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Harry Potter and the Sexy Storm. Chapter 1: The Beginning_(0)

Harry Potter, 15, lay in his aunt's hydrangea bushes, listening to the Muggle news and looking for signs of Voldemort's return. When nothing important to him came up on the news, he was about to leave. However, he was stopped by something that no one would have expected. “Breaking news: A new and rapidly spreading disease is affecting the entire UK. While scientists are trying to figure out the name of the disease, they have certainly figured out its consequences. The disease causes everyone it comes into contact with to become sexually active, like an overpowering aphrodisiac.” - said the woman from the news. Harry emerged from his hiding place in the bushes and looked at the television to avoid being noticed by his aunt and uncle, who were also engrossed in the news.

Suddenly the journalist started undressing and masturbating live. She looked at the screen with excitement, but her eyes changed from ocean blue to bright red. Harry looked at his Aunt Petunia to see her reaction and she put her hands to her mouth. However, his uncle's reaction was different. He looked at the journalist in surprise and slowly reached for the zipper of his pants. Harry used this time to run away from the open window, but accidentally hit his head on the window, causing his aunt and uncle to find out about him while they were listening to the news. Uncle Vernon was at the window in two seconds and grabbed Harry by the collar of his shirt. “What do you think you are doing, boy!” - he shouted at his nephew. At this point, Harry could still hear the sexual moans coming from the television, but he replied to his uncle, "I'm listening to the news." In fact, I'm still listening to the news. She's really into masturbation."

Vernon replied to Harry, "There will never be anything about your fate in our news." Then he turned to the television and let go of Harry, his hand going back to the zipper of his pants. This time Harry ran away from home and decided to take a walk to the park. There shouldn't be anyone there at this time of evening, and he might have time to think about this whole "sexual disease situation." He was just down the street from the park when he heard the voice of Dudley and his gang. “Oh my God, Piers. Did your stepsister contract that virus they're talking about, or has she always been this horny? - Dudley asked his friend. Harry crept towards the group and was surprised to see Dudley and his team surrounding Pierre's half-sister Elizabeth, who was very naked in every way. She touched herself sensually, as if watching people excited her greatly. Harry felt his cock slowly begin to rise as he watched Piers. Stepsister strokes and finger fucks herself. He couldn't take his eyes off her perfect D-cup breasts, but he quickly tried. He walked up to the group and asked confidently, "Hey, Big D." What are you doing here?" Shouldn't you be having tea with your mother now?"

Dudley shot his cousin a dirty look and then asked, "What's up “Does that matter to you?” I'm going to fuck this bitch now. Now go home and talk in your sleep again." This touched Harry deeply and he asked, "What are you talking about?" Dudley smiled evilly at his cousin and then continued to taunt him. “ "He'll kill me, Mom." "Don't kill Cedric." Who is Cedric, are you a guy? Where is your mother Potter? She is dead? Is she a dead Potter? Harry was tired of listening to Dudley's taunts as he ran over to his chubby cousin and pointed his wand at his fat neck. Harry seethed with anger at Dudley. Suddenly the wind picked up and everyone else started running. "What are you doing?" - asked Dudley. Harry glanced at his cousin, then turned his attention to the cold coming behind him. What he saw gave him goosebumps: Suddenly two dementors appeared. One tried to kiss Dudley and the other tried to kiss Harry. Harry pointed his wand at the Dementor following him and said "EXPECTO PATRONUM!!" A huge white stag erupted from his wand and hit the Dementor in the chest, forcing him to leave. He then quickly forced the other Dementor to do the same before Dudley could touch him.

As the dementors fled, Harry put his wand back in his pocket. "Dudley, run home NOW!!" Don't wait for me to come back, just RUN!!" Harry told Dudley. Dudley really wanted to get home, so he got on his bike and sped off. Harry picked Piers up. stepsister and began the journey to herA house. He stopped halfway because she started rubbing his cock through his pants. He began to moan in a non-Gryffindor-like way and carefully laid the girl on the floor. "I want to thank you for saving me from the dementors, Harry." - she said seductively. Harry couldn't believe what he had just heard, so he asked her, "How do you know about Dementors?" Aren't you a muggle? She shook her head and then said to him, "I'm a squib." Like Mrs. Figg." This shocked Harry even more, but he couldn't express his shock because Piers; The stepsister unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock using only her mouth. When she started blowing him, he was in complete ecstasy.

However, the ecstasy was short-lived as Harry was still a virgin. He came just a minute after the beautiful D cup blonde sucked and stroked his cock. She laughed quietly at how quickly Harry had come and then made him lie down on the ground in the middle of the street. Then she stood up and rode his cock with her vagina. Then she grabbed his penis and quickly inserted it into her vagina. She moaned at the moment of penetration and began bouncing up and down on his cock. Harry grabbed her hips and helped her up and down, but he wasn't particularly focused on helping her. He felt like he was close to cumming again and Elizabeth could tell by the look on his face. She rode him even faster and harder than before and Harry came again. This time he was completely exhausted. Elizabeth got off him and helped him up. Harry continued to accompany her home and, after making sure she was safe, returned to Number 4 Privet Drive, where he was yelled at by his uncle for going after Dudley and was almost expelled from Hogwarts Witchcraft School would have been.Wizardry.



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