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Katie's grandfather, his friends and their pets

Katie would never accuse her grandfather of being a pervert. Even as he gently caressed her young teenage body when no one was looking, she still loved him deeply.

He was her grandfather, but at the same time a harmless, lonely man with his own needs, so she allowed him to play with her young body out of a mix of love, pity and sweet joy that she couldn't admit.

That was Katie's excuse every time he pulled her onto his lap and gently caressed her thighs. Or when she bent over in front of the refrigerator, caressing her firm, soft bottom from behind and winking playfully.

Jake of course knew how his shy granddaughter felt about his caresses, she enjoyed the need to satisfy him, so he took full advantage of her young, delicate, strong teenage body. But he would never hurt her anyway, he loved the sweet girl more than anything. He knew Katie liked it too, otherwise why would she always sit still and obedient while he caressed her young, smooth body and blushed sweetly?

‘’Would you like to go to the beach?’’ he asked her one morning with a smile as his large hand stroked her young, firm breasts down her loose t-shirt. Katie blushed sweetly as she served her grandfather breakfast. She lived on his farm for a week and then spent the summer vacation with her parents.

She screamed as the big brown puppy jumped onto her grandfather's lap.

“Are we taking Storm with us?” Katie asked, leaning over and stroking the puppy’s soft fur. "Of course the boys love Storm." Jake smiled and looked at her breasts over her loose t-shirt. Katie blushed and allowed him to look around carefully before washing the dishes.

The boys were grandfathers, two best friends. Hank was playful and Tom was kind of shy and sweet. Katie liked them, they always made her laugh. Sometimes she would catch them stealing pickaxes from her body when they thought she wasn't looking. But she would never tell them, they were harmless.

Two hours later they were lying on beach towels under a large tree. Tom and Hank hadn't arrived yet, so Katie played with the small but large puppy as it ran back and forth in the warm golden sand.

She noticed her grandfather openly staring at her bouncing tits and blushing as she ran, even though the beach was empty. It was a small beach that stretched out in front of their grandfather's farm, and they were the only ones who liked it since it was blocked by large rocks at either end.

Katie sat on a towel next to her, breathing heavily. Grandpa of course reached out his big hand and placed her young, firm breasts on her bikini top. He squeezed it hard a few times before releasing the young flesh. “You have grown into a wonderful young woman, Katie,” he said. He said quietly before patting the teenager on the shoulder. Katie felt goosebumps forming on her skin.

As she grew older, her grandfather became bolder. “Grandpa,” she said quietly, “what if your friends see you?” she asked, bringing up their little private game for the first time.

Jake grinned, running his thumb over her erect nipple and poking at her bikini top, making the teen shudder. "You'd be jealous." Katie giggled shyly, but felt a slight pulsation deep in her pussy. The thought of her grandpa friends watching her made her gently rub her young thighs together. The experienced man noticed this and smiled contentedly.

“Sit on my lap, my love” He cooed at her like she was a puppy. Katie blushed again, unaware of the effect her sweet naivety was having on the old man. She knew her grandfather's friends could arrive at any moment, but her need to please her grandfather was stronger.

She shyly sat sideways on his lap, already knowing that she would feel his hard cock on her ass like always. Beneath her bikini bottoms her man flesh felt harder than ever.

Jake ran his finger over his granddaughter's thick, erect nipples, occasionally lifting his hips to press his aching member against her soft bottom to provide some relief. "It's okay, darling, I would never hurt you," he reassured the blushing, shy teenager before running his tongue along one of the hard edges of her bikini.

Satisfied, he heard a soft moan from the girl. Feeling safe, her grandfather had set boundaries, Katie felt her juices drenching her pussy and barely noticed Tom and Hank arriving. Jake did, however, and gently caressed her arms and sides, staying away from her tits.

The boys grinned as they noticed the blushing girl and her grandfather's hands running up and down her arms. All three men shared the same fantasies about the girl and confessed them to each other that evening after drinking. After all, there's nothing wrong with fantasies. Tom and Hank suspected that Jake wasn't limited to fantasies, so they weren't verywas surprised to see Katie on her grandfather's lap.

Feeling braver, Hank openly stared at her breasts for a few moments this time before smiling at his girlfriend. ‘’ Your granddaughter has become a beautiful young woman. Katie blushed but smiled contentedly. All three men had worked as farmers all their lives and still had strong, hard bodies with firm, muscular chests, although their bellies were slightly bulging, they were very attractive for their age.

"I know," Jake said, running his fingers over the girl's chest. Katie's eyes widened and she blushed as the boys stared at her with wide eyes. But she sat obediently on her grandfather's lap and didn't move an inch, much to his pleasure.

"That's a good girl" Tom praised her with an appreciative smile and watched happily as the girl smiled shyly.

‘’ Katie is the best granddaughter in the world. Jake gently stroked her nipple for a few seconds, to the man's shock. Hank swallowed hard, “’ I would like to have a granddaughter “’ - he said and the men laughed. Katie giggled soullessly as she watched the man's reaction. They didn't seem outraged by her grandfather's behavior and his submission, so she relaxed a little.

To her relief, Storm jumped into her lap and hugged him, hiding her breasts from the men's lustful gaze. But when Storm grabbed one of the triangles covering her chest and pulled it with her sharp teeth, Katie screamed. "Shh, it's okay, baby," her grandfather said, holding the triangle on the other side, "calm down, sweetie, you don't want him to bite your nipple," he said. - said Tom with genuine concern.

But Storm refused to let go of the little elastic material the witch liked under his teeth. When it became clear that he wasn't letting go, Grandpa sighed. "I'm sorry baby, as much as I liked it and I'm sure the boys liked it too, there's no other solution you have to give him."

The storm had already sunk its teeth into the top of the bikini, already tearing it slightly. It was no use, she would have to take it off anyway.

"Don't mind, darling, that doesn't mean we haven't seen tits before." Hank grinned and Katie felt her face heat up. She planned to put on a t-shirt after a quick look at it, but when she saw the older man's impatient look, she bit her bottom lip.

"It's okay baby, there's no need to be shy, there's no one around."

She was glad her grandfather reached behind her to untie the cords; her hands were shaking too much. She looked down and clenched her hands nervously as she heard the men hissing with pleasure.

“Oh man, I have to give myself a granddaughter,” she said. Hank groaned as he examined the juicy young round breasts with thick pink nipples. Both friends only had grandchildren.

Katie threw the skewer at Tom, he licked his lips. She felt her bikini clad ass getting drenched with juices. She moaned sweetly, to the men's delight, as Grandpa pinched one of her thick nipples with two fingers and rubbed it gently.

“Don’t forget one more thing,” he said. Tom begged and Jake giggled. "Now they're balanced," he said, smiling at Katie. They all looked at her bulging pink nipples with lustful eyes and soon Katie noticed the large bulges sticking out of her boxers.

“I’m sorry, darling, I can’t help it,” he said. Hank grinned and Katie looked down at her lap, blushing. She felt her grandfather's cock throbbing beneath her ass and shuddered.

“It’s okay,” he said. - she said in a quiet voice, but her inner woman must please a man... or three, - she was thrilled. "Go play with Storm, baby," her grandfather grinned and Katie blushed again. Jake didn't even bother to hide his erection and his friends grinned at the girl. Katie felt her face heat up and ran toward the waves that were calling "Storm." The puppy barked enthusiastically.

Soon all the men were drooling over the company's bouncing naked young balls, and Tom moaned as the half-naked teen fell to his knees and hugged the big pup. One of the men's fantasies was to see Katie on all fours getting fucked by a goat or a dog.

After all, they all grew up on farms and once, when they were younger, watched a drunk girl get fucked by a goat.

She returned to her towel, still holding the puppy, much to Tom's delight. She hugged him tightly and once again enjoyed the way his soft fur rubbed against her sensual buds, unaware of the effect it had on men. It felt so good that she purposely hugged the puppy to her chest, pretended to play with him, and called him a bad puppy when he licked her breasts. However, she didn't deceive anyone.

The men were drooling like puppies. They noticed a young girl.She unconsciously rubbed her thighs together, responding to the natural need building in her pussy, the need to be filled and stretched.

To the men's delight, the puppy again showed interest in the remains of the girl's bikini. "Bad Puppy" Katie swore and blushed furiously as Storm grabbed the strings of her bikini bottoms with his teeth.

"I swear this puppy is hotter than us." Hank grinned with lustful eyes and all the men laughed. To Katie's relief and the boys' disappointment, the puppy let go. Katie shooed Storm away and sat on her grandfather's lap.

“”For a moment I thought I was lucky,”’ Hank winked and Katie felt her cheeks heat up. He looked disappointed and she bit her bottom lip. Jake already knew what that meant, so he gently hugged his granddaughter to his chest. "What do you say baby, do you want to make Hank happy?" He whispered loud enough for his friends to hear.

Katie's innocent eyes widened and she looked at her grandfather in surprise. But Jake felt her lightly rubbing her young ass against his cock.

Hank and Tom gasped, not daring to believe the girl would take it off.

“’It's okay, baby, it's just us. I'm sure you have a beautiful pussy and you will make us very happy when we see it.’’ He felt Katie shudder as he intentionally mentioned her pussy, knowing the girl would respond. Through the elastic material he could already feel the warmth of her sweet pussy on his cock.

The man's jaw dropped as Jake slowly reached for the ties at her side and undid them. Katie looked equally shocked but felt her pussy start to drool. She felt uncomfortable, but her need to please men was stronger. She bit her bottom lip again and moved a little so Grandpa could take off her bikini panties. She looked her grandfather in the eyes the whole time and only turned away when he threw the little black bikini bottoms to the puppy.

Storm grabbed her and ran away joyfully.

To Katie's horror, the honey-colored curls along her plump slit were matted with her juices, and the men around her could see it too. She jumped into her grandfather's open arms. “Shh, baby,” he comforted her on his broad chest, “’ You are so beautiful that there is nothing to be ashamed of.”

Knowing that the other two men had a good view of her naked bubble butt, Katie moved to her side with her legs crossed. But to her relief, the men stopped searching. ‘’ I suddenly felt very thirsty; Hank announced that he was going to grab a beer from the portable cooler. Jake giggled as he held his naked granddaughter on his lap, enjoying the feel of her exposed soft skin. All the men deliberately paid her no attention so that the girl would relax. The last thing they wanted was for the girl to cover herself.

It worked, Katie relaxed a little in her grandfather's arms. “I can’t believe what I did,” he said. she said in a quiet voice. "I can't believe my luck," Hank grinned and everyone laughed loudly, even Katie giggled a little.

When Hank offered her a lemonade, she turned slightly and gave the men a good look at her round tits. Jake took the opportunity to warm the girl up again. He touched the nipple and felt the girl tremble in his lap. He paused to let her drink her lemonade before he felt the flesh of her breasts and gently molded them. Katie leaned against her grandfather's hard chest and moaned with contentment.

Her desire grew stronger, especially when Jake placed his large hand on her thigh. ‘’ You are a sweet baby. - he whispered in her ear. When his granddaughter didn't move away, he continued to rub the soft, smooth skin, making her feel hot and irritated. Katie knew the men were looking at her again with dark, lustful eyes and her pussy was releasing even more juices.

"Jesus, baby," her grandfather said in a quiet voice but loud enough for his friends to hear, "You made me wet." Katie felt her face heat up as the men grinned. She didn't know her grandfather did it on purpose, knowing her body would react.

"I'd like to see that again," Hank grinned, her cheeks turning red. "Cammon" Tom pleaded, "Look, it was beautiful, Katie." Katie bit her bottom lip and hid a small smile at his sweet request.

"What do you say, baby?" Jake said in a soft, urgent tone, "It's not fair that I get to pet you, they can only watch." Katie giggled as Hank said, "Lucky guy."

The men looked at her with puppy eyes and she couldn't resist any longer, they needed her. “”Kay’’ - she said almost in a whisper. She shifted nervously in her grandfather's lap while the men sighed loudly and didn't pay attention.hide my eagerness.

“It's okay, baby” - her grandfather said quietly, gave her one of the nipples and licked it with his tongue for a very long time, which made Katie tremble with pleasure. Her grandpa had never licked her bare skin before and it felt really good, so good that she felt her pussy drool. I just wanted to make sure you were nice and wet for the boys. He winked and grinned, causing the girl's cheeks to turn red.

He carefully placed her on his lap until she was facing the drooling men who were openly staring at her mound. "I'm here, baby" Grandpa whispered in her ear, placing his large hands on each thigh and gently spreading them apart. “So beautiful” Tom groaned, “It’s damn hot,” Hank added and smacked his lips. The girl's pussy lips parted slightly and they could see the thick, glistening pussy juices flowing from the plump, glistening slit. “It’s not fair, I don’t see anything,” he said. Jake complained. Katie giggled nervously at her grandfather's boyish tone.

Hank stepped back, urging Tom to move to make room. “Get on all fours so Grandpa can see your pussy from behind” Hank gave her instructions and watched with pleasure as the girl obeyed without the slightest hesitation. Katie bit her bottom lip as she leaned forward and slid off her grandfather's lap. She was hot, her pussy was on fire. Without saying it, she spread her thighs for her pleasure. Her young little hole released even more clear juices.

Satisfied, she heard her grandfather inhale and exhale heavily. “That’s a hot pussy, baby,” he cried when he saw what he was missing. Cassie's pussy was bare except for a sparse, soft, honey-colored fur on her plump young mound. It was a healthy pale pink color and there was a sheen of moisture along her slit. A large pink bud protruded from her slit.

Katie looked at the men in front of her with flushed cheeks and slightly parted lips, breathing softly and heavily. “Fucking great” Tom groaned as he watched the young girl on all fours like a slut waiting to be ridden. He wished there was a goat nearby. He rubbed angrily at the large bulge in the front of his trunks.

Hank came up behind her and soon she felt the man's heavy breathing on her pussy. She looked over her shoulder. Grandpa and Hank leaned over and she saw them jerking their cocks. “Blushing, she turned away from them, but hid the skewer under her stomach between her spread knees. The shafts looked thick and purple, and there were huge sacks of balls hanging beneath the shafts.

She imagined big cocks buried in her little virgin hole, fucking her pussy until she screamed. She licked her lips, whimpered, and spread her knees even wider with desire. A large hand touched one of her cheeks and smoothed it. “Baby, are you on contraceptives?” She heard her grandfather’s strained voice. She looked over her shoulder with wide eyes.

"Don't worry, baby, we won't fuck you," her grandfather assured, his eyes glassy, ​​and Katie was both relieved and a little disappointed. It was her grandfather, because she remembered him drawing the line. Her mother had prescribed pills for her in case she became sexually active, so she nodded her head to her grandfather's concern.

‘’ Good girl’’ - panting, he knelt behind her and twitched his large penis. He put his big hand on her back, held her tight and jerked his cock more and more insistently. Katie looked over her shoulder, breathing heavily, waiting to see what her grandfather would do.

She watched as clear liquid leaked from the bulging head of her grandfather's penis and felt the urge to lick it off. She ran her tongue greedily over her lips, she couldn't help it. Her grandfather groaned and leaned behind her until she could no longer see but could feel his thick cock.

She felt the warm rubber head of his cock split her thick pussy lips and push into her tight hole. She squealed with pleasure as she felt the mushroom's warm, fleshy head stretch her hole until it slipped out of the tight ring of her hole. And then her grandfather moaned loudly as he unloaded his warm, creamy load.

Katie whimpered as her grandpa blew his seed into her juicy hole, she needed to be filled completely, she needed to be fucked hard, but her grandpa was just using her hole to empty his balls. Her knees began to shake as Grandpa released her back and stuck his glistening cockhead out of her pussy.

‘’Are you okay, baby?’’ - he asked her, still breathing heavily and leaning on his heels. She needed more, but she nodded. Grandpa smiled at her, “Thanks, baby, I really need this.”

“Me too,” he said. Hank moaned next to his grandfather, staring intently at the juicy pussyThick, white baby milk flows out. Jake turned to his young granddaughter and asked for her consent. Katie bit her lip, Hank's face was dark red and he was stroking her hard, needing her hole to empty his balls. Hank moaned and shifted behind her young, firm cheeks as she nodded shyly.

Katie even raised her hips higher, exposing her juicy hole to the older man's relief. Her grandfather smiled and nodded approvingly. "Good girl." He praised her and Katie beamed.

She screamed a few seconds later as she felt the thick head of the second man's cock enter her hole. This time he slid easily into her well-lubricated hole. She watched as her grandfather kept an eye on Hank in case he lost control. Hank held the rest of his length in his fist under the purple tip of his cock. “Damn, she’s so warm,” he hissed.

He stood still and moaned as he unloaded his heavy load into the very warm, tight hole. To his delight, the girl whimpered and bucked her hips back to get more of his meat. Her grandfather slapped her gently on the cheek and chuckled. ‘’Impatient little bitch’’ he teased her, winking playfully.

Katie blushed but maintained her position, waiting for the man's relief. In the end, she remembered that she was doing this for her, even though it really felt so good.

‘’Ooooh’’ She screamed as Hank pumped the head of his cock several times, filling her little hole with even warmer, creamier cum. “Jesus, you’re not done yet” Her grandfather grinned at his friend. Hank ran his hand over his forehead and grinned. “I have to fill your granddaughter to the brim,” he half laughed, breathless.

Katie stood patiently on all fours and whimpered as she felt another creamy stream mix with her grandfather's still warm load. “Are you feeling good?” – Tom asked her. He was still standing in front of her. There was a large wet spot in front of his boxers.

Katie bit her lip and blushed. “Yes” She gasped and whimpered in frustration as the spongy flesh slid from her throbbing hole with a wet slap. “Don’t worry, I’m getting hard again,” Tom said in a strained voice. “Can I suck your pussy?” she asked her permission. The men behind her giggled as she nodded persistently.

Jake was pleased to hear his granddaughter squeal in pleasure as his buddy stuck his rather large cock head into the girl's juicy pussy hole. He had Katie where he wanted him, now it was up to her. He never forced the young girl to do anything she didn't like, and in the end she gave them far more pleasure than they ever imagined.

He slapped her cheek again, leaving a large pink mark on her hand as she moved away and tried to fit Tom's cock into her hole and the men laughed. He couldn't blame her though, the girl was in heat. “She really needs a cock” He laughed at his friends and the men laughed. Katie blushed and moaned shamelessly about how much she needed to be stuffed and fucked. She could understand why the men refused to help her, they would have drawn that line, but they were right, she was in heat and she really needed a cock.




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