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Finally I'm home!

NOTE From the author:

-Hello everyone. So this story is pure fiction. Now I'm a writer and this is my first porn. To be honest, I have always wanted an incestuous relationship for the simple reason that it is not socially acceptable. Plus, having three beautiful sisters and lots of hot cousins ​​doesn't help. Any feedback is welcome, especially constructive criticism. Thanks.

Growing up as the oldest of three siblings, two of whom were my younger sisters, I experienced my share of ups and downs. We argued and argued like all children. As we got older, I decided to become friends with my sisters. We became close friends as teenagers, but they had great respect for me because I helped them solve their personal problems. Of course it wasn't easy, they ruined some of the best parties I could have had, alienated girls from me and I even fought with our parents to stand up for them even though they were right and my parents were safe . incorrect. It was no surprise to anyone that they came to love and respect their older brother.

However, last summer I couldn't even imagine what awaited me.

*4 months ago*

As I walked through the narrow streets of my hometown, my head was full of vague memories of crazy nights, kissing different girls, fights with random guys and much more. Memories of teenage life that I left behind. A life that didn't seem to be mine.

It's been seven years since I left home. Seven years since I've seen my family in person and five years since I've Skyped with them or seen their faces. Seven years ago, at the tender age of 21, I traveled to Alberta, Canada. Alberta is rich in oil, which means the country had, and in my opinion still has, one of the best economies in the world. My life in Canada was normal, nothing special. I didn't sleep with many women and focused solely on work. After moving from one dead-end job after another, I finally found success at a marketing firm. I worked for the company for a year and a half and earned a small fortune. When my visa expired after two years, the company immediately offered me sponsorship. Instead, I decided to follow my dreams.

I traveled to the remote mountains of China where I attended a martial arts academy. For five years I trained 15 hours a day, 7 days a week. I won many competitions in China and even won the world title. I quickly became a martial artist, even greater than the legendary Bruce Lee. My fame as a fighter continued to spread and the media bombarded me with interviews and biographies. Hollywood even approached me about appearing in a few films, but I politely told them I was putting everything on hold for a few months while I took some time off to spend the summer with my family.

It was a Sunday afternoon when I walked through the back door of my parents' house. It was a modest four-bedroom townhouse with a converted attic and basement. As I closed the door behind me, I heard a commotion in the kitchen. When I opened the door to the kitchen, my mother, father and two sisters were sitting at the table eating dinner.

"David. . . " said my mother in shock. My father turned his head and said nothing. As he looked at me, tears welled up in his eyes. He jumped up from his chair and hugged me tightly.

“Son, I missed you.” To be honest, I cried at the time too. My mother and two sisters followed suit.

In the evening of the same day, when my mother and father went to bed because they were tired and my younger sister herself went home because she had work in the morning and her impatient husband was waiting for her.

My little sister Trisha is 26, my older sister Rachel is 29 and I turned 30 two weeks ago.

Rachel and I sat on the back patio drinking ice-cold margaritas.

"I still can't believe your house." My sister said as she blushed bright red.

“I know, it feels like forever since I've sat here.”

"Yeah, asshole, why didn't you come home earlier?" Rachel asked with a hint of anger, but at the same time smiling from ear to ear. I will never fully understand women.

“I wanted to do this when I was in Canada, but when I arrived in China, I was overwhelmed by the discipline, sacrifice and dedication of the world.”

“Yes, I saw the news a month ago. You won the World Cup. The media is calling you the next Bruce Lee. My sister laughed back and smiled proudly.

"I don't know, I think I always dreamed of just disappearing for a few years, training and coming home a different person, you know."

My sister bit her bottom lip and looked at me clearly. "Seriously". As I looked into each other's eyes, I felt lust as I saw them. Both of my sisters have changed a lot, especially Rachel.Trisha had always been petite and slim, with her jet-black hair and small stature. The last time I saw her, Rachel was overweight. The woman sitting across from me in the tanning bed chair was a completely different woman. She was slim, toned, and had grown out her natural blonde hair. Long story short: my sister was HOT.

"Can I help you?" - Rachel asked cheekily.

“Yeah, what do you mean?” Why did I stutter?

“You know, you're not the only one who's changed.” Standing up, my sister showed off her model body. Tanned and toned, with strong, thick but elegant legs that are barely visible in a short denim miniskirt. I could see the faint lines of her toned abs against her massive tits in a white bikini bra that looked like it was going to explode at any moment.

"Do you like what you see?" Her question triggered a strange burning sensation within me. A second later my cock twitched and I felt it getting harder. I was already half erect. . .

"Um, yes, you look beautiful." She was tanned and had turned a scarlet shade, just like my sister. As my cheeks clenched in embarrassment, the tip of my cock began to tingle. It grew and grew and is now completely straight. I wasted such a day dreaming about how sexy my sister looked that I completely forgot I was wearing a swimsuit so thin it was almost see-through. To no one's surprise, my erection was straining my shorts. When I covered my penis with my hands and tried to hide my erection, I failed before I even started. I looked away from my erection and looked at my sister, who was fascinated by the way her brother's hard cock was straining his shorts. My sister's nipples were getting harder by the second and she was licking her lips, fidgeting with her hands.

“Well, isn’t this a sight to behold?” - said my sister in a cheeky voice.

"What?" I answered as stupidly as possible.

“Just the sight of your sister's half-naked body could turn you on so much.”

As I took a step towards myself, my penis became even more tense.

"I... have no idea what you're talking about." My body was now full of lust and sexual anticipation. It's been so long since I've been with a woman, it's been so long since I've had to worry or even think about sex.

"Big brother, you should be ashamed of yourself." My sister's teasing voice dropped to a whisper.

Even though it was late and the sun had already set, the candles we had lit on a small table about 30 minutes earlier were our only source of light. As I blew out the candles, I dimly saw my sister pulling the hem of her skirt up to her waist. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I could clearly see my sister's completely shaved pussy. She knelt down next to me, put her hand on my cheek and kissed me on the lips. I immediately lost myself in the warmth of her mouth and the stimulating movements of her tongue against mine. As we kissed, she put her hand under my shorts and started stroking my cock. A few moments later she broke away from the kiss and looked at me sternly.

"How long has it been since you were last with a girl?" For some reason she sounded pretty serious.

“Ahh, Rachel, you cum on me even after kissing me. Shouldn't I ask you what's wrong? My question surprised her, but she just started stroking my cock with a firmer hand.

"I-I missed you." The truth is that Rachel and I have always been very close, we used to jump on our beds naked as kids. We even petted each other. As we got older and then the pressures of puberty hit, we forgot all about it, or so we both thought. She always asked me if she looked good, and nine times out of ten she wore something revealing. Even then, there was always that look in her eyes, that look that wanted to undress me and do something to me, but social norms kept us both from attacking each other. Let's face it: As a teenager, you worry about crap like this.

“It’s been six and a half years.”

"So long!" my sister shouted.

“Not so damn loud.”

"Excuse me". Rachel whispered.

“I just needed a break.” As I kissed again, I felt the alcohol take over. I hadn't drank for a long time and was now completely light weight.

"Just sit back and relax." Rachel said as she pulled down my shorts, revealing my hard, fully erect cock.

"Sweet baby Jesus." She seemed shocked and I knew why. My cock was quite large for its length and quite thick. Even though she worked with me, she should have noticed it at the time, but for some reason she didn't notice it. As Rachel stood up, she kissed me again, making my cock throb in her firm hand, gently stroking my eager hard cock. Throw one leg over both of themMy Rachel sat me down on the sun lounger and slowly guided my painfully erect cock into her wet pussy. I let out a moan of complete satisfaction.

That warm, soft, wet feeling that had suddenly become so familiar yet so foreign to me five seconds ago felt absolutely amazing. My breathing became heavier and my pelvis began to move on its own. As I watched my big cock thrust in and out of her tight, wet and dripping pussy hole, I roared with lust. Moaning softly, she began to bounce up and down faster and faster. The plastic chair was now very squeaky and I was worried it would either crack or bend beyond repair. At the moment it was the last thing on my mind. My mind and body were full of joy and contentment.

I grabbed my sister's hips and started fucking her pussy so hard that my scrotum slapped her butt cheeks so loudly that I was afraid I would wake the neighbors. Right now, in that moment, I honestly didn't care who woke up.

“Oh my God, David, yes.” My sister moaned and bounced up and down on my cock.

"Fuck me!" moans even louder.

"Rachel, stay calm or you'll wake mom and dad." When I smiled back, I knew she didn't care. To be honest, neither do I, but if it meant less drama than I did, I'd prefer her to calm down a bit.

"I'm so sorry, David, I can't..." Her bouncing became faster and faster as my cock destroyed her already wet pussy.

With a moan, my sister stopped bouncing and I felt her pussy contract so hard I thought my cock would be crushed. “Oh my god, fuck me, big brother!” - my sister shouted in an annoying voice.

Without saying a word, I gave her one final blow, quick and hard.

“I'm coming!” - she shouted.

“Oh, fuck yes, me too.” He shot load after load into that incredibly tight pussy until the chair finally gave way and broke beneath us. As Rachel collapsed on top of me, we shared a long, deep, tongue-and-saliva kiss. As we fucked gently and my cock went limp, I noticed that Rachel's pussy hurt just as much as my cock.

"You know"; We were talking in low voices, we were lying naked on the terrace behind our house, right after fucking my cock was still in her wet pussy, it was an incredible scenario “Honestly, it was the best sex I have ever had. " had " .”

"I can honestly say, sister, I can't believe I fucked you." I ran my fingers through my hair and laughed at the thought.

"What does that mean?" asked Rachel and hit me lightly on the chest.

"That means I'm going to fuck you at least one more time before the night is over." After kissing me on the lips, she pulled away just as quickly and bit my bottom lip as she walked out.

“I still have one hole to take care of and I KNOW I can make your big cock as hard as your elbow in no time.”

Soon we made our way to my old bedroom in the basement. It's funny how sentimental parents can be, and that hasn't changed a bit in seven years. My king-size bed and my bookshelf full of fantasy novels were still in the corner under the window. My desk and computer remained untouched.

Rachel pushed me onto the bed and stripped naked. Without the light of the full moon, I wouldn't have been able to see her perfectly shaped body. Sister or not, she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. Rachel took off my shirt and walked to the edge of my bed, seductively and teasingly. She placed both hands on my ankles and ran her hands down my legs, making sure to maintain contact with the skin until she finally reached my cock, which came back to life. She gently grabbed my limp cock, pulled back my front skin and began flicking her tongue along the underside of my cock head. Slowly she started licking and kissing my cock gently, soon my cock started twitching and I was already half hard. As I sucked my large balls into her mouth, the sudden warmth made me moan and involuntarily pushed my now erect cock into the air.

She quickly grabbed my shaft and started pumping it slowly. As she took the second of my balls into her mouth she began pumping it faster and harder. Normally I would be ready to cum, but having fucked her not too long ago, the second time would take a lot longer.

“Looks like you won’t be cumming so quickly this time.”

“Obviously I like it.” - I replied sarcastically.

Smiling, she let go of my cock and stood up. “I have exactly what I need.”

She ran up the stairs from her room, which is in the basement, completely naked. A few minutes later she returned with her hands tied behind her back.

"What are you hiding? - I asked curiously.

Stretch out your armsBehind her back she was holding a large thick white dildo shaped like a penis.

“And what may I ask, are you going to do about it!?”

“Now I know your direct, but...”

“But damn, you don’t bring that big thing anywhere near me!”

She laughed at me, jumped on the bed again, waved it and smiled: “David, do you trust me?”

“Well, yeah, but...”

“You like fucking me, don’t you?”

“Well, I know…”

“And you don’t want me to tell everyone that you fucked your sister, do you?”

“Do you understand that this will be bad for both of us?”

"Okay, I admit that, but please trust your sister." Despite my better judgment about dildos in my ass, I trusted her. My cock deflated a little as I thought about having that big fake cock in my ass. Rachel began sucking my cock expertly, working her way down the shaft and back again, filling the head of my cock again.

After taking the entire length of my cock deep into her mouth, she sat up and inserted the dildo into what I realized was her wet pussy.

"Now it's all lubricated, spread your legs." I did as I was told before I could argue. After spitting on my ass, I felt her fingers rubbing the saliva. Putting a finger in my ass was very strange and kind of painful.

“What a tight asshole, oh my god.”

I wouldn't admit it out loud, but when she touched my ass it felt really good. As the feeling of her finger fucking my ass got better and better, she inserted a second finger and my cock came back to life. As I fingered myself hard, I experienced a new form of pleasure.

"Ready?" - she asked, completely satisfied with herself.


"Fine". She spat on the tip of the dildo, already covered in pussy juice, and inserted it into my ass. Luckily she was slow at first.

As my tight ass got used to the huge dildo, she started moving it in and out.

“Okay, right?”

“I hate to admit it, but yes, it's true. Does that make me gay?

“Of course not, stupid. The male G-spot is located in the buttocks. Plus, it doesn't feel like you're being fucked by a real cock. I wouldn't allow that. At the same time she began to insert the full length dildo into my rectum and at the same time began to suck me dry. I was completely overwhelmed by a state of pure ecstasy.

"Oh my God, Rachel." I grabbed the back of her head, grabbed strands of her hair with both hands, and began skull-fucking her. I don't know if it was a punishment or a miracle, but she started pushing the dildo as deep into my ass as she could.

As I fucked the shit out of my sister's mouth and at the same time had my ass ripped apart by that giant dildo, I felt my stomach tighten, my scrotum following suit and ready to explode.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to cum." When she heard those words, she started fucking me with the dildo as fast as she could. I came in her mouth so hard that Rachel pulled out and my cum ran down her chin. She quickly collected everything with her finger and ate it. Everything down to the last drop

As I pulled the dildo out of my ass, I felt abnormal without it.

"I-I can't believe I just got fucked in the ass with a dildo."

“And your sister too.”

"Rachel, I think I'm falling in love with you." - I said jokingly.

"I love you too". When I was kissed on the cheek, my body was completely drained of energy.

"I'm really sorry, Rachel, but you have to give me a minute." Because I was laughing, I didn't even have the strength to look at her face and see what was so funny. Before I knew it, Rachel was sitting on my face.

"I'm going to make you eat my pussy." I grabbed her firm ass, first licked her clit, then sucked on it and before fucking her with my tongue, I bit it lightly, making her whole body tremble with pleasure.

“Fuck yes, eat that fucking pussy!” my sister screamed. While I was fucking her pussy with my tongue, I managed to stick my thumb inside and lubricate her well.

As her sweet pussy juices flowed into my mouth, I stuck my lubricated thumb in her ass.

“Oh, hell yes. Fuck my ass with your fingers.” During that pint, Rachel shook my face furiously while my thumb moved in and out of her ass at incredible speeds.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming already." She let out a loud moan and came very hard, filling my mouth with her vaginal juices. After swallowing the last drop, I noticed that my cock was fully erect and ready for use again. Rachel obviously didn't have the strength and I wanted to get back at her by shoving the dildo up my ass.

“Get on all fours.”

"Yes Master." Rachel replied in a submissive voice.

As she got on all fours and lifted her ass, exposing the tuft of blonde hair around her butt, I grabbed her butt cheeks and spread them wide. I licked her ass and felt her warmth with my tongue. I spit on her rusty sheriff's badge and slowly inserted my index finger inside her. I was surprised to see her ass taking my finger very easily.

"I want more". In a weak, breathless voice her entire pelvis began to twitch and her pussy was still wet and now dripping down her leg.

"I have something for you." I grabbed my fully erect cock, spat on the spongy cock head and stuck it into her tight ass.

“Fuck me like you, the slut that I am.”

"You got it, little sister." As I gripped her hips almost too tightly, I knew I would leave a bruise or two, but that only seemed to excite her more.

She fucked her as fast as he could and moaned as loudly as she could. Thank God we're in the basement. That's all I could think of. As my sack slapped against her tender pussy, I knew it wouldn't be long before I cum. As I slapped my cock against her ass as hard as I could, she just loved it and started fucking my cock as it flew in and out of her ass.

In no time we were in sync, she pushed herself against my cock as I pushed it deep into her rectum.

"Oh, hell yeah," Rachel said loudly. “Fuck me, David, fuck me harder and faster!” - my excited sister demanded.

A few moments later: "Oh yes, I'm about to cum." Rachel was in a state of complete eroticism and pleasure "I'm coming too." As my sister's orgasm subsided, mine had just begun. I took the load and after the load I filled my sister's ass to the brim with my hot seed. When I pulled my cock out I saw a big gaping hole from which my cum was leaking and running down her leg along with her pussy juice.

Rachel collapsed back onto the bed and joined me. We hugged each other like lovers pressed to my chest.

"It was wonderful." - said my sister quietly.

“Yes, that was it, thank you.”

"That's what sisters are for." After a long pause before sleep overtook me, Rachel spoke.

“Don’t leave me again, I really love you.”

Yawning, I opened my eyes and met her gaze after gaze.

"I will never leave you again. Mistress.

"Wife?" Laughing, she kissed me on the cheek.

“I like the sound of itthat."



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