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Emily's birthday present

“Tracy, Tracy, yo.”

Tracy knew who was trying to get her attention and for a second or two she thought about pretending she hadn't heard them and just continuing down the street, but with a sigh she realized that she hadn't could, and instead this turned around. and greeted Emily with a fake smile.

She was sure Emily's smile was equally fake since they weren't best friends by any means. Emily Chambers was Tracey's roommate and they went to school together, but outside of school they had little contact, and when their co-education ended, they had little contact at all.

Tracy always had the distinct impression that Emily constantly looked at her with contempt, almost ridicule. She had been like this since high school, Emily was on the cheerleading squad and dated the hottest guys in school while Tracy was more educated and didn't date much.

It's not that Tracy wasn't an attractive girl, in fact she was a bit stunning with her shoulder length blonde hair, green eyes, tiny waist and generous big tits. In school and since, she received quite a bit of attention from boys, but although she looked like a party girl on the outside, she was a housemaid at heart.

Sure, she'd had boyfriends before, but none of them had lasted very long; In fact, she remembered that some eighteen months ago Emily had taken one of the most promising and certainly most beautiful boys away from her! At the time, Tracy was angry with Emily about this, especially because she dumped the guy three weeks after she stole him from Tracy and the two had a heated argument about it. Another reason she was surprised to see Emily, who was obviously friendly and funny with her on the street.

The two girls hugged each other somewhat awkwardly, and then Emily began to talk breathlessly, asking Tracy what she was planning to do and beginning to tell her recent story before Tracy could get two words out properly.

Tracy just stood there and let Emily talk to her, after all, she was sure that in a few seconds she would say how nice it was to see her and then run off to where she wanted to go. Tracy won't see her again. six months.

However, this hope was short-lived as Emily suddenly asked her if she was doing something and Tracy replied like an idiot that no, she was just window shopping.

"Oh, that's great, then you can come with me, I'll give Simon a birthday present, you help me choose."

Emily took her hand and led her down the street as she continued to talk pointlessly about anything and everything. Tracy thought about pulling her hand away and saying that she was just thinking about where she needed to be, but instead she thought, What the hell, she really wasn't busy, so why don't you help Emily, a gift for her brother to choose? .

As they walked, Emily explained that Simon would be turning eighteen in a few days and she wanted to get him something special, something that he would actually enjoy, giggling strangely as she did so.

Tracy knew from previous experience that Simon was just as smart and scary as his older sister. She had babysat him a few times a few years ago, and even then he scared her by looking at her and talking to her. She couldn't touch him, but there was something about him, like he was a dirty old man in a little boy's body!

As they walked, Tracy realized that they were slowly but surely leaving all the stores and she wondered where she was being taken. Emily still held her hand and really felt like she was being guided!

She was about to ask about it when they suddenly turned right, went up a few steps and as Tracy entered the door she saw a sign on the wall:

Eastfield Slave Center

Slaves were bought and sold.

Tracy was shocked: she had never been to a slave center before. Of course she knew they existed, she wasn't stupid. The Female Slavery Act, which permitted the ownership of slaves, had been passed five years earlier, and slaves were now bought, sold, and owned everywhere. Tracy's family had never owned slaves, but she knew many families who had, including Emily's, she realized.

“Emily, what are we doing here!” Tracy gasped.

Emily turned around, looked at her and, giggling slightly, said:

"It's stupid to give Simon a gift."

“Are you buying him a slave?” Tracy asked in shock.

"Of course it's the perfect gift for the little pervert." She laughed, "This place usually has a good selection and isn't too expensive."

Tracy looked around and saw that it was a nondescript lobby with a large table to the side, which Emily went to and Tracy dutifully followed. She didn't want to admit it, she was already intrigued.

Like most girls today, she often wondered what it meant to be a slave and sheShe had to admit that she found the idea extremely exciting and sexually arousing. The idea that she could literally be bought and sold as nothing more than a slave, a piece of meat to be used at will, brought out her submissive side like no other fantasy.

Of course she knew that the difference between fantasy and reality was quite big. It was one thing to wonder what it would be like to be a slave, lying in her warm bed with her toes between her legs, and quite another to be chained naked. and cold in some dark cellar to be treated as cruelly and perversely as your master wanted.

Still, this fantasy preoccupied her for many nights, and she couldn't suppress the shiver of excitement that ran through her now that she was practically in a slave center.

Emily leaned forward and talked to the young man at the table, and Tracy couldn't hear what she was saying, so she looked at some posters on the wall instead.

Best prices for your unwanted pussy!

One screamed in cheesy red and

There is always a large selection of slaves available.

The cheapest pussy in town.

Buy and collect today.

Tracy barely kept herself from touching her pussy as she continued reading the posters until she felt Emily touch her hand.

“Come on, we have a room here.”

Tracy didn't know what that meant, why did they need a room? But she followed Emily down a short hallway and then into a brightly lit room with a desk, a computer and a few chairs around it.

Both girls sat down and Emily immediately pulled her phone out of her purse and started texting someone while Tracy sat quietly, not wanting to talk or her voice would betray her excitement!

A minute and a few seconds after Emily put her phone down, the door opened and a naked girl walked in! Tracy almost gasped but managed to suppress it as the pretty blonde closed the door behind her and smiled brightly when she saw Emily.

“Oh, hello, Miss Chambers, how are you?”

"I'm fine, Missy, thanks." Emily smiled at the naked girl who was looking at Tracy for the first time and quickly looked back at Emily:

“Did you buy us another one, Miss Chambers?”

“Oh no, that’s my girlfriend. "She's going to help me pick out a girl as a birthday present for my brother, although that might not be a bad idea." She giggled and winked at Tracy.

"Well, maybe later." The naked girl laughed. “What are you planning to do with your brother?”

"Oh, you normal busty blonde, you know how easy it is to please men." Emily laughed and the other girl joined her.

Missy started typing some details into the computer and asked Emily a strange question before saying:

"Okay, we'll have a nice little selection for you to check out soon."

Tracy just sat there, in truth she was stunned by the girl's nakedness, a little embarrassed but also excited. She had seen naked girls before, of course, but she had never seen an environment like this, a brightly lit office, and the girl was behaving so naturally, without a hint of embarrassment. She also didn't sit down, so her entire body was exposed to Tracy, who couldn't stop staring at her despite her guilt.

Of course she knew she was a slave, in fact she wasn't completely naked, she had a thin leather slave collar around her neck. Tracy knew about the collars, although they looked like leather, there were metal threads running through the material. This meant two things: First, it was almost impossible to remove because the slave collar, once worn, remained for life. Secondly, due to the metal in the skin, they could be used as shock collars, and with a remote control you could give a girl a strong electric shock whenever she needed punishment, or maybe just because it was fun!

Most collars are now controlled via apps that you can download to your phone. Most of them had explicit names, like "Pussy Shocker" or "Cunt Zapper," but they all worked on the same principle: you downloaded the app, it adjusted to the slave collar you pointed at, and then you could you can shock the girl on top. at a distance of a hundred meters!

Tracy knew the shocks could be very strong, and the apps were confident in her ability to deliver the strongest shocks. She knew that one of the latter was called “Pussy Fryer,” and from what she had heard, it literally did just that!

She was suddenly brought back to reality when she heard the slave laugh:

“While we wait, how about this one?”

“Really, you think? "Yeah, I think she's quite a beauty, isn't she?" Emily giggled “Shall I treat it then?” The slave urged, “It will only take a minute.”

Tracy looked at Emily in shock "Emily!" She gasped in shock at the thought.

Emily looked at her for a second and then exploded.Laugh.

“Your face, Tracy! Don't worry, it wasn't my plan to sell you, even though you're not the first girl I bought and turned here, they pay half the auction price, you know."

Tracy looked relieved for a second, but then Emily said:

“Wait a moment, Tracy, let the girl look at you.”

She was about to refuse, but judging from the look on Emily's face, she obviously didn't expect a refusal, and besides, she couldn't ignore the fact that she was still extremely nervous, so she deliberately stood up with her legs slightly shaking.

"Well what do you think Missy, can she get a good price for me at auction?" Emily laughed.

“She looks very nice, Miss, but I need to see her completely to form an honest opinion.” - replied the slave.

"Oh yeah, sure, come on Tracy, just take off your clothes for us." Emily said rather sternly to the once again stunned Tracy.

"I can't do this, Emily!" she whined slightly.

"Why not. "It's just us girls here and Missy is already naked," she said. She laughed. "It's just a little fun, let her take a good look at you." Emily said in a convincing tone.

​​"I'm ashamed very." Tracy whimpered, hating herself for sounding so weak, and to her surprise the slave suddenly snapped at her:

"If I were you, young lady, I would do what my lady told me, or I would would suffer the consequences."

For a moment she wanted to say that Emily wasn't her lover, just her snooty neighbor, but she couldn't deny that talking to her like that made her extremely aroused and she hated herself for it it, but she soaked it all up. At the last second, she began to undress while mentally thinking about future repeats.

Emily giggled triumphantly and smiled at Missy. "You clearly have a magical way."

"You must have the new one Just be firm with slaves and make sure they know who is in charge, Miss, that won't be a problem for you now."

Tracy was about to point out that she wasn't the new slave, but as she unclasped her bra, she thought it best to remain silent. She took off her panties, stepped out and now stood completely naked in front of Emily and Missy. She deliberately crossed her hands between her legs to protect herself from their gaze, but Missy immediately snapped:

“Hands at your sides, modesty is not allowed for slaves.”

Tracy quickly spread her arms to the side, completely exposing herself to Missy's indifferent gaze and Emily's cheerful gaze.

Missy noticed two rings on Tracy's fingers and suddenly said:

“Remove your rings, slaves are not allowed to have personal items.”

"Emily, I can't do this, these are my grandmother's wedding rings and they cost a lot of money!" she gasped.

Suddenly she jumped back in shock as Missy slapped her hard on the right cheek!

"I told you slaves can't own property, now they belong to your mistress, take them off and give them to her." She growled at the shocked Tracy.

"You'd better do what she says, Tracy." Emily giggled as Tracy shakily removed the rings from her fingers and dropped them into Emily's hand.

For the next few moments, Tracy stood naked, arms at her sides, while Missy examined her as if she were inspecting an animal or a prize pet. She ran her hands up and down Tracy's sides, cupped and squeezed her breasts, groped and patted her ass, and even forced her mouth open so she could look inside. Then, to Tracy's utter embarrassment, she stuck her finger into her pussy for a few seconds before pulling it out and lifting it up to show Emily that it was glistening wet! Finally she stopped examining and said to Emily:

“Yes, it is definitely one of the best ones you have bought for us. I'm sure we could sell her for a pretty penny and as you can see she loves the idea too!”

Tracy looked at Emily with a pleading look, it was all very exciting and she was the first to admit that her pussy was soaking wet, but that was close to comfort too!

Emily laughed when she saw Missy's glittering finger and wagged her finger in Tracy's face in a mock scolding gesture.

"Oh Tracy, that turns you on, then maybe I should sell you, make some money from you, after all I already have your jewelry, is that what you want?"

“Emily, don’t be stupid, it’s just a game, right? “Please let me get dressed and go.” Tracy squealed.

To Tracy's horror and Emily's surprise, Missy suddenly grabbed a pile of Tracy's clothes that was lying on the table, opened one of the drawers and threw them in, closed it, opened another drawer and pulled out a slave collar.

“The only thing she needs Wear and tear is part of it now,” she exclaimed, holding it up for everyone to see.

Tracy gasped and Emily squealed with joy:

“Oh yeah, try that on Tracy, you’ll look so cute with that collar.”

"I can't!" Tracy said in shock and then became even more shocked when Missy gave her another hard slap on the cheek.

“What I already told you, a slave always submits to her mistress, now lift your hair up and bend over.”

Once again Tracy wanted to scream that she was not a slave, but she was naked, her clothes were out of her reach and she was among the slaves. Once again she looked pleadingly at Emily. All she got in response was:

“If I were you, I’d do what she says, Tracy. She seems to know how to treat slaves.”

"But I'm not a slave!" Tracy squealed.

"Not yet, but your sweet little pussy seems to like the idea." Emily giggled.

"Now lean forward, slave." Missy snapped and this time Tracy did as she was told and heard the click of the lock as the collar was fastened around her neck and at the same time she heard Emily's soft squeal of pleasure.

"Oh, I knew you'd look cute in a slave collar, Tracy." Emily laughed and clapped her hands.

Tracy knew she was in a tough spot, she was about to become a full-fledged slave, she was naked and wearing a collar, which scared the hell out of her but at the same time excited her as hell.

At that moment the door opened and a man walked in, followed by six naked slaves just like Tracy.

“Here you have a choice, Miss Chambers.” - said the man and looked at Tracy in slight surprise.

"Okay, girls, get in line, and you, new girl, get in line." - Missy ordered it.

Tracy looked at Emily questioningly again but got no answer, so she did as she was told and joined the line of naked girls, just another slave to look at and maybe buy!

"Oh god, that's so cute." Emily squealed, "Simon would love to see that, can I take some photos and show him?"

"Surely". Missy smiled and Tracy watched in horror as Emily pulled her phone out of her pocket and started taking photos of the line of naked girls, some of the entire line, but some focused solely on Tracy!

Missy and the man who had bought the girls seemed busy at the computer, and Emily took the opportunity to whisper to Tracy:

"Don't worry, it's just a little game, just play some more and I'll get you out of here soon, you're having fun anyway, aren't you?" She giggled and to Tracy's surprise she pulled on her left nipple, causing this to happen she cried out, causing the other two to look up.

Tracy was extremely relieved by Emily's words, in fact she had almost resigned herself to being a slave. She suspected that this wasn't Emily's intention when she brought her here, but Missy had talked her into it, but it seemed like Emily is easy to convince!

Tracy was enjoying the piece, she couldn't deny it, she had never been wetter! But that was until she realized it was really a game, now Emily assured her that she felt much happier and hornier! Okay, she was embarrassed that Emily had undoubtedly shown nude photos of herself to her perverted brother, but it was better than becoming a full-fledged slave.

"How are we, Miss Chambers?" “Look at everything that catches your eye.” Missy said as she walked towards Emily.

"Well, they're all very beautiful and I'm sure my brother will like them all." Emily laughed.

"Well I'm sure we could do a lot for you if you want more than one, how about three for the price of two?" Missy smiled.

"Oh, that sounds good." Emily responded by winking at Tracy.

She walked demonstratively up and down the line, looking at the girls, poking and prodding a few as she went, until she turned to Missy and said:

“Then I’ll take numbers 2, 3 and 6 please.”

Tracy looked surprised: she was number 6! A new wave of excitement washed over Tracy; she had just been bought into slavery. Okay, she knew it was Emily's way of getting her out of this situation, but still.

"Number 6? I'm afraid you won't be able to get her, at least not today, she needs to be registered as a new slave and won't be available for sale until the next 48 hours." Missy said in a slightly worried tone.

“Well, I need it tomorrow.” - Emily exclaimed.

"I'm afraid that's not possible, the rules state that all new slaves must go through a strict processing process, this requires 48 hours."

Emily looked annoyed for a few seconds and then sighed:

"Okay, I'll take her anyway, give her clothes back and take the other two for my brother."

Tracy saw Missy and the man in front of Missy exchange looks.spoke,

“I don’t understand Miss, she’s here for processing now.”

"I changed my mind, now give her back her clothes and take off her collar." - Emily snapped.

Again there was a look between Missy and the person who broke the silence:

“I'm afraid that's not possible, ma'am. Our slave collars are designed to be permanent and once attached they cannot be removed.”

Tracy gasped as her hands instinctively went to her neck to feel for the collar, but tugged in vain.

Even Emily looked shocked,

"And what does that mean?" she managed to get out.

"In forty-eight hours she will be recognized as a slave and offered for sale." The man shrugged his shoulders.

When Emily looked at Tracy she was at her best, well I tried to look.

"Don't worry Miss Chambers, I'm sure she'll get a good price." Missy said and Tracy was sure she saw the hint of a smile on Emily's face.face!



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