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The Stepfamily, Chapters 3 and 4

Hello guys, here is the next part. Comments and feedback are very welcome :)


So, the characters at the moment:

Sean – 14 – Adopted child of Alec and Mara, twin brother of Kyle. Masturbation discovered and taught to Kyle

Kyle – 14 – Adopted child of Alec and Mara, twin brother of Sean. Sean showed how to masturbate

Alec – 30 – Mara's husband, adoptive father of Sean and Kyle. Heard Sean Teaching Kyle How to Masturbate

Mara – 28 years old – Alec's wife, Sean and Kyle's adoptive father. After several attempts but without success, raised boys.


Chapter 3

Alec was incredibly excited. The boys discovered themselves and he came to the conclusion that he had to get involved in the action somehow... but not yet. It looks like he had to wait quite a long time in the starting blocks. He will wait until they are adopted before trying.

When Mara came home from her shift at the hospital that night, Alec almost attacked her.

“Wow, darling! What has come over you? Mara asked as Alec kissed her neck "I'm really hot right now, baby," Alec quickly began to unbutton her jacket. Since he wasn't in the mood for foreplay, he quickly stripped her naked and pushed her onto the bed. He quickly threw off his robe, climbed on top of her and groped her firm breasts with his chest. He kissed her wildly, running his hands over her body, focusing on her breasts.

Alec knew what Mara liked and rose slightly from her strong 28 year old body so his hands could have better access to her nipples. Even though she had difficult hours in the hospital, Mara still found time to go to the gym three times a week and maintained a slim and toned figure. Alec slowly began kissing Mara's neck, moving to her nipples and beginning to suck on them lightly one at a time, while at the same time moving his hand down to her pussy and sliding a finger into her wet tunnel. Sensing that she was wet enough, Alec pushed his cock against her pussy and in one motion pushed his 8 inch cock deep inside her, up to the hilt. Mara moaned in pleasure, she loved being fucked by her husband, his thick cock always filling her up.

Alec sat down and began rotating his hips and fucking Mara, massaging her nipples. Mara was in ecstasy, her moans were getting louder, she was surprised she didn't wake the boys. Alec fucked harder and harder until he felt an all too familiar feeling in his groin.

“I’m coming,” he breathed.

"Me too," Mara replied before Alec leaned forward and captured her lips with his. They moaned into each other's mouths and came at the same time. Alec shot load after load into his wife before collapsing on top of her, recovering from the orgasm he had been denying himself all day.

Some time later they lay next to each other and both recovered from sex.

“Mara?” asked Alec

"Yes Dear?" she replied

“I think we should adopt boys”

"Really? Do you think so?” Mara was excited about the idea

“That’s really me”

“Well then, let’s do it”

Alec's heart skipped a beat. This had to happen, he had to be able to keep the boys and do whatever he wanted with them. “I love you, darling,” he said before turning around and going to bed with the biggest smile on his face and the biggest boner between his legs And so, four months later, Sean and Kyle were adopted and officially entered into the Guinness Book of World Records. It took almost fifteen years for the boys to find a home and a family that loved them. Everything was fine until the boys turned fifteen.

Chapter 4

Less than six months after the adoption, tragedy struck the Guinness family. Mara contracted pneumonia and died. Needless to say, the boys were devastated. Alec had a brave face, but he truly loved his wife and was heartbroken when she died in his arms. The funeral was a simple service attended by a few friends and relatives. Afterwards, Sean and Kyle sat in their room and held each other comfortingly. Kyle, who had always been the cooler of the two, leaned against the headboard and the wall, holding Sean close to him.

Shortly after waking up, Alec came in with a tray full of cookies and milk to check on the boys.

"Father?" Kyle asked, “Do we have to move again and go to a new family?”

- Darling, darling, no, you don't have to go anywhere. From now on I will watch over you,” Alec knelt down and took Kyle’s hand in his. “Now why don’t you grab some cookies and jump into bed?” I'm sure you'll feel a little better in the morning.

Alec leftRoom, close the door behind you. He stood at the door for several minutes to hear what was happening inside.

Sean slowly sat up, walked to the edge of the bed, put his head in his hands and began to sob quietly. Kyle saw this and pulled Sean back into his arms.

“Why do people keep dying around us?” – asked Sean in tears. “First our biological parents and now my mother.”

“I think that’s how life works. People are born, live and die. Kyle said, displaying uncharacteristic wisdom.

“Kyle…” – Sean asked shyly “Yes, Sean”;

“Can I sleep with you tonight?” I don’t want to sleep alone. Not tonight."

"Of course you can, Sean, whenever you want. I'm always here for you."

Then Sean did something neither boy expected. He turned around and kissed Kyle on the lips.

"Um...Sean...what was that?" Kyle was understandable shocked and a little embarrassed.

"I have no idea"; Shawn replied, "I'm so sorry Kyle, please don't hate me."

"Hate you? I can never hate you. You and I have been through too much together for me to hate you." Kyle then surprised himself by leaning in and kissing his brother back. They looked at each other and blushed, not knowing what to say. Unfortunately for Alec, who was still listening outside the door, it got nowhere. Sean broke the silence by saying he was tired, then shuffled the blankets, and finally the boys wished each other goodnight.

A little later, after waiting for the boys to make noises, snoring softly, Alec looked in and saw that the boys were actually sleeping in the same bed. He smiled: very soon he will get what he wants. He was excited and looking forward to what he was going to do with them, but tonight he just had to jerk off. Tomorrow it will be real fun begin.



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