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Now I belong to my daughter: Full control_(0)

I was shaking and trying desperately to drink coffee. Everything that happened last night seemed to be a complete blur. The only thing I clearly remember is the feeling of intense pain and the taste of sweet pussy juice.

Suddenly my daughter comes in wearing only a thin red thong that hugs her huge butt. Her naked breasts bounce with every step towards the fridge. I don't know how many times I told her that she couldn't just walk around the house naked.

“Gwen! Please put some more clothes on.” I ordered.

She just laughed: "Oh no, you don't tell me what to do anymore." - She calmed down and poured herself a cup of orange juice.

"Excuse me?" - I asked her and got angry.

"You understood me." She answered. Then she took a long sip of orange juice and placed it on the table. With her hands free, she took off the thong she was wearing and placed it directly into my coffee cup.

“Are you kidding me!?” - I scream. I stand up and try to slap my daughter, but she grabs my arm and bends it behind my back. I scream in pain as she applies pressure.

“Are you fucking stupid? You're mine now, Stacy. She said a lot of things to my confusion.

"What are you... ahhh, stop, it hurts!" She lets go of my hand and hits me down. Before I can get up, she grabs my hair and pulls my face to hers.

-Have you already forgotten last night? - She asked.

I had no idea what she was talking about until she pulled my hair again. A familiar pain suddenly awakened my memory. I remember going on a date with the best man I had ever met and abandoning him sexually. Out of pure spite towards me, my goddess daughter fucked him and his big cock right in front of my eyes. I can't explain why, but I enjoyed watching it. This excited me so much that I fingered myself to orgasm.

“Wait…” I began, "So you...?" The pussy juice tasted like my daughter was releasing her powerful orgasm on my face, and I swallowed it.

“Do you remember, bitch? she asked angrily. The sudden realization put me in an emotional trance, all I could do was nod.

"Okay," she said, "and now that you stop acting like you're in charge of me, we'll get along just fine, okay?"

I nodded again.

"Fantastic"; - she said with a devilish grin. Still holding my hair, she reached for the coffee cup that she had thrown her panties into. “Now have a drink.”

I look at her in disgust: “Hell no!” Before I could even finish my sentence, I was kneed in the face. My head fell back as I groaned in pain and pressed my hands to my face.

A few moments later she grabs my hair again and lifts me up. “If you don&rsquot want something like this to happen again…” Before she finished her sentence she had two fingers in her pussy. I heard her sigh softly in pleasure.

She pulled her fingers out and found them wet. She then dipped her fingers into the coffee along with her panties.

"'d better drink something." She hands me a cup and I drink from it out of pure fear. The combination of the sweet tasting juice from her pussy, the bitterness of the coffee and the dirt from her dirty panties created one of the most disgusting tastes I have ever experienced.

"Now that we've sorted everything out, I'm leaving." She took a dress from the closet and put it on her naked body.

"Where are you going? Is it 9am? I asked.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said. She shouted: “I’ll come back anytime.” With these words she slammed the door.

There were several moments of silence and held back tears before I finally realized I had to control myself.

I ran to my room, took off my robe and began furiously stroking my pussy. I don't know why, but I was so incredibly excited that I couldn't control myself.

Soon all I could think about was coffee. The taste and drinking style made me drink it. Gwen's sexy body and how superior it is to mine. My thoughts were only occupied with the numerous poundings I received from my own offspring before I experienced a powerful orgasm. Soon I finally realized what was wrong with me.

It turns me on to be dominated by my own daughter...

I started crying over this new fetish. I can't do this, it's wrong, it's disturbing, it's...

Before I could finish my thought, I realized my hand was in my pussy again. I can not help it. My daughter, the girl I raised from a young age, beat me and forced me to swallow her wet pussy and that drove me crazy.

TheIt wasn't until after the fifth orgasm that I realized it was 4 p.m.

"Oh shit!" - I screamed loudly. I mastered for six hours. I missed work and everything else. I run to the phone and see that I have a lot of missed calls, voicemails and text messages from my boss, as well as colleagues wondering where I was.

"CRAP!" I shouted. I can't do this… I can't allow this. I can't just let my daughter control me like that. I have to take a stand.

I started racking my brain. I know for sure that I won't be able to fight them. What can I do then? After thinking about it for another hour, I realized there was nothing I could do. I can't call anyone because they'll probably never believe me, and even if they did, I don't want people to know that I'm an almost 40 year old woman being beaten and dominated by my 18 year old daughter . . It's humiliating.

My brain started to hurt. Was this just my life now? Was I doomed to spend the rest of my life as inferior to my own daughter? Will my sex life become what my daughter allows it to be just because she has a much more attractive body?

These thoughts consumed my eyes as I felt my ears fill with tears and my pussy begin to get wet. I hate myself. I hate myself for being inferior. What have I ever done to deserve the body of a 12 year old boy and what has she done to become the perfect goddess she has become?

No, I can't accept that. I have value: if I could just make one man, any man, want me, that would be enough. Statistically speaking, it is impossible that out of all the people on this planet, anyone would find me attractive and want to fuck me.

I'll do it, I'll go out and get laid! I don't care who it is, I'll do it. I rummage through my closet for something sexy. Of course, I won't be able to take off the tight, see-through shorts Gwen always wears, but a pair of denim shorts will do the trick. Add a green tank top and I look cute. No matter how flat my body is, I am still a woman. I can manage it.

I take the keys and leave. I can't go to any of the clubs, who knows which one Gwen might be at. But where? I had to find a place where it would be easiest to find a man who would be willing to fuck a woman.

Suddenly I remembered that the high school students were having some kind of holiday picnic in the park today. This would be ideal if I could randomly find a horny 18 year old to fuck me.

I park there and look around and see all the older people walking around, talking and eating. Let's have fun. I got to watch a lot of girls just as hot as Gwen playing and laughing with the big guys. I remember hating her in high school. I turn my head and see nerds sitting together in the shade, sweating, not remotely having fun. I remember being her. One got up and went into the bathroom. That's when I made my move.

I followed him until he reached the bathroom where he went in. A few minutes later I heard the sink flushing and turning on and off. As he leaves, I stop him.

"Hello!" I have said.

"Hello!" He replied with a slight lisp. He had glasses and long hair that reached his shoulders. He wore sneakers and red skinny jeans that matched his bright red Pokémon shirt.

“This may sound strange, but… Do you want to come home and have sex with me?”

He looks at me surprised: “What! Are you serious?”

I nod and his incredulous look becomes even more exaggerated. “Are you a prostitute or something?” he asks.

"No!" I scream, even though I quickly realized I could be one too. “I just think you’re cute and I really need to be with someone right now.”

Understandably, he was skeptical. “I don’t know” he said

“I promise you there are no strings attached to this,” he said. I assured, "I just want you to fuck me once and then you never have to do it again if you don't want to."

After thinking for a while, he finally replies, “I will!”

I smile as we sneak past the other students and teachers to my car and drive off. I can hardly contain my excitement. Now I can know that at least someone in the world thinks I'm worth something.

"Hey, what's your name?" He asked, “My name is Emmett.”

“I’m Stacey,” she said. I answered.

"I'm sorry if I'm not that good at this." I'm still a virgin."

I looked at him sympathetically. I just wanted to fuck someone, I wasn't planning on taking anyone's virginity. As I moved into my house, I began to doubt my integrity. There was no turning back now.

We walked into my house and stood there awkwardly for what seemed like an eternity. After mixing for a while he asked, “So shall we begin?”

I shrugged and asked, “Would you like some wine?”

“I’ve never drunk before…” he replied. I giggled, he was so cute. I went into the kitchen and got a bottle of wine and two glasses. I gave him some and we soon had a wonderful conversation. He told me about his friends, his interests and I told him about mine. We had a real connection.

After talking for about an hour, I leaned in and kissed him. He definitely had no experience with it, but that made him even cuter. I started taking off his shirt and rubbing his puffy pants.

This connection was strong, my pussy was so wet for him. I couldn't take him to the bedroom, I wanted him to sit on the couch we were sitting on. I stood up and took off my shorts, exposing my pussy. He could only watch with his mouth open. I unzipped his pants and pulled them down to expose his hard cock. It was medium sized, no longer than 6 inches. Just perfect.

I open the condom and put it on him before lying on the couch and spreading my legs.

"I'm ready"; I say. He slowly and nervously guides his cock to the opening of my pussy. Just as he was about to enter me, the door swung open with a loud bang. We both rushed upstairs and grabbed pillows to cover ourselves and there stood Gwen with a tall man in a button down shirt and jeans.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” She says surprised: “Is someone doing illegal things here?”

I stand up angrily, still covering my naked, wet pussy with the pillow. "I don't need your permission to have sex!" I can find some assholes, thank you very much."

Gwen laughs: “Great.”

I look at her confused. I was expecting some kind of beating. "Is it true?" - I asked in surprise.

"Surely"; She replied, "If you don't mind if me and Raymond fuck in the same room?"

"What?!?" I scream as Gwen begins to unzip her dress.

“I sucked his fat cock all the way home and he really wanted to fuck me,” she said. She lets her dress fall as her huge tits fall an inch below her chest. Her nipples were fully erect and her pussy was glistening with moisture.

"I don't think he can wait any longer, so we'll just do it here."

"No, you can't…" I reach out my hand to intervene, but she grabs my hand and starts squeezing. I scream in pain, drop the pillow and kneel down.

"Uh, hell yes I can," she said before letting go of my hand. I stand up and the tears start to flow.

"Great!" I scream, "I don't care, I have my own man and he's going to fuck me, you have no control over me, do you Emmett?"

There was silence.

"Emmett?" I turn around and see Emmett's eyes glued to my daughter's body. His mouth is open like an idiot's, he doesn't blink, completely fascinated by Gwen's perfect body.

"EMMETT!" I screamed. He shook his head and looked at me. “Oh, damn, I’m so sorry, Stacey.”

More tears came, I can't cry. If I pay, she wins.

"Come on, Emmett," he said. I hear Gwen say. I turn around and see Raymond completely naked with a huge cock the size of Mark in Gwen's hand.

“Why don’t you come to us?” I'm going to suck your cock while Raymond fucks me." Emmett was once again completely in love with Gwen. She started sucking Raymond's cock, making drooling and gagging noises. Raymond starts moaning like an idiot as Gwen's head bobs up and down on his huge cock. “That could be you, Emmett.”

I am powerless and amazed at the sheer evil within my daughter. She's trying to steal a man I picked up myself at my house even though she already has him... I can't-

"What are you doing?" I hear Emmett ask. I snap out of my trance and find myself fingering my pussy while watching Gwen give this complete stranger a blowjob.

I mumbled, "I, uh..."

“She likes watching me dominate her,” she said. Gwen interrupted.

"Wait, I-" Before I could protest, Gwen grabbed my hair and yanked it. I cried out in pain as she pulled my hair and started pinching my nipples.

“See that Emmett?” Gwen asked in surprise, “Look how wet that pussy is getting!”

I wanted to cry from the pain and how right she was. My pussy was wet, I just wanted to finger myself, but my hands were busy desperately trying to escape Gwen's clutches.

She throws me to the ground and looks at Emmett: "Whenever you're ready."

He ruffles her hair, returns to Raymond and leans over the couch. I stand up and look at Emmett, tears finally streaming down my cheeks.

"PleaseDon’t do that,” I begged: “ I thought we had a real connection here, I need this now...”

Emmett looked at me sympathetically, he knew the context as well as I did. I saw him lean in to kiss me. I started to lean forward with a smile on my face, but we were interrupted by a loud scream.


We both turned around and saw Raymond pounding his huge cock deep into Gwen's pussy. Her mouth is wide open and her head is jerking back and forth under the force of his massive cock. Gwen's huge tits swayed in every direction and her plump, juicy ass jiggled with every hard thrust from Raymond's muscular thighs.

Emmett's eyes were glued as my divine daughter begged to be fucked harder, screaming at how good his thick cock felt in her pussy.

"Oh shit...Emmett, come on Emmett, you can FUCK my dry excuse of a motherfucker, FUCK, or you can let a real woman suck your cock";

Emmett, confused, scared and nervous, began to look between her and me, contemplating a decision.

"Emmett, please!" I screamed. Gwen then says in the middle: "If you're lucky, maybe you'll get lucky after Raymond."

That was it, Emmett jumped at Gwen with the hardest cock he's probably ever had. Like an animal, she devoured his cock and began sucking it like a vacuum cleaner while Raymond continued to fuck her pussy with his huge cock.

I fell to my knees in shame: my daughter had two cocks while I couldn't even get one. On top of that, she stole one of those cocks from my house.

Gwen takes Emmett's cock out of her mouth and begins jerking his cock furiously. Emmett closes his eyes and begins to gag.

Gwen just laughs, "Don't cum yet." Gwen slaps Raymond on the side and he immediately stops fucking her, showing the obvious dominance she has over him.

Gwen comes up to me, still on my knees, and slaps me.

- Why haven't you left yet? She asked.

"What?" I replied before she hit me again.

"You're on your knees crying like a little fucking slut like I'm ruining your life, but you're here with your pussy juice dripping down your leg."

Before I can answer, Gwen grabs my hand and places it on her pussy. It was as wet as mine, the cream of her orgasm dripping onto my fingers and her pussy lips hanging wide and parted by the impact of the giant cock.

“Look how loose this pussy is, do you like it? Do you like watching me fuck men?”

I knew the answer but refused to admit it. I wanted to keep what little dignity I had left, no matter how wet my pussy got.

Gwen grabs my hair and pushes two fingers into my pussy and I moan loudly before covering my mouth.

She pushes her fingers deep into my wet pussy, squeezes my hair and looks me straight in the eyes.

“Do you like this mother? Damn, say it, say you like watching your daughter get fucked.”

I held back no matter how good it was. Her fingers only got deeper. I open my eyes and see her huge tits hanging there, swaying a little with every movement of my hand. Out of the corner of my eye I see Emmett and Raymond just shaking their cocks as they watch my only daughter caressing her mother's pussy.

Suddenly she reaches out and slaps my nose and I fall to the floor, caressing my face before she sits her big ass on my thighs. Her buttocks are soft but heavy. They feel like they could crush my bony thighs. She grabs both of my hands and holds them tightly.

"Do you like watching your daughter get fucked!?" She screamed. My pussy was on fire. My legs twitch with the desperate need to finger myself. I tried desperately to break free from her grip, but she was too strong and I couldn't take it.

“Say it, you skinny bitch!” And through all my sexual frustration I scream, “YES! I LOVE watching my daughter get fucked!”

She fell silent and simply smiled. She let go of my hands and stuck her pussy in my face. I started greedily licking and drooling on it. I didn't care, she won, there was no choice but to just give up.

I started fondling and groping her juicy ass while devouring her freshly fucked pussy. Her buttocks were bigger than my palm.

She didn't moan, I wasn't sure if it was because I wasn't doing my job well or if she was just trying to maintain her dominance. All I know is that I didn't care, I was just focused on licking her wet pussy.

She turned her head and motioned for the two men, furiously beating their cocks, to come toward her.

Like good little boys, they ran a little towards her and she started sucking Raymond's thick cock while she jerked Emmett off. I could only watch as my superior daughter sucked two cocks while she sat on my face and I was still licking her pussy.

Gwen takes Raymond's cock out of her mouth and begins to gag for a second. Suddenly she lets go of both cocks and grabs me by the ears. Shestarts biting her lip and moaning softly, banging my head on the floor as her bald, wet pussy presses against my mouth. I just keep licking as my head hits the floor before Gwen's pussy starts squirting on my face.

“Swallow it, slut!” She screamed as I started drinking what felt like gallons of cum that she was squirting onto my face.

When it finally stopped, I noticed sweat running down her face as she breathed heavily. She stood up and kicked me in the chest.

“Not a bad mom, not only did you make your daughter cum, but you also swallowed it like a good girl.”

I knew I would regret it later, but for now I was still stroking my pussy. Gwen just smiled and told Raymond to sit down. He sat tight on his cock and she began to sit on his huge cock. Then she called Emmett and he and I knew immediately what was going on.

Emmett runs up to Gwen and starts sticking his cock in her ass. Gwen began to bite her lip as the cock entered her tight ass.

I sit there, the taste of my daughter's cum still on my tongue and her wet pussy still dripping down my chin. It wasn't long before I started fingering myself, watching Emmett's little ass slamming against my daughter's ass as she rode the huge piece of meat. Two cocks in my daughter while I watch.

Emmett, drenched in sweat, starts breathing heavily and says, "Fuck, Gwen, I'm going to cum."

Suddenly she stops both of them. She gets off Raymond's cock and whispers something in Emmett's ear. He laughs as he walks towards me. Raymond mounts Gwen again and starts pounding her pussy in missionary position while Emmett stands over me.

He smiles devilishly and says, "Gwen tells me to suck my cock until I come."

I look at him in surprise. She expected me to suck the cock that was right in her ass. I wanted to object, but I unconsciously grabbed his cock. I know I shouldn't do this, but I can't help it. Full of lust I put his cock in my mouth and immediately tasted her ass, the taste was disgusting but I kept sucking, I had to or she might hurt me.

Gwen turns her head and I hear her laugh. “Do you like the taste of my ass, Mom?” she says between her moans and Raymond’s. He was close to cumming.

Out of nowhere, Emmett grabs my head and starts fucking my face. I start to gag and try to pull his cock out but he keeps slamming his hips against my cheeks. His pubic bone poked into my eyes as he drove his cock deeper and deeper into my throat before finally cumming.

He screamed, "OH FUCK, GWEN!" as his cum poured down my throat. He pulled out, still cumming all over my face and hair as I gagged and tried desperately not to vomit.

Just then I see Raymond grunting and pounding harder and faster before he finally pushes his massive cock into her and cums inside her for what feels like an eternity. He pulls out and the cum just drips out of her pussy.

"Exit." She said, and without saying a word they got dressed and left. Without even knowing how they planned to return home, they left. She was in charge.

She beckons me to come over and I crawl towards her. She pushed my face into her pussy again. I started licking a large amount of cum out of her pussy and she just grabbed me by the hair and moaned slightly.

When I finished shooting what seemed like all the cum into her pussy, she pushed me back to the floor and began putting her dress back on.

She put her heels on and looked at me sitting there with cum in my hair and face. My mouth is filled with the combination of someone else's cum and the taste of my own daughter's pussy and ass juice.

She smiles, comes to the door and says:

“Get ready for the next oneone."



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