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How Angel finally did it

What can a girl do? Men are all the same. They pamper you with dinner, flowers, chocolates and flattery, and just when you're ready to open your heart to them, they spread your legs and shove their cock into your cunt. Bam Bam, thank you very much, ma'am.

Take this guy here. Charlie. We're in a fancy restaurant. He looks at the bill and realizes that the evening was more expensive than planned and is now thinking about how he can benefit from me. See.

“How about you come over to my place for a nightcap?”

See? I saw him coming from a mile away. Do not get me wrong. I enjoy good sex as much as any other girl. But why does it always have to be on men’s terms? I mean, where am I supposed to come from? What makes men think that my life's dream is to be fucked dry for three minutes on a squeaky bed with unwashed sheets from a sweaty, heavy wallet with a smelly cock and toilet smell? All for a $50 meal and crappy small talk? A prostitute doesn't give a guy a blowjob in return.

I forgot about romance and love you forever. Those promises dry up as quickly as their cocks squeeze into your cum-soaked cunt. The only thing I want from a guy right now is for him to avoid me. But there is a problem. My path is not entirely ordinary. I mean, come on, normal sex is completely boring. When clumsy fingers fiddle with your cunt and then recoil like at least one of you has to catch a train, I don't buy it. Give me hot, dirty sex. I mean dirty! Give me a guy who's willing to attack me, who'll let me crawl and squat on him, drench him with my scents, smear him with my juices. A guy who gives me his mouth so I can let him taste all of my smelly holes. A mouth to spit and bleed into. Spray it with my piss, fill it with my shit. I swear the guy who wants a piece of my ass should be ready to get a good chunk. In my way.

- Just a nightcap? We can have a drink here overnight.

“I have a cozy place. We would be completely alone. Whatever you feel like.

- What do I want? Uh-uh, I don't think so.

His smile turns crooked. He thinks about the bill he just paid.

- W-why not?

“Because I don’t think you’re ready for what I’m ready for.”

He is confused. He is curious. I bet there's something moving in his pants too. He wants it, whatever it is. It can't be that bad. Or maybe? I confuse him.

- What do you want then?

- Do not ask. You don't want to know.

'But I do.'

“Uh, you don’t.”

He thinks, what can she even talk about? There is only room in his head for sex and he thinks about scenarios. Maybe I'll kick his ass. Tie him to the bed. Strange, he likes it. You don't get that very often from a woman.

'Tell me.'

“What is your favorite fantasy?”

This confuses him even more. Women don't talk about sex. They will gift it sparingly if you wrap enough romantic threads around it.

– M-my favorite fantasy? Hmm, I... I don't have any fantasies.

He only talked about sex with men. With men it's easy. They know exactly what they are thinking: just like you. Oh, look at that ass, he's bouncing on the sidewalk. What I wouldn't give to dip my cock in it! And those tits, damn, she's stuffed like a cow. Ooh baby, hit me in the face with that, they'll knock me out.

“Oh, don’t give me that. I saw you staring at the fat cow as she bent down to pick up the napkin. Your eyes rolled back in their sockets.

"No, I wasn't. I would never...'

- Of course you would. You did. I saw you. You were practically drooling. Do you like fat asses? That's your business?

He is stunned now. I could hit him over the head with a sledgehammer and he would be like this. I read him like a book and he knows it. He's annoyed that I can see through him. He's not used to this. Women will either fall in love with him or ignore him. They never dissuade him. At least not on the first date.

"Hmm, maybe I should just take you home." You must be tired. You told me what a difficult day you had.

So I did. He listened! What do you know, the guy was listening. Even though I didn't care two minutes ago.

'That's it? When things go wrong, do the meek retire?

His facial expression doesn't allow him to hide his thoughts. What's wrong with this woman? She blames me like she's my wife and now she's teasing me again. What does she want?

I caught him in a vulnerable place. Australian men don't like being called gentle. Australian boys are cool.

'FINE. Tell me what you mean. Maybe we're both thinking the same thing.

- Oh, I seriously doubt it.

“Then what do you want to do?”

- You didn't answer my question.

'Which question?'

“What is your favorite fantasy?”

“What do my fantasies have to do with anything?”

- So you have fantasies? You said no.

He knows he is at a crossroads here. Australian men don't have fantasies. Australian men don't jerk off. Shehard. They want sex, they grab a girl and fuck her hard. No woman can resist her masculinity. At least that's what they like to think. The truth is that all they ever want is to get back into their mommy's pussy. They just can't admit it, even to themselves. But this guy knows that if he wants something from me, he has to play his game. However, I have to keep him on his toes. Keep him interested. And most importantly, don't let him lose his balance.

- What if I did?

'Nothing. I know you know. All men do that. They just don't admit it.

“This conversation is getting weird.”

"If you think it's weird, maybe you shouldn't insist."

That suits him. He shits himself, but his hard-on sticks out of the table. What to do? Do you follow his instincts and save your life, or follow his tail and reach out to find out what happens next? I wash his tortured mind with a sexy, knowing smile.

"I-I'm sure I can handle it." Just don't make it any harder.

- What's to complicate it, dear?

I never thought I would see an Australian blush. He's as red as a tomato and looks at his crotch to see if it's really that obvious. I'm laughing so hard that people at other tables look at each other to see what's going on.

- Well, what is your favorite fantasy?

- Hmm, you know, the usual things.

- Ordinary things? What do you think?'

“Come on, you know, what the hell and all. Doggy style. Maybe a blow job. I mean, there's only so much a man and a woman can do."

I grab my purse and stand up. This guy is dumber than I thought. Complete asshole.

- Wait, wait, where are you going? I thought we had finally found something.

'No. You thought there was something wrong with you. Take me Home. I'm spending time with you.

When we're already in the car, he tries again.

'What did i do wrong?'

-You do not understand it, do you?

- No I do not know. I admit, it just isn't.

We sit there in silence. He didn't start the car. He still hopes.

'Tell me then. Tell me, teach me.

“I don’t have to teach you anything.” This isn’t about you. It's about me. It's about me getting what I want. And you won't give it to me.

'I will. Everything you love. Just tell me what you want and I will do it.”

- No you will not.

- Why are you so sure?

'FINE. Here is the test. Closed eyes.'

He hesitates. He's not sure he can trust me. But he still closes his eyes.

'Good. Now open your mouth.

He opens his eyes and looks at me. I know he wants to ask, “Why?”, but when he sees the look on my face, he changes his mind.

"I said your mouth, not your eyes!" Look, you say you're willing to do what I want and the first chance you get you're going to screw it up. I told you you wouldn't do that.

'I'm sorry. You're right, I messed up. But it won't happen again. Let's start again from the beginning.

He closes his eyes again.

'FINE. But this is your last chance. If you fail to do this, we are history. FINE?'


'Good. Open your mouth. Keep your eyes closed until I tell you.

He opens his mouth. This time without hesitation. His cock bulges in his pants. He likes it more than he wants to admit. Uncertainty. Helplessness. Be in my power.

- Do not look. I'm going to put something in your mouth and I want you to keep it on your tongue. You shouldn't spit it out and you shouldn't ask. Just keep it on your tongue until I give you further instructions. Remember, this is a test. Understood?'

He nods, his mouth still open, his eyes still closed. I pick my nose, looking for something juicy. I find one that is crusty on the outside but has a green, slimy ball of snot attached to it that hasn't been allowed to dry out in the air. I place it carefully on his tongue. He resists the reflex to scrape it off with his teeth.

"Dont move. Keep your mouth open and tongue still. You can open your eyes.

He opens his eyes. He looks uncomfortable, but his cock in his pants is harder than ever. He doesn't realize that this is where the real test lies.

“Okay, now close your mouth and swallow what I put on your tongue.” Then show me.'

Another hint of hesitation, but he does as he's told. When he opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue, the snot is gone. The boner is still in his pants and is visibly throbbing like it's ready to explode.

— Did I pass the exam?

I laugh.

- Bright flowers, dear. You did well.'

-What did you put in my mouth?

'Something. Nothing. Doesn't matter. It does not matter. The important thing is that you are ready for something real.”

'What do you think?'

'Nothing. Drive a car. I'm all wet and you're going to put a hole in my pants. '

He takes me to his house, which is a few miles from the coast. He's still hard when he lets me in and starts fingering my ass right in the hallway.

- Wait a minute. It goes my way or not at all. Remember?'

'I'm sorry. You're just like that..."

'OK OK. It will be your turn. But first I have to get mine, okay?| 'Surely. FINE. Let's go to the living room. I'll just light a fire and we'll be very comfortable."

There is a beautiful white carpet right in front of the fireplace. The way he arranged the furniture to make room for it was obviously part of his strategy. I wonder how nice and white he will be when I'm done with this guy.

'Made. Isn't that nice? What should I do?

-First, strip naked.

He has a smooth white penis with a shiny pink head that sticks out like a flagpole. Long but thin, like a pencil. His balls hang freely. Aside from his crotch, his body appears to be virtually hairless. I treat his cock and he starts to throb like he's ready to go.

“Hmm, nice. But keep your horses, okay? I have to show you something.

I pull down my pants and panties. His eyes bulge from their sockets and his cock starts throbbing again when he sees my shaved baby pussy.

- You like it, yes. Why don't you come a little closer?

He comes closer and tries to hug me, but I push him aside, put my hands on his shoulders and gently push him to his knees. He is surprised, but doesn't defend himself. His eyes are now level with my hairless pussy. I place my hand on his pubic area and tilt my pelvis forward until my vaginal lips almost touch the tip of his nose. Hmmm, it feels great to show my pussy in front of his face like that.

"Do you like it? Smell it. Come on, don't be shy, smell it. Does it smell good?

He nods. Liar. I never dry myself after peeing. The thought that I can use my dirty pussy to make a guy's face dirty turns me on. His breath is hot on the lips of my vagina and the juices are boiling inside.

- Yes / Yes? Then take some more.

I grab the back of his head with one hand and push his face into my pussy, which I spread wide with the other hand. Hmmmmm. His nose is buried deep in my flesh. I feel his lips on my hole. It's been a while since I've had a man's face in my pussy. My ex would never have kissed me there, and the few lovers I had after my divorce couldn't stand the smell and politely withdrew after a few shy licks. Although this one hangs. I start moving my hips, smearing my slippery cunt in big strokes all over his face.

-You like it, don't you? Do you like the taste of my pussy?

I clean the pussy from his face, which is all wet and shiny with my vaginal mucus. He looks at me and nods, too stunned to speak. Below I see him fiddling with his cock.

'You were lucky. Then I have a little joy for you. Do you want something special, darling?

This guy has no connection to the planet at all. He has this amazed look on his face, like a child trying ice cream for the first time. I push him back by the shoulders and he obediently rolls back until he's lying on his back. I straddle his head, then drop to my knees and steady myself until my cunt is right over his mouth. When I look down I see his eyes looking at me from behind his pubic area. The rest of his face is beneath me. Damn, what a sight! Seeing him there helpless and submissive between my legs makes me even wetter. I feel my juices moving inwards, seeping out of my hole, sliding between the lips of my vagina and dripping from there. It's a powerful feeling to sit on a man's face and push his head into the floor with your cunt.

But even stronger is the feeling of euphoria that triggers the anticipation of the courageous deed that I am now about to undertake. I dreamed about it for a long time, but never did it. Tonight is night. Everything is fine. I found a man exactly where I need him, he wants him and I'm torn. If I don't do it now, I never will.

“Okay, here’s what I want you to do. Lie still. Whatever happens, don't move. I need a sustainable goal. You understand?'

- Y-yes.

His eyes move nervously between my pussy and my face. I wonder if he suspects that?

“Such a beautiful carpet, that would be a shame, wouldn’t it?”

He nods again.

'FINE. Now open your mouth for me. Very far. Give something to strive for.

I sit up to get a better look at him. He looks at me with a mixture of worry and anticipation. His mouth slowly opens.

'Good boy. That's all. Good. Look at my pussy now. Exactly here. It’s going to happen here.”

I tilt my pelvis forward, drop my hands between my legs and spread my pussy wide. He looks at my darling slightly cross-eyed and with his mouth wide open. I'm trying to relax.

“Okay, get ready now. Here it is.

We both freeze for a few seconds that seem like an eternity, hardly daring to breathe. I'm getting nervous. What if I can't do it? A curse! Work so hard to get to this point, to get this far, only to fall short at the crucial moment? Wait. I feel something. A shy stream flows from my pee hole, but it is too weak to escape and runs down the inside of my leg. I hold back and then push. As I look down between my legs I see a straight line of yellow piss shooting out of my cunt and squirting onto hisForehead. A curse. I stop myself again and it slowly disappears in a trickle that flows through his eyes, mouth, chin and chest. I adjust my aim and press again. This time I hit the jackpot. Oh my god, this is better than I imagined. As I see my urine flowing from under my legs straight into his open mouth, I'm ready to cum right here and now.

I keep pushing and the river gets thicker. He fights against it. No matter how fast he swallows (he swallows!), his mouth is full of my piss. It flows down your neck, onto your chest and shoulders, down your face, into your ears, into your hair, onto the carpet. I'm trying my best to hold back and it's not easy. But I want it to last and I want him to drink as much of me as he can.

When I see he has caught up with me, I lower my pussy onto his face. This time I go all the way down until my pussy is in his mouth. With two fingers of one hand I spread my pussy and with the other hand I carefully push the wet inner lips of my pussy between his lips. Then I carefully outline his mouth with the fleshy folds of my carefully shaved outer lips. Hmmm, it feels divine. I close my eyes and let go. As my piss begins to flow again, I feel it pooling between my pussy lips until the pressure becomes too much and it explodes in his mouth. I feel my pussy lips fluttering between his lips as my piss flows into his mouth. It's too much for me. The orgasm explodes in my abdomen and penetrates the rest of my body like a wave of hot lava, creating countless colorful points of light in my head. I scream and my body convulses wildly.

I shudder at the wonderful haze I'm in as his head moves back and forth between my legs. Oh god, I'm smothering him with my pussy. I stand up and he gasps. I can't help but giggle. I don't know exactly why it's funny, but it is.

“Are you okay, darling?”

He's still breathing heavily, but he nods.

- Don't lose me now, okay? "I'm just getting started." I squat down until my ass is over his face.

“Now, dear, you know what to do. Open.'

“W-what are you going to do?”


'No worries. It won't hurt a bit. But if you really like your white carpet, open it up more.

I lift my butt a little and look at him between my legs. I've never seen a man's mouth open so wide. This guy is getting on my nerves. I lower my ass back down and feel his hot breath on my hole. I urge. A long, loud fart comes out of my ass. Oh my god, I'm actually farting in this guy's mouth. I wonder how he takes it? But he didn't move. Still there, mouth wide open. I squat a little deeper until I feel his lips on my shit. Then I fart again. The thought of him inhaling my farts makes me dizzy. It's like I'm giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, only in reverse.

I feel something being pushed through my hole from the inside. Oh god, he's so big I think he's going to bust my ass. I grunt with the effort of pushing it out and moan at the pain it causes as it stretches my ass. Damn, this sucker is huge. And hard as stone.

I look down between my legs. There it is, thick dark feces, glistening with mucus. This is one of my best works. A complicated arrangement of small pieces of shit in various shades of brown, pressed into a tight, voluminous sausage. I feel it slowly slipping out of my ass and at the same time I see it slip between his lips and into his mouth. My heart is beating like crazy and I'm drunk with lust. Rough, dirty pleasure. I've never felt so good.

He has my poop right in his mouth. He almost suffocates but somehow manages to breathe.

- Do you like it, love? Do you like what your mother prepared for you?

I wasn't expecting an answer, but he actually nods his head.

- Come on, eat now. That's not all.

The poop moves between his lips as he begins to chew it from below. I can only imagine what it tastes like, but if the smell is any indication, it must be very unpleasant. Oh god, this guy chewing my shit annoys me so much that I can't help it. I crouch down again and let three or four more poop roll into his face until all that comes out is a jet of wet gas. I've been rubbing my pussy this whole time, but now I drop to my knees and sit on his face. My shit feels warm and slick in my cunt as I start spreading it all over his face, then his chest, his stomach, and onto his hard cock. Then I lean forward on my hands and lift my shit-stained ass into the air.

“Come on, Charlie, stand up and put your cock in my ass, okay?”

Charlie slides out from under me and kneels behind my ass.

"Y-your ass?" Are you sure?'

Despite everything, I can barely understand him Shit in his mouth and I feel dizzy from this unbearable heat rising between my legs and setting my body on fire.

“Damn, my ass, my pussy, put it wherever you want, but do it NOW!!!”

I feel his cock enter my pussy, then come out and slide up. My ass still needs to be stretched because his cock slides in without resistance. No doubt my shit also serves as lubricant. He's already shaking in my rectum and as I feel his cum rising through my intestines, I melt myself into an endless series of climaxes. My body shakes uncontrollably, wave after wave of hot whirlpool of pleasure rushing from my lower back to my head, where it explodes in colorful fireworks.

He's still panting on his brown and yellow carpet when I come out of the bathroom, showered and dressed.

— Charlie, did you call a taxi like you were told?

But Charlie went too far. I call a taxi myself and when it arrives ten minutes later, I get out. Later, as I smoked a cigarette on the porch and watched the smoke curl and twist in the moonlight, my thoughts linger on what happened that night. Poor Charlie. He was a shitty pig and he never knew it. For a moment I wonder if he will ever recover from that night. But I do not care. Tonight I proved to myself that I can really make a man eat my shit and he will love it. Shitty pigs of the world, pay attention. Angel is angry. Your mouths mine.



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