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Katie Krispy Kreme Klepto

**YES, she has to get it from Dunkin Donuts! This story is based on a dream I had where I was caught stealing donuts from Dunkin Donuts and had to make amends with the owner. However, Katie from Dunkin Donuts Klepto doesn't quite work, and Daniel Dunkin Donuts Delfactor is kind of a reach. And after all, this is a sex story, folks. Are you really focused on the donut shop where she stole?**

In all my life, in all my years of stealing, I have never been caught, and the most common time I was caught was stealing donuts. Literally a hand-in-the-cookie-jar moment with powdered sugar on your lips and sticky jelly fingers.

I'm Katherine. Katie, that's it. I live in a crappy part of town, in a crappy part of New Jersey. Mom and Dad recently moved out, so it was just me and my three younger brothers, Max and Mark, twins, and Alex, the youngest. He's only eight and still doesn't understand why mom and dad left. I think he still thinks they're on vacation...well, the one they never returned from.

I didn't even tell Mark and Max that they left me a note and a few hundred dollars saying I had to take care of them. Oh, thanks guys, those few hundred dollars didn't even cover our monthly rent.

So now we're staying in a cheap motel and I have to search for whatever I can find. We eat at McDonald's far too often and I toil at the local grocery store, but the pay is miserable, as is sorting through rotten tomatoes and spoiled grapefruits. I've definitely had better jobs, but at least this one doesn't try to grope me in the closet like when I worked at Rite Aid.

I admit I've become a petty thief. Although I never steal much! Usually for Alex it's just food or a cheap toy. I'm just trying to help my family, you know?

In any case. It was after my shift ended and a Dunkin Donuts appeared on the street. I was starving and it was late, like one in the morning or so. I knew from experience that Dunkin Donuts left the back door open where all the donuts were stored. So I sneaked in. It was very quiet and dark behind me and I stopped for a moment to listen. Most of the lights were off, I think only the driveway was open. I heard the quiet chatter of the employees and quickly rushed to the donut shelves.

I knew I should bring some home to my brothers, so I put a few in my bag that I knew they would like for breakfast in the morning. I don't take more than six. So there are two for each boy.

Like I said, I was starving so I thought one more wouldn't hurt. I picked up a large, plump jelly donut from the bottom shelf and took a big bite. The jelly squirted onto my hand from behind and I moaned softly. The jelly donuts were my favorite.

The light came on and I froze, leaning my back against the door. I heard two quiet footsteps that then stopped behind me. I sat up and turned slowly, my eyes wide and my mouth still full.

That's the owner! I thought. And sure enough, he was standing there, tall and menacing, with his arms crossed over his chest. He slowly unwrapped it, reached behind him and closed the door with a soft click.

My eyes searched it frantically and I swallowed, feeling the previously delicious donut lodge like a lump of lead in my throat. "Uh... um..." I mumbled, my voice shaking with fear. He had bright green eyes that seemed to be staring at me, and I felt myself blush.

- What are you doing here? - he asked quietly. He took a few more steps towards me until he was directly in front of me. I still held the donut stupidly in my shaking hands.

Oh man, I can't go to prison! What about boys?

"I... I just... I..." I winced as he slapped the dough out of my hands, grabbed my wrists, and pulled me toward him.

“I said, what are you doing here, little girl?” I whimpered, torn between anger at the insult and fear of what he would do to me.

“I... I'm so sorry! I just wanted to bring home food for my brothers!” I whispered. "Please...please don't call the police, if I go to jail they will starve, the twins are only thirteen, they can't get a job yet, please sir, please." I babbled and knew it, but I was scared. For the last three years I have only taken care of my brothers; They were my top priority. I couldn't leave her.

The man's hard face seemed to soften a little, his heavy eyebrows rising. He couldn't have been older than 35, but there were tiny wrinkles around his eyes that suggested he wassmiled often. Of course he wasn't smiling now.

He held my wrist with one hand and raised the other to wipe the powdered sugar from my face. I blushed as I realized I must have looked ridiculous begging him not to call the police. "What's your name?"

"K-Katie," I said weakly. I suddenly felt so tired and wanted to go home to my boys, crawl into bed and sleep. The thought of sleeping in a prisoner's bunk tonight gave me chills.

Suddenly he let go of my wrists and looked at me intently. “Don’t move,” he said. he growled; I didn't even think about disobedience. He turned toward the squad room and walked toward the wall where the phone hung. I tensed, thinking he was going to call the authorities, but he walked past me into the office. He leaned toward the door, pulled a set of keys from the hanger, and turned off the light. He walked past me and opened the door through which he entered.

“Jess? Becky? I'm going home for the night. It's pretty slow. Call me if you need me." There were two mumbled responses and then the door closed and he turned back to me, his eyes still hard as he grabbed my arm and pulled me out the back door and turned off the light , as we passed.

My bag hung limply and heavily on my arm as I followed him groggily to the car. He pushed me into the passenger seat and then walked around me.

I was shaking with fear. He seemed to be more of a practical guy. He probably wanted to hand me over to the police himself. The numbness wore off and my situation started to become noticeable. My brown eyes filled with tears and I hiccupped, trying my best to hold them back. It doesn't help him when he sees me crying.

He started the engine and drove from the employee parking lot toward a nicer part of town. I assumed that owning a store had its advantages, I thought sarcastically. Unwanted tears rolled down my cheeks and I bit my lip to hold back my sobs.

"Do not Cry". His voice was not soothing, but rather commanding. We were silent as I wiped my eyes and tried unsuccessfully to calm my sobs. “I won’t report you,” he said after a moment, and my shocked eyes met his.

"What? Oh, thank you, sir, thank you..."

“Quiet,” he said in a voice full of calm authority, a man clearly used to being obeyed. I immediately fell silent, my stomach clenching in fear.

"I won't report you if you do exactly as I say." He looked straight ahead out the window; It had started to rain, and the streetlights cast ghostly shadows of trickling raindrops across his dark hair and face.

“What...what are you going to ask me to do?”

"I will not tell you. But you're going to do it anyway." I felt a little bad. So he's blackmailing me. Oh God, what will he make of me? do?

— C...can I please...can I make a request? I begged. He looked at me once and then nodded slightly. “I don’t want my brothers to know about this. I don't want them to interfere. Please.” The corner of his mouth twitched slightly into a smile and he nodded again.

"Do not worry. I won't include them. He pulled into the parking lot of an apartment building, unbuckled his seatbelt and then unbuckled mine for me. As if I were a child, I thought, slightly irritated. He got out of the car and came towards me to pull me out. The fear in my stomach churned as he pulled me by the hand up the stairs to the fifth floor.

He unlocked the door, let go of my hand and walked in. I hesitated and he looked at me sternly. I swallowed and went to his apartment.


I never really liked thieves. But I could definitely like that. With her wild, curly brown hair falling messily from a messy ponytail and big brown eyes looking up at me nervously, she was simply adorable.

God, I never expected to own a donut shop as a kid, but as I walked Katie home, I felt strangely happy about my job.

She was probably no older than 21 and I felt even older than my 36 years, especially as I let my eyes wander over her body, still dressed in a simple work uniform of black pants and a black polo shirt.

Katie turned to me as I led her into the living room. There were doors leading to a balcony overlooking the street and I opened the curtains which turned out to be interesting for what I was asking them to do. She bit her lip nervously and looked down. “Look at me,” I said. Her eyes flickered nervously to mine and she bit really hard.on her lower lip.

"Repeat after me. Okay?" She nodded and her eyes widened a little. "I submit to you."

"I submit to... you."

"Whatever you ask."

"For whatever reason Whatever reason you ask."

"As long as you ask me."

“Until…wait…hmm,” she stuttered and fidgeted. I closed the distance between us, grabbed her wrists with one hand and looked at her in the face.

“As long as you ask me,” he said. - I repeated, feeling the breath leave her lungs with a nervous whistle.

“Until you… ask me to.”

"Mister". I raised an eyebrow and saw her blush softly. This time I let her hesitate longer before her gaze finally dropped back down.

“…Sir” I nodded and suppressed a smile.

"Good girl." I let go of her hands, took a few steps back and crossed my arms over my chest. “Now take off your clothes.”


What? What exactly did he want from me? Oh no... I've never had sex with a man and he wants me to... oh no.


"Whatever I asked, is it right, Katie?" I choked, tears filling my eyes. “Is that true, Katie?” - he repeated with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

"Yes!" - I blurted out. "But I can't... I can't do this..." my voice started to shake.

"Why not?"

There was a long pause and I twisted my fingers uncomfortably and rocked on the balls of my feet in my fake Converse sneakers. "I... I've never had sex before," he said. - I whispered desperately. I'm sure my face was flushed with anger.

He was silent and I risked a look at him. He frowned and looked really annoyed for a moment, but he shook his head. “Whatever I ask.”

A sob escaped my throat and my shoulders slumped. It won't be all that bad, I told myself. Better than prison. I took off my sneakers, grabbed the collar of my polo shirt with shaking hands, undid three buttons, and pulled it over my head. I wore a simple white blouse underneath.

Then the pants appeared and I fought back tears as I pulled them down, but the other part of me, the part that wasn't scared to death, started to feel pretty warm. It won't excite me! He will practically rape me!

But as I pulled my pants down to my ankles and stepped out of them, revealing the blue lace-covered satin panties I'd stolen from Victoria's Secret, I felt that familiar, tense feeling in the pit of my stomach.

The camisole joined the polo shirt on the floor. I was really shaking now and was only wearing blue panties, a bra and a pair of ridiculous knee high socks. I put them on that morning to have a little fun; They were super soft black socks with a pattern of snitches and broomsticks from the Harry Potter series. I blushed more because of the socks than because of my half-naked appearance.

I jumped and looked up at him and saw amusement in it. Great, he probably thinks I'm twelve years old now.

Well, at twenty you're still a virgin. “Maybe twelve,” a voice somewhere in the back of my mind chuckled sarcastically.

Shut up.


I never thought a girl could look glamorous in lingerie, but Katie did just that. The baby socks combined with her voluptuous curves and sexy lingerie were a shock to me, but I found it hard not to smile. "Now the rest... but keep the socks on," I said, unable to hide the amusement in my voice.

The worry in her honey eyes returned as she reached behind her to unclasp her bra. I could see her shrinking as she continued to undress. Her shoulders sank lower and lower and she hid behind the strands of hair that came out of her ponytail and framed her face.

I gulped as she dropped her panties, her pussy almost completely exposed with only a small strand of hair blocking my view. My gaze slid lazily over her and I walked across the room towards her. She shuddered a little and pulled away, but I put my arm around her waist and pulled her toward me. She tensed and felt my cock pressing against her stomach under her work pants. I ran my hand down her smooth back to her hair. I grabbed her cock tightly and pulled her head back. She gasped as I ran my hot lips down her neck and to her ear.

“Someone has been a very naughty girl,” I murmured, biting her earlobe and hearing her soft whimper. “What do you think happens to bad girls, Katie?”

"I... I don't know, sir," she breathed, my hands.

"Well... I guess I just have to show you." I pulled on her hair tie until it broke, her wild hair falling around her and biting the back of her neck. I heard the surprise in her moans and felt some of the resistance slipping out of her.

"Come"; - I ordered, grabbing her hand and dragging her into my bedroom. There was a large four poster bed as well as a beautiful wing chair and walnut furniture. I pulled her to the lounge chair, sat down and positioned her in front of me. “What Happens to Bad Girls, Katie?”

"I... I don't know... Sir, please," she stuttered, blushing and fidgeting. I pulled her arms and she stumbled and fell into my lap. I placed my hand between her shoulder blades to hold her firmly in my lap as she struggled, her socked feet shaking helplessly. My other hand ran over her smooth, round buttocks and she gasped. She squirmed and I caught a glimpse of her flushed face beneath her curly hair.

My hand suddenly fell on her left cheek. To her credit, she didn't scream like I expected, but her shoulders tensed under my hand and I heard her take a sharp breath. Oh, it'll be fun to make you scream, little girl.


I kicked helplessly as he slapped my ass again. Oh, oh, oh, oh. Why did that upset me, it hurt?

"Give me your hands." Almost without thinking, I put my hands behind my back. He grabbed her and squeezed me even tighter. I bit my lip as he spanked me again, muffling my whimpers.

"Bad girls... they... get their asses spanked," he managed, each word followed by another slap. I moaned and twitched in his arms. “And you’re a very bad girl, Katie. Why, look...” I gasped as his fingers suddenly slid between my lips, spreading the moisture he found there. “You’re soaking wet. If I didn't know better, I'd say you like it. His thumb circled my clit and I gasped again, jerking against his hand. I was too sensitive, the burning on my cheeks only made the feeling worse.

“No…please,” I whispered. In response, he hit me again and this time I screamed.

“Shut up,” he growled, dipping his hand between my legs again to tease my clit. I moaned as he pushed his fingers into me in one rough thrust; I was wetter than I had ever been in my life. Why?

The fingers inside me disappeared and I barely had time to protest before his hand landed on my ass. I fought and kicked and wailed. The strokes got harder and faster, my ass was burning and... oh god, I had never been so horny. Finally, I couldn't keep quiet any longer and blurted out, “Please! Please, sir... no more, please, please. I thought my unfulfilled pleas fell on deaf ears as he slapped me hard on the thigh, but then he stopped and I collapsed onto his lap, groaning.

His breath near my ear scared me. “Good girl,” he whispered and I felt a strange warmth in my stomach. Almost like pride. “Get up,” he said sharply, pushing me off my knees. I stood up and pushed my hair out of my eyes. It felt like he could fry a damn T-bone on my ass. My legs were shaking.

“Now on the bed. Face up.”


The horror on her face fought with the excitement. I've always enjoyed watching the play of emotions on a girl's face for the first time. fear, embarrassment, excitement, excitement and surprise; They all made it even more exciting for me.

She lay down on the bed and almost never took her eyes off me. I went to my drawers and pulled out four ties. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her tense and straighten, and I looked at her. - I said to lie down. She collapsed onto the bed so quickly that I swear I heard her breath run out. I suppressed a smile and walked to the edge of the bed.

I gently took her right leg in my hands and moved her legs until she was lying on the bed with her arms spread out. I heard her whimper in embarrassment at being so exposed. "S-Sir..." she began in a broken voice, but I looked at her sternly and she fell silent. I tied both of her legs to the bottom posts and ran my hands over the soft material of her socks.

I went to the head of the bed and began to tie her wrists. She was breathing heavily and there was panic in her eyes. “Sir… Sir, please,” she begged. I leaned forward until our foreheads touched and I heard her breath catch.

"Would you rather I call the police and tell them exactly how I found you in my store?" Her eyes filled with tears again and she shook her head quickly and whispered, "No, no, please don't."| "Then be quiet." I continued to tie her wrists to the post until she was completely secure. She was shaking so hard I could almost feel the bed vibrating. I smiled. She will definitely have fun.

“S…Sir?” I heard her whisper, barely audible. Then I saw real fear on her face and my heart beat slightly with compassion. I sat down next to her and ran my hand through her hair.

"What?" - I asked, trying to keep my voice short, but a hint of compassion came through my voice. However, she shuddered a little.

"I... I don't... I mean, you..." She shifted uncomfortably. I watched her struggle with herself for a few moments before sighing impatiently.

"You have five seconds to tell me what you have to say, otherwise you won't say anything." Her eyes widened.

“Are you going to be careful? Gently, I mean. “With me?” she blurted out and in the end her voice almost fell silent. Those beautiful brown eyes met mine for a minute before they slipped away, embarrassed and scared. I felt another ringing and my chest tightened; With a sigh, I leaned in to kiss her forehead.

"Do not worry. “I’m not that heartless, baby,” I murmured. My chest relaxed as I felt the tension ease, and to my surprise, she leaned her head back and kissed my lips lightly. I pulled back, blinked, and she blushed and lowered her head again. She started to mumble an apology, but I grabbed her chin and pulled her mouth to mine, this time sticking my tongue in her mouth. She let out a low, frightened moan and, after some hesitation, her tongue touched mine.

I reluctantly pulled away. I could spend hours kissing her inexperienced mouth and teaching her all the techniques of kissing. But now she had other things to learn.


I swallowed hard, my fear returning a little as he pulled away. I saw his face freeze and a shiver ran down my spine. What will he do to me? - I thought.

He got up from the bed and slowly walked to the foot of it, looking at me the whole time. I was shaking again, but I couldn't tell if it was from nervousness, fear, or... something else entirely.

He reached the foot of the bed and looked at me for a few moments, causing my face to turn red. The room wasn't very bright, just a few small lights on the nightstands, but there was definitely enough light for him to see every part of me no matter what I was.

I watched with wide eyes as he began to undress himself slowly and deliberately, as if there was no naked woman tied to his bed. His expression was neutral, almost bored, as he unbuttoned his shirt. I bit my lip, half afraid he'd be a nondescript specimen, but I inhaled sharply as he took off his shirt.

The donut shop owner certainly hasn't changed his body. His stomach was in good condition, not too pronounced or muscular, but with clearly visible abs. Above his right pectoral muscle and high on his left shoulder was a pattern of dark tattoos in a language I didn't recognize, a brighter, more colorful tattoo that I couldn't make out from this distance.

With the same slow care he removed the belt. He folded it in his hands, flexed it, and I tensed. Would he whip me after such a hard beating? He grinned as if reading my mind and ran his smooth skin over my leg, which was tied to the bedpost. I whimpered, trembled, and my toes twitched involuntarily. He grinned and dropped the belt; I relaxed and let my head fall back onto the pillows.

I felt a kiss on the inside of my thigh and automatically jumped when I heard the headboard creak in protest. I raised my head again; He knelt on the bed between my thighs, shirtless and shoeless, and ran his hands up the inside of my thighs to spread me further.

"What... what..." I mumbled, but he bit my thigh, making me scream.

"Quiet. Don't make a noise unless I want you to.

“H-how should I know…” something like that.

I shivered, throwing my head back into the soft pillows and feeling his fingers gently massaging the muscles of my thighs. My cheeks burned because I knew he was so close... there, looking right at him...

"Oh!" I screamed in surprise and arched my back. I looked down in shock and saw that his eyes were closed, his mouth was pressed firmly against my clit and his tongue was circling the hard, sensitive area. Another whirlwind and I gasped again, my legs twitching again. He growled against my skin and my neck arched and my mouth opened in surprise and pleasure.

I had also never had oral sex before and it was, in a word, shocking. I've never felt like this while masturbatingOK, that's for sure. I moaned as his tongue penetrated deeply, his thumbs holding me tight and forcing me into his tormenting mouth. Breathing became difficult and each exhale was accompanied by another shocked moan or helpless scream.

It didn't take long for me to reach my climax. My screams became louder, more desperate and my legs were shaking. "Oh please..." I sighed... and he pulled away, leaving me hanging right on the edge. I let out a frustrated scream and winced with all my might, raising my head and looking at him pleadingly. "W-why did you stop... oh please sir..." I begged.


It took all of my willpower not to press my hand against my aching member, my pants straining at the sound of her plea, her taste still lingering on my tongue. I smiled at her and licked my lips. "You know, as good as it feels to hear you beg, I don't think you're ready to cum yet," she said. I purred as I kissed the soft skin of her thighs and stomach. I enjoyed her desperate growls and laughter.

“Poor Katie. You're always in a difficult situation, aren't you? I showered her with kisses until I was floating above her, supported by my arms. I took a perky, tight nipple into my mouth, sucking on it and caressing it with my tongue. She sniffed and rolled her eyes. Oh, she was so sensitive and so much fun to play with.

I pulled my teeth and looked at her face. Her brows were furrowed and her soft lips were parted as she breathed heavily and heavily. I let go of her breasts. “Look at me, Katie,” I murmured. Her eyes opened and she looked at me, desperation and disappointment visible in her eyes.

“Ask me nicely,” he said. - I said grinning. I saw a flash of anger in her eyes and I liked it.


Ask him politely? Haven't I already begged?! I thought and got angry. But I tried not to grit my teeth as I begged, "P...please sir...can you make me cum?"

He looked thoughtful for a moment. - Hmm... yeah, I guess I can. But I don't think that's the right question. He stood up abruptly, making me scream. God, my pussy was on fire and he wanted to play games? Wasn't that what he originally wanted?

I watched as he went to the dresser, opened the top drawer, and pulled something out of a shiny metal box. He closed the drawer, returned to the bed and climbed between my legs. He crouched down and looked at me silently.

What? What does he want? I thought desperately. I looked at him helplessly and he sighed, apparently deciding to help me.

-What do you want, Katie? I opened my mouth to say something, but he raised his hand. “Think carefully about what you want before you say it.”

That got me thinking. What did I want? I wanted a lot. A better job, a decent home for my brothers, my parents to come home to, a car they can drive instead of having to walk everywhere... but what did I want now?

I sighed and looked into his eyes. “I want you to make me cum, sir,” I said firmly.

He was silent for a moment before smiling at me. “Since you asked,” that was all he said. He leaned over me and I tensed for a moment. He lifted my head and wrapped a thin cloth around my head and eyes. Blindfold, I thought, my body tense with fear. But he gently kissed my temple and murmured, “Relax,” so I did.

The kiss moved from my cheek to my mouth and I sighed into his lips. He was a really good kisser. I opened my mouth to his tongue, my eyes closing behind the dark fabric. He kissed me deeply, gripping my jaw tightly in his hand, controlling my mouth and I moaned, a little shocked at the wave of heat that shot through me.

I winced as I felt his hand slide between my thighs and his thumb rub self-conscious circles around my clit. A throaty moan escaped my throat and entered his mouth, and he growled in response. I gasped as he pushed a finger inside me and moved his thumb over my clit.

One finger became two and he pulled his mouth away from mine. I groaned in frustration as I felt him back on his heels. His fingers began to pulse quickly inside me, his thumb never leaving my swollen bud. I felt my body tense again, the heat swirling in my stomach, and my screams becoming even louder. He suddenly released my clit and I began to scream in protest until he poked it with something cool and smooth. I heard a click and suddenly my whole pussy was vibrating.

I screamed as I came, sudden and violent, my body arching off the bed. The posts creaked as I spun around, trying to avoid the strong vibrations on my oversensitive clitoris. His fingers pushed confidently into me, curving just right to hit my G-spot.every thrust. I gasped, took a deep breath and started begging. “Oh please, sir, damn it! please!"

Another orgasm hit my cunt and I screamed again as the vibrator rubbed roughly against my poor bulge. The darkness behind my blindfold made the situation ten times worse; All my senses were focused on the intense pleasure between my thighs. I tried to close my legs, but I was trapped between the bonds that held me in place and his knees that carefully separated my thighs.

His fingers withdrew and I collapsed for a moment, but the vibrator still hummed over my swollen flesh. I screamed as he seemed to increase the volume, sobbed as I came again, and multi-colored spots appeared under my eyelids.

I blinked as he ripped off the blindfold and gasped. He put his free hand around my neck and forced me to look him in the eyes. His fingers were wet with my juices and touched my pulse.

- Is that what you wanted? He growled and pressed the vibrator harder against my clit. I screamed, gasped and gagged.

"P-please, sir..." I panted weakly.

“Is that what you wanted?” he asked and I screamed wildly.


- What is it you want? I felt my legs tense with another orgasm and I began to sob as tears gathered in the corners of my eyes. His hand squeezed my throat and I let out a wild scream.

“Please, sir, fuck me!” The vibrator came off and he pushed into me. I screamed, my legs twitching so hard I heard two long cracks as his ties tore off the bed frame. Almost instinctively, I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his hips, crossing my ankles over his lower back. I felt no pain and adjusted to its size almost immediately.

He looked into my eyes, his hand still on my throat, and began to thrust into me hard.

“My… you’re mine,” he growled. His eyes were hot, his pupils were dilated, his lips were parted, he was breathing heavily. Out of breath, I answered.

- Yes, yours.


I knew it was stupid of me not to wear a condom, but I just had to control myself. I grit my teeth as I feel her muscles squeezing me tightly, and the look of shock and delight on her face almost drives me crazy. I pressed my forehead against hers and closed my eyes, groaning. I gasped as her muscles tensed again and opened my eyes to look at her.

A mischievous smile appeared on her face and her pussy spasmed again. A ragged sigh escaped my throat and I growled. “Stop,” I breathed. I squeezed her throat with my hand and the smile disappeared from her face and a soft moan sounded. Her pussy started throbbing again, but I could tell it was involuntary.

I brought my mouth to her ear, kissing and sucking on her earlobe. "Now you have two options, Katie... I can get a condom and fuck you good..." I felt a shiver run through her, a reaction running through my cock; I groaned. “Or I can cum in your sweet mouth.”

She was tense; Obviously that idea hadn't occurred to her, but judging by the sudden contraction of her pussy, she wasn't unattractive. "You seem to like that idea," I purred, slowly rocking my hips as I pressed myself against her, gently sliding the head of my cock against her G-spot a few times until her body began to tremble.

I saw her eyes fill with tears of exhaustion as she panted and moaned. "Please don't make me cum again sir, I can't," she whimpered. I grinned, squeezing her throat and feeling her cunt squeeze me in response.

“Oh, you’re going to cum for me again, Katie. We're not saying I can't be here.” I thrust hard again, rubbing her G-spot until she gasped and her body arched beneath mine.

"Please...please," she murmured, rolling her eyes. I squeezed her throat tightly and her eyes opened again and looked at me in shock and delight.

“You’re going to ask me if you can cum, Katie. You will be a good girl and cum for me again. Cum all over my cock. Her thighs closed around mine and I felt the first strokes of orgasm begin deep within her.

"Fuck...please, sir." As she begged, a tear rolled down her cheek. “Please, can I cum, sir?” she breathed.


I screamed as he thrust hard and deep, feeling every inch of him inside me. I teetered right there, right on the edge, and he lowered his head to my ear and growled, "Cum for me now." His hips bucked against mine, sharp, rough thrusts pushing me over the edge as I screamed and felt, like an orgasm ran through my entire body. Heat, pain, and sweetness all swelled in my stomach. I heard him gasp and then groanthe muscles contract.

“Oh my god… shit,” he said. - He whispered and gave me a particularly strong push that took my breath away. He growled in my ear; I felt another small shock go through me.

And then everything was quiet.


Damn, I thought, the orgasm still subsiding from my body. I didn't want to cum in her. I buried my face in her neck and held my breath. I kissed her neck and ear somewhat lazily and she murmured contentedly. I lifted my head to look at her; Her eyes were closed, her head was tilted to the side in exhaustion, and traces of tears were still visible on her cheeks. "Katie?" I murmured, raising my hand to stroke her hair. She mumbled something again, but barely moved. “Please…” she murmured quietly. She was about to fall asleep.

I smiled and reached out to untie her wrists. She dropped her hands with a groan and I turned her onto her side and pulled her body towards me. She pressed herself against me, her mouth pressed against my shoulder, she pressed herself against me. I blinked, slightly surprised. Someone nice.

After a few moments her breathing became deep and gentle. I continued to stroke her hair, feeling the soft texture beneath my fingers.

From the sound of it, she really shouldn't be sleeping here. She had to go home to her three boys. I winced; I didn't find it very nice to use them that way. To be honest, I didn't plan this. When I put her in the car, I honestly didn't know where to take her. But when she agreed to do everything I asked, I just couldn't resist.

She whispered again and I stopped my stroking. But she calmed down and snuggled closer to me. I sighed. Maybe it was just that damn afterglow, but I suddenly felt like I was very protective of my little one.kleptomaniac.



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