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I give up

I give up

"Baby, I'm home." I heard her voice coming from the front door.

"In the kitchen, darling!" I said, smiling as I listened to her footsteps.

Nostalgia filled me as I immediately recognized her perfume and remembered the day I gave myself completely to her.


I'm Chris. 16 years old and my best friend Jessica goes to a co-ed high school. I'm bisexual, I'm attracted to both boys and girls, but I admit to myself that girls make me wetter than boys.

I am a sexy person. I often read sex stories to satisfy my libido. Or I masturbate. I have read many different sex stories. Lesbian, rape, rope, sub/dom, bestiality. But what I liked most - love - were the lesbians. It just suits my taste.

So here's the thing about my story. I, Chris, have been in love with my best friend Jessica for 3 years. Of course, since I'm best friends with her, I can't tell her how I feel because I'm sure it will ruin what we have.

Jessica has quite a heartbreaking love story. Like me, she is bisexual. She loves a person so much that sometimes she even pisses me off, and mind you, pissing me off is damn hard work. She was a person who followed her heart without thinking about what might happen.

I, on the other hand, am rational. I don't do things that endanger me, my feelings, or anything else. I was the kind of girl who craved control, both in the situation and in my head. I was the person who looked at everything from all angles to avoid losses.

It was an ordinary night. This means I'm horny and reading sexy stories to satisfy myself on my laptop. Then the phone next to me rang. Too busy reading a good story, I didn't look at the caller, just answered.


"C-Chris?" The familiar nasal voice followed by a sob was the first thing I heard.

“Jess? What happened?" Yes. It was Jessica, and it looks like she's spilling her heart out again.

"I need you."

I've always been a lovesick idiot when it came to her. So I shut down I immediately turn off my laptop (which I will regret later because the story I read was really good) and within a few minutes drive my motor to her house which is about 15 minutes away from mine. . I calmly knocked her front door. And a few seconds later I was greeted by a crying Jessica. She immediately hugged me and I feel her tears on my neck: "She... she's gone." She told me that she... she had enough of me, Chris! About me!”

She cried on and off for at least two hours and I just held her, nodding when needed and rubbing her back to comfort her. When she finally stopped, we just sat on her couch and watched the music play. Player.

“Megan has had enough of me,” she said.

“And then I heard it,” I replied.

"God. She's annoying. I hate her."

"You are not".

She looked at me carefully, "Yes." I just looked at her like I was wondering if she was serious or not. After a few seconds she sighed, “You win.” That’s not me.”

“‘Of course.”

"God. Sometimes you're incredible.

I laughed openly: "Of course I am. That's my job."

We chatted a bit, discussed Meghan and joked. But mostly I just look at her and think to myself that I really love her, so much that it breaks me. This destroys the Chris that I am. I don't even know why I had to fall in love with her. My other friends wonder why I can't fall in love with other people. Little did they know that I love Lois so much that I can't even imagine the thought of falling in love again.

As we talked, I sometimes noticed Lois looking at me strangely. I know Lois so well, so well that it scares us both sometimes, but damn, I don't know that look. I didn't even know she had that expression, so I put it aside instead of thinking about it.

When it was time for me to go home, she came to the door. I can still hear the music player playing. I give myself to Celine Dion. God. This song was my song for her.

~I know I can't survive

Another night away from you

You're the reason I keep going

And now I have to live by the truth~~

As I was about to open the door, I heard Jessica call me "Chris?" In her vulnerable voice, which she only uses when she's about to break down or lose control.

I immediately turned around, startled: “Jesse– “I didn't finish what I wanted to say because the next thing I knew I was against the wall... and Jessica was holding me.

~There's no better time now

I will free myself from this fear And I will live in love again

And no, they can't take that away from me

And you will see...~


“Megan is right, Chris. She was right about one thing.” Then she did the last thing I ever thought of.

Jessica kissed me.

~I would give anything

Feel the chance to liveagain

I'm coming to you

I know you feel it too

We can handle it—~

It was like a kiss from a romantic comedy. Gentle, passionate and full of love. But she doesn't love me.

I immediately returned the kiss. I wrapped my arms around her neck and felt her hands on my waist. Jessica was taller than me, so it was only natural that I held her for balance. The kiss turned into heated kisses. I felt her hand cup my right breast under my t-shirt and when she moved her leg between me I gasped, giving her the opportunity to stick her tongue in my mouth.

But when she swung her leg between me, causing me to moan, I woke up to a heartbreaking reality.

She does not love me. And that could end badly. I use it. I also can not. It means change. And change is scary as hell.

~A thousand dreams I still believe in

I would force you to give them all to me

I would hold you in my arms and never let you go

I give up~

I pushed her, perhaps unexpectedly because her face showed shock and pain (?). I shake my head. Damn. I even realized I was crying.


“You—you can't do this... Jessica. You just... you just can't do it." Then I walked out the door.

I was sure I had just walked out the door. But it seemed to me that I was leaving her life too.


Three days passed. In the past, Jessica and I avoided each other. It seems like nothing happened. But we, “Chris and Jessica”, are not there either. She was in her circle of friends and I avoided everyone. Because even a second of eye contact will break me again.

The kiss meant nothing to her. But for me it was the biggest opportunity of my life.

I left history class almost in tears because we were talking about unrequited love. Who the hell even talks about love in history class? Just my teacher, Miss Dickenson. Damn the old witch. Like I said, I was just about to leave the house when I literally ran into Gino. The one who supposedly courted me, which I never knew about.

"Shit! "I'm sorry, Chris," he said desperately and helped me pack my things.

I just smiled at him: "No. It was an accident. I was partly to blame.

"Um, yes. Yes." He just nodded and looked at me, still holding my books.

“Gino?” - I shouted. He seemed out of this world. He looks at me the same way he looked at Jessica that night. OH MY GOD DAMMIT, CHRIS. You're talking about a taboo topic again.

"Yes?" - he said, stunned. "My books".

"Oh damn! Shit! That's right. Excuse me. “Here,” he gave me my books and I just laugh at his stupid attitude. After I gave my books back, he is still standing in front of me and suddenly looks nervous. I looked at him, smiling but embarrassed. Finally he spoke. Stuttering: "Um... are you... are you free... in um... ARE YOU FREE THIS SATURDAY?" He said in one breath.

“What?” It's not that I don't understand it. Yes, honestly. I'm just... giving him a chance to change that.

“PLEASE COME IN WITH ME THIS SATURDAY!” But I didn’t tell him to scream it in the hallway! Now the students are looking at us, everyone is smiling.

I stared at him in disbelief. I hate to admit it, but I actually considered going on a date with him. Damn, maybe it's time to move on from Jessica. That girl just breaks my heart.

But I can't open my mouth to say yes. I seemed frozen. This is a choice between life and death. Life if I choose Gino because he will help me move on. Death if I choose Jessica, because loving her is fucking suicide.

I opened my mouth to answer him, but then I felt arms wrap around my waist and my head fall onto my shoulder. Crap. Thanks to the perfume, I already knew who it was.

Damn Jessica.

"I'm sorry my friend. "She has plans for me on Saturday," she began.

"How about?" Gino tried to interrupt her, but being Jessica, she continued.

“–and the next day too and after that and this and that. So leave her alone. "Okay?" She's mine."

Then she pulled me out of the scene. I can even hear my friends yelling at Gino and Trisha and saying, "It'll always be Chris and Jessica."

She dragged me into an empty space Music room, locked the door and pushed me between her and the wall. She has such a deadly look on her face, like she's about to scream. She narrowed her eyes at me, making me flinch.


“You’re not allowed to talk,” she growled, quite literally if I might add.

Then she kissed me again. But not gentle, passionate or full of love. It was aggressive, harsh and possessive. It was like she was marking me. Mark me as yours. Instinctively I wrap my arms around her neck and my legs around her waist. We fight for dominance and she clearly wins.

~Every night gets longer

And this fire just keeps getting stronger, baby

SickSwallow my pride and I will live

Can't you hear my call? I'm doing my best~

Her kisses traveled downward. From jaw to neck. She devoured me and left hot traces behind. I never imagined that doing this, whatever it is, with love could melt your skin. God. She feels so good.

She started feeling my pulse which made me gasp. Then I felt her applying pressure to my body, rocking her hips slowly but firmly. "J-Jessica..." I sobbed.

She looked at me. Her brown eyes darkened with lust. Thirsty for me, but there was love. So much love that it was hard for me to breathe: "Shh... Let me." Let me own you, Chris. You've waited too long. I was naive, stupid and stupid. But the moment I realized that the one I really love, I no longer want to let him go. It's you, Chris. It was always you. Megan was right. I didn't really love her because she was Megan. I saw you in her, so I thought I loved her. But it was you. God, it's always been you. I want you, I want you. Give yourself to me, Chris.

I cried. It was a dream. “If this is a dream, don’t wake up. Please."

She giggled before kissing my neck again. I felt her hot breath on my ear as she whispered, "It's true, baby. I'm yours and you're mine if you want to be mine." Then she emphasized her point by hitting my core hard again.

“Oh God, yes. “Yes,” I gasped, clenching my fist. Hold on to her neck and meet her thrust.

~I would give anything

Feel the chance to live again

I'm coming to you

I know you feel it too

We can handle it—~

She immediately unbuttoned my shirt and continued kissing my neck. After unbuttoning my shirt, she started kissing me again, to which I responded immediately. I felt her squeezing my right breast while her other hand supported me.

"God, Chris, you're so soft, Chris," she murmured, unhooking my bra.

Then I responded with a moan as she pressed her mouth to a nipple, swirling her tongue around it and squeezing her hand at the same time. my other nipple. I screamed as she carried me to the piano and laid me there.

“Fuck on the piano? “Funny,” she grinned at me and I just rolled my eyes.

"Shut your mouth. You want me,” I mentally grinned as I saw her eyes widen.

“Yes,” I answered only when I felt her hand grab my wet penis.

"Oh shit!" I almost screamed. I was so sensitive it wasn't even funny.

"I will honey. Wait."

She unbuttoned and zipped my jeans. She grabbed my already ruined panties, moaned and kissed me again. She took off my jeans and panties, and in a second I was standing half naked in front of her . Get ready to be eaten and fucked.

~A thousand dreams I still believe in

I'll make you give them all to me

I will hold you in my arms and never let you go

I give up~

She slowly teased me by placing a finger on my always visible clit and rubbing it in circles.

“Jesse – shit!”

She kissed me, running a finger over the opening of my vagina, pushing an inch in, causing me to jerk my hips, hoping for more pressure. I heard her giggle at my impatient answer. Fucking bitch.

I'm not a virgin. Hell. I masturbate, remember? But when did the thought of Jessica marking me as her and her alone occur to me? God, I'm almost cumming.

“Please me, baby,” she murmured, “so wet.”

And I did. I don't think I can take the teasing anymore. “Jesse, please. Damn, make me yours. Mark me, take me, consume me. Please..."

"Fuck," I heard her moan before she placed two fingers at my entrance and pushed it in immediately. "So wet, so warm, so mine."

"OH GOD! "JESSICA!" Hips moved to meet her powerful thrusts.

"H-harder" Ahh! H-here, Jess! Damn damn damn!"

And her thrusts became harder as she added another finger. I put incredible pressure on my sweet spot.

"Remember that feeling, can you hear me?" She nibbled on my ear and then continued, "Only me, I mean myself, can make you feel this good, okay, Chris?"

I tried to answer, believe me, yes. But damn, Jessica takes me to the next level of pleasure by adding a fourth finger. And all I can do is squirm and moan beneath her.

“Chris, I need an answer,” she moaned and then bit my pulse, probably leaving a mark there.

"YES!" OH HELL YES! God, you feel so good, JESSIE!”

I cupped her ass and made her squeeze her hand. She sobbed before burying her face in my neck. I felt her hot breath on her before she said the words that sent me “I see stars.”

“Cum for me, baby. Come on, Chris, give it to me. Come on, baby, come!”

And I did it. Hard. “J-Jessica!”

~Right here, right now

IGive your life to live again

I will free myself, take me

Everything is mine, I give it all to you~

“I love you, Chris,” Jessica whispered and then kissed me tenderly, passionately and full of love. So full of love.

I smiled before hugging her as if my life depended on it, “I love you too. Always." "

"Forever?" |I giggled at her antics before kissing her on the cheek. “Forever.” I said simply and looked her straight in the eyes.|***|That’s how we met. We have been together for 5 years now.

I bit my lip to suppress the giggle that lodged in my throat as I felt her tickling hands on my waist, her head buried in my neck, and her hot breath leaving a hot feeling on my body. God, that girl still has the same effect on me.

“Sorry, I got home late again,” she murmured in a muffled voice.

This time I didn't stop giggling. I kissed her forehead before turning around and cupping her cheeks. I love this woman very much. God.

"It's okay. I know you need another laptop as soon as possible, so you'll have to stay longer. Remember that, okay? “I love you, Jesse,” I said quietly.

She smiled at me and then kissed me. “Forever?” - she exclaimed.


Sure, I know she works long hours to save money, but I also know she's not saving for a new laptop. While it's uncomfortable to read your partner's personal information, it was an accident. I read a simple note from Jessica's notebook on her laptop:

I save money, yes. However, the new laptop can wait. But the ring on Chris' finger can't do that.

From then on I told myself that I would continue to submit to her and to her until she verbally asks me to marry



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