussy," she said. She thought and just kept jerking off. “Oh man, that feels good. It's like masturbating with your pussy; only that is outside. The faster I go, the better; this feeling... hmmm…”

As she looked at her cock and how long it had been, she had a great idea. What if she blows herself? "That would be so hot!" she thought, so she opened her mouth, took it, and sucked it like it was a man's cock, and damn, it felt good! She sucked and jerked until she came, and when she did, loads of hot cum poured into her mouth. It tasted sweet. Unlike her ex-boyfriend's cum, hers was sweet. She swallowed as much as she could (some leaked out) and wiped away as much cum as she could find.

"Mmm, wow, that was great and it tasted so good!" Her cock was starting to soften now and she went to the old crate that had three bottles left and one was empty since she drank it. There was a piece of paper that said:

Ins-ta cock

Girls, now you can have a big cock! Yes! One bottle of this and you will have a huge penis that you can do whatever you want with! The cum that comes out of your cock is real cum so it can get girls pregnant and now you can have your own baby you crazy lesbians. But sperm can't lead to pregnancy, so don't worry if it ends up in your pussy when you're done. The effects last for 6 hours and during this time you can get hard and cum as many times as you want, but after 6 hours your cock will be back where it came from. If you need a penis for a long period of time, take two huge penises for 12 hours and it will work because the more you take the longer it will last for another 6 hours. Well, that's all from us! Enjoy your new cock!

“6 hours!?” - said Lindsay. “Miranda should be here at…” She looks at her watch. "Damn! 10 minutes!"

Lindsay quickly tried to fix her torn yoga pants, got on the couch and ran around her cock, which was flapping from side to side. Miranda was her best friend who she always fooled around with (experiment), and she was the one who suggested Lindsay try girls.

Lindsey managed to put everything away, locked the box and ran upstairs to hide it in the closet and put on her pants. She quickly put on some skinny jeans and as she put them on she realized it was a poor choice of jeans because even though her cock was soft, it would still be visible when she stuffed everything into her pants and she was about to change The doorbell rang and Miranda came in:

“Lindsay? Hello?”

She couldn't help but answer quickly enough or put on a new pair of pants, so she just shouted:


“Oh, here you are.”

Miranda was wearing a skirt and a t-shirt, which didn't make sense. It was early December; it was cold there. Miranda didn't have a big butt and big, barely visible tits, but she had a pretty face and blonde hair.

"How are you doing?" asked Lindsey

“Not so much today. Why couldn’t we meet right after school?”

"Um, I had to pick something up." Lindsay said nervously.

The girls talked for about an hour and Lindsay thought everything was going well until Miranda dropped her phone and bent down to pick it up. When she did, Lindsay could see up her skirt and to her surprise she wasn't wearing any underwear and had a dildo in her pussy. It must have been there all day” Lindsay thought about it. "It is so hot!" but right after she thought, she felt this full feeling in her pants. "Oh no!" Her cock started to get hard when she saw her friend's stuffed pussy with no underwear on. Lindsay began to struggle, trying to cover her hardening cock. Miranda saw this and asked if everything was okay.

“Mmm, Miranda. Why aren't you wearing underwear?

“Oh, you saw it. Well, I went out.

“How about a dildo?” Lindsay asked, adjusting her seat.

“Oh, do you like it? It's hot, isn't it?

“Mmm yes.” - Lindsey said, trying to forget about it, hoping her cock would stop growing.

"Here. Would you like to try it?" Miranda said as she pulled the dildo out.

It was too much for Lindsay. The button on her pants came off, her pants opened and her cock was already halfway down. Miranda stared at her friend.

"What... what is that?" Miranda paused.

"I... I can explain."

“Oooh, that would make a great Twitter post.”

Lindsay got angry. “NO, YOU WILL NOT TELL ANYONE.”

"Oh yeah, who's going to stop me?" Mirandamocked.

"I". - Lindsay said seriously. She grabbed Miranda by the neck, threw her onto the bed, pulled out the tape and taped Miranda in place. She wasn't going anywhere.

To be continued

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