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Drunken Revenge

Life has a funny way of tempting you. A strong person will resist them and continue on his own path. I have always considered myself a strong person who has integrity and follows my moral principles. One of my core values ​​was to never hurt anyone or do anything against their will. But one summer evening last year the temptation was too great and I turned away from the path.

I was 25 years old then. I live in a small town where most of the bars are concentrated on one street. On the weekends I often went from bar to bar with friends and had a few drinks to have fun and meet women. My success wasn't too great. I kissed one every few weeks, but I only managed to bring one home to my apartment every few months. I've always been more of a relationship lover than a player.

It was a night in August. It was nice and warm outside and the streets were full of miniskirts and tank tops that kept me horny all night long. I went out with my friends, most of whom were in relationships or were very shy themselves and didn't make good partners. We drank until about two in the morning, then most of us decided to go home. I lived in an apartment just a few hundred meters away, so I said goodbye and walked back to my apartment alone.

I didn't see Hannah at first as she brushed past me drunk. But she recognized me and jumped at me, so that I almost fell to the ground. I was shocked when I suddenly felt someone's arms around me, but when I realized who she was, my shock disappeared and I was happy to see her. Happy and excited.

Hannah and I had a story. My friend wanted to go out with her and introduced her to our group. She was pretty, with brown hair, a slim, athletic figure and an incredibly hot ass. I remember seeing her in yoga pants one day and masturbating in them for the next week. When my friend failed and ended up in the friend zone, I tried my luck. At first she liked me because I was successful in my business and she thought I was a kind of strong alpha male. However, on our date I made the mistake of being too polite to her - – a trait that turns off most women - and our night ended with a simple hug. I tried to spend another day with her but she always apologized or just ignored my messages. I think that gave me a kind of hatred for her that allowed me to do what I would have done that fateful night.

After our date, I saw her every few weeks as she became part of our circle of friends. However, when we talked, it was all about boring, friendly topics with no flirting, so I stopped thinking of her as a friend. In a way she liked me as a friend, but we never became close.

However, that night she acted like we were the best friends in the world. It's funny how alcohol changes people's minds.

"Hello Josh! I'm so glad to see you! How are you? - she murmured, hugging me and kissing me on the cheeks - dangerously close to my mouth, by the way.

"Oh, hello! Long time no see. "I'm fine and I see you're doing exceptionally well today," I said, grinning.

"Well, you know, a girl's gotta have fun!" Most of all, I know "I broke up with that asshole Jackson!"

I heard about her and this guy - a typical beefy bodybuilder with a brain the size of a peanut. I also heard that he actually broke up after he did tired of fucking the same woman for a few weeks and moved on to his next victim.

I decided that drinking and breaking up equaled desire and I didn't mind making out with her a little. In the end she actually rejected me and I wanted to taste those sweet lips at least once.

So I suggested: “Let’s celebrate our reunion with a small glass of wine.”

“To the bar,” she called drunkenly.

She went to the first bar and I followed her a few steps. That night I was finally able to see her better, and it didn't leave me indifferent. She wore a tiny miniskirt that showed off most of her smooth, slim thighs and a tight tank top that didn't leave much to the imagination. The thought of kissing her and exploring that sweet body with my hands gave me an instant hard-on.

We went to a small club that played house music, which I didn't particularly like. However, Hannah liked it and immediately started dancing. I saw some guys watching her every move with their eyes. What made me even more excited was that I had the chance to have her tonight. I danced with her a little and moved my body closer to hers. Her crotch kept rubbing against my leg and I could feel her soft breasts on my chest.

A few minutes later I took her hand and led her to the bar. I ordered tequila for us. I didn't want to get too drunk, but I didn't want to stay sober either. It would be easierto ease my conscience for taking advantage of her when I was drunk myself. She poured the tequila like water and had me order a second shot. Again, she finished without hesitation.

I felt the urge to pee so I ordered her a cocktail to keep her busy.

"I need to go to the toilet. “Stay here, I’ll be right back,” I told her.

“Don’t leave me here too long, Josh,” she replied.

I went into the bathroom. My cock was still hard and it took me a while to empty my bladder. When I was finished, I returned to the bar. However, she was no longer there. Her glass was still almost empty on the bar, but Hannah was nowhere to be seen. I started to worry.

I looked for her all over the club for at least 15 minutes. There were so many people that my visibility was constantly restricted and I had to scan every square meter of the club. Since I couldn't find her, I assumed she must have gone to the bathroom too. I waited near the girls. She was in the toilet for ten minutes, but she didn't show up. Finally, I showed one of the girls a photo of Hannah on the Facebook app on my phone and asked if she was there. The girl came back a few minutes later and shook her head.

I was disappointed and very angry that she apparently left me there. I left the club and was about to go home when I saw her again.

Next to the club there was a small alley behind the building. The view from the street was blocked by a stack of dumpsters, making this place a popular spot for lustful couples.

A tall, muscular guy came out of the alley. Hannah stumbled next to him, her arms wrapped around his neck to keep herself from falling. When they went outside, the guy sat her on the stairs of the house. He then put his hands between her legs and rubbed her panties for a few seconds. "Bye, baby," he said, kissing her and leaving her there.

I was angry. All I could think about at the time was that bitch forcing me to buy her a drink and then leaving with the first guy she saw. I know now that she probably didn't have much control over it, but at the time I felt an overwhelming anger. I walked up to her and wanted to confront her.

"How could you just leave me in the club and go with that idiot, you stupid bitch!" I screamed. “Do you know how this makes me feel?”

“Josh? Josh? Where have you been? Please take me home, I'm not feeling well!"

I realized there was no point in arguing with her. On the other hand, had I brought her home, I would have at least been able to look up that tiny skirt - well-deserved compensation for my efforts that evening.

“Okay, Hannah, hold on.”

I put my arm around her shoulders and supported her. Her apartment was only a few hundred meters away, but it wasn't easy to get her there. I had to stop a few times and lean her body against the wall to get some rest. After the first break, I started walking again, placing my hands a little higher to give myself the opportunity to touch her breasts. She didn't mind. In fact, I don't think she even noticed.

The second time we stopped, I placed my hands on her hips. Her head rested on my shoulder and I slowly moved my hands to her ass. I could feel her bare skin as she was only wearing a thong. And damn, it was wonderful.

However, there were other people on the street and I was afraid of meeting someone I knew who could correctly assess the situation. So I rushed to return it to its place. When we got to the door, I dug through her purse for her keys, a task she probably couldn't accomplish in her home state. As we climbed the stairs to the second floor, I supported her butt with my hands again. This time she tried to put them in a different place but I didn't allow her to move them. In her drunken state, she finally gave in.

I had never been to her apartment before, and when we walked in the door I was hoping there wouldn't be any nasty surprises, like a new temporary roommate. Luckily no one was here except us. She simply dropped her purse and opened the first door on the left, which was obviously the toilet. She didn't close the door all the way so I could see through the door as she pulled down her panties and sat down. Then I heard the sound of water splashing on the water.

I immediately got a boner again. I opened the door to get a better look at her. Her legs were closed so I couldn't see her pussy, but the feeling of watching Hannah pee without her noticing me was overwhelming. Suddenly I had the idea to expand my porn collection and pulled out my smartphone. The video camera was pretty decent, so I filmed Hannah for a few minutes.

Finally she looked at me.

“Get me some water, Jax!” Jax, not Josh. When she was drunk she thought I was her.Ex boyfriend. However, I realized that if she remembered that I had filmed her while she was sober, I could be in real trouble. I had to make sure she was too drunk to remember any of this.

I didn't say anything because I didn't want her to recognize my voice and realize I wasn't Jackson. Instead, I looked for a kitchen. I searched the cupboards and found her stash of alcohol. She had several bottles of strong alcohol, slightly opened. I chose a bottle of vodka, poured some into a glass and filled the rest with water. Then I brought it to her.

She was obviously thirsty and drank the entire glass in just a few sips. The mixture was quite strong, but in its state it didn't seem to taste the vodka. However, her body reacted and she began to choke. She was close to finishing.

“Quick, turn around”; I screamed and helped her put her head on the toilet seat. She held on to the seat as vomit continued to come out of her mouth. For a few seconds I felt sorry for her. Then I realized that her skirt was pulled up to her stomach and her panties were down to her ankles. The view of this magnificent pussy was finally free.

She was perfectly shaved. There wasn't a single hair on her pussy. I loved watching every inch of her perfect crotch. Finally I put my hands on her ass. Her cheeks were hard and soft at the same time. Her skin was perfect and her touch gave me the hardest boner of my life.

This time she didn't mind. She stopped vomiting and didn't make a sound. I put my hands on her pussy lips to see how far I could go, but she still didn't respond. So I finally stuck my finger in.

She was completely wet. Excited, I thought at first. But then I remembered that she had recently peed and fucked, so the wetness could have come from something. However, that couldn't stop me from touching her. And he inserted a second finger and started fucking her. A light moan escaped her lips and I went faster. God, it was wonderful!

Suddenly I stopped and realized what I was doing. From a legal perspective, this was already rape and could land me in prison. I panicked, but then I told myself that she wouldn't remember me anyway. And even if I could still claim that I just brought her home and the guy in the alley fucked her. I decided I had gone too far and needed to stop. Of course not without a souvenir. I took out my phone again and took a few photos of her drunk body.

I didn't want to leave her in the closet, so I picked her up and dragged her into the bedroom. I laid her on her stomach on the bed. Then I realized that her panties had slipped down somewhere around her ankles along the way. I came back and wanted to put them on her. However, the sight of her bare bottom confused me again. I thought that after touching her pussy and ass, I should also look at her breasts despite my best efforts.

I turned her around and took off her tank top and bra. Her breasts were small but firm, with perfect nipples. I couldn't resist touching her. Finally I put my head on her chest and started caressing her with my tongue. This time not a single groan escaped her - she was cold. After playing with her breasts for a few minutes, I lowered my head. I started kissing her thighs and moved towards her pussy. Part of me was disgusted by the idea of ​​licking her after peeing and fucking, but it was too late to stop myself. I stuck my head in her crotch and stuck my tongue in her wet hole.

At first I found it a bit salty, but after a few swipes of my tongue I started to enjoy the taste. I licked up and down her labia, searched for her clit and penetrated her pussy with my tongue. I pulled her legs up to my chest to get a better view of her pussy. Slowly my tongue moved to her perfect little rosebud. I started licking her ass — First gently, then more and more violently. Finally I stuck the tip of my tongue into her ass and started penetrating her.

Afterwards I was too excited to stop. At first I just wanted to jerk off and maybe cum all over her body, but the unique chance to fuck her was too irresistible. I took a condom out of my wallet and slipped it over my penis. Then I started rubbing her pussy lips with my boner.

"You're getting used to it, little slut, aren't you?" I whispered. Then I added that. Her pussy was incredibly tight. I felt her squeezing my cock with every thrust. I went faster and faster, getting closer and closer to the sensations. However, not a single moan escaped her lips. After a few minutes I was close to cumming, but I didn't want to end it so quickly. So I stopped, waited a few seconds and continued pumping her slowly. With one hand I caressed her breasts, with the other I took the phone and started filming it. I now know how dangerous it was to film my rape - if the tape had ever been found, I would have gone to prison. But then I couldno longer think rationally; I was simply dominated by my animal instincts.

I pumped faster and faster. I wanted to cum, but I didn't want to cum with a condom. I pulled out my cock and my condom. I crawled to her head and opened her mouth.

“I bet you want to taste me, you little slut.”

I put the head of my cock in her mouth and started stroking myself. The thought of cumming on her face was overwhelming and within seconds the cum was squirting all over her. It was the best orgasm of my life. She started coughing as the cum entered her mouth and flowed down her throat. Something must have gotten into her lungs, but I didn't care. Suddenly she opened her eyes a little. I don't think she recognized me, but I quickly put my hands over her eyes.

"Shh, it's okay baby, just sleep," I whispered. I waited a few minutes before removing my hands. Her eyes were tightly closed again.

Image time. I pulled out my phone and took a few photos of her head covered in my cum. To this day they are one of my favorite jerk off assistants. I wiped some of the cum off with my fingers and put it in her mouth. It felt really good to see my cum in her mouth and my cock got hard again. I had to look at that gorgeous ass again.

A turned her back to her stomach and knelt on her thighs. I spread her butt cheeks with both hands and took a close look at her perfect little domed ass. I knew I would never have a chance like that with her again and that I had to touch her ass. I took some more cum from her face and smeared it on her ass. Then I inserted my finger. I slowly started to penetrate her. I watched her face but there was no sign of reaction. So I used my second finger to fuck her ass.

Her pussy was already tight but her ass was great. I could barely get my fingers in and knew it would be difficult to fuck her without hurting her. But honestly, at that moment I didn't care. After her behavior that night, I was still angry and justified my actions as revenge.

I removed my fingers from her ass. Then I put it in her mouth, stuck it in and cleaned the remaining cum with her tongue.

“Taste your ass, you fucking whore!”

I placed the tip of my cock on her ass. I ran out of condoms, but I didn't care. I couldn't get pregnant that way and risked contracting a sexually transmitted disease. I know it's stupid, but like I said, I couldn't think straight that night. I slowly pushed my penis into her ass. It was wonderful to watch her little rosebud open and engulf my cock. I could only penetrate the head of the penis for so long before the resistance became too much, so I pulled it out and reinserted it. It took a few strokes before I could get him deep enough, but there was no stopping him. I pumped her faster and faster, feeling that incredibly tight ass squeeze around my cock. Each stroke brought me closer to the sensations. I wanted to leave, but it was too late. I shot a huge load right in her ass.

Afterwards I was exhausted. Gradually I realized what I had done - left convincing evidence that I had fucked her body. I cleaned her ass as best I could with my finger. Then he put them on properly again. I had her lie on her side to make sure she didn't vomit or suffocate during the night. I also washed the glass to remove any evidence that she was given a drink at home. Just in case, I wiped down everything I touched to remove any possible fingerprints.

When I got home, I took the SD card out of my phone and put it in a safe place.

No one ever found out what happened. She probably knew she was raped because she must have felt pain in her butt the next morning. Maybe she thought she had drunkenly agreed to fuck a stranger, or maybe she was too embarrassed. However, she apparently didn't tell anyone about it. The next time we met a few weeks later I was nervous as hell, but she behaved well. That's when I finally realized I had gotten away with it.

Do I regret what I did? Yes definitely. I consider myself a good person and what I did was a bad thing. Would I do that again? I don't know. It's easy to moralize in theory, but when you see her perfect little ass in front of you, it's hard resist.



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