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I decided to change all the names and write a story about this secret world I found myself in. I got really horny just thinking about everything that had happened...

__My story also started with my younger brother, I will call him Paul. One weekend while my parents were out, my best friend Tina was sleeping. Like the girls, we wore skimpy nightgowns with no bras or panties. It made us feel free and sexy. I warned Paul to keep his mouth shut about everything we did. We watched porn, giggled and did sexy dances around the house. We knew Paul was spying on us and that made it even funnier. We bet we turned him on.

Tina and I were in a bi-curious phase and had our first “girl sex” that evening. Experiments. What we didn't know was that Paul heard us first and was impressed by it. Our rooms were next to each other and he listened through the fireplace.

Tina and I got curious by crawling naked under the covers and feeling each other's tits. Next time we will jerk off each other's pussies. The next time we were brave, we turned around and started licking each other's pussies. I think we got a little loud as Paul listened and jerked off our moans. How do I know this? He told me himself.

One day after school we talked about sex. I sat on his bed while we talked, he had a big tent in his shorts. This made me think I was hitting on him. Being so young and being my brother, I never had any sexual thoughts about him until now.

I lay down next to him. He and I were both excited. We started talking quietly about the thrill of sex. His eyes were glued to my chest and my cut-off jeans. He told me how he heard Tina and I and what a turn it was... no matter what we do.

His conversation excited me even more. He whispered that listening to it made him jerk off and it made him cum.

As he said that he gave me my first pussy spasm.

When our parents got home, I jumped up and ran to my bedroom. I couldn't wait to tell Tina what Paul had told me. When I took a breath and told her about it, her reaction was that she wished he was a girl so we could have a threesome with only a man's cock to play with... Is Paul a girl?

I never thought about it. We talked about the next sleepover and imagined that Paul would come to us as a girl with a cock. We giggled at that, but real thoughts began to form in our heads. Talking about a real threesome with Paul really turned us on. We have developed a plan.

That day after school we went to a crossdressing porn site. We wanted to make Paul “Paula”. Did boys and girls crossdressing each other arouse each other? Paul was young and had the perfect body for girly makeup. Now we have to convince him.

There was no need to talk much because the reward was “maybe”; Having sex with Tina, who I knew he liked... and “maybe” even with both of us. When I approached him in his room with this idea, I noticed that he immediately had an erection in his pants. He thought carefully, smiled and said, "Okay." Now it was planned for this weekend.

Tina and I bought him a fancy long hair wig, all the makeup we had, a sexy bra, panties and pantyhose for him to wear. Nail polish and everything. Late that evening we brought him into my bedroom and sat him next to the dresser. We asked him to close his eyes and got to work. He was getting sexy by the minute as we dressed him up and made him look like a sexy, slutty girl... without his hard cock in his panties. He was excited and breathing heavily. We teased him by rubbing our hands over his smooth body. We let him feel our tits and pussies.

“Paula, you belong to us, we created you and you have to do what we say.” I told him. We all giggled and made him stand up and open his eyes.

He was in sexual shock when he looked at “Paula.” He fondled his tits and rubbed his cock. He reached under my skirt, slipped into my panties and felt my naked penis. He began to slow down. He was completely aroused. He moved slowly and looked at “Paula”. For the first time and he liked it.

We stopped “them”; and said we'll take care of it. We all stood there and started to develop feelings for each other. We turned off the lights and Paula looked even hotter. We said to her: "Oooh Paula, you are such a sexy girl, we want to be your new friends." We have sex with girls and we want to have sex with you. We have to teach you about female gender. First we have to feel you, and you can feel us as often as you want.

Tina was very excited and started kissing “Paula”. She felt his nipples under his bra and rubbed the bulge in the front of his skirt. I also came along when it got really hot. It was so exciting in a different way, Paula was making my pussy wet. I took “she”; hand and put it under mineNightie to feel my wet pussy. Tina and I went up her skirt to feel her hard cock. We pulled her tights and panties over her warm cock.

Tina suddenly started rubbing her pussy and grabbed Paula's hand when she felt it. I started jerking Paula's cock for the first time. Tina and I had never licked or sucked a man's cock before. We dropped to our knees and licked Paula's hard cock together, groping each other's tits and pussies. Tina and I were able to give each other small orgasms, but now a big orgasm was building up in both of us.

“Paula” later told us what she thought about what it was like for her...

“I agreed to all of this, so “maybe’ Having sex by two girls, sister and Tina. It was strange: if my buddies ever found out, I would be called a “fag.” forever. I felt like it was safe enough to let her make a girl out of me. I never thought that looking like a sexy girl would turn me on. The change from Paul to “Paula” blew me away. As the girls turned me into a sexy girl, it was easy for me to imagine that I was a girl... a very horny girl with a hard cock.

It was exciting when the girls turned me into “Paula,” but when I opened my eyes and saw “her,” “she” disappeared. turned me on immediately. The girl I could feel and touch looked so sexy. I looked at her in the full length mirror and wanted to fuck a girl like her. I felt her breasts and sat down. I had to reach under her skirt to feel her hard cock. I never realized what a turn this would be, and now I had to feel up not just one, but three girls. I had to stop her from jerking me off when I was about to cum. I lay on my sister's bed and let her play with Paula while I played with them. Now “Paula” I really wanted to fuck them both.

So it was “girl sex”. They practiced in bed during sleepovers. I saw how they felt about each other, and now “Paula’ too much. They got completely naked and rubbed their pussies together. They groped my breasts and kissed me all over, arousing themselves and me more and more. It was so great as I was doubly excited, both as a girl and as a guy. They liked to put their hands under my skirt, slip into my tights and panties and feel my cock. They were very excited and took turns bringing their pussies to my face, which I happily licked. Now I knew... the joys of female sex.

I had her turn around so I could lick not just one, but two pussies. It was a threesome made in heaven because I was now “Paula.” Only I had a throbbing cock ready to explode.

I put my hands between their legs and took turns licking their wet pussies. They squirmed and moaned as they both jerked and licked my cock. I couldn't hold back any longer.

I came like never before. They both moaned and took turns pressing their mouths onto the head of my penis. Both faces were splattered with cum.


Paula's tongue lifted Tina and me higher and higher as her cum spurted out. Tina and I pressed our clits into his lips and we both had the best shaking orgasm ever. We were “all”…. very hot for “Paula”.

We all lay there exhausted, but soon Tina and I picked up Paula again. Now she inspires us even more. He felt her bra and rolled her nipples, kissing her with his tongue and feeling her cock start again. Paula was our personal toy and we loved making her hot for ourselves. We whispered: (“lick my pussy good, Paula”…and... “...suck my breasts, Paula.”...)

Tina and I both wanted Paula's cock in our pussies.

Paula talks about what it was like for “her”…

“ I lay there with my blouse unbuttoned and my tights and panties pulled down. Tina was the one I wanted first. She was so sexy and a passionate French kisser. I really wanted Tina and I really wanted to fuck her. I rolled on top of her, sliding down and spreading her legs wide. I licked my first pussy as she squirmed. Sister felt both our tits and our bodies. Tina moaned and squirmed as I slid over her. She held my cock and guided it into her tight pussy.

This will be the first time I fuck a girl.

My sister came over and brought her pussy right to Tina and my face. We both licked her pussy and started fucking. “It was incredible having Tina licking my sister’s pussy while Tina and I fucked…”


This was the first time Tina and I had sex with a man. As I was close, feeling and watching them both fucking, my pussy spasmed as both of their tongues touched my clit. Watching a girl fuck another girl made Tina and I moan with great pleasure. Playing sex with Tina was a sexual high, but on the arousal scale it was too much.

I saw Paula's face turn pink as she fucked Tina as hard as she didcould. She started moaning as she cummed hard. Tina had her first big climax as she hugged Paula tightly. I accompanied them as they both licked my clit.

I watch and feel their bodies touching and they both come... I was so turned on that I wanted Paula's cock inside me immediately!

As they moaned and squirmed for a while, I began to feel Paula and Tina all over my body. Eventually Paula rolled off Tina and I couldn't get on top of Paula fast enough. I loved lying naked on top of Paula. Her cock was still hard. I put it between my legs and now Paula was all mine.

Tina turned around and now it was her turn to lick her pussy with two tongues. Paula squeezed my tits and then my ass while I pushed her cock into my wet pussy.

Oh yes!...that was what I wanted. Paula and I wasted no time licking Tina's wet clit. Her body trembled with each double lick. My pussy has never felt so good... ever.

I felt Tina's fingers touch Paula's balls as we began to moan and rub our bodies against each other. Paula began to moan in a whisper…(«Oh god, we're all going to cum, let's make Tina cum…I'm going to cum…come with me…oh god, here it comes” I felt his balls stretch hard and my pussy contracted as... she moaned... and I trembled as the hot cum shot into my pussy. I squeezed Paula with all my muscles. Tina's pussy trembled as she climaxed with us... we all moaned and collapsed, clinging to each other...

There's nothing more special than the first time.


Now that we can all be alone, Tina and I call “Paula.” and ask if you can come to my room and play... she always says yes. We have two more wigs and more obscene clothing to dress her up.

“Paula” and Tina read and approved my story. Paula likes to read it out loud to us while Tina and I play... "girl sex"... then we drag her into my bed and let her fuck us. She never defends herself…..

Paul told his friends that he had a half-sister named “Paula” who lived in a nearby town. and he fucked her. The story sounded hot and they almost believed him. Tina and I told him in front of his friends that “Paula’ just a dirty tramp and he should stay away from her. This completely strengthened her belief in it... but...

(…at this point, none of them have actually seen this girl…‘Paula’….yet.)


I've spoken to Paul about when we'll get together next. He sat at the computer and looked at the pictures. I asked him to stop at the photo of a naked thin girl, I looked closer, this girl had a penis. I said, "Oooh, what a cute girl this guy is." Who is he?" Paul said it was Benny, his best friend. One day he came out of the shower at Ben's house, jokingly put on his mother's wig and high heels, and came out naked to act stupid in front of Paul. They both laughed while Ben acted girly. Paul had his cell phone and quickly took a photo of Ben. I continued looking at the picture. Ben's cock was semi-hard. I wondered if the wig and high heels he wore turned Ben on. I asked Paul more about Ben.

Paul thought of Ben dressed as a girl. He started to smile. He said, "Can you girls handle another 'crossdresser' if I could get Ben to do it?" I asked, "When do we start?"

Paul called Ben and told him to come over. Ben was already on his way. I took a photo of “Paula”. Paul brought it to the screen. "Ben will shit his pants if I show him this." He's cool and won't tell anyone because he knows I have a picture of him walking around as a girl."

I quickly called Tina to come over. Ben walked over and found himself in Paul's bedroom. We waited a bit and then we both went into Paul's bedroom. Paul worked quickly and assigned Ben to try on Paul's wigs. Ben jumped up and started taking off his wig. Tina and I stopped him. "Oh, you need help girl, let's help you...uh...Betty." Ben froze as we debated what makeup to put on "Betty." There was a picture of “Paula” on Paul’s screen. and have already shown Ben. Ben was shy and just sat there and then started smiling at everything that was happening. We all told him he needed a place to stay this weekend since our parents were out of town. We said we had a hot girl named... "Betty". Ben smiled and said, "Is there someone named 'Paula'?"

Ben knew where this was going. As he thought about "risk" and that was it, I pushed his head against my tits and said, "You like girls, don't you, Ben?" He nodded his head. "You will be here at 7pm, everything we do here is completely safe and secret." I felt his smooth baby face and Tina felt it under hisshirt and felt his nipples. We knew what a sexy girl he was, we also noticed the bulge in his shorts. When he said OK, Tina kissed him with her tongue and I rubbed his bulge with my hand.

At 7:00 p.m. Ben was at the door with a bag. We all went to my bedroom and sat him down in our “makeup”. The chair. He opened his bag. He made us all swear to keep this secret. He had wigs, bras, panties, dresses and high heels. Little Ben had a secret from... almost... everyone.

Apparently Paul knew every last detail about Ben's secret and didn't tell anyone because he was loyal to his friend.

While Tina worked on Paula's makeup, I worked on Betty. They leaned in and whispered to each other. Now “Betty’ started talking while we were working on it.

Ben said his older brother Dan persuaded him to wear one of his mother's wigs. His brother said he wouldn't tell anyone... “if’ Ben would leave him and put on his mother's bra, panties and dress for his brother. His brother was watching him and was very excited. He groped Ben and started calling him “Betty.” He ended up jerking Ben off. Ben said he loved it and every time they had the chance they did it even more. As they moved forward, his brother got on his knees and sucked Ben's cock. Ben liked girls, but now he liked dressing up and letting his brother blow him.

He said his older brother gave him all these things if he continued to dress up for him.

Tina and I were very excited when we heard his story. Our minds were racing with ideas of hot things to do with “Betty.” Now.

“Paula” and “Betty” now everything was prepared. We picked them up and dressed them in sexy girl clothes. They looked at each other. The next thing we knew they were feeling each other. “Betty’ and “Paula’ I have never seen myself cross-dressing in person. They immediately became aroused by each other. Two tails now protruded from their skirts. Tina and I lay on the bed and watched the show. They groped each other's bodies, asses, cocks and tits. It was so nice to see two girls with cocks arousing each other in this new secret world...

Ben remembered what it was like that evening...

“I never intended to share my disguise with anyone other than my brother. I had no idea Paul was involved too. Now I was looking at a photo of Paul Cross dressed as “Paula.” and his sister and Tina both wanted to change us. Like Paul, I had never had sex with a girl and couldn't pass up the possibility of maybe fucking Tina and Sandy. I've long had a fondness for Sandy.

My heart was pounding with excitement as Sandy applied my makeup. Now I could see her braless breasts through her nightie. If ’Betty’ turned her on, I can have sex with her, and so far that's exactly what has happened. To add to the excitement, “Paula’ I was aroused as I looked at her. I watched Tina put it on and then felt “Paula” get comfortable. high. It really turned me on having three hot girls watching me.

Sandy finished dressing me and started kissing my neck and feeling my breasts. I saw Tina do the same to Paula, then they took off their clothes and lay on the bed watching us and feeling each other up. Then Paula and I looked at each other and the fun began. We slowly started fondling each other and watched as Sandy and Tina stroked each other's pussies.

Paul and I had never felt another man's cock before... but when we were girls... it was different. The desire to feel the girl's penis was really exciting. Paul and I really wanted “Paula”. and “Betty.”

Tina, I and all of us were at the height of anticipation for what would happen next. I wanted to be Betty's first full-fledged sex, and now it was time for action. Tina and I smiled at each other and sat down. I pulled Betty to me and Tina pulled Paula to her. Betty was breathing so hard with excitement as I began to feel her body. We didn't waste any time trying it out. My pussy was getting wetter by the second.

My hand reached into her bra and found her nipples as Betty and I began kissing each other furiously on the tongue. I lifted up her skirt as she took off her high heels. I felt her sexy legs and moved further up. Her hand found my wet pussy and her trembling fingers penetrated my pussy. Her thumb massaged my clit and our moans sounded so hot. My hand reached her panties and felt her bulging hot penis. I reached into her panties and felt what I wanted so badly: her hot, throbbing cock. He was just waiting to enter my pussy.

Tina could already feel Paula's warm cock and was rubbing it against her pussy. The sound of four people moaning, tongue kissing and feeling each other was amazing.

I pulled the excited Betty towards me. Iraised my knees as she rubbed her cock against my open pussy. It slid so nicely that we were both suffocated by the feeling. Our bodies touched as Betty's cock moved in and out of my pussy. We held each other tight and let our hips do what we were waiting for. I loved being fucked by Betty.

Tina and Paula were already pounding each other's bodies pretty damn fast... the noise only increased Betty and my peak arousal even more. We fucked deeper, harder and faster. Betty squeezed my tits hard as that was about to happen. I wrapped my legs around her pulled up skirt and my heels dug into her ass to drive her deep inside me.

Betty's body tensed as she moaned loudly. I felt a huge load of cum in my pussy. We held each other as she continued to push in and I climaxed and trembled. We just kept fucking so the feelings would last forever.....

We felt each other's bodies as the room spun in my head. Little by little we enjoyed Tina and Paula's moans as Paula licked Tina's pussy and moved in another world. I was out of breath as I watched Paula climb on top of Tina and insert her cock into Tina's waiting pussy. My pussy was shaking as they began fucking violently. Betty gasped as she started fucking me again. Now four people were fucking and moaning at the same time.

As we all began to moan and shake together, I hoped that the bed could hold the glorious climax we were all experiencing. The cum began to flow and reached its climax during our first foursome. Tina and I loved squeezing their asses as we climaxed and they came and fucked us with their bodies. We swooned and almost fainted when Paula and Betty joined us for the post-glow finale…..


I found out that Ben and Paul were having a private conversation. They both want sex with me and Tina like:

Ben and Paul without changing their clothes. One afternoon after school, Tina and I took care of this wish. We were all at Tina's house. Her mother worked the late shift and no one was home for a while. Tina and I quickly teamed up with me and Ben and her and Paul. The boys didn't expect that and quickly got up. It was an instant turn on with a time limit for each action. We all ended up right on the living room carpet with our buttons and snaps undone. It was very hot and exciting for all of us. Ben also quickly took off my shorts. He squeezed my breasts and I held his cock and let it into my pussy.

It was an impulse to cum and hit the clock. Our bodies hit the wooden floor violently as we all tried to remain calm. I was very interested in getting it so hot, so quickly and without waiting. Ben and I fought violently. The risk forced us to fuck as quickly as possible. Tina and Paul tried to muffle her moans as Paul pumped Tina as fast as possible. I saw Tina's fingers squeezing Paul's ass as they touched. Ben placed his fingers on my clit, knowing this would result in a quick cumshot. We held each other as he shot his load into me as I climaxed with him. We all groaned quietly and held our breaths when we heard the sound of a key in the front door. We all jumped up and got dressed. Ben's older brother Dan came to read the mail. Finally he looked up and saw us all sitting on the couch, smiling. He said, “Hello!” and continued up the stairs. We all held back and sighed. It...was exciting, but it was too risky to try again.

We all agreed that damn “Betty”; and “Paula’ It was a lot of fun, but….with Ben and Paul at the side…..


Ben's older brother Dan found a photo of Paul in cross gear. “Paula’ Now she has a new boyfriend. Paul now spends the night with Ben. Paul and Ben won't tell me anything about what they're doing, but... they will tell... and when they do... I'll relay it directlyyou…...



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