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Jen is an unfaithful wife

Jen wore tight black gym leggings over a thin thong. She then wore a sports bra and a tight sports top as she examined herself in the full-length mirror at the back door of her bedroom. As she adjusted her hair with light finger movements, she noticed that the stretchy material of the leggings barely outlined the curves of her labia as she turned to the side to make sure no panty folds marred the smooth, round curve of her hips and ass. Jen is happy with her age and the femininity of her body. She's strong and toned, but not without a thin layer of soft, smooth flesh that gives her a bit of a curvy look. Satisfied, she left the bedroom and went to the door.

“Honey, I'm going to the gym to blow off some steam. “Come back in two hours,” she called down the stairs.

“Uh, okay, honey,” was all she heard from the basement. The 2007 NCAA Championship Game took place: Florida vs. Florida. Ohio State, and she could be sure he wouldn't leave "that chair" the entire game. Previously, she had tried to compete with his other interests, coming to terms with the fact that while she loved him and would never leave him, he would never understand the insatiable passion she felt, passionate and openly selfless.

She had already decided that it wasn't really his fault. People change and over the years Jen has become more in tune with her sensuality, but he has not. It's impossible to give someone instinct, and Jen has become a very instinctive, sensitive lover, in tune with the energy of her body and the energy of her partner. Instinctivity and sensitivity require vulnerability and openness, and neither can be sustained without reciprocation.

Inevitably she looked for and found other ways.

As she walked out the door, the warm spring air hit her. She noticed the sweet scent of cherry blossoms and pear trees and thought to herself that the scent had become sharper in the evening air. She got in the car, adjusted the rearview mirror, took a deep breath and drove away smiling.

Jen didn't go to the gym that night. No weight machine, treadmill or aerobic machine could do what she needed for her. Previously, online communication with her lover aroused her passion. She thought of his lean, muscular torso, his firm ass, and the modest tuft of hair that ran down his stomach. Jen's skin was hot and tingly, and her stomach hurt as if she hadn't eaten all day while waiting.

“2 hours,” she thought to herself. "It takes 15 minutes there and 15 minutes back, so almost an hour and a half." She tried her best to concentrate on driving and not bump into anyone or anything, but distracting thoughts about her lover were making her wet. As she rode, her throbbing clit demanded attention, so she stroked herself gently through her already wet pants, but not enough to bring her to climax.

The existence of the championship game gave them ample opportunity to plan an evening rendezvous. She went straight to the motel on the other side of town where Tony was waiting for her. “Room 7,” she thought as she drove. She grinned as she remembered that she had memorized the room number and associated "seven" with "heaven," "seven," "heaven," she thought, smiling as she pulled into the parking lot.

Jen noticed that the hotel room door was unlocked and, after a brief announcement, entered. Tony leaned back on the bed. The blanket had been thrown to the floor and he lay naked, with only a thin sheet loosely covering him from his hips. She closed the door behind her and walked towards him.

She liked Tony's smile and his eyes. They spoke in silence about his passion for her. Slow jazz was playing from the clock radio on the nightstand to the right.

"Slowly undress for me," Tony said in a tone that was equal parts request and suggestion. Jen slowly began to rock her hips in rhythm. She closed her eyes and raised her arms, stretching them over her head and then gradually lowering them to her temples. She pulled her hair back, tilting her head back and letting the thick, long brown hair tickle her shoulders.

Still swaying and with her eyes closed, Jen put her hands to her chest and squeezed her full breasts, then grabbed the sports top near her ribcage, pulled it off, pulled it over her head along with the sports bra and threw them up the ground. Her open hands returned to her breasts and she rubbed her erect, sensitive nipples with her palms. For the first time since the dance began, Jen opened her eyes and looked Tony in the eyes. Tony's hard-on was clearly visible through the thin material of the white sheet, and as he looked into Jen's eyes, Tony slowly ran the fingertips of his right hand along the length of his member.

Tony sat up and swung his legs off the bed. Now when he sat down he said: “Come here. Come closer."

Jen smiledand moved closer to Tony in time, tucking her thumbs under the waistband of her sweatpants. She slid them from her hips over her thighs, leaving only the thong on. She stepped out of them, leaving them lying in a mess on the floor as she walked to the bed, out of his reach. She took a step to the left, changed her stance, and circled her thong-clad pussy and hips in front of Tony's face. Jen turned her back to him, took a sharp, wide step to the right and quickly bent forward at the hips, tossing her long hair forward over her head. The soaked thong lay between the mounds of her smooth, shaved pussy as she looked at Tony between her legs and reached her hand through her legs, outstretched to invite his touch. As he reached for her, she smiled and quickly withdrew his outstretched hand, leaving it resting on the exposed flesh of her pussy lips. Jen's breathing was now very deep and audible. She rubbed herself with long strokes that ended at her wrist, and finally, holding her breath, she pushed her thong aside and stuck one, then two fingers deep inside herself.

“Oh my god, you are so incredible. "You're so sexy," Tony said in a low, lustful voice. The sound of his voice sent shivers down her spine.

She quickly touched herself four or five times and moaned, "I'm SO horny, I want you to touch me SO bad."

Tony got up from the bed and walked behind her. He pushed his rock hard cock down with his hand and placed it between her legs and between her thong and her hand. Jen brought her legs together and squeezed her milky thighs and ass tightly, encasing Tony and her hand in her soft flesh. He placed his hands on her waist and slowly raised her upper body, sliding his hands up the sides of her torso to her breasts. Tony gently cupped a breast in each palm and gently rolled her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

The silky material of her thong and the lingering wetness of her hands allowed Tony's cock, which gave a long stroke to Jen's fully erect clitoris, to slide easily between her clenched thighs. Her hips moved slowly, still in the slow jazz rhythm. Jen looked down and watched excitedly as the head of Tony's cock moved out of her body and into her cupped hand as she shook with her first orgasm.

Not wanting to cum prematurely, Tony pulled out and led Jen to the bed. He put her on all fours, knelt next to her on the bed and began caressing her left inner thigh and the back of her calf. He slid up her thigh, reached between her legs and slid his hand up Jen's stomach and beyond, barely touching the underside of her pendulous breasts and nipples. Reaching as far as he could, he pressed his forearm firmly against her pelvis, lifting Jen's weight slightly off the bed. Tony flexed his forearm as Jen rolled her pelvis over the hardness of his muscles. Tony opened his palm and spread his fingers wide to support her hard, quivering abs and flexed his shoulder. His biceps were cupped on either side by Jen's ass cheeks, which squeezed in unison with her abs every time Jen's clit rolled against the rock hard belly of Tony's forearm.

While Jen was still on her knees, Tony moved behind her, his legs spreading hers and their feet intertwining. Tony placed his hands on her hips, slid his hands to her waist, and helped Jen free herself from her arms. As she stood up, he took her wrists in his hands and wrapped his arms around their bodies, with her hands resting on his muscular ass. This caused Jen to arch back and she let her head fall onto his shoulder, her hair tickling his upper chest and nipples.

Tony rose to his knees to match her position and pressed himself against Jen's soft, round ass. Jen felt Tony's cock slide over the fold of her ass as their bodies moved at the same time. Her ass gently massaged his cock while his hands explored the underside of her ribcage and the sides of her full, firm breasts. Jen moved her right hand, forming the tip of a love tunnel between her ass and her hand, while Tony's hand slowly slid over her flat, soft stomach and clitoris, settling between her thighs.

They were generous, sensitive and empathetic lovers. In fact, this was the quality they both valued most in each other. They both seemed to know how, where and when to touch and not touch each other without a word being spoken between them. Finding new ways to please each other gave them both as much, if not more, pleasure than pleasure. This open, selfless giving allowed them to focus on the joy of giving and receiving pleasure that was unique to their sexual experiences.

The touch of Tony's hand was always both intentional and sensitive. Each part of his arm worked independently; His palm massaged her pelvis just above herclitoris, his middle finger sliding over the wet, silky material of her thong covering her clitoris, and his side fingers torturing the steaming, swollen flesh of her pussy lips. Their bodies slowly collided in the air above their heels as Jen doubled and tripled the frequency, grinding her ass against Tony's cock that was deep between her cheeks in her right hand. Tony pushed Jen's thong aside and began stroking his right hand, inserting his fingers into it. Her pace quickened and when Tony sensed Jen was close to the edge, he focused all the energy of his hand on her clit. Jen pushed herself against Tony's cock on one side and his hand on the other, coming to a sustained orgasm.

Jen turned on her knees to face Tony and gave him his first kiss of the night. She pressed her lips gently to his, then pulled back slightly and let the tip of her tongue glide over his waiting lips, ending with another gentle kiss. She brought her hand to his mouth and gently explored his lips with her fingertips. He kissed her tenderly, reached out and inserted her middle finger into his mouth; He kissed and sucked it gently as he stroked his lips, and then he removed it and kissed her palm.

Jen directed kisses from Tony's neck to his chest. She tickled his right nipple with her tongue as she reached up and ran her nails over the underbelly of his cock, which shot up and reached for her touch. While Tony was still on his knees, Jen's head moved further down Tony's torso until it stopped at the back of his head. She took both hands and ran her nails up and down Tony's shaft, occasionally licking or kissing them. At first she started sucking only on the head while at the same time using her extended tongue to lick the sensitive part of the stomach just below the head. Tony placed his hands on her head above her ears and ran his fingers through her thick brown hair, providing enough connection to create a bit of balance and allowing him to encourage her movements without taking control.

Jen had excellent control of her mouth and Tony looked to the side to watch her take it. She began to take Tony deeper and deeper with long sucking strokes. Jen reached up and gently squeezed his balls while forming a ring at the base with the middle and thumb of her other hand. As her lips reached her hand, Jen ran her fingers up and down, following her lips. Her pace quickened now, and as she lifted his cock, she began using two fingers, then three, until finally her entire fist guided and followed the path of her lips.

"Oh god, that feels so good." Tony groaned. "Oh God. Yes. Oh yes, I'm close, oh yes.

Jen let out a soft moan and increased her actions. "I'm cumming. "I'm coming," Tony said louder this time. Jen felt his cock stiffen and the head expand in her mouth as she tasted the first drops of precum.

“Oh...god...uh... "Uh!" was all Tony could finally say as the first wave of cum hit Jen's mouth. She pulled Tony's cock almost all the way out, leaving only the head, and again began aggressively sucking and licking just the head and the sensitive lower abdomen. Tony's body jerked as he fell onto the bed; his butt fell onto his heels and his arms grabbed his bent torso. Jen continued sucking and licking. Her hand was still on his balls and her mouth was on his cock. She could still feel him shaking, his body still shaking, but nothing else would happen. She swallowed the rest, crawled to his body and pushed him back onto the bed. Jen lay on top and gave him a deep, sensual kiss.

Tony quickly turned her onto her back so that he was now lying on top of her. He returned the kiss and moved down to her breast. Her nipples were erect as he sucked on each one in turn. He licked and kissed the sides and bottom of her breasts and then returned to her nipples. His kisses traveled past her diaphragm to her soft, sexy stomach. He licked and sucked her navel and then positioned his body between her legs.

Tony gently bit and sucked on her clit through the thong material, which was so wet it felt like a see-through second skin. He grabbed the sides of the thong and pulled it over her hips and past her legs. For the first time that evening, both of them were completely naked. He followed her sweet scent up, over her knees, up her thighs to its source. As if preparing to take the first bite of an overripe peach, Tony opened his mouth and lips wide and began stroking her, slowly running his tongue and bottom lip along the entire length of her pussy, as if he tried not to miss a single drop. He then began licking her with long strokes of his tongue, starting at the bottom of her slit and ending around the circle of her clitoris. He moved alternately from the center of her slit to either side of her body.swollen labia, each time he wrapped his tongue around her clitoris at the end of each thrust, always surprising her by plunging his tongue deep into her.

Jen began to move at her own rhythm, and Tony intuitively understood from her movements what her body was telling him: “stronger” and “faster.” Tony picked up the pace, reducing his tongue length and spending more and more time sucking her erect clit between his lips and into his mouth. Now completely focused on her clitoris, Tony penetrated Jen's pussy with one and then two fingers of his right hand. He moved slowly, twisting his fingers in and out, curling them inward and massaging her G-spot as he continued to lick and suck on Jen's clit. Jen's movements became faster and more intense and Tony matched her paces as she jerked and touched his entire chin and hand in a delicious orgasm.

Tony returned to the bed and lay down next to Jen. They lay in each other's arms, caressing each other gently and holding their breath. Jen looked at her watch and muttered, "Damn, I need to get myself together and head back."

There were no objections from Tony. Their relationship was as clever as a trap and took its place in her life. Neither of them would ever want to do anything that could jeopardize their relationships with their spouse or family. This was not their last meeting, so confidentiality and security were maintained at all times. It's better to survive and save it for another day of passionate fun.

They ended the evening by simply hugging each other and running their fingertips lightly over each other's bodies. They sat naked on the edge of the bed, Jen's bare bottom pressed against Tony's crotch and Tony combed Jen's thick brown hair. They quickly cleaned themselves up, kissed each other long and sensually goodbye, and headed back to their homes and families.

- End-



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