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Foxy Knoxy -3 Meredith's trial begins

Before: Foxy Knoxy

Before: Foxy Knoxy II

(Foxy Knoxy - International students Amanda and Meredith argue in their apartment in a small Italian town. Amanda goes to a bar where she goes into the back room to entertain three men who are a bit rude.

Done with the men, They have Amanda waiting for a bar for them. Meredith's boyfriend goes out to have sex and finds Rudy, an African immigrant who is unhappy with Meredith. That's better. Meredith felt the big bulge in Rudy's pants with her foot .

Rudy smiled and stopped talking as Meredith moved her foot closer to his swollen member.

Rudy stood up and took Meredith's hand. He led her through the bar and down the hallway to the back of the bar. Rudy opened the utility room door and flipped the switch.

The dark room was lit only by a 100-watt light bulb. Old boxes were stacked against the walls and buckets and mops littered the floor. The room was damp and smelled of disinfectant.

Meredith was shaking, it was so uncomfortable, she wanted to fuck this black guy in the dirty back room.

That was the great son, so boring and dirty, so correct.

She pulled him towards her and pressed her abdomen against his. “Fuck me, Rudy, fuck me, fuck me.”

Two hours later, Meredith was exhausted. God, this was exactly what she needed. Damn cool.

HUGE, incredible stamina, he fucked her in every direction. When it arrived it was ready again almost immediately. The damn acrobatics were unreal. He fucked her like a fucking pretzel with his knuckles behind her head. It was fucking deep and he was incredibly hard. He pushed her against the wall.

He pushed her against the sink. It continued relentlessly without interruption.

Meredith fell to her knees. It was a cock sucking challenge. Can she take it off again and can she handle this big guy down her throat? Oh God, he was ready again. What a feeling. Her arms around his strong

black ass, she felt it pulsating inside her.

This guy is incredible. Meredith reached out with her right hand and stroked her pussy as

it went down her throat. DAMN DAMN DAMN.

Meredith kissed Rudy. “That was fucking great, we need to see each other again sometime.”

“Hey, I thought I’d stop by your place and we could hang out.” – Rudy asked.

“Oh, not this time,

"I have a lot of catching up to do and then I have a lot of catching up to do." Maybe next week."

"Let's???"; Rudy begged.

"Hey, I'd like to do that, but it's not working for me right now. "

Meredith had a hard time going home, she was in so much pain after training with Rudy.

It was unbelievable, but she sure as hell didn't take him home with her. It was good for... but...

The whole time, memories of Rudy were swirling in her head. It was so primal, so intense.

As he pushed her against the sink, he was in full control and pushed

her ass, driving himself deep into her ass.

While Meredith was reliving the fucking she had endured, Rudy was getting angry. It does not work for me? What the hell does that mean? He was used again by a white slut. Rudy decided to keep an eye on their house. He didn't know what he wanted, but it was nonsense, he was tired of this crap. Rudy fumed as he followed Meredith through the winding streets of the old Italian town.

As Rudy watched her enter the old apartment, Rudy laughed to himself. This place couldn't be easier.

When he looked at the windows, he saw that it was dark all around. He saw the light come on: it was Meredith's room. The college was on vacation and Rudy assumed most of the students were out of town.

He went back and found the door to the basement. He was experienced in hacking and saw what it would be

easy entry. He entered quickly and walked quietly through the apartment. There was no one in Meredith's room except for the music. Rudy still didn't know what he wanted to do, so he went back and made his way to his apartment.

Raffaele, Amanda's boyfriend, made it to the bar. Amanda grabbed the bag he was carrying to see what he had. "Great"; She smiled when she saw what good shit he had. Today they would get high.

The bartender, Patrick, gave Rafaela a small backup disk. "Amanda had a good night, you're going to love this one." Patrick spanked Amanda's ass. "See you tomorrow.

Rafael couldn't wait to get this bitch home. Pump her up, watch a movie about their night in the back room

while he fucked the hell out of her. He looked at Amanda, you could have never thought she was such a damn hot slut. She looked just like the average American girl in Europe.

Meredith lay in her bed with the television on, but she dozed off. & ldquo; aaaaaaaaaaa When she woke up, she was surrounded by several peopleMen. “Scream all you want, bitch, no one will hear you.”

She recognized Rudy among the half dozen young black men surrounding her.

“Rudy, what are you doing with her, who are these men?”

“Bitch, did you think you could just send me away? You are too kind to take me with you.”

“No, I'm tired, I just needed to sleep. I did not do it.

SMAAC. Meredith recoiled from the slap. “Lying piece of trash.

"I'm not good enough for you." “No, Rudy, that’s not it…”

SMAAC. “No more nonsense from you.”

Rudy pushed her aside and lay down on the bed.

The knife was pressed to her neck. “Suck his cock, you English whore.”

“Be good about it.”

“No, please, what are you going to do to me? Leave me alone."

AAAAAAAAA Meredith screamed as she felt the knife pierce the skin of her neck and

I felt blood dripping.

"Stupid whore, you don't listen well, you understand English."

" Now suck";

Meredith took Rudy's swollen member into her mouth.

"Trash bitch, get your whore in the air."

Rudy looked satisfied at the stupid English cunt.

He was lying on her bed, his head propped on her pillow, and watched her suck his cock while his husband pressed a knife to her throat.

On her knees, ass in the air, the other thug rubbed his cock against her slit.

"Look at me!" - shouted Rudy. The man with the knife lifted her head by her hair.

Rudy smiled at the panicked Englishwoman. He pointed to his husband who was driving him

The razor-sharp knife slid across Meredith's cheek, leaving a small cut.

“Please Rudy, please don’t, I’ll do whatever you tell me.”

Meredith felt a sharp blade against her neck. "Oh god no."

“Do as you’re told and maybe we’ll let you live.”




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