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Incest Girls – Chapter Three

Sunday morning was bright and sunny, a beautiful day for late May, but the Prentiss family did not start their picnic as early as originally planned. The first thing Paula noticed was that neither mom nor dad were in a hurry to get out of bed. It's not like they didn't go to bed early enough the night before. At nine o'clock they were in the bedroom.

It was one of those evenings when the four of them sat in the living room and watched TV. Mom then sat on Dad's lap and squirmed and squirmed until she made him as horny as she was. Suddenly they got up and went to their bedroom, and that was the last time Paula and her brother saw them until ten o'clock the next day.

Paula knew her parents didn't go to bed right away. As she went to her room later that evening, she heard noises coming from her parents' room next to hers. She couldn't hear what they were saying, but she could make out different sounds. She knew they had one hell of a time together.

After her parents went to her room, Paula's brother gave her a pretty hot time on the living room couch. Paula's mom and dad had barely left the room when her brother pulled her into his arms and the two began to hug each other deeply and tightly. His hands were all over her, and Paula didn't mind in the least that his kisses were one long, open-mouthed, tongue-licking experience.

His hands squeezed and caressed her full, firm tits, and when his mouth finally left them, he wanted to lick and suck on her hardened nipples. Her brother continued like this until she had two sensational, ass wriggling orgasms, the second a few minutes after the first.

While Paula cuddled in her brother's arms, she felt so good that she didn't mind at all when his hand slipped into her panties and touched her already wet pussy. She soon realized that her brother wasn't a fan of playing with a girl's pussy. His teasing fingers brought her to dizzying climaxes four times over the next hour. But if her brother thought that she would let him bury his cock inside her now that she was in the mood, then he was wrong!

Paula was stubborn. She wouldn't let him fuck her. Why should she? That same day daddy gave her as much cock as she needed. Maybe she now thought of herself as daddy's wife. And later, as she lay in bed and listened to the happy and happy sounds coming from her parents' bedroom next door, she felt a sense of resentment and wished she had stayed in the living room and not let her brother really fuck her. her.

Paula went back into the living room where her brother was still sitting on the couch. As he unzipped and his long, hard cock popped into the room, her fingers wrapped around him and she began pumping him. A few moments later he let out an animalistic growl and Paula watched as a powerful jet of cum erupted from the tip of his cock and flew halfway across the room. Then Paula went back to bed, leaving her brother to clean up the mess on the living room carpet.

The next morning in the kitchen, Paula was pleased to see that everyone had the same idea about what to wear to the picnic. Dennis and Dad were both wearing swimming trunks and Mom was wearing a bikini that was just as short as the one she was wearing.

Paula noticed that each man had a noticeable bulge in the front of his trunks, and she wondered if she or Mom were the inspiration. It was hard to say. Dad looked at her like he wanted to take her to the side of the pool and fuck her again. Her brother also gave her mother quite heated looks. Dennis stared at the narrow strip of fabric barely covering his mother's pussy and it was quite obvious what he was thinking about. A quick glance into her mother's eyes made it clear to Paula that she was well aware of her son's passionate interest.

“Well, if we want to go, let’s go,” Paula’s father said cheerfully, putting the cup of coffee on the saucer. “Let’s put things in order here!”

“I’m ready,” chirped Paula’s mother happily, taking the straw picnic basket in her slender hands. “Dennis, will you pick up the freezer? That is hard. There’s a lot of beer and Coca-Cola in there.”

A few minutes later the whole family settled into the family Ford. Paula sat in the back with her brother and Mom sat next to Dad, who was driving. Paula's mother looked so sweet and sweet. desired; desired Paula was almost a little jealous. How could Dad or Dennis notice them when Mom was there looking at them? Mom's bikini showcased her juicy, toned and shapely butt and her shapely legs accentuated her slim figure.

An hour later the Ford turned off the highway onto an older, narrower and more deserted country road. It was already afternoon, and the sun shining directly on them enveloped the landscape in its warmth and gave the car's occupants the feeling that all was right with the world.

Paula's envyHer mother soon disappeared. Her entire body was filled with delicious excitement as she felt her almost bare lower back become the center of her brother's attention. Looking down, she noticed with obscene glee that he obviously had a hard-on! Of course her handsome brother wanted to fuck her; He pretended not to notice her so as not to show his interest to Dad, who was looking at her in the rearview mirror. But her brother's big cock betrayed him! Dad's eyes were glued to her in the mirror and she wondered if he had a boner too.

Wow! So much had happened that weekend that she didn't even know what to think about it. But one thing was certain. She wanted to know more about it!

The only thing that clouded her sense of budding sexuality was that she wasn't sure how far to let her brother go. She finally decided that even though she had played with his cock last night — actually jerked him off — and today she might let him touch her pussy again, but she would never let him fuck her. At least until she sees how things stand between her and her father!

The landscape changed as we approached the Wakhsani River. It was hillier and sparsely populated. Both Dad and Mom expressed strong nostalgia as they drove past barren, well-tended farmhouses with flowering fields of young corn and waving wheat. They had lively discussions about how they spent their childhood and teenage summers.

Paula caught snippets of their conversation - and the way they looked at each other - and concluded that it was here, at the picnic, that Dad had fucked Mom for the first time. Judging by the sparkle in Mom's eyes, she must have really enjoyed it! Paula quickly noticed the movement of Mom's hand as she sat next to Dad and realized that Mom could feel Dad's erection through his trunks.

Paula was very tempted to quickly lean over the front seat and catch Mom while she fingered Dad's cock. But she didn't dare. Plus, Mom's hand took Dad's attention away from her and he didn't look at her in the rearview mirror. This allowed her brother to place his hand on her legs. After a few moments, he pulled the crotch of her bikini aside and began stroking her pussy. A few more minutes and the Ford reached its destination and stopped. just as Paula reached her climax!

Paula's mother was the first to get out of the car as it stopped on a densely wooded bank overlooking the river, taking a deep breath of air that smelled of pine and grass. In an instant, Paula's brother got out of the car and stood next to her. His gaze slid over his mother's bare legs and almost bare ass.

"Oh, Dennis, he's so green and fresh!" Mom said as their arms hugged. She didn't seem at all angry about the way her son was lustfully looking at her bikini body. She seemed girlishly relaxed and responded to his kisses and caresses as they walked across the small grassy clearing. "Look! Violets and strawberries grow there!"

Soon mother and son returned to the car and helped Paula and her father get things out of the trunk. A moment later, her brother spoke to Paula in almost a whisper. "Let's! Let’s take a walk on the river bank.”

“Hello, Mom,” Paula said to her mother in response to her brother’s request. “Okay, if Dennis and I go for a walk? You don't need us here.

“Okay, darling,” her mother replied cheerfully. - Enjoy. It will take at least a few hours to complete everything.

Paula and her brother turned and ran down the steep path between trees and bushes to the edge of the dye house. They walked in silence until they reached a small clearing surrounded on three sides by birch trees and thick bushes.

“Dennis, I…” Paula began, but before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by her brother.

“Hey darling, let’s stop here. Baby, here it comes! Look at this soft grass!” His arm went around her waist and pulled her closer to him.

Paula wasn't keen on the idea of ​​quitting. The reason she started talking was because she wanted to tell her brother that she didn't really know how she felt and that she didn't want to fuck him.

His hand rested on one of her breasts, squeezing and caressing it gently as he kissed her. “Do you like it, baby?”

“Don’t, Dennis”

"What happened? Are you afraid of suddenly having fun? Remember I jerked your pussy while we were in the car.”

“I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do,” she told him, feeling a joyful sense of freedom. Paula looked seriously into her handsome brother's face. here because I think we should talk.”

"Talk? Again? Didn't you say enough last night? Crap! Mom and Dad went into the bedroom at nine o'clock. We could have fun fucking on the couch! But you kept hesitating and talking! Well, I'm tired of your stupid games, Paula. You've pushed me away for too long. I want to fuck you and I will do it – now!”

“But I don’t want to…” Paula tried to contradict and stepped away from Dennis. For the first time she noticed the fierce determination in his eyes. How could she believe that she wanted her brother to fuck? Fear ran down her spine as she realized how persistent he was.

"I don't care if you want it or not, you little tyrant!" - her brother shouted, rushing towards her and pressing her slender body to his hard loins.

Paula wanted to object. What right did he have to grab her like that? But his mouth was pressed so tightly against hers that she could barely breathe, let alone speak. For a moment she gritted her teeth to avoid his hot, thrusting tongue, but as she inhaled air he darted in, teasing her sensitive mouth and tongue mercilessly. Even as she tried to escape her brother's grasp, Paula felt her resolve weakening.

Oh God! This is so pleasant! Why not? Why not?

"I'm going to fuck you, Paula," her brother murmured into the warmth of her mouth, his eager hands resting on the firm, round mounds of her bikini-covered bottom - feeling her, caressing her.


“I've been trying to put my cock in you for months, my hot sister. You will receive it today! His pent-up frustration caused his manly young cock to rise into a powerful erection that throbbed painfully in his trunks. He pressed his aching flesh against the tender flesh between his sister's legs.

"No! Dennis… Don't... stop!" Paula groaned, but it was clear to her brother - who had already taken off her thong and whose hands were now tugging at her tiny bikini bottoms - that her protest was only symbolic. Although Paula's quiet sobs escaped her lips, she trembled in her brother's embrace and made no real move to escape. He held her completely naked, then released her from his embrace to take off his trunks and climb out of the thorn . For a moment, his physical relief as his bone-hard member popped out of the painfully restrained material was so great that he didn't realize the strategic mistake he had made.

Although Paula was clearly in an obsessive state of erotic desire, she had enough control over herself to be surprised at how easily she allowed herself to be so passionately pleasured by her brother. Her anger at her brother eclipsed most of her lust as soon as he walked away from her.

"You're wasting your time taking off your bathing suit, Dennis," she said in a cold voice that only showed a slight tremble. “I don’t want you to touch me!”

Paula reached into the soft grass to pick up two discarded bikini pieces. By standing with her back to her brother and leaning forward, she made HER strategic mistake! Her lecherous brother rushed at her, grabbed her hips and pulled her to the ground. Before Paula even realized what was happening, she was on her back and her brother was naked on top of her. The length of his iron-hard cock pressed firmly against her pubic mound. He was much stronger than her and the force of his weight amazed her. Still, she had the presence of mind to squeeze her legs together and dig her nails into his back.

I have to go! If I don't run away, I'll like it. I want to be fucked! And I want daddy to give me everything I need!

"Hey! Stop it!" Her brother roared as Paula's nails dug into his back. “And what do you mean you don’t want me to touch you? You didn't tell me that last night when I kissed you, licked and sucked your tits. You didn't pay any attention to me. touched you as I stroked your pussy and you had climax after climax. If my cock is so disgusting, why did you hold it in your hand and play with it for so long last night? You enjoyed jerking me off, didn't you? You can admit it, my horny little sister, you want it as much as I do. You want me to fuck you!”

For the last six months, Paula had allowed her brother to fool around with her, stopping him before he went too far and never letting him fuck her. But in all that time, she hadn't sat down once behind the wheel...he was in such blind rage. It scared her, but it also excited her in a way she didn't fully understand, just like the way he pinned her hands to the floor and the feeling of his iron-hard cock rubbing against her pubic mound made her tremble .

“No, Dennis! No!" She cried. But even as she screamed, she felt her protest fade away.

I can't do anything! Hetoo strong! I can't stop him. I can't make it clear to him that I don't want him to fuck me!

Somehow this rationalization triggered something in Paula's brain and she began to writhe beneath her lust-stricken brother's body with increasing abandon. The warm and hard thickness of his manly cock rubbed firmly against the ridge of her pussy. It looked just as big and menacing as her father's. But her brother's cock was so slick and throbbed against her trembling flesh with such obscene force that she felt dizzy as a wave of hot, ticklish sensations washed over her.

“You are the most beautiful girl I have ever known, Paula. You are no longer a child and I just need to feel you. I need to feel your pussy with my cock! I've wanted to do this with you for some time. It's been a while, baby, and the way you move in those skimpy bikinis - showing off your tits, your pussy, your ass - just looking at them makes me so hot I can't stand it . I want to jump on you, even if mom and dad are next to us!”

“Dennis, don’t! Let me go!"

"Come on, Paula. Be nice to me and spread your legs. Look at me! I won't hurt you. We will both be very pleased when I insert my penis into you. You'll love it, I promise. Come on baby. Let me fuck you. Because you want me to do this to you, right? Isn't that true, Paula? She pressed her thighs even closer together to squeeze her sensitive clitoris. She knew she wanted that exquisite feeling to keep building until her whole body exploded in an ecstatic orgasm and her brother's cock shot its hot load deep into her pussy.

Suddenly... The lusty young girl's hand reached down and her fingers wrapped around the hard shaft of her brother's cock. She smiled at his handsome face as he pressed his naked body against hers, lying next to her in the soft grass. Paula moaned as she felt the hard head of his cock slide against the wet lips of her pussy.

A stream of cool air flowed into the room, fanning Paula's feverish body. Her brother's eager hands roamed her body and his hot, heavy breath tickled her ear. Fearful that something would break this magical spell, the horny young girl buried her face in her brother's neck and shoulder. At the same time, she slowly brought her body, heated with lust, closer to her brother's naked lower back. He greedily pressed himself against her naked body.

“Yes… oh yes, Dennis…” the girl whispered. “Do this to me. I want you to..."

For a moment of confusion, her brother thought he was dreaming. He hadn't expected his sister to respond to his intimate touches so suddenly and with so much passion. He lowered his head to kiss her cheek and her long golden hair while his hand caressed the curves of her voluptuous buttocks.

Paula's slim body appeared girlish and vulnerable next to her brother's masculine figure. His already swollen cock, lovingly held in her panting, throbbed, growing in size and he moved closer to Paula's naked curves so he could press his aching member against her soft thighs and the head against her wet pussy.

From where Paula lay on her side, the firm pink peaks of her peachy breasts rubbed gently against her brother's chest, causing her to let out another urgent moan.

“Do it with me, Dennis. I want you. I want your cock!”

Eager as any teenager would be with such a juicy bundle in his arms, her brother flipped Paula onto her back, pausing briefly to run his hands over her gracefully curved skin, and then climbed on top of her. Meanwhile, Paula murmured passionate, encouraging tones.

“Touch me, Dennis...feel me. Oh yes, do it with me!”

Dennis's long, hard cock, already swollen and throbbing with desire, swelled into a huge, uncontrollable rod of iron desire in Paula's tight grip. With a throaty, passionate groan, he grabbed Paula's hard cock. Paula's mouth melted into his own in a shaky kiss that seemed to go on and on, the kind of kiss that parents rarely consider appropriate behavior between brother and sister.|As Paula felt her brother's blunt, mushroom-headed cock push against the Wetness squeezed lips of her cunt, she sucked his tongue deep into her mouth, her tongue flicked against him in a frantic love duel, her slender arms wrapped around his neck and spread her legs wide in a wanton invitation. A shiver of excitement ran down her spine as she accepted this forbidden act - letting her own brother fuck her! But somehow, the realization of her unforgivable guilt only increased her desire for her brother's cock.

Oh dear God! I'm writhing on the grass completely naked with my brother. And II'll let him fuck me! And I want him to do it! Oh God, I don't care if it's wrong, no matter what happens - I want to be fucked by my brother!

“Fuck me, Dennis! Fuck me! I want you to do that to me! I want you to fuck me!”

A violent shudder ran through Paula's naked body as the words came spontaneously from her mouth. As the shocking obscenity echoed in her ears, she whirled through the grass like a lustful demon. Whatever inhibitions she had had quickly disappeared and a wave of pleasure overcame her as her brother's cock pushed deeper into her receiving cunt. Her round, girlish ass arched to withstand the pressure of his cock ramming into her, and her muffled moans echoed in the warm cavern of Dennis's mouth. He thrust again and his cock went deeper into Paula's pussy.

“Ahhhhh! Oooohhhhh! He is so big! So big! Oh,Dennis!"



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