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Dark Horse Farms Revisited

As you stroll through the stables at Dark Horse Farms and look at the various items available for rent or sale, you may wonder who we once were. If you stop and look into the cubicle where I'm chained to the wall, you'll see a curvaceous redhead with big blue eyes, round high breasts, a thin waist and long legs - a toy you can rent for your entertainment . However, I was once a typical collage student who desperately wanted to be alone and prove that I was independent, smart and sophisticated. I even had a name back then, Katherine. The truth is, I could be your daughter, but your daughter is well guarded and cared for in a private school because you are aware of the danger, while I attended a public school and was completely unaware of what lurks in the shadows. If you stopped long enough and asked how I came to own Dark Horse Farm, I would tell you that I really don't remember much about it. I remember hanging out at a bar with friends, dancing and flirting with a group of slightly older men, risky perhaps, but they had money, looked harmless and were willing to buy drinks, and the poor collage student refused free drink. Plus, we were smart, independent women who could take care of ourselves, or so we thought... If you walk by, I remember breaking down last month when I was first brought to Dark Horse Farms. trained and finally auctioned for the first time.

I slowly regain consciousness, lie there, feel the itching straw beneath me and my first thought is why I'm lying naked on the straw. I feel blurry and unfocused, trying to remember what happened to me. I slowly open my eyes, look around and realize that I'm in a stable, actually a stable, lying completely naked on a pile of straw and shaking slightly. cool air, judging by the light coming through the barred window it's either early morning or evening. I slowly stand up and look around, only to find a thick black leather collar securely fastened around my neck. I raise my hand and try to put my fingers under it, but I can't. I run my fingers over the collar and discover a large ring that is incorporated into the front, both sides and the back. I wince as I touch the ring from behind and realize that it is attached to a long chain with a padlock. I turn around and see that the chain is attached to another ring in the wall. I slowly comb the straw through my hair, listening to the sounds around me and realizing I'm not alone as the sounds of crying, whimpering and moaning reach my ears. "Hello Hello"; I scream “ Help, please help, I have this stall chained up." There is silence for a moment, then a quiet female voice replies: "Shut up, you're going to get in trouble." "Please, please help me"; I scream “ I just want to get out of here, please “ More silence for a few moments, another woman's voice, slightly louder, replies: "Shut up, this will get us all in trouble, there is no help here." Angry at the seemingly inadequate answers to my simple request for help , since it hadn't occurred to me that these girls were probably chained too, I scream out loud, “ HELP, HELP, I'M BOUND IN THIS STATE. I hear a quiet moan as I continue to scream, "HELP, SOMEONE HELP!" Suddenly I hear the door open and as the door opens I hear several quiet female voices: "Oh no, now you've done it “;

As I walk along the center island, I hear the sound of firm footsteps and quickly pull the straw over myself to cover myself. A few moments later, a tall, slim, blonde, striking woman in her early fifties with green eyes full of worry stands in front of the counter and looks shocked to see me cowering in the straw. “Oh my dear, what happened? How did you end up here?” I'm immediately grateful and reply, "I don't know, I woke up and found myself chained here, I'm sure some mistake happened." I was completely clueless that the blonde was playing this game with more naive girls It still didn't occur to me that this could never have been a mistake. Who chains a naked girl to a group of other girls in a stable without doing it intentionally? "Well dear, I'm Brenda, let me get you out of there, I'll be right back." I pour and smile “ Oh, thank you, thank you, Brenda.” I watch her leave, assuming she went to get me something to wear, and sit on the straw a little more relaxed. I hear Brenda talking further down the stable, but I can't understand what she's saying. I suspect she'll tell someone about the terrible mistake and make arrangements to get me out of here. I hear footsteps returning Brenda appears with a blanket and a set of keys, unlocks the cabin she enters and throws the blanket over me before releasing the chain leash and helping me to my feet. In a soft, cooing voice she leads me out of the stall: "Come on, darling, let's get you out of here." As I walk through the stables with Brenda's arm around my shoulders, I smile smugly at the girls, seeing the chain in the stables and think that I'm much smarter than them, after all all they had to do was ask.

As I walk out of the stables and onto the farm, I keep talking about how grateful I am and how I won't tell anyone about this place. It's still early in the morning, the farm is just starting to move in the dim light and looks like any other horse farm. As I walk into the center of the yard, I don't pay much attention to the various paddocks, paddocks, sturdy posts and fence-like structures, many of which are difficult to see in the darkness. Suddenly I am led into a clearing where two more women appear. Before I can react, I'm pulled forward into one of the pens, my arms pulled up and held, spread wide between two posts. "What, what's going on?" I scream, "You said it was a mistake"; I squirm as I try to free my legs from the strong hands that deftly grab each ankle, spreading them wide and quickly attaching them to large rings set in concrete into the ground. I squirm and twitch, trying to free myself, and Brenda pulls the covers off and steps back to look at me, the two assistants standing slightly behind her. "Very nice, she'll be fine here, don't you think, Gretchen?" Brenda turns around and looks at the beautiful flaxen blonde. "Oh very good Brenda, look at those tits bouncing as she tries to get free, just imagine how wonderful it will look bouncing up and down when the stick touches them." "What for a great start to the day and the start of Gretchen's slut training." She turns to the little brunette Brenda and says: "Ella, go get the stick, we're about to start training this slut." "Now, Miss Brenda”; Ella disappears and I continue to squirm and pull at the restraints, unable to believe this is happening to me. Brenda and Gretchen examine me slowly and carefully, discussing me like an animal. "You're right, Gretchen, she has great breasts, but look at her ass, it's almost perfect." As she reaches out and pries open those tight creamy cheeks, I scream, "No, no, you said it." was a mistake!” Is ignored as the two continue to inspect me. Gretchen replies, "Oh great, that tight hole is going to look great impaled on something big and hard." You know, Brenda, it would be hard to decide which to rape first, there are so many options, a baseball bat would be fun, but then again a Great Dane would be absolutely adorable, I'm sure they would never do that. I've always fucked a dog." Laughing as I immediately freeze, horrified at what I hear, Brenda says, "Or maybe we should think about weakening that hole with a boa constrictor first, then the whole hole will open up , we just put this in there yesterday. "Snake." You know, Gretchen, I'm sure the guests will love it, after all, it'll be a first here at Dark Horse. "You're a genius, Brenda"; I will Ask Samantha to attend today's entertainment event at the theater. Oh, it's so nice that Ella is back!" I turn around and see a petite brunette walking towards me with two bamboo sticks, each five centimeters in diameter, flexible as Brenda and Gretchen deftly move them in the air, as they swing in front of me.

“Welcome to Dark Horse Farm, bitch. I'm Brenda, head handler, and this is Gretchen, she's the manager of your stable." I'm standing chained between two pillars, staring wide-eyed and barely understanding what's happening. “You, you said it was a mistake, you said you would let me go,” I whimper. Laughing softly, Brenda says, "Oh, you misunderstood my point, there was a mistake made, you should have been chained, standing, spread wide like you are now, and when I said let's get you out of here, I meant I, out." the stable." and you left the stable, didn't you?" I stand trembling between the pillars and whimper: "But you said," I say. "And I did exactly what I promised "I have, right?" - Brenda says as she grabs a swollen pink nipple, stretches it and twists it vigorously: "Oh yes, really very nice tits"; while Gretchen slowly runs her fingers over my wide spread cunt and my legs spreading painfully between the posts, "Very nice cunt, we're going to make a lot of money from you, slut." My head shoots up as I stutter, “What do you mean? Earn money."I” All three women laugh quietly, but it's Brenda who says, "Welcome to Dark Horse Farm, bitch, you're the new cunt here." Let me explain: Dark Horse Farms is a special farm. We offer only the finest human animals to our guests who enjoy, shall we say, darker and more extreme pleasures. Pleasures that you can't find anywhere else because you see whores, nothing is taboo here and our guests can treat themselves to everything their hearts desire at a reasonable price. Our guests fulfill all their darkest desires here, and no one judges them, instead trying to outdo each other. Now let's start training because after the hunt last weekend we caught a dozen whores."

Gretchen smiles mischievously, bends her cane slightly and stands behind me, while Brenda walks in front of me, her green eyes sparkling, flexing her cane. “You are now nothing more than the property of Dark Horse and you will do anything your handler or guest asks”; It is not necessary for everyone and the people who are on Earth to get together with the French government that they say and say: “ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAageaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY new website is displayed. "You will be tortured, raped, abused, you will be taught to fuck and suck everything from dogs to horses to pigs and you will love it, whore." MUD as Gretchen's stick comes down and goes deep into my ass digs "aiiiiiiiiiiii" I scream, leaning forward to escape the pain as my body arches upwards, lifting my chest “ Brenda's stick comes down with a SCREAM, digging hard into the creamy flesh, and I scream again, reaching forward to bring my ass up to Gretchen's stick, smacking. I scream as the cane leaves a long red welt on my ass, I scream and writhe between the pinned bars as Brenda and Gretchen work me, WONDER…….SWHISH….SMACK…. The cane goes over my tits and ass, leaving long red welts. I almost fainted as Brenda expertly ran the cane over my nipples before working on the tender underside of my tits. Ella moves behind me at Gretchen's command and I feel her small hands grab my cheeks and stretch them out wide and I moan. think it's all over. "SMACK" "AIIIIIIIII" I scream in terrible pain as Gretchen expertly places the cane on my ass, I squirm and moan, my screams echo around the farm as she begins to work my ass in earnest as I scream, as I see a small crowd gather to watch, I shake in horror and humiliation at being shown naked, but this soon fades as the pain consumes my body, my screams seem to last forever as Brenda comes back in front of me and the two of them seem to work hard for an hour to the delight of the crowd cheering “ Come on, make those tits bounce harder, you can do it better than that Brenda.” “ Any more stripes on her butt and she'll look like Gretchen the zebra” I gasp and gasp in pain, rocking back and forth as the two women work me with their canes. My vision starts to blur, then turns gray, and finally I gratefully pass out.

When I wake up later, I groan in pain and humiliation and find myself still chained in the middle of the yard between two posts. I don't know how long I was gone, but the sun was shining. Now I see that there is a lot going on on the farm. I notice several naked girls tied to different poles and wonder what will happen to them. My eyes widen as I look into one of the paddocks and see a girl. Well, I don't know how to describe it, but it looks like she's been placed on the belly of a horse, and on the horse is an elegant middle aged woman riding around the paddock. I watch in disgust as the girl bounces and rocks under the horse, her belly pressed against the horse's belly, and turn away, thinking that I will never let them do this to me. I hear a shrieking, terrible, agonized scream and see a blonde woman tied tightly to a post while a man wearing what looks like an English riding harness stands behind her welding a whip, CLICK, CLICK, CRACK, CLICK and damn it. ;...”too good to serve my dogs, you whore, well, tomorrow you could be a fox” I listen to the blonde scream and beg, "No sir, no, please, no, I'm fine, I promise, I'll suck and fuck every member of the pack, please." I get dizzy when I visit websites and look around. I see several stables and am surprised at how many girls there are. I see several large buildings and my eyes widen as I watch three beautiful redheaded girls tied to a wagon, pulling a family of four behind them.

Like meI turn around, my stomach drops, I see a large Irish wolfhound coming towards me, I move and squirm in the handcuffs that hold me, straddling the post. “Oh no, please no”; I whimper to myself as the dog runs up to me and starts sniffing my pussy. I try to squirm and get away, but I can't move much. The wolfhound seems to feel he has found his pleasure as he settles himself between my legs. A large, wet tongue begins to caress my pussy. “Shu, go away, please go away”; I whimper and whimper as the hot, wet tongue pushes deeper into my pussy and can no longer withdraw. I cringe and groan as the few guests notice me and walk over to enjoy the show. Some lean against the fence and watch, a couple sit closer to the dog to get a better look: "Wow, he's got most of his tongue." grab it. God, I’m sure the pussy loves it,” one of the women says. As I squirm and moan, two middle-aged blondes come over to enjoy the show, one leans against a post and starts playing with one of my nipples. "Are you having fun, slut?" I bet that big, soft, wet dog tongue in your cunt feels great, doesn't it?” I whine and whine: “Please, please, make him stop, make him stop”; The small crowd laughs and the older gentleman says, "Why do we have to do this pussy, the dog enjoys the treat." As I shake in humiliation, the second middle-aged blonde leans against another post and begins to pinch my other nipple pull: "So you're the cunt that's going to be the center of attention at dinner tonight, right?" I have to say I've never seen a snake fuck a cunt's ass, but it looks like it is it will be great. Donna and I have already made reservations. I continue to shake and writhe in horror, fear and humiliation as the dog's tongue penetrates deeper into my cunt. I feel someone reach out and pull my cunt even further: "Take it, boy, take this piece." "Really, she's going to let a snake fuck her in the ass"; - asks an older woman. “Frank and I have seen a lot, but this will be the first time.” We need to make a reservation immediately after making the bitch cum. I gasp as the two blondes start pulling on my nipples and twisting them and moving them back and forth, "Damn, that dog has his whole tongue in his cunt"; I moan, I shudder and beg her to stop, but no one listens or cares. "How is she, boys?" I freeze in fear when I hear Gretchen's voice: "I hope I am entertaining you all." This is our new whore, so we are still looking for a name for her." The blonde was the first who said, "Not bad Gretchen, not bad, but it seems a little unfair not to let Thor fuck you, poor guy, he's hard as a rock"; I hear the group laughing and Gretchen says, "Ella, get the princess and put her in the middle ring so Thor can fuck her." Sorry guys, but we'll postpone this bitch's K9 debut to another day , and in about an hour she'll be ass-fucked by a boa constrictor for your viewing pleasure."

As the crowd leaves to watch Thor with the princess, whoever she is, Gretchen calls two more assistant curators “ Philip and Mark, get this bitch out, clean her up, Brenda wants her in pink and then they'll put her down. “ “Now, Miss Gretchen”; I collapse in pain and humiliation as I am struck down. The leash snaps into the ring on my collar as I take a step forward. A quick punch from Philip brings me to my knees. "Crawling whore, like the animal you are, you only stand on two legs when it comes to a roll or when you're told you can walk, I understand." I whimper and nod, only to be met with a hard slap from Marks getting cock on my ass: "Yes, sir, you stupid cunt." I bite my lip in pain, nod and whimper, "Yes, sir." "Better, now come on, you stupid cunt"; I crawl behind them as quickly as I can, looking at various buildings, three stables, several large buildings, some like stately Victorian houses, others like old southern plantation houses, on the left, quite far away, it actually looks like a Castle, before I can look around I'm led into the stables, I'm taken out early, crawling around the center island I don't feel so smart anymore. I am led into a large room where I lie on my knees, a leash attached to a ring in the wall, my wrists and ankles tied to rings in the floor. I get on my knees and look around. What's about to happen here doesn't surprise me as I watch other girls having their hair washed, washed and dried and then taken to another room. I'm almost basking in the warm water as I'm lathered and rinsed, my aching body enjoying the feeling of the warm soapy water, and after a group of six people watch me get eaten by a dog, that's not the case.Seems like a lot. After bathing I am taken out and taken to another building. I walk through the back and wonder what the front looks like. I am led into a large long room, sit down on a chair to have my hair done, tired and finding it strange, I watch as my red locks are dried and tied into two tails with large shiny pink bows will, around my neck a heavy black The collar is covered with a large pink lace collar, as are the cuffs at the wrists and ankles. Transparent nude silk stockings and pink 15 cm high heels complete the look. I'm chained to the wall and left alone, I wonder what's going on, I think this whole snake thing is a joke, I pull the chain and find it won't move, I sign and think I have to go. Escape.

Soon Philip and Mark return, “walking whores”; I walk onto the stage, my eyes widening in horror as I see a row of decks bolted to the middle of the floor. Next to the decks is a cage with a huge snake in it. I stop “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo with you you for that ) I scream, “Nope.” I turn to run, but Mark and Philip were prepared and grab me, pulling me quickly and firmly into the blocks, forcing me forward by the waist to bend and lock, the bar falls over my head. and hands. I kick and scream, I feel strong hands grabbing my ankles, pulling them back, spreading my legs wide, and suddenly they're pinned to the stage. I hear clicking and whirling, the big TV screens come to life and I see myself in the middle of the stage, bent over at the waist, trapped in stockings, with full, heavy tits bouncing beneath me and thick red ponytails falling forward . I look ridiculous in pink bows and lace. Mark reaches under me and attaches the nipple clamps to my tits. He pulls them tight until the tender buds are crushed. He then lifts two thin chains hooked into rings on the floor and attaches them to the clamps. “We need to loosen the chains a little, Mark”; Phil says to “really stretch out the udder”; I moan as Mark tightens the chains, pulling my tits over my nipples and tightening them. "Yeah, it looks good." I look at the big screen TV and can't believe it's me: "No, no, you can't do that, I'm screaming." Suddenly a big red apple is shoved into my mouth , "Pink Lady, Head Boy Gag." - says Mark. Phil pulls out the first cage: "Well bitch, it's a boa constrictor, you're going to tease your ass, what do you think of the big guy, Mark and I measured it, it's 10 feet long and about a foot thick." "Now we know you're probably wondering how they're going to get this big boy to fuck you in the ass? First we stick some cute fat mice up your ass and let the snake hunt “them”. Mark laughs, "That's a damn sight in itself, but you know, Miss Brenda, one snake isn't good enough for the boys here at Dark Horse." slowly pulling out the second cage full of snakes, "Yes, sir, just the best for our guests”; I groan into my apple gag as Philip and Mark leave the stage, leaving me to look at the cafeteria, the large flat screens and the snake cages.

Slowly the guests begin to enter the theater, I'm nothing more than a prop for the play, I whimper into the apple as they come on stage, running their hands over my body and squeezing my tits and ass. Fingers thrusting into my ass and pussy, laughing at the thought of it taking Boa's ass while bets are placed on how much I can take. A woman's voice asks, "Why don't they just let Boa go to the end?" The man laughs and says, "If she took all three meters away from him, it would kill her." "Who cares, she's just here, for us to entertain.” - says a female voice. "She's not on the miss list yet, but if she is on the list, that will definitely be a way to eliminate her," I flinch when I hear Miss Brenda's voice. "Well, I'll keep an eye on the list, I'd really like to see her get killed by a snake," the woman giggles. "By the way, what's his name?" "We haven't named it yet, Miss, there's a board where you can write your suggestion. We want our guests to name our animals." I watch as the woman walks away and asks the other woman, "What are little snakes for Miss Brenda?" "Well, that's a special surprise, Mrs. Thornson. "Well I love surprises and tell me why her tits are pinched and pinned to the floor?" "It won't let her move, if she moves she'll rip her nipples off." "Gorgeous Mistress Brenda, me I know we would like to reserve a table,” says the gentleman. "I'm sure you and Mrs.Thornson will be delighted, sir.”

A voice comes from the loudspeaker: “Ladies and gentlemen, take a seat, dinner is about to start.” The crowd slowly leaves the stage, leaving me alone. I look into the dining room and see that it is full of well-dressed men and women, all focused on the stage. There are television screens throughout the room to provide a great view for all guests and I understand if the screens are separated. These cameras are designed to keep a close eye on my pussy and ass. Announcer: "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Dark Horse Farms Dinner Theater." Tonight we have for your viewing pleasure our newest acquisition, a 21 year old slut featured in Dark Horse Farms' first ever snake ass fucking presentation will be. I watch in horror as the crowd applauds and a beautiful brunette takes the stage, opens the cage and pulls out a giant boa constrictor. Ladies and gentlemen, the boa constrictor is 10 feet long and 13 inches thick, she's going to put two feet of the boa up her ass tonight since we don't want to finish her yet. The crowd laughs and the snake sniffing jokes make for a great dinner too. “Now ladies, please look under your plates, one of you will get a lucky ticket.” I watch as the plates are eagerly picked up and a young blonde jumps up and screams, “I took it, me have a golden tick." "Congratulations, madam. Alison, please come on stage as I watch Mrs. Alison run onto the stage beaming. Miss Brenda comes forward and shakes her hand. You're going to drive mice up her ass, Mrs. Alison." "Oh, I can't wait"; - she says and tries to take two mice from another dog handler.

The center stage begins to rotate slowly and stops when I look at the back of the stage with my butt facing the guests. I watch as both snake cages roll over to where Miss Brenda, Mrs. Alison and the snake charmer are standing. I moan and whimper as I look at the TV screen hanging above the stage and see that my ass is perfectly visible to the crowd. The voice comes from the loudspeaker again: “Ladies and gentlemen, let's start the show.” I watch the groaning of the screen, at first I try to squirm and move, but the pads and locked ankles don't allow me to do much to move, not to mention the slight, painful tugging on my nipples. I watch as two petite blondes step forward, each grab a tender ass and begin to pull, opening my ass wide. Mrs. Alison comes over beaming with joy, takes both mice and then shoves first one mouse up my ass, then the other, I choke on the apple, my eyes are wide open as I feel the little creatures start to eat around my ass to scurry, The television screen split into three screens shows me swaying slightly and a close-up of my bottom as I approach the mice, I moan and whimper as I wait, I can hear dinner progressing and casual banter about it among the guests , how much of a snake, I'll say how good a name would be for me. About 15 minutes later I hear the guests starting the main course, the blondes come back to the front, I watch on the screen as they spread my ass wide open and the snake charmer slowly approaches, walks across the stage and shows off the snake. Before she steps behind me, the crowd applauds as she puts her head next to my ass. I squeal into the apple and feel the tongue moving in and out of my ass, the snake's head begins to slowly move towards me, there is silence in the crowd as I watch, unable to move, as the snake slowly sticks its head into my ass I twitch and moan, ignoring the pain in my nipples, as the chain holds my nipples in place, the snake slowly and persistently begins to enter me, followed by the mice I feel like them scurrying around in fear deep in my ass. Guts, I try to writhe and thrash, but the pain in my tits makes me stop and stand still as my ass slowly opens wide, the 13 inch thick snake pushing further up as I gasp and moan . “Wow, look at her taking that boa in the ass.” “Good cunt, let that boa fuck you.” “That's already fucked up.” The crowd cheers, enjoying the show and the ribs. I gasp and feel the snake restlessly pushing its way up and chasing the mice. After almost half an hour, the snake stops moving, having reached the ring that was placed around its body to prevent it from penetrating too deeply. I look at the screen and realize I have two feet of boa buried in my ass and if the ring hadn't been attached it probably would have moved further. I no longer feel the mice moving, but I feel the boa constrictor still moving rhythmically inside me, and I wonder if he has caught up with it. I stand in the warehouses and listen to the guests. Discuss the snake buried in my ass, dinners, movies, recent trips, my kids. The main course has been cleared awayand dessert is served: “Ladies and gentlemen, the last treat for the evening.” If you all take a piece of paper that says “desert,” we would like to ask you to guess how many snakes we can fit in their cunts .” I watch on the screen as a cage full of snakes next to me is turned over and one is pulled out to show the guests. I groan to myself but don't bother to ask, plead or call; I realized it doesn't matter. I listen to the hum in the room as the boa continues to squirm in my ass, the cards being collected and brought to the front. “Ladies and gentlemen, whoever guesses the results will have the opportunity to take part in their training tomorrow and we will work on k9 training. I shudder as I watch two blondes approach each other on the screen (this time the broadcast was focused on my pussy). One holds Boa up and to the side and the other holds my cunt open for the snake handler... she takes the snake and holds it, the crowd starts counting... one....... …I shudder as I feel the snake slip into my pussy… …….two…… another snake slowly slips in ……groans as the crowd counts down…….three……. four….five………six, I shudder as two more are allowed to slide inside me………eight……I watched on the screen as one snake after the other was inserted into my cunt…&hellip ;.nine&hellip ; ….ten…….eleven………12………I moan and gag as they try to insert another one. “That's it folks, 12, grass snake…… “...Mr. Clayton was lucky." Mr. Clayton stands up and smiles, nods and says he's looking forward to helping me with K9 training since he's already seen me and the wolfdog eat my pussy.

When dinner is over, the guests slowly make their way onto the stage, sipping their after-dinner drinks and looking at my snake-filled ass and pussy. I feel hands running over my ass, where Boa was, and around my pussy. There is idle chatter around me as guests discuss how they can hire me out and how I can entertain them in other ways. After a while: "The Dark Horse Ladies and Gentlemen Theater is closing, please go out." On the way out, you can pick up videos and photos in the gift shop. And please don't forget to leave your recommendations forname.”



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