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Here's a sexy game that brought me and my boyfriend closer while avoiding the freezing weather outside

It was the coldest winter on record

went through. This was my first time in New

York and I are not used to the cold,

but my friend lived there

forever and even he had a special look

Anxiety when checking a forecast that is usually for

was scheduled Make an appointment for a root canal treatment.

This time the streets were empty, no

one could bear to stay on it. people

took taxis they couldn't afford

Subway stops at their apartments and instead gets injured without stitches

Go shopping or have a snack at

Restaurant. We made a game where we try not to do this

to be unhappy: stuck in New York

Christmas, missing family celebrations,

and bored because I couldn't walk

A house. We took the money that we

I didn't spend any money on the trip home or out to eat during the week

about the extreme cold and decided that we

Let's spend a little more on heating costs

so we can take a walk

conveniently in different states

undress. My friend knew I was going crazy when he looked at his back. Everyone

a woman has something and it was mine

- watched his broad shoulders

Move, type on the table,

without knowing that I was watching him

Of course, stop, stretch and scratch every quarter of an hour. For me there is nothing more luxurious

than jumping around the apartment

and look through icy windows

small cotton sleeping dress. It was

incredibly comfortable but so small

that every movement caught my friend's attention because it was moving

up or down, revealing something like

Meat that was usually very good

covered. It was new, be

disappeared together and spent several days

There is nothing else to do but linger and rest. We've been together for a while

So back then the new product was good,

healthy. The game made him even better. The game started with teasing as I

told him that I had something with

We've never tried it before, but I

wanted him to guess what it was

before I did it. It was driving him crazy! He

continued to talk about all of these possibilities with varying degrees of enthusiasm, and it

was the first look at which of them

he really wanted to try it

which seemed to be a bit larger

Everything is as usual for him. Was it

like a child on Christmas morning when the assumptions have faded from his memory

Mouth. Do you want to dress sexy

Maid? Should I dress sexy

Maid? (He laughed). Would you like to try a new sex toy? Do you want to film yourself? As time went on, things became more formal. We

Everyone had 10 questions, and if you

didn't understand what exactly

another person asked, he didn't

Do it when the game is over. Do you have to do this on the bed? Is it related to my mouth? Is it related to *your* mouth? He groped me sometimes

we could continue until the end, my

to rub shoulders or stroke my neck. This

This made it difficult to think clearly and finish

game, but he beat it out of me.

At that moment it didn't matter if we met, he knew it also answer. He must have known that I

wanted him to do it to me. They say

The mind is the largest sexual organ in the world

body, and if that is true then it is

The energy source is curiosity. One night the wind was so strong that it filled

Apartment with inferior whining.

I lay on the sofa and read

book when I saw him around the corner

of my eye, standing above me, clothed

just boxers and a hungry look. He started in the middle of the game, we

was not started. Is this happening upstairs?

or below the waist? It depends on whose belt it is. I have

installed book aside. He was lying on top of me, his skin was somehow

Warmth on my top. I felt it

Member stopped on my bare thigh, his

Lips touched my neck as he asked:

"Does this touch your mouth?" His lips were now working, kissing Place above the collarbone like me

fallen. I replied, “No.” He ran his hand over my body and

before that he held me between his legs

slipped into my panties. With a

Finger teases me and makes me think

Was he planning on penetrating me or was he just going to do it? I want him to do it. “Does it have something to do with my mouth?” And it wasn’t

came to mind when he started asking

Questions, but his fingers are there and his

The mouth on my neck blunted my

Brain to revive my other

feelings, so I couldn't resist saying yes. So he got my

deleted panties and his head was between my

Legs. This wasn't our everyday sex

In life he usually didn't attack me.

But we were almost naked all day

and our minds were full of new ideas about what we would like to do

what and where. He worked

orsomething and saw me on the couch

and knew I was available to him,

it was too cold to do anything else,

in any case. Now he turned his palm towards me and stuck his finger in:

Drag it along the front wall as

he kissed me. I lowered my hips down

to him, try to give him the best

Access. He kissed my thighs and jerked off me and then kiss my clitoris again, the

time, emphasized by his voice, ends

a game. “I guess I don't care

what you thought you wanted. I

I can't read your mind, but I can read your body, and that's what it needs. With these words his mouth returned to mine

Clitoris and I relaxed to enjoy it

growing feeling of pleasure grows

in me. It was the warmest feeling I have experienced in my entire life.days.



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