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Jane - Gloryhole Slut Pt. 2

This story contains themes such as incest and girls of consent but under 18 years of age. If you don't like these topics, move on to another story. Whoever it is, may you enjoy it. Thank you also to naenaegirl for your encouraging words in my previous stories about fame.

I spent the next hour editing the store bought video to capture the phone video of Jane sucking my cock. When I finished recording the CD, Jane called.


"Yes baby?"

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m on my way home. After last night I decided to call instead of just stopping by.”

"I appreciate it. See you when you get home.

"Bye daddy."

Good. I had time to start implementing my plan. I took the DVD into the living room, put it in the DVD player and skipped ahead so that her scenes started after she entered. I sat and watched and enjoyed the movie. Soon I heard her car pull up to the entrance and the door close. I turned up the volume so she could hear the guy moan in approval.

"Hello Dad! I... Oh my God! What are you watching?"

"Oh, hey, I didn't go to Bill's for dinner. I went to a porn store on the outskirts of town and they had a really good glory hole movie."

"It's very hot. Wow, she swallowed his whole cock? We can get closer.”

So she sat down across from me in the living room and leaned back in her chair. As the scene progressed, I saw her begin to rub herself, seemingly oblivious to the backdrop of the film. That will be good. The next scene was with her and she didn't know what would happen next.

“That’s cool, Dad. I didn’t know you were into that.”

“I think the next scene will be even hotter,” I told her.

At the end of the scene she came to cum and looked shocked.

“Did he just cum in her mouth?” Oh my god, she swallowed it! Ew!”

“Part of intercourse, Princess. Some girls just love it,” I said, pretending to be engrossed in the movie.

Then a coup happened, their scene began! When her little interview started, I sat up and looked at her and her jaw just dropped. The scene continued, the cock came through the hole and she started sucking it, the look on her face was priceless!

“What the hell is that, Jane?”

“I, uh…” she murmured, speechless, “Turn it off, Daddy!”

“No, I believe I have a right to know what my daughter is up to.”

"Switch off!" - She called.

"NO! If you want to be a little slut, you can let the scene play out! Let's see what kind of slut you are!" - I shouted back.

When she returned to her seat, she sat there and watched the whole scene , and tears welled up in her eyes. She was still transfixed by the scene as the camera captured her with her mouth wide open as the cock shot into her mouth. She showed off the cum to the camera, swallowing it with a big smile and said, "I like the taste of cum. I could drink it all the time. I stopped the movie and turned to her.

“Did he just cum in her mouth?” Oh my god, she swallowed it! Ew!” - I told her in a mocking tone. She simply lowered her head and remained silent, her face red with anger and embarrassment. “Let’s keep watching the movie, shall we?”

"Please don't. "You've proven your point," she said sullenly.

"No. No, I don't think so," I said and pressed play.

And of course the next scene was filmed on my phone. Her expression showed confusion. She could tell it wasn't the same cock as in the video before. But she also knew that there shouldn't have been a camera on the other side of the hole.

“I've seen this before. “I like the ending,” I told her.

We watched the end where I pulled my cock out of her mouth and shot it in her face. My load looked like something from the movie Bukakke: thick and plentiful. Her face was covered with ash.

“Who gave this to you?!” she demanded. “Who the hell gave this to you?!”

“Why, when was it filmed?”

“Tonight,” she said haughtily. “That asshole ruined my makeup.”

The video continued to play and moved on to the next scene. But we were attached to each other. I decided to bring the hammer down on her.

“Did you know that it is illegal to lie about your age to participate in porn? Are you as legally responsible for this as the man with the camera and the people who recorded the edited product on CD?”

“No,” she said, visibly shocked.

“And if I had turned this over to the police, you would have been charged with producing child pornography, just like the people who did this. over.”

Jane began to cry. I was pretty sure I had her rights and she knew it.

"Please Dad. Don't give it up. Everyone will know! Not even my friends know about it! I will do anything to keep this a secret!”

“Define ‘everything’…”| “Please, I will do whatever you want. If you want me to be your whore then I will do it! I'll fuck you until I'm tired and no one wants me, but don't give this CD to the cops! PLEASE! !”

“Prove it to me. If you want to do something, prove it.”

Jane sobbed and winced as she reached for my zipper. After some fumbling, she finally got the hang of it and pulled my hard cock out of my pants. She pulled back the skin of my uncut cock. She spat on the head to lubricate it and began stroking it. Then she wrapped her lips around my cock for the second time that evening. Once again it was heaven in her mouth as she swirled her tongue around my sensitive head. I unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down. She never missed a treat and stayed right on my cock even when I took off the jeans I was wearing.

“That’s right baby, just keep sucking daddy’s big cock. You love being daddy's whore, don't you?"

After breaking contact for the first time, she looked up and said, “Yes, Dad. Use me however you like. Anything to avoid trouble.

Then she started sucking really hard. Push your mouth over my thick cock, then back to my head and then back down.

“Daddy, will you fuck my pussy? I'll let you if it makes you happy.

"Yes, I will. Get up and get naked."

She stood up, took off her shirt, revealing her creamy tits without a bra. At 17, she had full, firm tits. They were topped with chocolate-colored areolas, thick brown ones Nipples that were ready for sucking. She then pulled down her pants, revealing a skimpy pair of underwear that seemed to cut her cleavage in half and barely covered her buttocks.

As she started to take off her panties, I stopped her. I wanted this to be the unwrapping of my gift. I knelt in front of her and inhaled the scent of the musket coming from her vagina. She smelled divine. I spread her legs and saw that the juices she was secreting had soaked her underwear.

“Jane, does it turn you on to be treated like a whore and told what to do?”

"Yes indeed." she replied

Noticing this, I pressed my lips to the crotch of her panties, where her clit should have been, and began sucking. Her moans and the rubbing of her covered pussy against my mouth told me I had found the right spot. I continued sucking the juice out of her panties and she grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to her crotch. I immediately stopped sucking and spanked her hard.

“Jane, a good slut will wait for her master to satisfy her. Consider this your warning. If you do it again, I'll have to punish you. That means you wait until I make you cum. Either I tell you or I make it clear to you that you have to do this.”

"Yes father. I'll only come if you let me," she moaned, half excited, half frustrated.

“Now take off your panties for me.”

She pushed her wet panties to the floor and then instinctively spread her legs so I could inspect her little beaver. Her mound was shaved clean, revealing her sweet, bald pussy. Her pussy lips were red and swollen with excitement and parted to reveal just a glimpse of her inner lips.

“Sit down and spread your labia. If you're a good little slut, I'll let you cum."

She immediately sat down on the couch, put one leg over the armrest and rested her foot on the couch where her pussy burst. Then she reached under her ass. and parted her lips, exposing the inside of her vagina. I leaned forward and licked her from anus to clit, savoring the taste of her young pussy. I explored her depths with my tongue, tasting the nectar from the depths of her well.

“Slut, I’m going to fuck you now. You have permission to cum.”

“Please, Daddy, make your slut cum,” she begged.

I placed my ten inch cock at the entrance and slowly pushed it into her channel. She moaned uncontrollably as I began to slowly penetrate her. her incredibly tight hole. I slowly entered her little by little until my balls were pressed against her ass.

“Do you want this, bitch?” - I asked her

"Yes father. Fuck your slut daughter, make me cum with your huge cock. Fill me with your sperm.

I started fucking her hard, pulling out until my head was inside her and then thrusting in hard. I kept this rhythm and she grunted hard with each thrust and fucked back just as hard as I entered her.

“Uh... uh... That's it... Dad. So... close... about... about... close to... cumming... about... close to... cumming... close to... cumming!"

Her body shook as her orgasm rocked her. Her pussy grabbed my cock and milked it as the muscles flowed from the entrance of her vagina to her uterus. It was too much for me and I finished spraying her walls with my hot seed.

"You feel. .. your sperm... Filled me...So hot...In my...pussy she was panting.

As my orgasmic high wore off, I pulled away and went to her purse. I looked inside and saw the wad of money that Bill had seen her take out of the store. I withdrew $50 and tossed it to her.

“Clean yourself Whore, and from now on your body is mine. If I let you go back to that fucking glory hole, I'll decide how much you keep."

“Yes, Daddy,” she replied, still in a state of bliss.

I went and lay down, too tired to think about what had happened. I heard the shower running and was almost asleep when she came to my door.


“Yes, Jane?”

“As soon as I saw your cock, I knew you were in the cabin. Your cock is incredible. I would be happy to give myself to you.

“Do you know what you’re saying?”

"Yes father. And I want you to know something.

"What is that?"

I always found you attractive. I wanted you. After my mother died, I pushed you away because I was afraid you would become me do not want. Every time I was in a cubicle, I imagined it was you. And when you started threatening me, I was scared, and then when you told me to prove that I would do anything, I realized that this is my chance to be with you."

“So to all this: “Your body belongs to me now” ', - I said and sat down, - I'm ready to give it up if I was what you wanted all along. You can do whatever you want with me: fuck me, eat me, take me outside. I am completely yours. I want to be used as a fuck toy. I really didn't know I was doing this the whole time. Be a damn toy. And if you want me like that, I will be exactly like that.”

“Now, whore, come to our bed. I have one more thing I want to use you for tonight.”

She willingly came over, lay on my bed and pressed her naked body against mine. I put my arm around Jane, held her tight and whispered, “Lie down with me. In the morning I will set the rules for your new life as my slut toy.”

As always, feel free to comment. Let me know what you think and we'll see where this story goes. |Morg



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