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Schoolmaid taught a lesson

I never liked high school, but I think things get worse before they get better. Today I proved it.

I was speaking English and dreaming like always when I heard my name. “Olivia, can I see you outside please?” My teacher asked me.

His name is Scott Reming; he is 6 feet 4 inches tall; towering over me at 5 feet 2 inches tall.” I have to say he's pretty sexy: he has short brown hair that's spiked up and emerald green eyes.

I followed him out of the classroom, he stood there with the door open until I walked past him and he slowly closed the door behind me.

I turned to him; I had to lift my head to look him in the eyes.

He started to say, "Um, you were a bad student today, Olivia."

This confused me, so I asked, “What did I do?”

"You were very distracting in those revealing clothes." He said it in a sexy, controlling voice.

“This is a school uniform”; I said, confused by what he said.

“You have detention with me after school”; He grinned slightly at me, as if he had planned this.

“B…but” He opened the door and went back in before I could protest.

“Will you join us?” he looked at me with raised eyebrows.

I went in, went to my desk and sat down. I spent the rest of class wondering what he was up to.

…later in the day…

“Glad you showed up after school”; he chuckled.

"I didn't have a choice, did I?" I said with such an attitude.

“No, you didn’t do that, sit down.”

I went to the table, pulled out the seat and sat down. We sat in silence for what seemed like hours, but it was only 10 minutes.

Finally he said something to me. "So Olivia, you'll be here with me for an hour." He gets up and comes towards me. "Well, maybe you could leave earlier." He winked at me and followed me.

"What do you mean I can leave early?" I said, again confused by what he said. "You can't keep me here anyway." I said this with more vigor than before.

“Well then we can agree”; he puts his hands on my shoulders.

"What are you doing?" I turned around and looked at him.

“I allow you to leave early”; He runs his hands over my sides.

"Stop it!" – I say sternly and try to remove his hands from me.

He moves his hands to the buttons of my blouse and begins to unbutton them. “Shh, Olivia”;

I push him away and stand away from him. “You can’t do that to me, I’m a student.” I yell at him in frustration.

“I'm your teacher, right?” In class you never learn, you never pay attention. I think you would rather learn something else. He said in a lecturing, sarcastic tone.

"You may be my teacher, but you can't do this to me," still angry at what he said.

“You need a good punishment that your fathers never taught you”; - He growled darkly.

"What?" I say shocked.

He quickly came towards me. He pulled me towards him and bent me sharply over the table. "You'll find out today, Olivia." He laughs in my ear.

I start resisting and kicking him in the shin, which angers him even more.

He throws me hard onto the table and pulls down my knee-length skirt and underwear at the same time.

"No, please don't, I... I..." It's hard for me to say.

“Spit it out, bitch!!” He speaks eerily and in a deep tone.

“I... I’m a virgin, please don’t do this”; - I say shyly.

He slides his hand over my pussy and begins to rub gently as he leans over me.

I scream “please”;

He puts his hand firmly over my mouth and unbuckles my belt. I have a hard time not wanting to be raped for the first time.

“You are a bad student”; I don't think you're a virgin either. He pushes me harder against the table.

He pulls down his jeans and rubs my back with his hand.

He groans, laying his head next to mine and holding my hair tightly in his hand. His naked cock rubbed against my body.

“Please don’t do this, I’ll do whatever you want, but don’t rape me,” I scream, hoping he hears.

“You don’t understand any other punishment, Olivia, that’s what you need”; He slowly inserts his cock into me. “Mmm, you’re sooooo tight”;

A little blood seeps from the cracks between my pussy and his cock.

I scream as loud as I can as the pain consumes my body.

“No one will hear your screams, there is no one here”; - He chuckles in his throat.

He fucks me harder and faster and pushes me even harder against the table. My cries of pain only encourage him to get rougher. |"You. Believe. Me. Now". I say every word with every thrust of his cock.

"Yes I believe you"; He continues to fuck me hard while blood is still gushing from my no longer virgin pussy.

“Mmm, this will be over soon”; - he says and moans, ready to explode inside me.

I close my eyes and imagine a peaceful place.

Suddenly he stops, pulls out his cock just before cumming, grabs my panties and soaks them with his cum.

"No!! I have to go home with them. I figured.

I fall to the ground as he walks away from me. "Why did you do that to me?" I say as I cry.

“Because you are a bad student who doesn’t listen”; He puts on his jeans and fastens his belt again. He pulls me to my feet.

I push him away with all my strength before falling back to the ground.

He pulls me back up and into him. He lifts my cum-stained panties back up, the wet cum cooling my bruised pussy lips, then he lifts my skirt.

I press myself against him, not having the strength to stand on my own.

“Are you going to be a good girl now?” he hugs me and buttons my blouse, but at the same time he feels my breasts.

"Yes indeed"; I speak quietly.

He pulls me closer. “So you’re not a virgin anymore, are you, Olivia?”

"No sir";

He places his hand on my thigh. “Good girl, you can go if you want. But I'll see you in class tomorrow and I'll take these underwear with me too."

"Yes, sir, but I can't go home yet." he hears the tiredness in my voice.

“Are you going to stay longer, Olivia?” He kisses me quickly on the lips.

“I’m too tired to go home”;

“Do you need a ride home?” - he asks me and plays with my breasts.

“Could you please take me to the bathroom first so I can wash?” I say: I'm afraid to ask.

"Surely". He goes to the toilet with me, supports me and helps me walk. He lets me in alone and waits outside the door.

I splash water on my face while looking at myself in the mirror. I turn around, lift up my blouse and see that a bruise is already forming, I pull down my top and pour water on my legs and my aching pussy.

“Hurry up, I don’t have all day!” - he shouts at me as I finish cleaning.

I open the door and go out. "Good girl." We go along the corridor to the exit; He doesn't help me, I have enough strength to walk now.

He opens the car door for me. “Get in the car quickly.” I get in the car, he slams the door behind me and drives me away.home.



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