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My name is Jerry. I think it started when I hugged my mom Sandy's new boyfriend, Bill, and felt his hard-on for the first time.

The thought of him getting a hard on because of my excitement sent shivers through my body. He had just combed my wet hair. I sat on the sofa between his legs. I liked this attention and pressed myself sharply against him. He spent a lot of time while my eyes were closed.

I imagined him kissing and feeling me. When he was finally finished, I leaned back against him and wrapped my arms around his shoulders. I loved feeling his big, warm hands touching the underside of my breasts. When we got up, I gave him a quick hug. Then I felt his hard-on again, only now it was very big. We both froze. That morning we had our robes on and just stood there. I enjoy the touch of his hard cock on my pussy. I moved my pussy slightly, he moved his hard slightly.

Our breathing quickened, but no words were spoken. We began to squeeze each other tighter, with light movements of our hands on our bodies. We heard Mom get out of the shower. We quickly broke off the relationship and went our separate ways.

I went to my room, lay down on my bed and thought about the hot rush I had just experienced. I closed my eyes and could almost feel him still wrapping his arms around me, pressing that warm boner tightly against my pussy. As I relived this event, I lightly rubbed my hand over the slit. I was satisfied and continued. I started hearing him and my mother talking and giggling in the bedroom. I imagined her coming out of the shower naked and him with that boner and what they had to do.

I thought, "I gave him this boner, not you... Mom!" She benefited from the boner I gave him. I got a little angry about it. I started to hear mom moaning. I covered my ears with my fingers. “I’ She should be the one moaning, not her. I started rubbing my pussy again. I felt really turned on by him, angry at her...and at myself...I just felt left out.

I just knew they were probably fucking right now. I closed my eyes and imagined him fucking ME, not her. I slowly inserted three fingers into my pussy, imagining it was his big boner inside me. I felt my breasts as if he were and then rubbed my clit hard. For me it was an intense wank. My pussy was getting really wet and I felt my orgasm approaching. The more I imagined him fucking me, the hotter I became. I continued doing this until I was choking on a super orgasm and my body was shaking. I groaned a little. I lay there magnificently and held my breath.

There's a knock on my door.

"Who is this?"

“It's me, Jerry.” - said Bill.

“Come in,” I said, quickly covering myself with a robe.

He came and sat on my bed. I couldn't help but gag. I had just had an orgasm and was thinking about him fucking me, and now he was sitting on my bed, almost touching my leg. I smiled sheepishly and he smiled back. I know he saw my wet fingers and saw a slight tremble in them. He looked directly at her. He probably smelled my floor, I know he could.

He thought...

("I came here to let you know that I wasn't trying to influence you this morning, but now... forget it... I think Jerry was just masturbating, I can just about tell." She's out of breath, her fingers are wet and I can smell her pussy. I wonder what she was thinking about when she touched herself with her fingers? A man, a movie star or... maybe me? Change of plan…’)

I took her shaking hand and kissed it. She flinched when I did that. I could smell the strong pussy smell on her fingers. I moved closer to her face as her eyes widened with excitement as if I was about to kiss her. I still held her shaking hand. I say, “Did you want pancakes?” She froze and didn’t answer, just looked intently into my eyes. Her lips trembled slightly as she whispered: (“…yes, please..”)


He kissed my hand again. I was very nervous. He is gone. I almost orgasmed again when he leaned over and took my wet hand and whispered like that. He knew what was going on and was just teasing me. I like it! I liked the attention, I liked the thought of him getting under my skin. I wanted more of his attention. The fact that he was attacking me gave me a new hot thrill. I wanted to give him even more hard on and make him horny for me.

Bill is a very sexy man who just turns me on. Mom can't give him too much satisfaction, otherwise he wouldn't be annoyed with me. Maybe he secretly wants me more than his mother... I like that idea.

I couldn't think of anything else for the rest of the day. I watched him walk around the house, always checking to see if he had a hard-on. I put on my skimpiest shorts and a low-cut blouse with no bra. When my mother wasn't there, I sat on his lap and asked him stupidly:Questions. I walked up to him, hugged him and pressed my pussy against his front. He always smiled at me very shyly. I grabbed him from behind in the hallway. I felt his thighs, very warm. He turned around, picked me up, carried me into the bedroom and laid me on the bed. He held my face as I gasped for air. He almost pressed his lips to mine.

My heart was pounding and my pussy was tingling. Bill whispered, ("Were the pancakes good?"), then stood up and closed the door behind him.

Damn, he pissed me off again! And he damn well knew it!

My pussy was soaking wet and he was laughing and teasing me...grrrrr.

I was waiting for the right moment.

I found earplugs for the night. I couldn't hear the slightest sound they made!

I was thinking about something. I ask him to come with me to buy new wheels for my skates. I knew mom was busy with something and didn't want to go.

We walked and looked at all the bikes and stuff while I leaned on him and rubbed against him and held his hand like a guy. I didn't see a boner. He hugged me and felt up and down my back and I got wet! I accomplished nothing by giving him a hard-on, but instead he made me hot.

I told him that I decided to keep the wheels I had. As we drove home, I put my head on his lap and told him I had a slight headache. I finally felt it. Small erection on the side of the head. I started moving my head to tease his cock. It got bigger. He stopped the car in front of our entrance. Mom's car was gone. He rubbed my head to relieve my fake headache. His fingers run through my hair. Now I could actually feel his boner and even his heat. He leaned forward, kissed me tenderly on the cheek and whispered: ("...I would rather take you and put you in your bed.") I felt a shock of pleasure in my pussy.

He pulled me out of the car and held me as we walked into the house. As soon as we were in the house he picked me up and carried me. I loved the smell of his aftershave as I pressed my head into his chest. He stopped and read the note his mother had left. He whispered: (“…looks like your mom won't be home until around 11:00 p.m.”)

It was already two o'clock in the afternoon.

He took me to the bedroom and gently laid me on the bed.

He was on top of me. My stomach and pussy are shaking. He put his hands on my head and started rubbing it. He whispered, ("...This should relieve the headache.") I hugged his back. He was so warm. Now I felt his big boner against my pussy...that's what I wanted.

I felt his warm breath on my neck and a constant tingling sensation in my pussy. I wanted to give him a better and bigger boner than my mother's. I created his boner and he was there for me. I quickly understood his little game. He could get me wet and leave... but I wanted to give him a huge boner in return. I've given guys hard before, but none like this. I shook and whispered, (“…oooh….that feels so good, keep it up. I think my headache is going away.”)

As I said that, I pressed my pussy hard against his boner. He fought back with a boner. I pressed again. He pushed himself off. We continued like this and were now slowly fucking in our clothes. His breath told me he was just as hot as I was. I began to gently run my fingers through his hair. I was wearing short shorts and I could feel the moisture in them. I spread my legs wide. He wore sweatpants with an elastic waistband.

Bill thought...

“She started teasing and now it comes down to what she must want. I can only take so much. Her hot body, long flowing hair and cute face urge me to cross the limit. Damn, I really want to fuck her, but what a risk. He and his mother don't get along. Will it just be a point for her and then brag to her mother that we had sex? I'd better get this done first. Well... just hang in there girl, you gotta commit now. I whispered: (“…how well can you keep your mouth shut?, we could have a lot of fun if you could. If it was just a competition with mom...forget it…I liked you for a long time… .let's be “with ourselves”, and only we will know, and she will never know….Do we have a deal?”)

That was what she wanted to hear most. She whispered back: (“…oh God, yes, she will never know, and we can do whatever we want….she will just never know….ever.”)

I think that fucking me behind Sandy's back was her greatest achievement. I loved the way she pressed her pussy against me and felt me ​​hard. It's time to move on to the next level, otherwise everyone will tease her and nothing will work out.

We made a deal...

We would have an affair behind her mother's back. Secretly, quietly and allowing our desires to manifest what we want.

Now, to make it happen. |------------------------

Jerry's mind was racing I was mentally and physically full of excitement. This will be my first romance with him. He doesn't know it, but I want to take all his attention away from mom. He can teach me how to please him and myself. I dreamed that I could divert his attention from my mother and now it will happen. He knows damn well how to turn me on. His teasing makes my pussy jump with excitement. Kiss me, feel me and fuck me - that's what I want and I'm going to get it.

Bad Mom, I'm going to get sex from Bill too and you won't even notice.


We did our best and I slowly undressed her as she squirmed and panted. She kept kissing me just to gasp for air. She was glowing with excitement. This girl really needed my cock. I was younger than her mother, so her age and mine weren't that different. The thought of having two hot pussies in one house set me on fire. I loved the way she teased, exposed, and rubbed me, and I knew she enjoyed giving me a hard-on. I downplayed it the whole time. Now I'm on top of a hot girl who's so ready to fuck she's shaking.

She used to have sex with several boys, but her mother controlled her tightly. She must have been annoyed that Mom was having sex but she wasn't. Her mother and she constantly scolded us. I had a plan to stop all this. She was the younger version of her mother, with nice, sweet tits, a young, curvy body and a beautiful face. I wondered if she had ever licked pussy or sucked cock. I decided to ask her directly. "Have you ever had oral sex?" I asked. She jumped a little and didn't want to answer. I was about to tell her it didn't matter, but she responded in a whisper. (“….yes…once with my girlfriend when I was younger. We wanted to try oral sex with each other... but not with a man yet.")

I decided to start with that.

She started undressing me and I started removing her clothes. I unbuttoned her blouse while she unbuttoned my shirt .She groped and rubbed my breasts while I reached for her bra and unclasped it. It was great to see the excitement in her eyes and her heavy breathing. For the first time I slowly felt her breasts. They were cute and had hard nipples. She grabbed my head and kissed me. Young, soft, sweet lips holding a wandering tongue. We were both very hot and breathing heavily.

My boner was rock hard against her pussy. I slowly unzipped her skirt and threw it on the floor. With shaking hands, she undid my belt, unbuttoned my pants, and unzipped my pants. Together we pulled down my boxers and her panties. Our hands began to feel our naked bodies. She started stroking my boner as I felt her warm tits. We continued kissing and I caressed her lips with my tongue. She was very nervous. Her tongue began to slide around my mouth and her other hand felt my balls. She placed my cock between her legs and squeezed it tightly.

I turned it to position 69. She had a hot pussy, unshaven and a little pubic hair. I felt her stroking me and feeling my entire cock. I waited to see what she would do next and slowly started licking her slit. She winced as my tongue went a little deeper with each lick. First she kissed the head of my boner and then started licking it slowly.

Jerry thought...

I've never done this before, but my urge makes me want to lick his warm boner. It's so hot here that I'm shaking inside. I want to put it in my mouth and suck on it now. I think he likes it because he moans every time I do something different. I want his boner to be wet and slippery when I put it in my mouth. I feel him spread my legs, his hot tongue caressing my clit and then penetrating deep into my slit. Oh damn, that feels so good.

Now it's my turn mom, I hope he likes my pussy more than hers. His boner is bigger than other guys I've had sex with, I want him inside me and I'm going to make him cum way better than mommy.

You just have to share it, mom, and you'll never know... haha. I do this. I wonder how much of his boner I can take in my mouth? I've heard guys like that before, so here we go...mmmmmm. Oh dear God… I love the warm feeling when it slides over my mouth. He moans, meaning he likes it. I feel his tongue sliding over my pussy so well.

Oh clit is so sensitive when he sucks on it. It makes me jump with excitement like I've never felt before. Another girl told me about it, but now it's my turn. I wonder if I can make him cum. I want to do this for him, that's what other girls have told me." gives a man pleasure by cumming in a girl's mouth. He's going to make me orgasm by licking me... oh my god! I can not help myself. I'm going to jerk him off quickly and we can... Oh yes!... I have a great orgasm... and... ohhhhh... cum with meBill…now!

My god... he's fucking my mouth so fast... Oh!..

I feel warm cum shooting into my mouth! It's so strong it goes down my throat! I have to swallow something, I feel like I might choke. Oh, Bill, my pussy is shocked with pleasure! And I feel the moisture flowing out of her. He's still cumming and overflowing in my mouth. We're both moaning and it's just wonderful! I can hardly breathe, I'm so excited. More Bill, more! Keep licking my pussy!….and I will keep licking your warm cum. This is the greatest feeling...ever!

Our bodies are both shaking... I made him cum, he must have loved it, and he brought me to an orgasm that went off the scale of pleasure! Then I want to have his boner inside me and feel how deep he is inside me. I'll lick it clean and move on to part two.

Bill lay there and thought...

Damn, this girl can drive my cock crazy. She's sexier than Sandy! I'm going to take her in the shower and then we have to get the fuck out. We still have many hours to have a good fuck.


Bill picked me up and carried me into the shower. We continued kissing, lathering each other up and it felt so good. He treated me like a queen. He dried me and kissed all over my body. This time he carried me to his and my mother's bed. His boner never went down and stood full and ready. I felt like I was in a dream and he was a prince that I was supposed to please.

He laid me on the bed and lifted my legs up. I was shaking all over because he felt my tits so well. I closed my eyes and felt his cock rubbing up and down my slit. His warm body slowly laid on top of me. I had to kiss him with all my might. I let my tongue explore freely as if I was in heaven with excitement. I finally had sex with him right in my mother's bed!

He gradually loosened his big hard-on inside me. I moaned with every thrust. My pussy was wet and ready as we slowly started fucking so hot. New feelings appeared within me that took my breath away. I hugged him and felt his body move towards me. I answered him according to his movements. My pussy went past the orgasmic feeling and was craving a higher feeling. It was harder for me to get to him. I lost control of my moans and just had to fuck faster to get even more sensations.

My legs moved back as his cock hit the ground. I screamed a little as each thrust made me want more. We both started shaking as he moaned with me and then... I felt the hot cum enter my pussy. We both moaned as I reached my climax and my whole body began to shake. More of his cum flowed into me and poured out of my pussy. To this my pussy responded by squeezing his cock while I helped keep it firmly inside me. I lost my thoughts. My thoughts wandered into the land of euphoria. He kept pumping and I kept moaning. I began to grow weaker and hugged him so tightly that my thoughts slipped away. I kissed him between gasps of air. We lay there feeling our hearts beating so hard. He was so warm to was a great feeling...


Bill tells it…...

That morning, Jerry left her room, went to the kitchen, hugged her mother, and made breakfast for everyone. She cleaned the whole house and said, “Is there anything else I can do to help?”

Sandy said no and thanked Jerry for everything. Jerry went into her room. Sandy whispered to me, ("Wow...that 'little talk' you promised to have with her actually worked!")

I smiled and said, ("We had sex all day, we really didn't talk that much.")

Sandy grinned and said, (“Whatever you do, keep it up.”)

Bill replied, “Okay, dear, if youinsist.”)



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