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Harmless competition

He ran his hand through her hair, feeling the long, soft strands fall from his fingers. “Mmm, I feel good already”; She moaned as his fingers roamed over her body, caressing every inch.

"You say you're submissive... but I bet you like to get your way";

She gasped as he inserted his fingers into her vagina and fucked her roughly.

"Sometimes". She hissed as her hips rolled in time with his fingers.

He walked behind her, kissing her neck gently, caressing her soft skin, his arms wrapping around her and firmly cupping her large, firm breasts.

“Would you like a massage, sweetie?” He whispered to her, still fucking her roughly with his fingers. Her pussy was so wet that her juices splattered onto his fingers and onto the floor.

"Fine". She couldn't say it anymore, the fingers in her vagina were bringing her so close. She moaned with every thrust.

"Lie on your back"; - he whispered and squeezed her nipples. She growled in protest as he pulled his fingers out of her. She lay down on the bed and he poured warm oil over her breasts and pussy. His hands slowly rubbed the oil into her breasts; his fingertips caressed her nipples.

“Mmm, oh god, that feels so good.” She whimpered as he pleased her nipple.

“I want you to like it...don’t come”; He whispered as he began massaging her oiled pussy.

"I'll try not to do that."

He slowly massaged her pussy and bit her nipples. His fingers slowly slid over her clit.

"Do not provoke me".

"How do I tease you, sweetie?" He started rubbing her clit faster.

"Mmm, Jamie." She moaned his name as his fingers pleasured her cunt.

“Charlie, you’re so fucking wet”; his fingers were completely covered in her juices.

"I'm going to enjoy watching you ride me." His hard cock twitched at the thought.

As he spoke, Charlie's cunt clenched around his fingers; he could see she was close.

“You want to...ride me...see if this little pussy can make me lose control

"I know it's possible." Now she was getting frustrated, every time she was about to cum he slowed down.

He leaned forward and whispered in her ear.

"Oh really, hmmm, do you think you can make me cum in your pussy, make sure I can't hold back?"

Charlie shuddered as Jamie's breath tickled her ear and his deep voice made her cum on the spot. “I did this to other people,” she gasped.

"Tell me"; He grinned as he fingered her even faster. “How did you cause others to lose control?”

“I did it and they followed me.”

"You're going to show me what a mean little slut you are... mmm, how about a game?" He grinned evilly as he thought about what he was going to do.

“I like playing games”; she purred.

“If you can make me cum inside myself before I cum on my cock, then you can have control over me.”

“What if I cum first?”

“If you cum for hours before I fuck you, you’re not allowed to cum.”

“Then I better make sure I win”;

“It’s very much sports sex; fight each other until one of us loses.”

Charlie grinned evilly, knowing she could hold him back.

"Fine". She leaned forward and bit his bottom lip.

Jamie grinned, pushed her onto her back and began kissing her wet cunt.

Charlie giggled. “You won’t win like that.”

"Really me?" He smiled as he spread her pussy and slid his tongue nice and deep inside her.

Charlie realized his shortcoming: he had worked her pussy for a good 5 minutes before the game started: "That's not fair, 69 times."

"What happened?" His tongue caressed her clit. "I bet it would feel so good if your face was covered, wouldn't you, Charlie?"

"I don't like losing and I'm not going to start now."

Charlie leaned forward and pulled his head out of her pussy. She brought his head to hers, kissed him and tasted his juices in her mouth. She bit his lip and pushed him onto his back.

She leaned forward, took his cock in her hand and massaged it slowly. A smile played on her lips as he began to moan. She ran her nails up and down his shaft and his eyes rolled back into his head as a long, throaty moan escaped his mouth.

"What would you do if I lost?" His voice was hoarse and very, very sexy.

She kissed his body, still running her nails up and down his cock “Oh God, what… what would you do to me if I lost?”

“Whatever I want, I can fuck you for hours and not let you cum, or I can let you fuck me and cum whenever you want. Depends if you're readytaking a risk." She grabbed his cock with her whole hand and began rubbing herself quickly and lowering herself downwards.

"Oh damn, I don't think I can take you riding me for hours without cumming come." His breathing was ragged now; his entire focus was on not coming.

"Then it's better not to cum now." she said cruelly.

She took his head into her mouth and swirled my tongue around it, as she ran her nails up and down his shaft.

"Oh my God, Charlie." Just the sound of his voice seemed to make her wet. God, he was sexy. He tried to reach out and push her away, but she pushed his hands away and her head sank even lower on his cock.

"Oh damn"; He took a deep breath.

She cupped his balls with her other hand and began massaging them.

He bit his lip, pulled it out of his mouth and started talking dirty to her.

"Do you want to fuck my pussy, Jamie?" She was still massaging his balls. “Do you want to have your thick cock in and out of my pussy and hear me moan and scream your name, lost in the pleasure you are giving me?”

"Damned"; He arched his back as another wave of intense pleasure washed over him.

“I can keep this up for a long time. These tricks won't work for me. In his head, Jamie thought otherwise. He was so close.

She seemed to sense what was going on in his head.

"Uh oh, someone might just lose this bet." She winked at him as she straddled him, letting the tip of his cock just touch the outside of her vagina.

“I can last forever”; - he said, looking at her pussy hanging over his cock. God, he wanted to fuck her so badly.

He reached out to her again and she raised an eyebrow questioningly. She moved her pussy down an inch and let his head slide into her.

"Oh, wouldn't it be nice to have that pussy on my cock?" He whispered “It doesn’t feel as good as if you were penetrating me.”

"Hmmmm, Charlie, wouldn't that be so nice?" He whispered as he rubbed her nipples She slid halfway onto his cock.

"Oh God"; He groaned and pushed his hips up in a sharp motion, and they both almost screamed at the feeling.

She rolled her hips and felt him move inside her.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to love making you scream and moan while you try not to cum on my cock," he moaned to her.

She turned her back to you and began moving up and down, holding his hips with her hands so he wouldn't thrust anymore.

She moaned loudly and tried to arouse him as much as possible by moving her cunt up and down on his cock.

She threw her head back, letting her hair fall down her back and tickle his stomach.

She lifted her hips until he was almost pulling out of her as he sat up, grabbing her hair, squeezing her nipples.

"I won't let you control me." He growled in her ear and bucked back against her.

She screamed as he hit her again and again.

"Um, Charlie, are you taking your pills?" - he whispered mockingly in her ear.

“No, but I don’t care”

"Oh God, you nasty little whore." He groaned in her ear.

“Does it turn you on to think that you can now drive me crazy by pounding my pussy and making me moan and thrash around like a whore?”

"Of course not"; He breathed, slowing his thrusts and teasing her.

“You don’t know how to lie well”; She squeezed his cock with her pussy as he penetrated her wet cunt."

She turned around quickly and they looked into each other's eyes for a while. He broke contact, leaned down and began sucking on her neck, running his tongue over her pulse point, and she knew she had to try hard not to lose.



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