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Jeanette Chapter 5

I couldn't believe that Cynthia wanted to stay, and what was even more incredible was that her mother actually allowed it. We still wore our mother's nightgowns and nothing else. She's wearing black lace, partly transparent and very short, and I'm wearing red silk that falls too low over my chest.

“Let’s watch a movie,” Cynthia suggested.

“Of course,” I said.

I turned around, grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. We changed the channel, but every time I stopped she would say "No" or "I've seen that too many times."

“Would you like to choose one from our collection?” I asked. My parents have collected so many films over the years that when I was born they simply added a new category.

“Yes,” she said excitedly. She got up and waited at the door. I took my time and admired her round breasts in that thin dress for a second.

As I got out of bed I noticed she was watching me too. Hm? I lead her down the corridor to the theater.

"Oh my God! There are so many," she said, standing in front of bookshelves full of films. She skimmed the first section and then moved on to the next. "What is it about?" She asked me to take one out. “No, it doesn’t matter,” she said, handing it back.

She stayed in that department. I knew that well, these were dramatic films. Many of them were rated R, so my parents placed them on the top three shelves. Then I couldn't reach him.

Cynthia was watching the above films. She reached up for a second and then let the one above do it.

Her dress rode up even higher than before. The way she stretched I could see the entirety of her tight little ass. "How about?" She asked, slowly lowering herself and letting the dress down again.

I lifted my head to see what she was holding. "I've seen it, it sounds like a sexy movie, but it never shows anything more than people in their underwear." She was already putting it back.

She walked away: "Well then you'll find a good sexy movie."

Does that mean she's still horny? I had to smile and rack my brain to find a good movie with sex scenes. I went to the cinema cabinet and started looking.

Cynthia came over to make room for me. I was finally thinking about the movie we should watch when I looked down and saw Cynthia leaning over the lower movie shelves.

I couldn't help but admire her huge B cup breasts. They weren't huge, like boys like, but they were a lot bigger than mine. Not only could I see her round pillows, but I also got a perfect view of her perky brown nipples.

She leaned back and looked at me slowly. “I know what we should see,” I said, keeping my cool. I turned around and looked for the film.

Of course on the top shelf, where the most explicit films were. I was too young to reach it without help, but with years of practice I knew how to do it.

I lifted my foot onto the first shelf. There was enough room for my toes to lift myself up. One hand clung to the shelf in the middle of the closet and the other fumbled for the film. I arched my back so I could move my face just enough to see what I was reaching for.

"Ha! I see," I said happily. I fall back and look down to see where I landed.

I saw Cynthia's eyes looking at my waist. She was testing me! Just that Same as I did with her.

“Jeanette, I really like your thighs,” Cynthia said. "I mean, I think you're very beautiful... Well, I mean, we're friends, you can say that, right?"

“I think I understand,” I said, a little embarrassed. “We are friends and nothing will change that. We just think our friend is very beautiful, and there's nothing wrong with that."

“And what did we do with MrC? And among each other? - she asked quietly.

I thought quickly. "Well, it felt good and I've never felt anything like that before," I admitted. “I don’t think it has changed us either.”

“Maybe I want to do this again…” she said, looking me in the eyes.

I looked into her eyes, then slowly my gaze fell on her open top and her magnificent tits. “Me too,” I admitted. "I don't like girls, but you make me feel comfortable and enjoy what you did to me."

“Me too,” she said, slowly getting up. We watched a movie together and ate popcorn.

I was a little disappointed that she didn't try to touch me. I wanted to touch her, but now she didn't seem interested in me anymore. When the film was over, I put it back in the case and on the top shelf. While I was putting it away, I looked at Cynthia again and saw her looking at my butt. She didn't try to hide it.

“Can we try on your mother's other nightgowns?” - she asked me as I jumped off the bookshelf.

“Sure, that would be fun,” I replied. I also wanted to see her naked again as we tried out different options.

She practically ran down the hallway. I tried to keep up and it felt like some kind of race. In my mother's room, she waited for me to open the drawer. Together we pulled out two more dresses.

She took off the black lace and put on a sheer pink dress that didn't reach her hips at all. She posed for mesmiling, first one way, then the other. Every movement of her hips and legs allowed me to see her runway all the way to the sky.

“Wow,” was all I could say.

She smiled and handed me another dress. “Come on, come out.”

I pulled the straps off my shoulders and the silky dress fell to my ankles. Cynthia looked at my entire body as I put on my dark blue dress. The top was a little tighter, but still too loose for my small chest. It was longer than any of the others, almost to the knees, but the further it was lowered the more the front opened up. By the time he got to the bottom, both sides were almost behind my feet.

“Great view from here,” Cynthia said, looking at my shaved pussy. I took a pose like her and switched to another pose. "Good view!"

Then we laughed together. "One more thing?" I asked her.

“At least,” she replied.

Each of us reached for the other. We were both wearing the same bright red dress. “Okay, you first, then I’ll try it too,” I suggested.

“Okay,” she said without ever explaining. The pink dress was taken off before I could pull out the red one. My gaze was focused on her naked body, especially her soft breasts. As I picked up the red dress, I jumped as something rumbled in the drawer.

Cynthia must not have noticed. "Come on, it'll be your turn soon, I promise, now give it to me." I held the dress and looked at the box. I couldn't figure out what it was. “Come on, I feel better now that I’m cold.”

That made me look at her hardening nipples. Oh, she felt cold, cold, because she let me watch. I gave her the red one. She put it on. It was a sexy combination of the last two dresses.

They even seemed to rise a little right around her breasts. Short, like her pink, and wide open in the front, like my navy blue. The material was thin and transparent. Nothing was left to the imagination. I could see her nipples sticking out of the fabric and could even see the light brown rings of her areolas. Her stomach and, even more stimulating, her pussy were visible to the naked eye.

"Do you like it?" She asked.

“Oh, if I were a boy I would explode right now,” I said honestly.

She laughed. She moved around in it a little and even looked at herself in the mirror above the dresser. I just watched her every move. I felt like I was going to get wet because of my girlfriend.

“Okay, now it’s my turn!”

She looked sad for a moment, then took it off and handed it to me. I took off the blue one and excitedly picked up the red one. Cynthia searched the drawer for another one.

I couldn't help but look at myself in the mirror as I put it on. I was so hot. It fits better than the others. There was definitely a push-up feeling. The girls looked better than ever.

My breasts looked exactly like Cynthia's normally did. I couldn't stop looking at myself. My pink areolas looked darker against the red material. Somehow the open front made my eyes look straight into the middle, at the bare slit.

I couldn't stop my hand from groping my breasts and rubbing my wet slit. I was so excited that I couldn't resist running my finger between my little lips.

“Look what I found,” Cynthia said, standing up and turning to me. She was still naked, but she was holding something in her hands. Her eyes widened when she saw me. "Wow!"

I smiled: “Thanks, what is this?”

"This is your mother's toy!" She said she was holding it.

It was a large replica of a man's penis, similar to the real one. If it was smaller than Tommy's, then it wasn't by much. I touched him, he was cold, it's strange. But it almost felt like leather, and that just made it weirder.

“It’s so strange,” Cynthia said. “I mean, anyone can compare to this thing?!”

“I’ve seen big ones,” I replied, thinking of Tommy and his father. After those words came out of my mouth, I knew there was a problem.

"Really?" That's all she said. “Feel this,” she said, handing it to me.

I touched him a little more. She seemed to enjoy watching me touch him. I grabbed the shaft and gently tapped it a few times. "Do you like it?" I teased.

She smiled and brought the base to her pussy. “Oh yeah, don’t stop,” she replied mockingly. I rubbed it some more. Holding it with one hand, she reached out and ran the back of her hand over my hard nipples.

I placed one hand on the artificial penis and rubbed her bare breast with my free hand. She hummed softly as we played with each other's nipples.

“Do you think you can handle something like that?” I asked her, jerking off with the dildo.

She looked at him, "I want to try." With that I let it go. She sat on the edge of my parents' bed and turned her to face her.

She picked it up and opened it wide. Then she sucked him into her little mouth. What did it look like when I gave Tommy's dad a blowjob? I walked towards her and pulled the dildo down as if she was holding it.

It was like it was my cock. “Suck my cock,” I said to my friend.

She looked at me and nodded. She leaned forward and took him into her mouth again. This time she pulled it out and licked it a little. The way she acted I knew she had sucked a real cock many times before. The way she moved her hand and played with the fake balls, those moves only a man could teach her. She sucked more than half of my artificial penis.

It was so hot watching her. I felt like she was my toy, I was controlling her. I put a hand on her head and pulled her onto my artificial penis. Her reaction confirmed my suspicions; she squeezed my hand faster. She became more and more involved in it.

She removed one hand from the artificial balls and placed them between her legs. I wanted to do the same, but both hands were full. My slit also needed attention. She moaned and groaned a little. I thought she was going to make herself cum.

As soon as she started moaning louder, she pulled the cock out of her mouth and removed her hand from her legs. She got up from the bed and pulled the fake cock away from me.

“Your turn,” she said, pointing to my parents’ bed.

“Hooray,” I said excitedly and climbed onto the edge of the bed.

She positioned herself between my legs and pushed me onto my back. I looked up and saw her pressing the dildo against her pelvis and pointing at me.

"Oh my God." My eyes were like saucers, they looked much bigger now that they were focused on my teenage hole. "Okay, I'm ready." I looked at the ceiling. I couldn't look.

The tip gently touched my slit. Cynthia rubbed me slowly. I could feel the wetness of her saliva on my massive cock. She slowly rubbed the massive tip into the space between my lips.

The rounded top flirted with my slit. She took her time, she took her time. I'll wait until I'm ready. I just rub it all over my pussy. The fear left me and I opened my eyes to look at her and that dildo.

She was watching my pussy without looking up from what she was doing. I looked at it too, the top was now very wet with my juice. When I touched it, it felt more like the original. It was cooler than it actually was, but not as cold as before.

“I want it,” I said to Cynthia. She looked at me and when our eyes met I said, “Fuck me, Cynthia.”

She looked surprised and pleased. I put my hand on the tip and pushed it towards the hole. “Put it in me, I need it!”

My girlfriend used her thighs to push the fake penis between my lips, through the opening of my pussy and into me. My breath hitched as I felt myself open wide to the massive rod.

It stopped pushing into me and started to hurt as Cynthia pushed a little more. As if she felt it too, she pulled back and pulled it out of me with her hands. She rubbed my juices into the cock that I couldn't fit.

"Again?" She asked me to put it back in my slit.

“Yes, I want everything!” I did. It was an incredible feeling. I was so horny that my Cynthia stood naked between my legs and fucked me with a huge cock. "Fuck me."

She thrust her hips forward again, driving them deeper into my stretching hole. The giant dildo was as far as my little tiny place could take it. Cynthia pushed a little more and I felt a sharp pain as the tip, the size of a round head, touched my cervix.

"Oh!" I shouted. "More quickly!"

She pulled with her arms and pushed with her hips. I felt her legs next to mine as she drove them into me. Smooth, hairless girls' legs. She slowly pulled out and pressed hard on her waist, driving the huge tool into me.

I grabbed the base with one hand and pulled her hand to my chest with the other. Soon one hand was moving the big cock while my other hand was moving her slit.

“I want you to eat my pussy again,” she told me.

“I want to taste your pussy again,” I told her. She smiled brightly and climbed onto the bed. She sat on my face and brought her tender cock to my mouth.

I kissed those soft, pale lips. Then, as she pressed on my mouth and demanded more, I stuck my tongue out to taste her dripping hole. This time she moved a little more, lowering her body and reaching out to take my cock from me.

I sucked and licked her clit while she pumped my tender hole with the huge cock she found in my mother's drawer. After a few minutes we both came. She's in my mouth and I'm close to this big thing. I could feel my pussy contracting with each orgasmic spasm.

My mouth froze around her slit as my orgasm grew stronger. Time stopped and I felt a cramp in my body. Cynthia stopped pumping me with her cock and just left it halfway down my love tunnel.

However, my orgasm didn't stop and she made me dizzy today. This time the room stayed dark for an eternity, probably only two or three seconds.

“Oh, oh…” I breathed out. "What... It was so... incredible!”

She stood up and looked at me. She started pulling it out. “Oooh! No! “Leave it for a minute,” I shouted. She sat there and watched me catch my breath. I look into my eyes, then down at my swollen pussy, then at my breasts.

"Okay, pull it out slowly." - I instructed, too sensitive to do it myself. Of course it would be easier for me if she did.

I closed my eyes and felt the moment when sheMy hands touched the long rod sticking out of my pussy. I took a deep breath and held it. She took my hint and pulled it out.

"Uhhh!" I cried. “Go on,” I grumbled through gritted teeth.

She paused just long enough for me to take another deep breath, then exhaled completely. I felt every inch of that bulbous tip leave my body. I opened my eyes just as it flew out of me.

After she pulled out, I felt my pussy tighten, trying to get back into her usual tight little teen hole. As he squeezed himself, my juices began to flow out.

“Wow, so many of you came!” - said the amazed Cynthia. “I want to try it too.”

I looked at her. She was very serious. I couldn't blame her. I imagined I would use this tool on my own more often.

“Okay, give me a minute,” I said. I slowly rise to my elbows.

She nodded to the person lying next to me. A few minutes later I sat down. It hurt to sit on my sensitive lips, so I lifted them off the bed and sat on my knees between Cynthia's legs. She spread her legs wide.

Today I admired her trimmed bush for the hundredth time. Her pussy looked like a Playboy model's, not a schoolboy's. How did she manage to cut it so perfectly?

"I want it, Jeanette." I looked at her, she saw me holding a large, lifelike penis. "Put it in me!"

I repeated her steps, but she didn't want to wait that long. Her hand reached down and placed the tip against the hole. I straddled her and placed the base of my penis on her pelvis over her swollen slit.

I pushed it inside her. Her legs left the bed and she stepped into it. My fake cock went all the way in on the first try, became covered in my pussy's lube and went straight into her. She narrowed her eyes as I felt myself hit rock bottom.

I lifted her waist, pulled with both hands and then drove them back into her. I found a rhythm and developed a technique that allowed me to do it faster. I put my face on her chest. After a while I took advantage of my mouth and started licking her rather large tits and sucking her small brown nipples with my mouth.

I liked it so much that at first I didn't even notice how she came. I slowed my movements and pulled my big cock out of her. Just like me, her pussy juices were flowing, captured by the huge cock.

I rolled off her and hugged the wet, fleshy fake cock to my chest. “Oh my god, this is better than MrC,” I said happily.

“It was really cool, but I think I like Joe the best,” Cynthia said.

Suddenly I remembered that Cynthia has a boyfriend! "If he's so good, why did you want to sleep with MrC?" I asked, feeling hurt that she was either lying about how good he was or turning into a whore.

“Well, he didn’t actually invite me. “I’m not really sure who we are,” she said sadly. “I also know that he has slept with at least one other girl, I also wanted to know what sex with someone else was like.”

Well, I guess it made sense. Why does he have to sleep with another girl and she only has to live with his cock? She's right, and to make matters worse, he never made it official! Bah, what an idiot.

“No, he’s a good guy,” she said, defending him. I think I said the last part out loud.

Cynthia stayed overnight several more times over the next few weeks. Whenever we had the chance, we would secretly take out Mom's toys and use them on each other. When she wasn't there, I used it myself. Either way it was just as good.

It didn't take long for Cynthia and I to decide that we weren't lesbians, we just enjoyed orgasms. We didn't care if it was a guy giving it to us, or each other, or even my mom's toy.

One day Cynthia came to spend the night. Things were strange between her and Joe. She didn't say it, but I could tell she needed sex. My mom was home that weekend so I told her we couldn't use the toy.

- Maybe it will be easier for you if I attack you? I recommended.

She smiled at me but shook her head. “Sorry, maybe later, Jeanette. I really need a good fuck from a cock, preferably a real one.”

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She didn't want me to lick her? She hasn't refused any of my suggestions since we started pleasuring each other.

"It's been a long time since I've had a cock," she said, smiling at me to remove the stinger.

"I think I understand." I really didn't know that feeling. It had been a long time since I'd had the real thing, I even knew I'd had it longer than she had, but I had to use my mother's toy cock two or three times a week.

My mother came over to see if we needed anything. She had a glass in her hand. I could tell by the way she was holding it that it wasn't regular cocaine. She probably needs to drink some rum or bourbon. When she was home, she almost always drank.

"Woman. A. Can I ask you a favor? - asked Cynthia.

I was so busy watching my mother drink that I didn't notice Cynthia's question.

“Do you have a special toy I could use?” I mean, my boyfriend and I are having some problems right now, so…” She spoke about it so casually.It was like she was asking, “Can I borrow a blanket?”

“Oh no, darling,” Mom answered slowly.

“Mrs A. I am not a virgin. And I wouldn't tell my parents you're letting me.” Cynthia tried again.

My mother laughed! She actually laughed: yes, she was drunk. I was so shocked at Cynthia and so embarrassed at my mother.

“No, darling, you don’t understand. I'd lend it to you if you really wanted it, but it's no ordinary toy.

I wanted to say, "Yeah, we know, it's huge," but I didn't want to admit that I had already used it.

“You see, my toy is special. “This is a copy of Jeanette’s father,” she said and my veins immediately froze. "So as you can see, it would be inappropriate for you to use it." But good luck, I'm sure you can take care of it differently." And with that atomic bomb on my soul, she left my room.

“Damn, your father hanged himself!” - Cynthia said, slowly turning to me. |I couldn't move. I used a replica of my father's penis to achieve orgasm for several weeks! I loved my father, but I never thought of him as anything other than my father. That's what I liked about myself! I even liked to pretend I was sucking him like a real cock. I loved it every time I used it to fuck my girlfriend Cynthia. Cynthia.

She sat next to me on the bed and looked at me. "Oh, Jeanette, I'm so sorry." She hugged me and held me for a minute. "You didn't know. It's not like you actually had sex with him."

She tried to calm me down, but it didn't help. "I have to get out of here. Come with me?" I asked.

“Of course, let’s go walk."



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