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The final three were chosen for the swinger lifestyle

Friday is an interesting day to say the least. Shelley finally met the last three permanent residents of our house. She has been talking to them for three months: Dani, 31, is divorced, Crystal, 32, is divorced and Natalie, 35, has never been married. They spent the whole day meeting at our house and chatting, getting to know each other and trying to be comfortable with each other. You ordered pizza and are now watching a movie on TV. Shelley got up about halfway through the movie to get some refreshments. Dani stood up and looked outside to see the sun setting over the yard. When Shelley returned with the drinks she leaned over and Dani accidentally rubbed her bottom as she reached for the glass. Shelley blushed and Dani was embarrassed at first, but they all knew that if everything went well today, this would be their permanent lifestyle. As promised, after a long day of waiting for me to return from the office, Shelley greeted me at the door as soon as she heard my footsteps walking up the stairs. I kiss her on the lips as I enter the hallway and she turns to lead me into the living room. She introduces me to three ladies and provides their biographies. I asked Natalie to accompany me upstairs.

As I take her upstairs I tell her, "From now on there will be no more word from you." She looks at me and makes sure I understand that she is saying "Yes sir" with her eyes. We go into the guest room and I close and lock the door. She comes towards me and starts unbuttoning my shirt. She slides her hands into my shirt and around my hairy chest, grateful that my body is pressed against hers. Then she slides her hands to my waist and I let her slowly unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants. She pulls down my pants and kneels so she's eye level with my cock, hidden under a thin layer of silk panties but drawing attention to herself as she gets hard with anticipation. I put my finger under her chin and gently pull her up before tipping her onto the bed.

“You’re going to put on a little show for me, Natalie. You can play with your pussy, but I won't let you cum. "You're a virgin?" She nods in understanding and watches as my fingers eagerly remove her clothes, piece by piece. She covers her face with her hands as I remove her panties and spread her legs wide to get a better view of what's going on I have. "Begin." I climb off the bed, stand against the wall and look at her sprawled on the bed, nothing on her except the mark that marks her body as mine.

She lowers her hands and begins to trace the contours of her cunt, teasing herself and me at the same time. She slides a finger between his lips, already feeling the tantalizing wetness dripping from her. She moans but tries not to say a word. "That's all. Insert your fingers. In and out, baby,” I say. She hasn't taken her eyes off me the whole time and sees how my monster cock is completely hard and needs to be sucked. She really wants me to cum. On all fours on the floor I kneel behind Natalie, holding my cock with one hand and lubricating her anus with the other, she squeals and then laughs at the coldness of the lube. “Please stop,” she whines. “Shhh,” I say behind her. Then my short fingers enter her and fuck her so hard she shudders. I drive my huge cock into her, it's merciless and painful as she screams. Natalie feels dizzy and loses consciousness. She wakes up, I immediately sit on her, she feels my body on her back covering her little miniature body. My arms wrap around her torso, squeezing her breasts and I press myself against her. Her pussy was still slippery and I slid into her easily. Then I jackhammer into her, getting bigger the more I fuck her. She screams but no one hears her. Her body begins to betray her. She feels it building up inside her.

“Please, God, no!” She cries. It's useless. Then she feels something strange as wave after wave of mind-blowing orgasms wash over her. Natalie focuses on the orgasms and loses herself in them, but deep inside she feels something strange. Unusual. Something is being pushed into her. I push against her hard and push my knot into her. She moans and then feels me cum so powerfully inside her; So warm. Her toes curl behind her as she comes too. I try to pull away from her, but I'm locked inside her tightly by a knot at the base of my cock. Natalie can feel me pulsating and still cumming inside her. She starts sweating underneath me. After about ten minutes I slip away from her, she starts to think I'm getting off, I start penetrating her again. Soon she feels my knot entering her again and I cum inside her again. Her fingers dig into the carpet and her toes curl behind her again. The muscles in your pelvic wall feel that you are therecramp. Your stomach turns. I'm cumming so much into her. It's so warm here. I fuck Natalie three more times, never letting the knot go down far enough for it to come out of her. Her muscles tense and I cry as warm cum shoots through her from within. Natalie is shaking, she is in pain, her muscles are pushing me into myself. Without letting me go. I slip out of her painfully and warm cum gushes out of her.

Natalie woke up when I pulled her hair. She turns to wave away whatever it is, but is met with a growl. Then she feels my hand on her bare thigh. I spread her thighs wide and spread her legs. She lowers her head, holds out her palm and looks up. It's me, I'm pulling her hair, not letting go of my grip, but I stop pulling. I kiss her neck and a shiver runs down her spine. Natalie is scared. I move over her. My hand caresses her pussy. She tries to close her legs but I place my knee between her legs. She understands that I will fuck her again. She is pushed back by the tension as I pull her hair and lick her pussy. My tongue curls, diving in and licking her all over. She trembles, but welcomes warmth instead of violence. Natalie rolls onto all fours. I immediately sit on her, she feels my body on her back, covering her small, petite body. My arms wrap around her upper body and press me against her. Her pussy became slick and I slid into her easily. Then I pound her into me, getting bigger the more I fuck her. She moans, her body betraying her again. She feels the orgasm building inside her.

“Please, God, no!” I cry. It's useless. Then I feel something strange as wave after wave of overwhelming orgasm washes over me. I focus on the orgasms and get lost in them, but deep inside I feel something strange. Unusual. Something is pushing itself into me. He tries to crawl up my back, his warm, huge, pointy cock still inside me. And then whatever it was came inside me. I let out a loud moan and then felt him cum so powerfully inside me; So warm. She's coming too. I pull away from her and switch positions, she tucks her legs under her butt, kneels to her chest and lowers her butt. Natalie has never been a fan of anal sex. She tried once, but she is a small and petite woman. I mount her again and she shudders as I plunge into her ass to the base of my cock. Instinctively she reached back and grabbed my knot. There was no way I could penetrate her. She was in so much pain that every thrust made her dizzy. I fucked her for ten minutes, shooting warm cum in her ass. I move in and out of her, my warm cum dripping from her ass and pussy down her thighs. “Go out, see you later.” I said. She gets up and goes to the bathroom.

I clean up, after dinner Crystal got up and fixed her dress. Thanks to the tight fit, not a single wrinkle is visible. She also completely forgot that she wasn't wearing any panties. I grab her hand and lead her to my home office. I close the door and lock it. I turn her around and push her towards my desk. Stand in front of my desk, she takes off her dress, she had no bra or panties on. Her slim, petite body was very hot and seductive. I came behind her and squeezed her ass. Then I leaned over and licked her buttocks, my tongue was wide, warm and a little rough but

It's kind of beautiful. I licked her again and this time my tongue entered her ass crack and touched her asshole. She jumped a little and was about to sit up when my tongue came out again and ran over her outer lips Her pussy and top slide easily into her anus. Crystal froze, not knowing what to do and almost afraid move. Then my tongue comes out again and spreads her lips slightly, rubbing the inside of her pussy and touching

Her clit just wide enough to send shivers down her spine, her legs involuntarily opened a little as my tongue entered each hole again, a little deeper and a little faster on the next round.

Her legs tremble as each new stroke of my tongue creates a pulsating feeling in her body, but resonates deep in her vagina, her juices start to flow, my tongue is long, thick and hot, it feels better than the cock a man has ever felt. made her mind think lustful thoughts. I plunge my tongue deeper and deeper, first into her pussy, then into her ass, feeling something she has never experienced before in her life. These feelings flooded her with their warmth as my tongue penetrated her even deeper, now she feels my hot breath on her ass and the touch of my teeth on her skin, my tongue seems to find her clitoris and wrap itself around it, hers Cunt begins to convulse, pushing and sucking my tongue deeper into her. “I’m coming!” She screams. "To stop!" She ordered, but her voice was weak with passion and my tongue slid deep inside her again. " Please stop!" She begs, but the onslaught of my penetrating tongue continues. Her body jerked, her cunt gripped and sucked as she came hard, harder than ever before, and instinctively her hips moved in a the movement of my tongue. As I pulled my tongue out of her now dripping cunt, her pelvis twisted in an attempt to reclaim my thick penetrating tongue, causing her cunt to open up and position itself in a way that made me feel like she was my slut, ready to fuck. I press my body against her, placing my legs between her legs and my hands grabbing her waist as my throbbing cock easily finds her opening and before she can react I push forward and meet her full length. My penis feels different than every man's: it's thicker, longer; hotter and ridged.

Krystal screams in fear and pain as she moves forward to free herself from my hungry cock, but as she does, my arms grab her in a painfully strong hug, pulling me back onto my cock. Her head dipped and threatened to hit the table; Her hands came up to catch herself as I pushed deep into her again, pushing her body further forward. My weight rested on her legs and pelvis. She was trapped. Each new thrust gets deeper and each time her hips tilt further my cock goes deeper. She feels my cock begin to swell inside her and get thicker as I enter her. She wants to scream, but with each new thrust she loses her breath and her body slides across the table while I... Drive it. Her cunt squeezes my hot, throbbing cock like a vice, then loosens her grip, allowing my cock to expand even further inside her; She had never felt anything so big inside her vagina as it penetrated deeper. She feels the base of my cock swelling right inside her, her cunt feels like it's about to burst, it must have grown to the size of a large grapefruit as my cock slams into her, she feels the tip of mine Cock hitting her cervix. and she keeps coming back. Despite the pain, she enjoys the fucking she gets from my monster cock. Then I ram the head of my cock into the opening of her cervix and she feels my cock expanding and contracting as hot cum pumps deep inside her; Her body shook as her cunt milked me, and she came with each new gush of my hot cum. She feels my hot cum running down her inner thighs as I continue to pump her full.

Then I get up from her, she remains bent over the table, I pick her up and drag her to the car where we lie down. Crystal is scared, hurt and exhausted as she lies down, unable to sleep as she continues to feel my cock and my knot contracting and expanding inside her until finally, after half an hour, my knot with a half pop and slipping out of our combined juices. run away from her. I stood up, washed myself and then turned my attention to her butt, rubbing her asshole, each stroke heightening her senses, arousing her desire, her cunt began to tingle again and she knew she was ready for the second round.

I left the office and went upstairs to Dani's room, she has no idea what is going to happen. Until she feels me crawling onto the bed. I spread her legs wide, crawled between them, she felt my tongue on her skin, she knew something was about to happen, but she didn't know it was me yet. She's still half asleep, but slowly lifts her head to see what's going on. As soon as her head rose higher, she noticed the intruder. Completely shocked, she tried to pull away from me. "OH GOD! NO!" she shouts at me. "Don... don't do this to me!" she squeaks. "Relax! Relax!" This is my reaction to her distracting behavior. Her sudden burst of energy makes me look up for a moment. I look at her lustfully and continue licking her pussy as if nothing happened. Dani watches helplessly as I continue licking her inner thigh and move closer to her groin and pussy. She didn't want to think about what would happen if I found her pussy. As I continue to scratch her skin with my tongue, her body betrays her. She finds that the rough texture of my tongue excites her all over. Her pussy is leaking juices. His presence caught my attention and I move in the direction where the fresh scent is coming from. I immediately plunged my face into her pussy and plunged my tongue deep into her to collect all the juices I could. "Yes!" This is Dany's response to this invasion.

She can't believe how deep my tongue goes into her pussy. Her constant movement made it feel like a snake was slipping inside her. But this “snake” absorbs all the juices it comes into contact with. Every time I pulled my tongue out I licked her clit in one long stroke. Every time this happens she lets out a scream of joy. The rough texture of my tongue made the licking even more enjoyable. It's like rubbing sandpaper against her sensitive clitoris. I continue licking for fifteen minutes before I start moving up her body and continue kissing and licking her body. I lick her navel and around it and then move on to her tits. At the same time, my body landed on her stomach, taking her breath away. My heavy body lay on top of her small, petite body. I startLick the underside of her breast and move to the nipple. Then move to the other breast and repeat the process. Dani took a deep breath as I touched her tits. I then lower my hands to her sides, keeping my body away from hers and giving her a break, much to her relief. Now I straddle her and continue sucking her boobs.

Dani can't believe her nipples have gotten harder than ever in her life. She continued to stare blankly at my tongue as it paid attention to her tits.

She can't voice her objection because she likes the attention and the feeling that comes with it. Her only vocal response was a "Mmmmm" that passed her lips from time to time. Never in her wildest fantasies would she agree to this. Dani felt my penis grow even larger due to my sexual excitement. She can't help but be impressed by his length and girth. The pink sting grew to nine inches and began to take the shape of a tree trunk. Thick near my balls and thick towards my head. When it finally climaxed, my cock was nine inches long and 5 inches thick. My hard cock shows no signs of sagging. As Dani continued to enjoy her newest "lover", her eyes widened in disbelief at the size of my cock. Now she's afraid that I might try to fuck her. Its length and thickness make her uncomfortable. She then turns her attention back to her breasts as I nibble on her nipple. At the same time, she arches her back in response. "At least he won't be able to fuck me." She thought to herself. - At least not in this position. She feels safe because she wanted to do it in the classic doggy position. Imagine her surprise when I was sprawled across her body. My head rested on her flat chest. Then she feels the warm presence of my huge cock against her leg.

I move my body on top of hers, her eyes lifting as she begs for this to end. The weight of my body on her naked body wasn't helping. This only reinforces their unconscious acceptance of the situation. She feels my hard cock pressing against her pussy. She makes one last attempt to free herself. But she has no influence that can help her in her fight. Now I lie on her neck and start kissing and biting her. Then the tip of my penis touched her sensitive pussy lips. His hot presence on her pussy lips excited her again. I tried to penetrate her tight pussy. “Ohhh! God, this… can’t… can’t be happy…” Dani exclaimed. The dry, taut skin of my cock presses twice more against her flesh, which refuses to come apart, before I lean back. “Fucking cold cunt!” I lean over and start massaging my crotch when Dani starts to cry. Dani can't stop me. She can only

“Lie down and submit,” she screamed as I rammed my cock into her barely wet pussy. I growl and grunt and use my weight to push myself deeper. With every millimeter of progress I made, Dani winced at the unpleasant turn of events. I feel my cock enveloped by the warm folds of her pussy and begin to thrust forward. More and more of my cock enters her. The warmth of my body above her only excites her more. My warm body squeezing her breast is too much for her. She moans with pleasure.

At that moment I push my tongue past her lips and into her mouth. At first Dani is disgusted by this intrusion. As I pushed my tongue deeper into her throat, she began to reciprocate and French returned the kiss.

Dani is now moaning loudly and realizing how good this “lover” is doing for her. Unconsciously she begins to grind her hips into my thrusts. Now she realized that she wanted me, wanted all of me inside her. She pulls her knees up so she can push into me better. Her arms are wrapped around my torso, her nails digging into my back and scratching it. My lump at the base of my penis is swelling. Dani is now ready to join in the fucking. She presses her hips into my groin so I can push my cock into her even more. She is pleasantly surprised that my cock is so wide that it touches the inner walls of her pussy and she loves it. A full nine centimeters of cock had now arrived inside her. The last bit of my cock is a knot. With the last thrust he also broke through her pussy lips. When that happened, Dani's brain popped out of her head. She didn't know what had just happened and needed a few minutes to relax again.

I never stopped fucking her. Even if I can't get out of here now, the devilry continues. Her pussy lips turn outward as I penetrate her quickly and mercilessly. Dani's body shakes with every thrust and her breathing becomes uneven. Somehow she manages to take my tongue back into her mouth and suck on it lovingly. I let her and stuck my tongue in her mouth. A good ten minutes passed before I finally released my sperm into her waiting uterus. Dani immediately understood whenThis happened when she felt powerful rays hitting the depths of her womb. The heat she feels below is not only unbearable, but intoxicating. “Oh yes, John! Fill me with your seed!” Ruffus continued to pour his juices into her and remained motionless. Trapped in the slut's cunt, there was nothing else he could do. When the final thrust finally ended, he stayed inside her. Shania thought that was the end. Little did she know that the dog could take on more of the load without even leaving his partner. The interspecies pair remained in place for twenty minutes before anything happened. Then, to everyone's amazement, the dog started slamming into the diva again. This lasted even longer than the previous fuck. More than fifteen minutes of continuous fucking passed before I shot my second load.

Dani passed out six minutes into the second fuck, from exhaustion from the torture and from the multiple orgasms she had experienced. I didn't care if she woke up or not, I just kept fucking to my satisfaction. A few minutes before I was about to shoot for the third time, she regained consciousness. It only took her a few seconds to remember what was happening. She concentrated her efforts on my cock entering her vagina. She matches my thrusts. Finally, with a loud moan, I begin to fire a third burning load at my slut. I pump so much cum into her contracting pussy that some of it leaks out of her tight grip. "UM! UM! Oh God, yes!" she cried in ecstasy. She wraps her legs around my back. She wraps her arms around my upper body and hugs me tightly. My last load lasted three minutes before it finally stopped. She had never been so filled with cum in her life. During my climax she orgasmed six times herself. Completely exhausted, her legs fell. I stay locked in her pussy for forty minutes. My knot won't let go of us until forty minutes have passed. This is a natural aid that ensures fertilization of the bitch after mating. When my knot has finally tightened enough to make this possible, I withdraw from Dani's body. As soon as my huge cock pulled out of her pussy, a stream of cum started flowing out of her. I didn't jump off the bed, I just knelt between her legs.

When feeling finally returns to her body, Dani props herself up on her elbows and looks at me as I kneel between her legs. My cock has shrunk but still dangles six inches in front of her. She sees the shine of cum mixed with blood covering my penis. As she looked at my dangling penis, a thought occurred to her. She can't believe she's considering another session. But the longer she looked at my wet cock, the more she realized that she wanted another session once I got an erection again. "John, I want you to fuck me again as soon as possible." She said. Dani still has some reservations about what she just told me, but her resistance quickly dissipates.

I cleaned my cock and started stroking it. After just a few strokes I can feel new life flowing into my penis. Slowly and inexorably the organ begins to grow and harden. As more blood flowed to his sex muscles, he stood up again and again in my hands.

I love the lustful look of desire in her eyes as she lies with her bare breasts pressed against the satin sheets, looking over her left shoulder at me as I kneel behind me, fully prepared. Her round ass is so sexy. The backs of her thighs gradually merge with her fleshy cheeks, each forming a line, an erotic slit that can be fully explored in seconds. I feel the warmth of her skin as I place the fingers of my right hand on her beautiful cheek. I run my thumb underneath, touching the inside of her thigh, squeezing gently and feeling her hardness beneath that soft padding. I do the same with my left hand on her other cheek before carefully lifting and parting it, revealing the long, plump lips of her cum covered pussy, slowly drooling and desperate for attention. As I continue my farewell, I am rewarded with a beautiful view of her bulging anus, pressed firmly against all intruders. I lean in closer, tongue out, for quick, short strokes that leave her gasping in surprise, and when I stop I whimper for more. As I pour the warm lube between her buttocks, I watch as a slippery glob of clear lube slowly rolls down her asshole, then mixes with her arousal and drips onto the sheets between her spread thighs. I think something more is needed to achieve future pleasure. I lean forward on my knees and insert my rock hard cock into the hollow between her cheeks. The first feeling is the warmth of her skin on the sensitive underside of my penis. I feel her fingers gently touching my balls as she slides her hand under her body and gently presses it against my wet pussy lips. I hear her moaning for me to take her.

I pressed her cheeks against my cockI slowly slid back and forth on her ass, letting my body shake as shivers of pleasure ran down my spine. I watch my cock head, covered in excess lube, emerge from her cheeks with each thrust as I "fuck" her ass cheeks. I'm in a hurry, otherwise I'll cum deep in her ass before I obey her orders. I press the head of my helmeted cock against her asshole, lifting my hips to change the angle of attack and squeezing my hard cock with my thumb as I watch her slowly give in to the steady pressure. She takes a deep breath and holds it, closing her eyes tightly and clenching her teeth tightly.

I don't know if it's the unrelenting pressure, the irresistible slickness of the lube, or sheer willpower, but I feel the powerful muscles around her anus begin to give way as the tip of my cock slowly slides into her ass. I take a break to let her body get used to me. As I look at her ass, I spread her cheeks wide and am rewarded with an erotic spectacle. The head of my cock is completely enveloped by her and the tight skin of her anus squeezes my hard cock tightly. I thrust my hips and watch my cock slowly disappear between her beautiful cheeks. After walking two inches, I slowly back away but pause before jumping out. I push it back, this time three inches, next time four, then five and finally full length deep into her ass.

The feeling is wonderful. Her ultra-tight ass grips my cock from all sides at once and the stimulation is relentless as I slowly slide out and back again and again. I feel every twitch and cramp, no matter how many minutes. But as she reached over and began to touch her swollen clit, the spasms became more and more intense, pushing my cock further into her. Her animalistic moans of pleasure drive me deeper and faster. I submit to long thrusts in and out of that beautiful ass. My balls heave and tingle in anticipation of my approaching orgasm, and my cock and pelvic muscles tense tightly. Her body shakes, she arches her back and screams. My balls slap against her pussy as I thrust deeper in and out of her ass. I watch her body shake as her ass clenches around my cock, squeezing it in irregular spasms. I feel my balls tighten and a euphoric feeling of pleasure radiating from my cock. Her body shakes violently as she screams in pleasure. I feel her juices gushing over my cramped balls and inner thighs. I dive deep and squeeze hard, stopping and desperately trying to maintain control. Her ass squeezes tightly around my throbbing cock, squeezing me to the point of no return. I feel my penis and pelvic muscles contracting uncontrollably. I'm coming.

Euphoria. My cock goes deeper, my body convulses as my cock shoots cum deep into her ass. One, two, three twitches, then persistent spasms of decreasing intensity. Her body continues its orgasmic contractions, squeezing every drop of cum from my cock. The shocks continue to pass through our bodies and the waves of pleasure slowly subside. After a few minutes of this interaction, I realize that my cock is buried very deep in her beautiful ass and that its hardness could cause discomfort at that moment. I move my hips back slowly, sliding outwards and hearing her sigh contentedly. She tenses for a moment or two, sending another shiver through my body. I can't help but wonder what she's feeling. I look down and see my cock slowly coming out of her ass, leaving a white trail of cum on her soft skin. I watch as she thrusts gently as a wad of cum drips out of her ass and runs down her pussy lips before dripping onto the sheets below. I slowly crawl over her body, lowering my chest to her back as I feel the warmth of her skin against mine. Her eyes are closed and I place both hands on her back, our fingers intertwined. I watch as her lips form a smile with her eyes closed and kiss her neck tenderly before I leave with my smile own.



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